Taking a Steam, the Sequel

by Captivate

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: After my workout, Andy has plans for me.

Andrew started waking with me in the early mornings, lying in the bed and watching me dress in my bathing suit and denim dress. He smiled as I walked back and forth past him. He liked to tease me, try to get me excited, often rubbing his hard cock against me as I brushed my teeth. Then, he would kiss me lovingly and send me, all aroused, to the gym for my workout.

My steam room lover never returned, although I watched hopefully for her day after day. Finally, I resigned myself to the fact that she would never join me again, and went back to my routine of swimming and working out, then the reward of the hot tub and my steam. And I continued to dress in my little denim dress afterward, naked underneath, then returning home or doing errands.

I think it made Andrew extremely excited to imagine me innocently walking the store aisles, my pussy bare, my breasts free. Many times, I would return home and he would be waiting for me, naked and ready, his cock throbbing, precome pouring down the engorged shaft. He often met me in the kitchen, using the counters or table to share his needs with me. Once, he even met me in the garage. As I put my suit in the washer, he slipped up behind me, bending me and taking me as the water filled the machine. The ceiling light clicked off, and he continued to slam into me, repeatedly, in the dark. I found it very exciting.

I began to think the best thing I had ever done was tell him about my after-gym habit of being naked under the blue dress. It had done wonders for our sex life, making him nearly constantly ready.

One morning, as I left the gym, my cell rang. I answered, noting the caller was Andrew. I found that odd. It was very early in the morning and he usually waited for me at home, preferring to stay there as long as possible.

"Good morning, sweet man," I purred, mellow from my workout. "What are you doing out so early?"

He chuckled softly and then his sexy voice filled my head. "I need some things from the store and thought we could shop together, baby. Could you meet me at Russell's in about 10 minutes? You could really help me..." His voice trailed off.

Of course I would meet him. I loved being with Andrew. He and I had been together for over a year and he still took my breath away. He was tall, with dark wavy hair and beautiful grey eyes. He was intelligent, charming and so sweet. I felt sure I could spend the rest of my life with him and be the happiest woman on earth.

I happily agreed and turned my car toward the town and Russell's. It was a multi-function store, with groceries, toiletries and clothing. I pulled into the nearly empty lot, right next to Andy's blue SUV. He stepped from the vehicle, walking to my door and opening it for me. He pulled me into his arms, kissing me and holding me close, his hands sliding down my back and cupping my bottom through the denim. His kisses were so wonderful. I lost myself in the softness of his lips, the insistence of his tongue, the feel of his body flush with mine. I easily forgot why we were here, wondering why we weren't home, enjoying the pleasures we loved. Still kissing me, Andy began whispering to me, telling me what he needed from the store, while all I could think about was what I needed from him.

Finally, he pulled away and smiled down at me. He took my hand and led me through the automatic door, grabbing a basket as we entered. He moved ahead of me and I appreciated his delightful ass in the snug, worn jeans. He moved with grace and beauty. Andy stopped and turned to me, calling my name and reaching out his hand.

The store was nearly empty at this hour, with only a few sleepy clerks wandering about, drinking coffee and talking with each other. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and began telling him about my workout, the people at the gym, anything to take my mind off his tight ass. We walked up and down the aisles, filling his grocery list, putting items in the cart. We laughingly bumped into each other, getting more and more intimate as we played together. Occasionally, he would stop and pull me into his arms, teasing me with his warm tongue and his firm body. Each time, it was harder to pull away. As we shopped, we grew bolder, hands lingering a moment longer, cupping a breast or ass cheek. I could see his excitement against the soft blue jeans and I knew that I was growing swollen with desire.

One thing we loved to do was shower together. Our bathroom shelf was full of bottles of fragrant liquid soaps. It was something we loved to buy and often spent time together checking the various scents, always buying at least one. Today we entered that aisle and stopped. We began opening bottles, sniffing them and sharing our thoughts on each. Andy stooped down, reaching to the bottom shelf to get a different brand. We were alone on the aisle, the beauty section, nearly the store. Our basket was parked behind us, full of various items. As he perched there, he placed his hand on my calf. Just lightly at first, then with a little more pressure. I looked down at him, wonderingly, but he seemed engrossed in the selection of herbal soaps. I was reading the ingredients on a bottle when I felt his warm hand begin to move. Slowly, gently, his soft palm moved up my leg, past my knee and up the back of my thigh. I was mesmerized. He was moving so carefully, so slowly, at first I wasn't sure that I really felt his hand at all. Maybe it was just wishful thinking? All the same, I moved my legs apart, allowing him access to whatever he desired.

So slowly he moved, so gently, that I wondered if I was just too excited for my own good. I could feel my lips swelling, I could feel moisture on my soft inner thighs as I began to prepare for my lover. His entire arm was under my dress, his palm moving between my legs, from behind, until I could feel his strong arm under my ass cheek. Finally, I was sure I felt his hand, just the inner edge, pressing against my curlies. Pressing is probably too strong a word. Just skimming, just making contact, just tantalizing me incredibly. My mind ran rampant, thinking, "This is a store. We are in public. We should behave!" But my mind was quickly losing control of the situation, being overrun by my lust and my overwhelming desire for this man. I looked around, and was surprised to see two young men walking toward us. I looked down, opened my mouth to warn Andy, but he had already seen them.

"He will stop now," I thought. "This is just a game and he will stop it now, knowing he has teased me enough." But he didn't. He looked at the two men, and continued his upward path, the side of his hand definitely rubbing against my damp curls. I could feel it, fitting against my slit, settling between those juicy lips, finding a home there. My eyes closed. I felt safe with Andy, knew he would keep me safe. Now his hand slid back and forth, the soft flesh rubbing against my excited wet mound, intensifying the ache. I found myself slowly rocking against him, trying to get more contact with his teasing hand.

The men had stopped, watching us, talking to each other without taking their eyes off of us. I could see the tightness of their pants, tenting at the zipper, slowly growing damp spots.

Andy looked up at me and licked his lips. There was desire in his eyes, the hooded look that meant he was too far to stop now. I didn't want to stop either. My pretty pussy was loving the attention he was lavishing on me. His hand definitely toyed with me now, rubbing along the engorged lips, smearing the flowing juices along the curls. Back and forth his hand traveled, seeming to sink deeper with each movement. At first, his thumb was tucked in and I could only feel the edge of his hand, which was driving me wild. Then, he stopped and slowly moved that thumb, sliding it into my wet pussy, into my pinkness, thrusting into me with one easy motion. Of course, it was only a thumb and I was used to his beautiful hard cock, but it still was satisfying a need. Now, his hand moved up and down, his thumb insistently plunging into my deepness, the rhythm driving me closer and closer to the edge.

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