Precious Things

by Powerone & Jessy19

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A beautiful young college girl meets an older man. She decides to find out what it would be like to make love to him.

Copyright 2003

I stood in the shower, the hot water running off my naked body as I thought of last night. My hand strayed down between my thighs, finding my pussy already wet, not from the shower, but the thought of lasts night encounter with Michael. It was everything that I had thought it could be. My fingers lightly rubbed my clit, still swollen from last night and the feelings began to come back to me. I had had sex with others, mostly my own age, but I had never made love like I did last night. And to someone so much older then I am! The others had never turned out well. It was usually a quick encounter, with my partners wanting to satisfy their lusts first and then too tired or uninterested to make sure that mine had also been satisfied. I had tried to keep them interested, using my mouth to bring them back to erection, but once they felt my sweet lips wrapped around their cocks, it only made them more excited to finally dump their cum on my face, refusing to swallow anyone's cum.

It had begun about a three months ago. It was early April in sunny, Southern California. I am a senior at a large, private university close to the ocean. I'm 24, 5'3", 125 pounds, shoulder length hair and dark eyes. And yes, I am also Latina. I spent a couple of years after high school trying to find myself. When that did not succeed, I went back to school, hoping to find something that would interest me. I lived in Texas but the best business school I could get into was in Southern California and the weather was certainly better then Texas. I have been studying business and with only two months before graduation I was getting anxious about a job. The economy still sucks and with my student loans totaling over $50,000 I was getting desperate. I had done most of the usual things to get a job and I was now doing the "job circuit". That was the long list of "business functions" that the school sponsored to put together the students and the business leaders in the area.

My love life and sex life, not necessarily mutually exclusive was about as good as my job prospects. It's not that I am a virgin, having slept with a number of men or boys, depending on how you look at them, it's just that all of my relationships have been less then perfect. It seemed that I have a perchance of picking losers or they pick me, not sure which. All of the men in my life are my own age, not unusual, but they all lacked any imagination or future. An intelligent conversation with them would be "what position would you like to be fucked in, missionary or doggy style". For the last four months I had completely given up on men, devoting all of my time to graduating and finding a job. Maybe a job would give me a new list of candidates to date with better qualifications.

I was getting ready for the second dinner function this week. It never hurt to look good and I could do that very well. I dressed in a black skirt, not too short, but it did cling to my ass, one of my finer attributes. I wore a white, silk blouse, button down, with the top two buttons undone. While my breasts were not exceedingly large, they did afford an ample display of cleavage. A pair of moderately high heels accented my legs. Silk bra and thong panties, while not overtly displayed gave me that inner sexy feeling. It felt like summer coming already, so I did not grab a coat, even though the temperature in Southern California dropped 15 degrees at night and headed out to the campus hall for the dinner. If nothing else, at least I would get a good meal out of it and not have to put up with the pawing of some immature boy hoping to get lucky, feeling that I should put out to pay for the dinner.

It looked like any of the countless other dinners that I had attended in the last two weeks. A one-hour cocktail hour, two-hour dinner, interrupted by a half- hour of some "important" business leader spouting off about something and that was it. I had learned early on that the most important thing to do at the cocktail hour was finding a good table, filled hopefully with your next boss. I grabbed a quick glass of white wine and set about to find an interesting circle, a group of people locked into a conversation. I was not shy and could quickly melt into a group, my confidence letting me jump into almost any conversation with authority. I might not know everything, but I could exude enough "buzz" words to make it sound like I did.

I was already on my second group, ready to move onto the third when I saw him, stopping in mid-conversation. Luckily no one was paying much attention and it continued on without me as I stared at him. Or I should say, stared back at him, as his eyes, dark, menacing blue eyes pierced my being. He must have been about forty-five, anyone over thirty seemingly old to me and hard to judge age. About 5'10", he was very well built, tanned completion with fairly long, but well cut sandy brown hair, blonde highlights throughout probably caused by the excess of sun here. He was dressed immaculately, wearing a tan suit with a black pullover. It was not off the rack, but obviously custom tailored to his body because it fit him like a glove. Now I am not usually attracted to older men, my father probably only older by about 10 years, but this man exuded a certain allure that made me weak in the knees and no one had ever done that to me. I blushed as our eyes met. My knees shook, almost unable to support me as I saw him move towards me, his eyes still on me, a smile on his face, approaching me confidently. I stood, staring at him, unable to move, unable to do anything, almost as if he had hypnotized me. Snap out of it, Jessica, the man's almost as old as your father. You're looking for a job, turn on the charm.

"Hello, I am Michael. I couldn't help noticing you. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the University, so I attend a number of these functions and I could swear I saw you last week at one of these. I never forget a beautiful woman," his charm showing.

"Thank you for the compliment, and yes I was here last week, but I do not remember seeing you," smiling, looking at those gorgeous blue eyes, noticing that they seem to be taking in her ample cleavage. I blushed again, lowering my eyes.

Michael took note of her recognition of his gazing at her breasts, but continued to stare. While he did date often, most were all of his social status, rich, beautiful, educated woman more his own age. Here was a beautiful, fresh faced girl, innocent of the real world with a body that already caused a stirring in his loins. Stop acting like a dirty old man, he thought. "Well, obviously I did not make a very good impression, so I must try to make amends. Would you care to join me at my table? The Dean of the business schools, the Chairman of Qualcomm, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Callaway Golf and SAIC are all going to be there. Maybe this week I will catch your attention," a slight chuckle coming out. "If you're looking for a chance at a job, this is your opportunity."

I don't care if he is looking at my boobs, it's not that I didn't dress to show them to their advantage. A woman needs to use all of her assets. If it takes my boobs to get them to notice my brains, so it will be. Trying to act nonchalantly, "thank you, that would be very nice."

"And your name is?"

Almost stuttering, I blurted out, "I'm sorry, how rude of me, my name is Jessica. I'm a senior and yes I am looking for employment for when I graduate," trying to not act desperate.

"Can I get you another glass of wine before we sit down?"

"Yes, thank you," feeling his hand moving up to my arm, touching me lightly as he gently pulled me over to the head table. My stomach fluttered, my heart skipped a beat when I felt his fingers touch my flesh. I felt a slight shiver run through my body, goose bumps appearing on my arms. I flushed as I looked down, my nipples poked out the front of my silk blouse. No one had ever done this to me before, I did not know how to react.

"Are you cold, would you like my coat? Michael's eyes gazed down at the goose bumps on her arms, but could not help but notice the protruding nipples pushing out that gorgeous white silk blouse. He knew that he had a strange effect on woman, but he had never seen anything like this before.

I looked down as we walked over to the table, not wanting to see his face, afraid that he saw my nipples. Please, please go away, but the more I wished them away, the harder they became. "No, it was just a breeze from the air conditioner over there, it is much better here," trying to bring my arms up to cover my breasts without being too obvious. It did not work, only making it more obvious, so I put her arms down, my nipples still pointed and erect. He pulled out my chair and my skirt rode up my legs as I sat down. He pushed the chair in, the tablecloth hiding my bare legs.

"I'll be right back. Now don't go away, I have to make up for not being noticed last week."

Michael returned with my glass of white wine and we began to talk about my plans when I graduate, what I was taking in school and my job prospects. I finally let it out that I had no job prospects, unable to lie to him. I learned that Michael was a COO, chief operating officer of a local telecommunications company and was very successful and obviously well off. During the dinner, I was a hit with the other men, my charm and good looks giving me an advantage, especially knowing someone as important as Michael. During dinner, Michael would often reach over, sometimes his hands accidentally touching me, the electricity shooting through my body again as they did. He seemed to be unfazed by his effect on me and it seemed to be so natural that his hands would touch me, almost like I belonged to him. The night passed quickly, quicker then I wanted it to. I was having so much fun, the center of attention at the table, even though there were other female students more attractive then me at the same table. It seemed that my connection with Michael gave me more power then the others. This excited me and yet at the same time frightened me. He also had the same effect on me. He seemed to be able to control me, not outright control, but subtle control, the ability to turn me to mush at the mere sound of his voice.

The evening finally ended, most of the people already gone. "I think you better be getting back to the dorms, it's getting late and you said you have an early class tomorrow."

I looked at him, "yes, I want to thank you for the lovely evening. I've never had such a nice time at one of the affairs before and I think it was because of you," afraid I sounded to anxious, to eager, like I was trying to flirt with him.

"It was my pleasure, the university is lucky to have such an intelligent woman and might I add, beautiful woman as a student. Any company would be lucky to have you as an employee. I hope I have helped you with that."

"Yes you have, almost everyone at the table asked for my resume. Again, thank you very much and maybe we will see each other again," smiling at Michael as I said it. Was I actually trying to flirt with him, he was so much older then I was. But he did seem to drive me weak in the knees whenever he touched me.

"I'm afraid this is my last, I can only take the time to go to a few of these, but I am glad that I picked this one. Very nice meeting you, Jessica and hope we meet paths again." With that, Michael touched my hand again before leaving, not turning around as he left.

I walked back to the dorm, thinking of the night. He was so much older. What would it be like to date someone that had to be at least forty-five? Would we have anything in common? What would sex be like? Oh, God, Jessica, forget it. You're just a college senior, what would he want from someone like you. He could have his pick of any woman in this town. I reached my dorm, my roommate gone for the week. I quickly stripped off my clothes, hanging up my dress, another dinner two nights away. Nothing would be as good as this one. I got into bed and turned off the light, naked, not sure why, usually wearing a pair of men pajama bottoms. It was late and I fell asleep and began to dream.

I awoke the next day, my fingers tucked between my thighs, slick with my juices. God, that must have been a great dream, I wish I remembered it, the room smelling of my sex.

I never did see Michael again, though I did look at every dinner and I did go to many of them. Even after I got a job at Qualcomm, one of Michael's contacts at the table having come through, I still attended two others, hoping to run into Michael again. But he never showed up again, finally giving up and that night started to fade from my mind.

Graduation came and went, I decided to remain in Southern California. My parents were disappointed, living so far away, but they understood how important it was to me to get a good job. And a good job was the one at Qualcomm. Qualcomm is a large telecommunications company and the job I got was in the accounting department. Some of the employees that had been there for a couple of years already seem impressed at the position they had given to a relatively new graduate. The job paid well and I managed to get a small apartment close to the beach. Not that close, but close enough so I could run on the boardwalk whenever I could find the time from work. I had run track in high school and I continued to run while in college. It helped to keep my ass round and firm. I still had not dated for almost six months now. With graduation and the new job, time for social activities was non-existent.

It was September, most of the tourists gone for the winter, the boardwalk now relatively sparse with people compared to the 10,000 during the summer. I had just finished coming back on the boardwalk, running the six miles to the street where my apartment was. My mind was thinking of work and was not paying much attention as I turned the corner. Suddenly I slammed into a bicycle, tumbling towards the ground, trying to grab one of the brick walls as I fell. I was just about to hit the ground painfully when a pair of hands grabbed me tightly around the waist, catching me before my ass hit the hard payment.

"Gotcha," he said, the voice sounding familiar to me.

I looked up from the jumbled mess of my legs, strong hands helping me back onto my feet. There he was, Michael. Looking as handsome as ever, this time in shorts and a tee shirt, his bronze tan offset by the white tee.

"Why Jessica, is that you? Michael looked up, noticing the tight body in a pair of shorts and abbreviated top.

"Michael, I guess I owe you again," I said, beaming from ear to ear.

"Only helping a lady in distress and what do you mean again?

"That night I managed to impress enough people to get a job at Qualcomm. I have to thank you for that. And now you save my body from being splattered all over the pavement."

Grinning sheepishly, "now that would have been a shame to do such a terrible thing to such a lovely body."

I blushed, feeling his hot hands still on my body, burning my skin as one still held my arm tightly and the other was gently draping my waist. I felt him release them as his eyes noticed my embarrassment.

"I'll tell you what, I will let you make it up to me. If you don't have any plans for tonight, how about dinner with me tonight? There is an excellent small restaurant down near the cove that has the best seafood on the beach. About eight tonight? He did not give her much of a chance to refuse.

I jumped at the chance, "of course, that sounds great. I'll meet you there if you don't mind," hoping that I did not sound too eager. My love life sucked lately and with the new job and tight money, the chance for great dinners had been scarce. And Michael was extremely handsome, though the age thing still bothered me.

"I'll meet you in the bar, it's called The Catch of the Day and it is right down in the cove. It's the only one down there, so you shouldn't have a problem finding it. Eight O'clock." And with that he was off, running off to finish the five miles for the day, leaving me standing there, still surprised by the unexpected happenings.

This should be interesting, I thought. A date, I guess you could call it a date. With an older man, definitely older, almost as old as Dad, I thought as I finished up my run. Wonder what it would be like to make love to him. I did not have much experience with sex, at least very little experience with good sex. The last good sex I had was with her vibrator, laughing as I ran. The rest of the day went rather fast, trying to get the thousand things done on the weekends, things you didn't have time to do during the week. I started to get ready for dinner with Michael, taking a shower. I looked at my body in the full-length mirror, my firm breasts, large nipples, tight stomach and that great ass. God, why couldn't I find a decent lover, why were they all such jerks. I let the water run over my body, feeling good, washing away the work and run of the day. I ran the soap over my body, letting my hands fall down between my legs, running up and down my pussy. I better shave tonight, I thought, never can be too sure! I had shaved all of the hair from my pussy and it required frequent shaving to keep it bald, but I enjoyed the look. And it felt good when I masturbated and that was frequent.

I put on a simple spaghetti string dress, white, showing off my tan. At least that was a good thing with not having a boyfriend. Had a lot of time to spend on the beach getting a tan. My bathing suit was rather skimpy. It embarrassed me sometimes, but I stayed to the less crowded portion of the beach. If only I had the nerve to wear a thong bathing suit. God, my ass would look great tanned! I looked in the mirror, satisfied as how I looked. Eat your heart out Michael, here I come.

Michael looked up from his drink when he saw a number of patrons at the bar look towards the door, curious at what drew their attention. There was Jessica. Now she might have looked good in shorts and top, but she certainly looked much better in a body clinging white dress. And most of the other patrons thought the same thing. Michael smiled as she walked over to him, not sure if it was a smile to her or a smirk to the others that he obviously was the center of her attention. He could feel a stirring in his pants, his cock also liking what his eyes had told his brain. "You seem to be a hit with the crowd here, me being no exception.

"Thank you," blushing again. It seemed whenever I met Michael, he had a way to embarrass me without really trying. I was never really sure if he was flirting with me or that this was just his way.

The two of them had a drink, making small talk, talking about Jessica's new job and her new apartment. They moved to the dining room, a table next to the window, overlooking the beach below. A bottle of wine and a lovely dinner followed with more conversation.

I learned that Michael lived only blocks from here in a beachfront home. He worked within a couple of miles from the ocean, moving the corporate headquarters when he took over as COO about a year ago. He had been married for about 15 years, his wife having passed away two years ago, the tragic death a result of a drunk driver. I learned that Michael was often seen in the company of some of the regions much eligible woman, his picture showing up in the newspapers society pages at least twice a month. But they were more social events then dating, not having found or not even sure if he was looking for a possible new mate.

A small band began playing later in the evening, a jazz group with some of the other couples moving out onto the dance floor as the night progressed. Another bottle of wine with desert, I was becoming a little lightheaded as the night progressed. I began to loosen up a little, my dress sliding higher up my thighs, no attempt to correct it. I often leaned towards Michael, full aware that the dress pulled out in the front, my breasts, peeking out. It did not seem to be lost on Michael, his eyes following my frequent flirting and attempts to lure him with my exposed body. I did notice that his pants seem to be attempting to contain a hard cock, his hands reaching under the table at times, presumably to rearrange it.

"Would you like to dance?" Michael asked, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the dance floor, never really giving me a chance to respond. He pulled me close to him, feeling my body shudder slightly as we met, our bodies molding against each other as though we were built to be that way. His hand moved down my back and rested gently on the swell of my ass, not moving, but pressing firmly on my flesh.

I felt Michael press against me, feeling the bulge in his pants against me, knowing that I was having an effect on him. It had been a long time, feeling a hard cock pushed against you, feeling it pulsate against you, knowing that you were causing it. Shivers ran through my body as his hand slid down my back, moving down my ass, stopping before getting too familiar, but still not innocently placed. I moved closer to him, pushing my body into his, feeling the music, my body swaying against his, my pussy rubbing sensuously against his hard cock, feeling it twitch in appreciation. I closed my eyes and listened to the music, oblivious to all that was around us, it was just Michael and I, all alone. I pushed my nipples, already hard and erect in excitement against his chest, my hips moving side to side, rubbing against that delicious cock bulging out against me. I moved my hand down to his waist, hesitating for a second, waiting to see if Michel responded in protest. With no sign, I continued down, my hand sliding down the side of his hip, moving back a little, not too obvious, but still managing to grip his muscular ass cheek. He responded by shifting his hips forward, pushing his cock into my pussy, my hips returning the gesture by moving back and forth. My breath began to get shallow, imagining how it looked to others, as we slowly rubbed against each other on the dance floor. I could feel my pussy, soaking wet. God, this was terrible, I was acting like a bitch in heat, but I continued, my pussy rubbing tightly against the straining cock.

Michael could feel Jessica responding to his body. It had been a long time since anyone had done anything like this to him. His cock was hard, yet he still felt the intrepidation because of her age. He could see others looking at them as they danced tightly against each other, moving sensuously to the music. Was it because of what they were doing or was it their age difference? He felt Jessica's hand move down, making no attempt to stop her. It felt good, his cock popping rigid as it moved down. He could feel her pussy rubbing against his hard cock, almost wishing the song was over, afraid they might be getting too carried away.

The music finally stopped, the band taking a break between sets. We moved back to the table, feeling Michael's hand gently around my waist, his strong fingers pushing onto my flesh. I could almost feel the pussy juice leaking from between my legs, the dance having a profound effect on my psyche.

"It's been a while since I danced, thank you Jessica, I forgot how enjoyable it could be," smiling, his hand tightening on her waist in appreciation.

"The pleasure was mine," it was almost too pleasurable, I thought, "I enjoyed it very much."

The conversation continued for at least another half-hour, crossing and uncrossing my legs numerous times, hoping to keep that feeling burning between them. His hands touched me at times, usually innocently, but some times touching my naked leg. Each time my body shuddered, my thighs clenched tightly together. His hands seem to take my body for granted, moving about me, touching me here and there with a familiarity that I found comfortable. He could have slipped his hand up under my dress and into my panties and I wouldn't have protested, in fact I would have probably spread my thighs wide open in anticipation. Unfortunately the evening ended, both of us moving into the parking lot to their respective cars.

Michael moved to Jessica's car, taking the keys from her hands without explanation, opening the door for her. His eyes gazed down to her naked thighs as she slipped into the car, her dress sliding up high.

I slid into the car, purposely letting my dress slide up high, my panties almost exposed as I sat down on the seat, the cold leather giving me goose bumps. "Thank you for a wonderful evening, I don't know when I enjoyed myself more."

"I am having a small party next Saturday, late in the afternoon and evening at my house on the beach. It is just a few couples of my good friends and I would love for you to come and meet them. About 2:00 and bring your bathing suit. Not only do I have the beach, but I also have a pool and Jacuzzi. Nothing formal, just good friends and a few drinks," smiling down at her, gazing down again at her naked thighs, the top of her dress also showing substantial cleavage. Her nipples seem to poke out the front of the dress, the cool air of the Southern California night stimulating them.

I smiled back at him, noticing his eyes and where they wandered to, "I would love to, see you Saturday. Good night." Michael closed the door and I started the car up and drove off, watching Michael in the rear view mirror as I left.

I got home and slipped out of my dress and panties, lying down on the bed, naked, not tired, my body sexually charged from the evening. I closed my eyes as I let my imagination run wild. I started to run my warm hands all over my big breasts. I kept wondering what it would feel like to kiss Michael as I still remembered his luscious lips as I stared at him as he talked. I felt my dark pink nipples harden as my hands stroked each mound softly. I sighed in delight as I thought about Michael. I could still feel his touch, his body. I pinched my nipples with my fingers as I imagined Michael would do, pinching them, sucking on them. I felt my sweet pussy juices start oozing out of me the more I remembered his cock so close to me, rubbing up against me, arousing me.

I could still feel his arms around me so warm and so enticing. My right hand slowly moved down as my other hand played with my breasts. I slid my hand lower, running it down my flat belly and down to my shaved pussy. I ran my finger slowly up and down my moist slit. My finger stroked my swollen pink clit as I began to moan in pleasure.

I kept visualizing myself riding Michael's cock. It had felt so big and so hard. I rubbed my clit faster as I imagined Michael's cock up my cunt. God it'd been months since I'd had sex. I felt my aching pussy wanting Michael more than any other man I'd ever known. I moved my index finger further down as I felt my tight pussy hole so slippery. I jammed my finger up my small opening and madly started finger fucking myself.

My legs were wide open in the middle of my erotic masturbation. I moved my hips wildly as I began to thrust my finger in faster and with more determination to reach my climax. My finger now drenched with my honey, I slid in my middle finger feeling my pussy open more. I felt a strong sensation as I was now using my two fingers. I knew that even if I stuck another finger in, it would be nothing compared to what Michael would feel like inside me.

I gasped as I squeezed my breast with one hand and implanted a third finger in my cunt. I picked up my speed, now squirming my little body all over my bed, making a mess on my sheets with my juices. I took my hand off my breast and let it glide up and down my clit. My fingers moved to my mouth, placing my fingers in to taste myself. I kept my other three fingers buried in my pussy as I licked my fingers with lust. Oh how I wished Michael would have his head between my golden thighs, licking my, fucking me with his tongue.

I wailed in excitement as my heartbeat, accelerated with more thoughts of Michael pouncing in my tight hole. Making my pussy stretch open with his big cock. I couldn't hold back any longer, I just let myself release the hardest orgasm I'd ever experienced. My body tightened as I felt my pussy clench my fingers. I quivered passionately as I came.

I kept fantasizing about this handsome man. Did he know how much of a sexual effect he had on me? If he only knew that I'd had one of the most intense orgasms by myself as I thought about him. Feeling satisfied I closed my eyes and fell asleep peacefully with sweet dreams about this wonderful stranger that suddenly came into my life.

Saturday came slowly. Work was a pain in the ass, having to stay late to get everything done to avoid working on Saturday. After last weekend's masturbation I neither had the time or inclination again, though my mind did wander back quite a few times to Saturday night. By the weekend, I was not even sure if it all happened or was I just hoping that it did. I ran in the morning, looking for Michael as I did, disappointed that I did not see him. I went back home, a quick shower and then got dressed to go to Michael's. I had pondered all week as to what to wear. My bathing suit was already new, though fairly skimpy, my body did not displease me. It was white and it highlighted the tan I had acquired since moving to the beach. My breasts filled the top, with ample cleavage showing. The bottoms just barely covered me. I would have been afraid of being too exposed had I not shaved my pussy, it was that low. It gripped my ass cheeks tightly, pulled tautly over them, parts of my cheeks exposed. If I only had enough nerve to wear a thong bathing suit. I had seen others at the beach, but I was still a little too modest. I finally decided on a small, short, fairly transparent wrap around skirt. If you got it, you might as well flaunt it, I thought, smiling as I gazed in the mirror. I bet I can get your cock hard again Michael, laughing to myself. I wonder if I should try to get him into bed? I could feel my pussy beginning to get wet at the thought of his cock. Been a long time since something besides vibrating plastic was inside my. I almost forgot what a real hot cock would feel like.

I pulled into Michael's driveway, impressed at what I saw. His house was huge and yes, it was right on the ocean, though somewhat obscured from the neighbors and public access, limited by the distance from the main beach. Michael opened the door wearing just a pair of bathing trunks, his chest tanned, a small amount of hair on it and rock hard abs. Besides running, he must also lift weights. He leaned towards her, planting a small peck on her cheek, the scent of his cologne bringing back last Saturday nights slow dance.

"You know you are going to make all of the women here jealous, don't you," laughing as he pulled her gently into the house. The inside was impressive as the outside. A huge living room, ceiling to floor glass windows opening up to the deck and adjacent beach. A small pool clung to the edge of the deck, water spilling over the edge like it was falling to the ground far below, but trapped in gutters running along its edge. A Jacuzzi sat high in the corner, built for at least eight people, a couple engaged in a somewhat passionate kiss at the present time. A glass wall surrounded the deck, built to stop the late night cooling breezes.

"I love your home, Michael. It is truly magnificent," my eyes taking in the opulence of it. There were four couples. One in the Jacuzzi, still in an embrace, the man about Michael's age, the woman probably about ten years younger then her companion. The other three couples were about the same, handsome older men and beautiful woman, probably all in their mid-thirties. I felt somewhat uncomfortable being the only one that was in her twenties, in my case, early twenties. I did smile, though the women were beautiful, they all had lost that fresh, innocence that I still had. I laughed to myself, I bet your tits wouldn't stand up by themselves like mine do.

Michael showed her around the house, introducing her to the other guests as they moved about. The men's eyes all drank in her beauty as she shook their hands, eyes gazing at her body, imagining the things they could do to her naked body, their partners acting nice, but their eyes showing their jealousy. All seemed nice enough, none arousing the same passion that Michael seemed to do in her. They moved to the back of the house, to the bedrooms. They went through the three other bedrooms. Michael gripped her hand tightly, almost as if he was trying to relay some silent message to her as he showed her the master bedroom. It was the largest, again floor to ceiling windows opening up onto the deck spanned one wall. There was a huge bathroom, a completely glass enclosed shower with four showerheads, all of the glass completely transparent. The bed was huge, you could lay sideways, as well as lengthwise it was so big. It stood up fairly high, large mattress and box springs rising up underneath. The whole house was modern, but the bed still had bedposts, in this case, large shiny aluminum posts in the corners. The bed faced the bathroom, giving a complete view inside if the doors were left open.

I smiled at him, more of a seductive smirk, squeezing his hand as we moved about the room. "I love this room," I said, almost hinting at my intentions. I had thought about seducing him, now sure what I wanted to do. If he didn't intend to seduce me, I was going to seduce him. I had made up my mind. I wouldn't go home tonight until I felt his cock inside me.

"It is one of my favorites, it has such a lovely view of the moon over the ocean at night and the sound of the surf hitting the beach lulls you." Michael looked down at Jessica, her half naked body standing so close to him in his bedroom. His cock already hard, he thought of what it would be like to make love to her. The noise of his guests laughing in the other room brought him back to reality. "We better get back to the others. I think you will enjoy them."

"Yes, we better. I enjoy your company, so I am sure I will enjoy your friends," smiling seductively as I still clung to his hand as we went back to the deck with the others. The day past quickly, Michael hardly leaving my side. My skirt was quickly gone, the weather turning warmer, feeling more relaxed as I talked to the others, holding my own with the group, Michael seemingly pleased at how intelligent I was. Every time I seem to move, Michael was right next to me, his body moving up against mine, his hands always somehow running seductively over my body while I talked. The men gazed lustfully at me, my bathing suit leaving little to the imagination, Michael's fingers on my body leaving my nipples always erect, the top unable to cover them. I finally gave up being self-conscious, enjoying all of the male attention, ignoring the female jealousy.

Michael was enjoying himself with Jessica. She was intelligent, able to keep up any conversation, able to shoot back with equal ferocity the barbs by some of the woman. The afternoon went rapidly, the evening beginning to fall. Two couples had already gone, the others still on the deck, watching the sun setting in the distance. "Would you like to hop in the Jacuzzi, it's going to get a little chilly outside?"

"Yes," my hand tightening on his, this time pulling him towards the Jacuzzi. We both stepped in, moving up against Michael even though the tub was huge. I felt my hips bump against his as I lowered myself in, the water quickly covering my body. The water was hot, sweat beginning to form on our faces as we relaxed, the water taking all tenseness out of our bodies. His hands continued to move over my body, moving freely, uninhibited. I slid lower in the tub, his hand forced down onto my thigh from my knee, my breath stopped, waiting to see his reaction. I looked up, his eyes staring at me, looking for a sign of acceptance. I moved close to him, my lips only inches from his, feeling his hot breath on my face, the smell of his cologne. Our eyes stayed locked together, searching out each other as I moved closer, electricity shooting through my body as my wet lips touched his ever so lightly. I felt his hand grab my thigh harder, my legs parting, a sign of acceptance that I was his for the asking.

Michael pushed his lips closer to mine as we met, his hand grasping my thighs, my legs willingly parting. His tongue moved into my mouth as our lips met, searching inside my mouth for my tongue, finding the darting morsel as they entwined. His tongue ran over my teeth, from top to bottom as my tongue rubbed sensuously over his.

He felt a hand on his leg, holding his breath as it moved closer to his hard cock. It kept moving, a small delicate hand, massaging his flesh, the hand moving closer and closer to his hard cock as he continued to French kiss her passionately. He sucked in his breath as her hand grasped his hard cock, her tongue moving in acknowledgment. Her other hand moved beneath the water, her hand grabbing his wrist and moving it higher up her thighs as they parted. He allowed her actions, letting her move his hand until it was between her spread thighs, his fingers now moving over the top of her pussy, the bathing suit her only protection.

I almost choked on his tongue as I moved his hand until it was resting on my pussy. I had never been this forward, but Michael had been teasing me too long, the sexual tension in my body was about to burst and I was determined that I would not have to resort to lonely masturbation again tonight. I gripped his cock with my hand, my hand almost completely encircling the hard organ, his bathing suit prevent me from touching the hot flesh. I moaned in his mouth as his fingers began to play over my pussy, one finger pushing my bathing suit between my pussy lips, moving up and down. I shuddered in expectation as it moved up until it finally came to my clit. I bit his lip, a small cry coming from his lips as his finger found the hard bud only partially protected by the tiny garment.

Michael could feel her hand stroking his cock, his fingers returning the favor, mutual masturbation as they kissed passionately. She had bit his lip as he found her clit, the pleasure she was giving him with her hand far outweighing the small amount of pain of the bite. Michael pulled away from their kiss as he heard the others coming back into the room. "I think we better wait until the others leave," he whispered in her ear, his tongue following the sound, moving sensuously inside her ear.

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