Precious Things

by Powerone & Jessy19

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, School, .

Desc: Sex Story: A beautiful young college girl meets an older man. She decides to find out what it would be like to make love to him.

Copyright 2003

I stood in the shower, the hot water running off my naked body as I thought of last night. My hand strayed down between my thighs, finding my pussy already wet, not from the shower, but the thought of lasts night encounter with Michael. It was everything that I had thought it could be. My fingers lightly rubbed my clit, still swollen from last night and the feelings began to come back to me. I had had sex with others, mostly my own age, but I had never made love like I did last night. And to someone so much older then I am! The others had never turned out well. It was usually a quick encounter, with my partners wanting to satisfy their lusts first and then too tired or uninterested to make sure that mine had also been satisfied. I had tried to keep them interested, using my mouth to bring them back to erection, but once they felt my sweet lips wrapped around their cocks, it only made them more excited to finally dump their cum on my face, refusing to swallow anyone's cum.

It had begun about a three months ago. It was early April in sunny, Southern California. I am a senior at a large, private university close to the ocean. I'm 24, 5'3", 125 pounds, shoulder length hair and dark eyes. And yes, I am also Latina. I spent a couple of years after high school trying to find myself. When that did not succeed, I went back to school, hoping to find something that would interest me. I lived in Texas but the best business school I could get into was in Southern California and the weather was certainly better then Texas. I have been studying business and with only two months before graduation I was getting anxious about a job. The economy still sucks and with my student loans totaling over $50,000 I was getting desperate. I had done most of the usual things to get a job and I was now doing the "job circuit". That was the long list of "business functions" that the school sponsored to put together the students and the business leaders in the area.

My love life and sex life, not necessarily mutually exclusive was about as good as my job prospects. It's not that I am a virgin, having slept with a number of men or boys, depending on how you look at them, it's just that all of my relationships have been less then perfect. It seemed that I have a perchance of picking losers or they pick me, not sure which. All of the men in my life are my own age, not unusual, but they all lacked any imagination or future. An intelligent conversation with them would be "what position would you like to be fucked in, missionary or doggy style". For the last four months I had completely given up on men, devoting all of my time to graduating and finding a job. Maybe a job would give me a new list of candidates to date with better qualifications.

I was getting ready for the second dinner function this week. It never hurt to look good and I could do that very well. I dressed in a black skirt, not too short, but it did cling to my ass, one of my finer attributes. I wore a white, silk blouse, button down, with the top two buttons undone. While my breasts were not exceedingly large, they did afford an ample display of cleavage. A pair of moderately high heels accented my legs. Silk bra and thong panties, while not overtly displayed gave me that inner sexy feeling. It felt like summer coming already, so I did not grab a coat, even though the temperature in Southern California dropped 15 degrees at night and headed out to the campus hall for the dinner. If nothing else, at least I would get a good meal out of it and not have to put up with the pawing of some immature boy hoping to get lucky, feeling that I should put out to pay for the dinner.

It looked like any of the countless other dinners that I had attended in the last two weeks. A one-hour cocktail hour, two-hour dinner, interrupted by a half- hour of some "important" business leader spouting off about something and that was it. I had learned early on that the most important thing to do at the cocktail hour was finding a good table, filled hopefully with your next boss. I grabbed a quick glass of white wine and set about to find an interesting circle, a group of people locked into a conversation. I was not shy and could quickly melt into a group, my confidence letting me jump into almost any conversation with authority. I might not know everything, but I could exude enough "buzz" words to make it sound like I did.

I was already on my second group, ready to move onto the third when I saw him, stopping in mid-conversation. Luckily no one was paying much attention and it continued on without me as I stared at him. Or I should say, stared back at him, as his eyes, dark, menacing blue eyes pierced my being. He must have been about forty-five, anyone over thirty seemingly old to me and hard to judge age. About 5'10", he was very well built, tanned completion with fairly long, but well cut sandy brown hair, blonde highlights throughout probably caused by the excess of sun here. He was dressed immaculately, wearing a tan suit with a black pullover. It was not off the rack, but obviously custom tailored to his body because it fit him like a glove. Now I am not usually attracted to older men, my father probably only older by about 10 years, but this man exuded a certain allure that made me weak in the knees and no one had ever done that to me. I blushed as our eyes met. My knees shook, almost unable to support me as I saw him move towards me, his eyes still on me, a smile on his face, approaching me confidently. I stood, staring at him, unable to move, unable to do anything, almost as if he had hypnotized me. Snap out of it, Jessica, the man's almost as old as your father. You're looking for a job, turn on the charm.

"Hello, I am Michael. I couldn't help noticing you. I am a member of the Board of Directors of the University, so I attend a number of these functions and I could swear I saw you last week at one of these. I never forget a beautiful woman," his charm showing.

"Thank you for the compliment, and yes I was here last week, but I do not remember seeing you," smiling, looking at those gorgeous blue eyes, noticing that they seem to be taking in her ample cleavage. I blushed again, lowering my eyes.

Michael took note of her recognition of his gazing at her breasts, but continued to stare. While he did date often, most were all of his social status, rich, beautiful, educated woman more his own age. Here was a beautiful, fresh faced girl, innocent of the real world with a body that already caused a stirring in his loins. Stop acting like a dirty old man, he thought. "Well, obviously I did not make a very good impression, so I must try to make amends. Would you care to join me at my table? The Dean of the business schools, the Chairman of Qualcomm, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Callaway Golf and SAIC are all going to be there. Maybe this week I will catch your attention," a slight chuckle coming out. "If you're looking for a chance at a job, this is your opportunity."

I don't care if he is looking at my boobs, it's not that I didn't dress to show them to their advantage. A woman needs to use all of her assets. If it takes my boobs to get them to notice my brains, so it will be. Trying to act nonchalantly, "thank you, that would be very nice."

"And your name is?"

Almost stuttering, I blurted out, "I'm sorry, how rude of me, my name is Jessica. I'm a senior and yes I am looking for employment for when I graduate," trying to not act desperate.

"Can I get you another glass of wine before we sit down?"

"Yes, thank you," feeling his hand moving up to my arm, touching me lightly as he gently pulled me over to the head table. My stomach fluttered, my heart skipped a beat when I felt his fingers touch my flesh. I felt a slight shiver run through my body, goose bumps appearing on my arms. I flushed as I looked down, my nipples poked out the front of my silk blouse. No one had ever done this to me before, I did not know how to react.

"Are you cold, would you like my coat? Michael's eyes gazed down at the goose bumps on her arms, but could not help but notice the protruding nipples pushing out that gorgeous white silk blouse. He knew that he had a strange effect on woman, but he had never seen anything like this before.

I looked down as we walked over to the table, not wanting to see his face, afraid that he saw my nipples. Please, please go away, but the more I wished them away, the harder they became. "No, it was just a breeze from the air conditioner over there, it is much better here," trying to bring my arms up to cover my breasts without being too obvious. It did not work, only making it more obvious, so I put her arms down, my nipples still pointed and erect. He pulled out my chair and my skirt rode up my legs as I sat down. He pushed the chair in, the tablecloth hiding my bare legs.

"I'll be right back. Now don't go away, I have to make up for not being noticed last week."

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