Orally Yours

by Trog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Slut Wife, BDSM, Rough, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Ever thought of forcing your wife to orally service other men? Fred did.

"Oh yeah baby, lick and suck my cock. You're making me feel so good."

Rhonda bobbed her head taking all of his eight inches down her throat. She cupped his heavy cum filled balls gently pulling them feeing his cream roiling around inside.

"Now baby I'm gonna cum now. I can feel my seed ready to shoot down your cock sucking throat." Fred felt his cock swell thicker as his balls released his pent up load. Thick hot gushes of his sperm filled her mouth until she began swallowing.

When his climax ended Rhonda sat back licking her lips. She smiled sweetly.

"This is the only good thing about being on my period. And you know how much I love sucking your cock and drinking your cum."

"You certainly know how to make me cum hard. I'll bet you could suck dry more than one cock in an evening."

"I could but I won't. You know I've never cheated on you and I'm not about to start even though I wished you could cum again right now."

"What would it take for you to suck another guy's cock?"

"More than you're willing to do I'm sure. Besides the chances are slim and none and Slim died."

Fred was playing with her large boobs as they lay side by side. He knew she would never have sex with him during her monthly time but he would often make her climax just playing with her big firm tits. Harder and harder he squeezed her tit flesh as she rode higher up her sexual plane. He knew she liked her tits played with rough and often he would bind them tightly as they fucked.

"I'll bet you would if I forced you. If I tied you up and roped your tits tight I'll bet you would love to suck strange cock. Matter of fact I'd like to watch you."

Rhonda felt her climax coming and it was going to be a big one. Just the thought of being bound and tit tortured made her cunt juicy. She thrashed her hips and moaned loudly as she climaxed.

"Oh fuck yeah, you do just that. Force me to suck cocks and watch me. Tie my tits up real tight and make them hurt." She screamed as her body went stiff. His fingers were digging deeply into her tits leaving dark red marks on her skin. Finally she relaxed her orgasm gushing from her cunt.

For the next month Fred said nothing about her being forced into sucking somebody else's cock. He knew her period was about to start and talked with a few friends at the club.

"Honey, do you remember what we talked about last month? You know being forced to suck off a strange cock?"

"Yeah I kinda remember something about it, why?"

"It sure got you hotter than normal. Your climax was one of the biggest I've ever seen you have."

"There's no doubt about that. Why if I was naked I would have squirted clear across the room. Hold on there sport. I see that gleam in your eyes. Don't get the idea I'll go along with you on that."

"I know, but I was hoping it would make you hot tonight. My cock's dying to have your lips around it sucking my nuts dry."

"Mmmmm, now you're talking big boy. You know how much I love tasting your cum and since it's that time again I'm ready and real thirsty."

"Well before we get started I want to try something different. Tonight instead of me just using my hands on your tits I want to bind them. You know like what I was telling you last month."

"You know it might be good. We've never tired that before. Are you sure you know what you're doing?"

"I think so. I've done some reading and looking at pictures on the web. Take off your blouse and bra while I get the rope."

Rhonda sat on the bed filled with nervous excitement. She watched Fred bring the soft white rope. Raising her arms to make it easier for him she watched as he began. He looped rope around each of her large firm tits pulling it very snug before going around her body. Coming back in front he again looped the rope around her tits and repeated it several times always making sure the rope was pulled tight.

She could feel her pussy getting wet as the ropes dug into her firm flesh and she could feel a lot of discomfort. It wasn't anything to make her cry, just enough that she could feel the pain. Her long thick nipples grew hard with her excitement and she loved it when he pinched them.

"There, how's that?"

"Nice, nicer than I thought. Not so tight that I really hurt but enough that I wouldn't want to be bound like this all day. It's got my pussy all juicy and my nipples feel so hard."

The doorbell rang and Fred got up to see who it was. Rhonda sat playing with her rock hard nipples as she waited. She was feeling real hot and sexy and could barely wait until she could have his thick hard cock gushing his cum down her throat.

She was getting impatient and could hear voices in the front room. Fred called and asked her to come out. Slipping on a blouse she checked and saw the bindings didn't show.

"What is it Fred? Who are these men?"

"Just a couple of guys I met the other day. They came over to see something I wanted to show them."

Rhonda had no idea what he was talking about so was completely unprepared when he pulled her arms behind her back. She felt something go around her wrist and then it was going around the other. Before she had a chance to react both wrists were tightly bound behind her back. Quite naturally this only forced her tits to press hard into the front of her blouse and made them look even bigger. She felt Fred's hands on her shoulders forcing her down to her knees.

"Fred for heavens sake what is going on? Who are these men and why did you tie my hands?"

"I knew you would willingly go along with what we talked about so I decided to make you do it. You're going to suck my cock in front of these men and swallow my cum. Then I'm going to watch you suck each of them off. Before you're done I'll bet you climax at least ten times."

Rhonda, not believing her ears, knelt with her mouth open and eyes wide. She was slowly shaking her head no, but something spiked in her brain and she felt the rush of sexual thrill. She watched as Fred dropped his pants and rubbed his already hard thick cock over her cheeks and lips.

"Open wide and take my cock. Start sucking it while these men see how good you are. Look, all of them are hard already."

She glanced sideways and saw what he said was true. Each of them sported and large bulge in their pants and she felt even more aroused. It was difficult at first trying to move her lips up down Fred's thick hard shaft without falling. Blood was filling her bound tits making them all the more uncomfortable and the bindings tighter.

"Yeah, that's it baby suck my cock. Feel it sliding down your throat while these guys watch you." Fred held her head making it easier for her. Soon he was thrusting his hips shoving his cock deeply into her mouth.

"Hey, look at the man. She really can take it all the way down. I sure would like to see her tits while she sucking you."

"Yeah, I want to see them, too."

"A little secret fellas. Rhonda kinda likes it rough so help yourselves. Don't worry; it's an old blouse so just rip it off her. I think you'll like what you find inside."

The third man got behind her and reaching around grabbed the front halves of her blouse. Rhonda moaned when he pulled hard and the buttons flew as they were ripped from the material. She moaned again when he yanked it down her arms. Even tightly bound her tits wobbled on her chest.

"Holy fuck he's got her tits all tied up. I ain't ever seen that for real, only in pictures."

"Go ahead and grab a handful. She really does like to have her tits played with and her nipples sucked."

"I ain't gonna suck no nipples with your balls swinging so close but I don't mind if they smack my hand some. I gotta feel them tits and long hard nipples."

"Hey man, we get to fuck her too?"

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