Long Arms of the Law

by usm1carbine

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Reluctant, Coercion, Light Bond, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Melissa has one drink too many and finds herself being arrested, is there a way out of a DWI?

Fantasy Night

Melissa downed her fourth cocktail of the evening, it had been a tough day at work and her husband wouldn't be home until tomorrow. She had stopped at the bar and had a few drinks to unwind, her head was light and she knew she had reached her limit, so she paid her tab and stood up on wobbly legs. She balanced herself against the bar for a second to get her head clear and then walked towards the door. Two guys had hit on her while she had been there, but she promised herself she would be good while her husband was gone, though her pussy was not cooperating. She felt the dampness as she walked out to her car, her silken panties seemed to rub her just right to make her wetness known and overbearing, she needed to get fucked in the worst way. She giggled when she dropped her keys and then felt a cool rush of air over her panties as she bent over to retrieve them, damn her lust! She decided she would just have to wait until her husband got home, and then look out! She sat in the blue Kia, listening to one of her favorite songs on the radio before she put it in gear and headed out of the parking lot, it was almost 8 P.M. She rolled down her window and let the cool evening air wake her up as she tooled along the side streets heading for the interstate, cursing herself for wearing the skirt as the cool air cascaded over her soaked panties and the skirt rode at her hips.

She had gone about 5 miles on the interstate when she noticed the blue lights behind her, "FUCK!!!" she screamed as she slowed down and hoped they would pass, but they followed her and she pulled off to the shoulder. She had never really been in trouble with the law, other than a minor incident when she was a teenager and she wondered if she had been speeding, she hadn't even looked at her speedometer. She watched the tall cop walk up to her door through her side view mirror, nervous as she remembered the cocktails, would he smell it on her breath? "Evening, Ma'am. You in a hurry this evening?" he asked as she stared up at him, "No, sir. Just going home after a long day at work," she said when she realized he was staring at her exposed crotch and she tried to ease her skirt back down to her knees, trying not to be obvious. "I clocked you at 70 in a 55. Have you been drinking this evening?" and she squirmed in her seat, 'Damn, he can smell it,' she thought, "Only two drinks, Officer," and she watched his eyes as he showed his disbelief. "Please step out of the car, Ma'am," and he opened her door as she spun around to get out, her skirt once again riding up to her thighs, but she didn't care now, maybe if he got a good look, he would let her go.

He had her walk around to the other side of the car, "Ma'am, I think maybe you have been drinking and I need to test your reflexes. Please close your eyes and stand on one leg for me," and Melissa closed her eyes and lifted her left leg, after a few seconds, she started to tilt, the officer caught her under the arm, his hand coming into contact with her tit as he did. Her nipple began to harden at his touch and she was embarrassed, "Ma'am, are you alright?" he asked and she struggled to regain her balance, dropping her foot back to the ground, "I'm fine. I can stand on my own now, thank you," and he released her arm, her swollen nipple missed his touch as she tried to pull herself together. He held out a hollow tube, "Could you blow into this for me please, Ma'am," and she knew she was a goner then. She blew through the tube and watched the little meter read 1.2, 'Oh Fuck!' she thought,.009 was DUI and this would be DWI. He put the machine on the hood of his car and brought out his handcuffs, "Ma'am, I'm placing you under arrest for driving while intoxicated," and she felt the tears well up in her eyes, "Oh, please, no. I will do anything, just please, not jail," and she sobbed openly as he cuffed her wrists and led her to the rear of his patrol car, seating her in the back seat and closing the door.

She cried openly, thinking about her car insurance, her license, and her husband! He would be furious, to say the least. He had warned her about drinking and driving and now his warnings had come true, she was under arrest! The officer stood at her car door, talking on his radio and then took her keys out of her car and locked it up, carrying her purse back with him as he got in the front of the cruiser, "Please, Officer, I beg of you. Don't arrest me, let me go, I'll be good, I promise!" and he stared at her in the rear view mirror, and then she saw what he was staring at. Her position in the seat left her entire crotch exposed and she just knew her wet spot on her crotch was visible in the light of the interior of the cruiser. She tried to get her skirt down, but with her hands behind her, she couldn't, so she just sat there, bawling. The radio blare to life, but she ignored it as the cop answered it, only thinking that her life was ruined now and she hung her head in shame, seeing her wet spot herself, but not caring anymore. He turned off the interior light and pulled out into traffic, "Please, I beg of you, I'm a good person, I always obey the law, can't you let me off just this once?" but her pleading seemed to fall on deaf ears as he got off the interstate and took a side road, she stared blankly out the window, feeling helpless. He pulled into a lot where there were three other cruisers and shut off the car, got out and opened her door, pulling her out of the car and then marching her towards the back door of the building.

Once inside, the bright lights blinded her, having been in the cruiser for a while and the affects of the alcohol not helping any. He led her to a room marked "INTERROGATION" and had her sit in the lone chair in the center of the room, "I'll be right back," he said as he exited and she closed her eyes and her tears renewed. He came back into the room with a notebook in hand, "Well, Melissa, it seems that you will be arraigned in night court in about an hour, from there, you'll go into lockup until someone arranges your bail." Her mind raced, there was no one to arrange her bail, her husband wouldn't be back until tomorrow and she was too embarrassed to tell anyone else what happened. Through tear stained eyes, she pleaded with him one more time, "Isn't there any way to get around this? I've never been in trouble before, can't you give me a break?" and she watched his emotionless expression, then he walked behind her and checked her cuffs, "Are they too tight? I left them a little loose," and she mumbled that they were fine, then in her cloudy state she could believe that his arms had crept around her and were massaging her tits through the cotton blouse she wore, was she dreaming this? She looked down to verify what she thought was happening and she saw his hands kneading her meaty tits, her nipples cooperating as they poked against her bra and blouse. He kept this up for a moment and then stopped and began to unbutton her blouse, she thought about protesting, but she was not in the position to complain. He had her blouse open in short order and now worked her hard nipples through her bra until they made distinct points in the cups, the he moved his hands down and pulled the cups up, exposing her fleshy tits to the cool air of the room. In her mind, she should protest, but her nipples and in fact her tits, were reacting to something just an hour ago she said she needed so badly, as his hands worked the flesh and she pushed her head against his chest.

She felt one hand leave and thought that she heard a zipper, this was confirmed as she felt a hardness push at the back of her head, then he pulled her head to the side as he rubbed his stiff cock over her lips. Her mind was reeling, her thoughts consumed now with lust, not arrest, as she opened her mouth to allow his large cock to enter and she heard him suck in his breath as she closed her lips around his cock and sucked, swirling her tongue over the head. Nothing pleased her more than a stiff cock in her mouth, but she went slowly, not wanting to let him know that, slowly sucking him deeper until she had three fourths of him in her mouth and he began to push to put in more. His cock pushed ever deeper, until he found her throat and she swallowed hard to admit him, he did feel good! His hands now went to work on her exposed tits and then one hand ventured to her thigh, as it pushed the skirt back to her crotch and renewed the wet spot on the front of her satiny panties, making her moan around the mouthful of cock. His thrusts got harder and his probing finger found it's way underneath the elastic leg of her panties as he rubbed her clit and she sucked for all she was worth. She opened her eyes and saw herself, sucking him on the mirrored wall as he pounded her face and his cock disappeared into her mouth. The sight of it alone was enough to push her over the edge and his finger on her clit sealed the deal as she squirmed in the chair and felt his cock expand and fill her mouth with it's creamy load. She worked hard to swallow it all as it seemed to pulse for over a minute, then she milked it with her tongue to get every drop before he removed it and stood back with a smile on his face. "Perhaps we can work something out, Melissa. You don't mind if I call you Melissa, do you?" and she shook her head no, relishing the salty taste in her mouth as he withdrew his finger and she felt her juices run down over her ass.

He put his softening cock away and for a moment she was sorry, a good stiff fuck was what she needed right now. If he would be willing to let her go, she would give him anything he desired, but she had no idea what her punishment would consist of this night or the many after. She was startled when he returned with another officer and she tried to hide her embarrassment, her tits were still in plain view, holding her blouse open, but she soon realized that he was in on it as well, as he pulled his cock out and brought it to her lips, "You know what to do now, Bitch," and she sucked it in as he forced it harder into her mouth, he was nowhere near as gentle as the first one was, he was also much larger, as she felt her lips stretch to accommodate him. He didn't last very long, he had evidently gone awhile with out sex as his load seemed so much more than the previous man's and she struggled to swallow it all. He wiped his cock on her cheek when he had finished, "Not bad for a street whore," he said to the other man as he put his cock away and left. She was embarrassed that he had called her that, she had just been minding her own business, she hadn't asked for this, or had she? The original cop now reached up under her skirt and grabbed the waistband of her panties, dragging them over her hips and finally down her legs and off, she sat there now, her tits exposed and her pussy as well, at least under her skirt. Another officer came in, what was this, Grand Central Station? How many cops was she going to have to suck off to get out of this predicament? He pulled her to her feet and pushed her blouse off her shoulders, kneading the soft flesh of her tits as he stared into her eyes, the look of lust he had, scared her! He plowed his tongue into her mouth as his hands tore at her tits, squeezing the soft flesh as he pulled and kneaded, she was unable to scream with his tongue in her mouth. He was definitely rough and scared her, but if she could get out of this predicament, it would be worth it. A DWI would hang on her record forever and other than this jerk, it hadn't been that bad.

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