So How was Your Vacation?

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man on vacation meets a woman and her daughter who both find him interesting.

It was a strange kind of vacation. With the damn GM presentation two days after I got back, my whole focus was on my laptop, trying to hone not only my introduction, but my people's segments as well. They were a lot more creative than organized, so it was time's like these that I really earned my admittedly preposterous salary. The choice of date had been the client's, and my subtle effort to get them to change it had not worked. So here I was, sitting under an umbrella beside a lovely swimming pool, a gorgeous white sand beach not fifty yards away, nearly naked women parading around, working. Life can be unfair, here on the fast track.

I mean, that's my excuse for not seeing it coming. I'd type a couple of paragraphs, sit back, flash the product detail onto the screen, stare at it a while, then close my eyes to see if it seemed to fit, to work in the whole scheme of things. The second day, I opened my eyes around three in the afternoon, and here's this teenaged blonde sitting there. "Hi there" she said brightly, grinning at the surprise on my face, I suppose. Well, sitting there isn't quite accurate. She had her chair turned so she could prop her legs up on the chair next to her, so her whole body was stretched out. Her bikini was as skimpy as they come.

Perhaps I should give you an idea about my life. I was alone because my wife of twelve years had given up on getting much attention from me, refusing to continue competing with the Advertising business. We had always taken skiing vacations, it never made sense to either of us to go from LA to a tropical climate. But, after the divorce, I wanted to change things, so here I was in Fiji, having made the reservations three months before we even heard from the Hardware division of the largest advertiser in the free world.

It's not like I was sitting there with a constant hardon. I had settled quickly into a bachelor life, and there was no shortage of blonde, willing babes. Somehow, I favored girls with different color hair than my wife's, but she fouled me up by going platinum the very month the divorce was final. The funny thing is, we kept sleeping together. I know that sounds unusual, but that was never the area that caused us problems. So I got laid regularly.

No, what it was was all that skin. As I say, it had been a while since I did a tropical vacation, and at home I rarely came anywhere near a swimming pool, or the beach. Here were all these great looking women, bouncing around in hardly anything, some well tanned, some with very white skin, some with suits that didn't go with their tans. There was something strangely sexy about that. So I was looking, I mean watching all this skin, but not really salivating, or chasing. Besides, I had to be on top of this presentation.

So anyway, here sits this blonde, not more than three or four years older than my daughter. But built very differently. Very differently. Stretched out between the chairs the way she was, her really fat tits leaned to the side, and her stomach was almost concave. It was a pose an older woman would never have gotten into, not only because it would have been uncomfortable, but also because you had to be sixteen to get away with it. Her face was very pretty, a little turned up nose, very full lips, big eyes. She was a big girl, and hadn't quite shed all her baby fat as she grew, but still, the overall effect was very provocative. So of course I got a hardon.

The little minx stared at my crotch when the old johnson popped up, and her grin got wider. "You look awfully lonely, sitting here. Don't you want to swim or something?" My mind, whirled, just for a second, you know the way it does when you're surprised, and then I got control of myself. I go into great detail about this because it's important for the rest of this story, which is bizarre. Her first impression was that I was really impressed with her, while the truth was that her surprise display of an admittedly voluptuous body had given me an instant charge, but I'm way too old to believe in even lust at first sight.

I answered "Well hi. You're an awfully pretty girl. Are you staying in the hotel?" I wasn't going to adjust my cock with her watching, so I didn't move, and it fell sideways to a less obvious position. Her eyes came up to mine, and she said "Yes, Mama and I are up on the third floor. Isn't this a neat place? It's so green. The beach is nice. Are you just gonna sit here as long as you stay? I mean, that seems kind of silly. Last night, you weren't in the disco, or out on the patio after dinner. I guess you're working, huh?"

I was halfway through my answer before I realized it was probably a mistake to keep going this direction. "Yes, I have to give an important presentation the day after I get back, and it's my job to be sure it goes well. Not only my part, but my subordinates too. I agree it isn't what I had in mind, but, well, stuff happens." Thinking that might have sounded like an apology, I tried to recoup. "Why waste your time here in paradise with an old geezer who has his nose to the grindstone?" She smiled brightly, but there was a look in her eye. As she spoke, I realized what it was. Puppy love. I remember thinking "Oh shit."

"I love older men" she breathed, in a teenagers voice when they try to be sexy. I shut my eyes, on the theory I might be able to think more clearly. As I was trying to formulate an answer, I heard the chair squeak. When I opened my eyes, she was standing there, very near me, one of those boobs far enough out of it's cup to show me a full, pink nipple, surrounded by a pale untanned triangle, holding our her hand. "My name's Tricia Harwood." I tried to rise, hit my head on the damn umbrella, shifted out into the sun, which was right in my eyes, squinted, and took her hand. "Umm, Brad Dexter. Nice to meet you." She giggled as I edged back down into the shade, rubbing my head.

"Sorry. Maybe I'll see you later. Hope so. You're awfully cute." As she vamped away, making an obvious effort to swing her practically naked ass, fussing with her top, I supposed to get the tit back in, I thought "Cute?" I'm approaching forty, for god's sake, consider myself handsome, in a patrician sort of way, and six foot two. Cute? Then I cursed myself for letting a little girl shake me up so. I kept telling myself that I'd have handled it better if I hadn't been concentrating on my work.

But, all that being said, it was no big deal. I didn't think. It took me a couple of minutes to get back into the media analysis, which was what I was working on, and I started in again. I noticed the slight darkening of seven o'clock no more than a few minutes later, it seemed. I'm that way, time whizzes when I'm concentrating. I was at a good point to stop, so I slowly awakened to my surroundings as the machine shut down.

Music was drifiting down from the patio half a level above the now nearly deserted pool. It looked jammed, up there, halfway through cocktail hour. There were two sittings for dinner, 6:30 and 8:00. I had gone to the early sitting the night before, trying to get a little more done after eating, but with a couple of belts, and the wine they served with the meal, it didn't work. So I wasn't concerned, figured I'd eat at eight.

Which would have worked, after I had gotten a good stiff scotch in a traveler from the pool bar and showered, putting on a nice pair of linen pants, and short sleeved golf shirt, except there wasn't a spare table in the whole goddamn dining room. So I was standing there arguing with the headwaiter about getting served outside, when here comes Tricia. "Hi, Brad. Why don't you come sit with us? There's two spots." That killed my negotiating position, and the guy raised his eyebrows to me. Of course, it made sense, except that I was instantly nervous about encouraging this hot little teen.

She hung on to my arm as she led me around the place, and I flushed when a couple of people expressed subtle disapproval. You know, a raised eyebrow, a small smirk. I was thinking it might have been better just to get room service when Tricia said "Brad, this is my mum, Janet." The beautiful auburn haired woman sitting there smoking a cigarette, eyeing me with appropriate skepticism, extending her hand, blew me away. One of those moments when the breath snaps out of you, you feel your face blush hard, and tingling threatens your whole body. As I took her hand, I stammered "Uh, hi, uh, Janet. Look, umm, sorry to, y'know, intrude, uh, on you and your daughter. It, it's very nice to meet you."

She laughed at my consternation, a lovely, low pitched, throaty chuckle. Her arm reaching up to me flashed the flesh of a full, right tit at me, and I realized where her daughter got hers from. As I sat down, she held my eyes. See, she was thinking I was a lecher after her daughter. I could see that. Tricia was trying to get me talking, while Janet and I stared at each other. She told me later she was thinking "Geez, this guy doesn't look like a cradle robber."

Look, life's like that. You get yourself into these impossible situations. I'd always been pretty good about thinking on my feet, and I thought I helped myself with the next move. I buried my face in one hand, groaning. Trying to show I was thinking, uncomfortable. The explosion of interest I had felt for Janet changed my thinking about Tricia from an easy little problem in gently getting her calmed down to a potential disaster. Putting my head down gave me time to think.

After a few moments, hoping my timing was good, I lifted my head, and looked at Tricia. I whispered "You know, honey, your mum's younger that I am. But I can see where you got your looks" My thinking here was that this showed that I was an adult, and an inappropriate target for her, but also let Janet know I thought she was a fox. Well, so much for that thinking.

Tricia's face scrinched up, the way youngsters do, and she leaped from her chair and tore out of the room. I gaped at her, and thought I had blown it, until I looked back at Janet. She had a little smile. She chuckled, then whispered "Get out much, Brad? Gee, you handled that well." Then she laughed out loud, trying to show the room, and me, that she wasn't shook up by her daughter's show.

After everyone resumed their normal conversation, Janet said "She's a goddamn ball of raging hormones waiting to explode these days. This isn't the first time she's made a scene like this. I think her Dad's splitting has her shook, and no matter how often I tell her I threw the bastard out, she still thinks it was her fault." She'd been kind of looking down at her cigarette the whole time, and finally looked up. "She told me she met you at the pool. I knew she was all hyped up. Then when she saw you tonight, she didn't even ask me. She doesn't think, y'know. I must say, her taste is improving."

I remember that evening as being magical. When we got past the way we met, we chatted amicably about out lives, giggled about the problems my daughter might have, a sample of which I had just experienced, and really enjoyed each other. We both drank a lot, that nice soft white wine they serve. The first time she got up so we could dance, I saw her full body, in a tight, red silk sari kind of thing that just went to mid thigh, gorgeous legs in these matching high heels that brought her within a couple of inches of my height. By that time, I felt I knew her well enough to ogle her. She looked quickly around, then back at me, did a little bump with her hips, and leered. As she floated into my arms, she whispered "Like what you see, Brad?"

I breathed back "Janet, you really are getting to me, y'know. I mean, feel this?" I shifted slightly as we moved, and let her feel my now stiff cock. I heard that chuckle of hers again. She held me pressed against her that way, and gurgled into my ear "Damn, I shouldn't make fun of my little girl. I've always been susceptible to a handsome man too. A nice, gentlemanly, intelligent, handsome man. Who's poking me in the stomach with something. Mmmmm." I felt her lips touching right by my ear. When my dong pulsed against her tummy, she chuckled again. Christ, I love that chuckle.

After one more dance, during which she would run her tongue lightly into my ear, and my hand started edging down to her butt, she leaned back and breathed "I'm no wallflower, Brad. I'm OV, hot for your bod, and I hope you don't think I do this all the time, but that isn't gonna stop me. Let's go check on Tricia, then go to your room." I, of course, played coy by almost running to the elevator, pulling her along as we both laughed.

When something is too good to be true, watch out. Things have a way of going from great to catastrophe. And this did.

So, Janet and I are damn near tripping, and she's now pulling me toward her room. We turn a corner as she's fumbling with her purse, trying to find the room key, when she sucks in a breath. Looking down the hall, I see one door ajar, and hear squealing. Janet starts running full out, with me trailing behind. We tumble in to find Tricia flat on her back on one of the double beds, naked, and this big polynesian between her legs, wrestling as he obviously tries to fuck her. Janet lets out a scream, and I throw myself at this guy, not realizing how big the son of a bitch is.

I weigh almost two hundred pounds, and am in pretty good shape, but I just bounce off this guy, though he goes "Oof" when my shoulder catches him in the ribs. I sprawl down by the bed, seeing stars, and Janet is on this guys back. She's still screaming. I reach back and grab the lamp off the table, stagger to my feet, and raise it up. He looks up at me, shakes his head, grunts as he tosses Janet sideways to the bed, and yells "Hey, brudda, little 'ho wanted it. Don' do dat. Fuckin' thing bust mah head, no, no brudda." He's sidling toward the door as he's saying it, pulling up his shorts. I'm frozen there, my head buzzing, adreneline raging through me, gasping. Janet has shut up.

The guy slams the door behind him. The three of us are suddenly alone, Janet and I breathing like racehorses, Tricia kind of snuffling. Janet looks at me, then down at her daughter. "Jesus Christ, Tricia. What the hell's wrong with you? I mean, if you wanna get laid, do it. Goddamn it. You might've gotten us all killed, or that boy hurt, or... who knows. I mean goddamn it." Tricia starts to bawl. Her mother's eyes soften, and she falls down beside her daughter, hugging to her, starting to cry herself. "Oh darling, come on, what's wrong? I give you the damn pill. You know I won't raise hell if you lose your cherry. Boy, that asshole fucked you up good, didn't he?" I knew from the previous conversation that last was a reference to her ex.

Look, here's the picture. I'm standing there with the lamp in my hand, down at my side. This gorgeous woman that a couple of minutes ago was destined to give me a night to remember was stretched out on the bed, hugging this naked blonde whose big tits were wiggling as she sobbed. Janet's skirt was up to her waist, these pink thong panties showing a little shadow of dark pubic hair. Tricia's pussy's red as a beet. I'll tell you the truth. I got hard.

Tricia began whining "I just wanted to neck, Momma. I mean, he was nice, and he loved my t... tits." Her eyes jumped up to me, then away. "I thought, oh I don'no, he'd... Oh, I guess I didn't think." They were both starting to calm down. As I replaced the lamp on the side table, I noticed a bottle of tequila, half full. I got the bright idea that we all needed a drink. I went in to the bathroom, got three glasses, and took the ice bucket. I went out the door, leaving it ajar, mumbling "Be right back, get some ice."

When I got back, they were both sitting cross legged, on the bed, looking sheepish, but talking. I made us each a drink, straight tequila. I had obviously missed something, as I heard Janet saying "But dear, we all have to go through it, unless you go to a doctor. I suppose we could..." Tricia cut her off. "That's not it, Mum. I get scared. At the last minute. Milo, he was so big. And when I told him to stop, y'know, just to slow him down, he kind of got mad. I didn't want him to stop, just... like, be gentle."

Janet had an exasperated look on her face. By now, I was sitting in a chair, kind of mellow, feeling the tequila in my stomach, feeling sorry for myself because it didn't look like I'd get laid tonight. Tricia was still snuffling, but seemed to have a death grip on her mother's hand. Janet took a big gulp of her drink, then looked at me and said "Get her nightgown, would you Brad. The white one in the closet." I took the little shortie, wondering, why bother? There was a black, loose thing hanging beside it, and picturing Janet in it made me hard again. When I handed it to her, Janet noticed, looked up at me, and kind of raised her eyebrows, with a wan smile on her face. When she shrugged, I got the idea.

I said "Well, good night ladies. Thanks for... an unusual evening."

Surprisingly, I got a good nights sleep. It wasn't that late, the booze made it easy to go under, and I slept the whole night through. I must say, the hardon I woke up with took an inordinately long time to go down so I could empty my bladder. I kept seeing Janet bump at me in the dining room, felt her tongue in my ear, and remembered her smell. And, In all candor, Tricia laying there with her pussy and tits jiggling also flitted through my mind.

So I was sitting in the dining room, sipping coffee, wondering whether to eat, when I saw Janet come hurrying in, looking around intently. When she saw me, she headed for me with fast, long steps, making the little cover up drift away, showing this white bikini underneath that made me suck in a breath. I rose to greet her, and she came around so she could press her hips against me. We kissed each other on the cheeks, but held it. She smelled great.

Then she plumped down on the chair beside mine, staring at me. "Brad, I am really sorry about last night. Maybe we should have just let Milo finish. Patricia is drivng me nuts. She's got that body to die for, teases every male she gets within a hundred yards, and freaks out at the crucial time. Christ, when I was her age... Well. Anyway, she needs to lose her goddamn cherry, that's what. Excuse my language, dear." She covered my hand as she said that last, and we both started to giggle. "Remember the look on that kid's face when you were about to belt him with the lamp? I mean, I jog every day, and he just tossed me over like I was nothing. You must think we're nuts."

I was vibrating with her closeness. It's that thing. Call it love, lust, friendship, whatever. She made me laugh, she made me hard, she seemed to enjoy being with me. She was holding my eyes now, and we were both smiling, relaxed with each other, it seemed to me. I choked out "I hope you won't let this get in our way, Janet. I certainly won't. The only thing I regret is not getting you to my room last night." I leaned closer to her. "I feel something special, Janet. I do. I mean, I feel lust too. I saw that white bikini. Wow. But that's not all, okay?"

The look on her face got softer, and I saw just a hint of doe eyed surrender. She's a tough, smart broad, but when I saw that look, I knew she felt it too. She leaned over and we kissed, it was a little uncomfortable. I started wiggling around so I could get at her better, but she pulled away. "Come on, darling. Get me a cup of coffee, then take me to your room. I'll go quietly. If you're a good boy, I'll let you have your way with me. As a matter of fact, I'll insist."

Fifteen minutes later, she was throwing my sliding doors wide open, letting the humid warmth of the day blow lightly through the room. "Did I tell you last night I like your cologne, Brad? I like a man who smells good. That's not why I open the windows. We're in paradise, after all. I like the idea of making love to you in the open, with natural air around us. Do you mind?" The nice thing about a confident, mature woman is that naturalness the best of them exude. I've always been a little uptight my first time with someone, but she made it relaxed, easy.

She took two steps out onto the small porch, looked around, and came back in, muttering "Shit. They can see us." She stopped right in the doorway, and let the brightly colored long shirt cover up slide from her shoulders, one leg turned in, her eyes holding mine. She spun slowly around, then with a quick movement, unhooked the top of her suit, and let it fall.

I've seen my share of tits. I really have. But these were incredible. They were full, large, but not ballooned like some silicone stuffed are. They sat high on her chest, with amazingly small nipples. She slowly raised her arms over her head, a little smile on her face, showing off for me. The boobs lifted sensually as she did it, ending up looking like perfect teardrops. I started toward her. My tee shirt got lost along the way. When we embraced, the feeling of those dense but soft pillows was almost too much to take.

I whispered "You know they're spectacular, don't you Janet? I knew they were big, but... Wow. Look, we can take our time, can't we? You don't have to be anywhere, do you?" I felt her breath in my ear as she answered "Well, I'll probably get hungry by dinnertime." Then we embraced into the most red hot, erotic, tongue filled, hip writhing kiss I've ever experienced. I honestly can't say how long it lasted, but when we broke, we both were gasping. The warmth was making me perspire a bit, and there was this fit to our bodies, a comfort, a pressure in all the right places that had me tingling wildly. As we tried to get our breath back, she licked out at my face. "Mmmm, salty. You have ten hours to stop that. Uhh, wait Brad. Wait. I want to show you something."

She plopped down on the bed, and shimmied out of the thong bottom of her suit. Her pubic hair was trimmed to a triangle that perched on top of her long slit that was puffy and gorgeous as her legs squeezed together briefly. Once the suit was off, she spread her legs rather matter of factly, and pulled her pussy lips apart. What she showed me was a long clitoral hood, and with an index finger she pulled it upwards, revealing a clit that was better than an inch long. "My fucking ex made fun of it, Brad. He thought it was abnormal, though the doctor disagrees. I hope it doesn't turn you off, darling. I did some steroids a while back, when I was lifting a lot, and it grew." The look on my face must have made it clear that I found it sexy as hell.

"Look, dear, you have to be gentle with the damn thing. I mean, it's more sensitive than most. If you suck it and lick, I'll just pop out of my skull. What works is just tease around, until you're ready, then put a little pressure on, and I'm there. I don't mind getting off several times, you know, but I thought you should know it makes me... nutty. A little different."

I pushed my suit down, letting her see how hard I was. My cock is normal length, but thicker than most. Her eyes widened when she saw it, and she licked her lips. "Christ, Brad, we're a couple of deviants. Mmm, this is gonna be fun." I plopped down beside her, and we started kissing and fondling, not as intensely as before, and she started caressing my tool, humming as our mouths worked together. Her hair was fanned out on the pillow, her tits hardly sagged, really unbelievable for a gal in her mid thirtys, and she slid her leg over mine and up to my hip. Pulling my dong between her thighs, she began to writhe.

I could only touch the top breast, with its stiff, taut nipple. It felt so pliable, warm, and a little damp from sweat. There was a smell starting to surround us, some of my cologne, her perfume, a musky hint of her pussy, and the earthy tropical odor of Fiji. We both lost ourselves, I think, at least I sure did, in the feeling of being locked together in an erotic bubble, rolling around slightly on the sheets that were still rumpled from the night before. I tried to get down to her other tit, but she kept herself pressed so firmly to me I couldn't. So I started for her cunt.

Carefully avoiding her clit, I slipped a finger inside her, and twitched up where her g spot should be. She jumped, squealed, and groaned "Oh, darling that's sensitive tooooo, ohhhhhh." I felt her contracting on my finger, and almost a flood of lubrication. Her hips arched up, I felt the scratch of her small pubic patch on my abdomen, and her mouth became a twisting, powerful sucking machine as she gasped with her completion. She threw her head down on the pillow and it started twisting back and forth. Her eyes were tightly closed, and she started biting her lower lip, as her hips kept pulsating, moving my finger inside her without me doing anything. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

She took a couple of minutes to calm down, and I eventually took my finger out. Then she looked up at me and smiled, that kind of cocky, happy way she has. "Now that was unusual, Brad. I don't remember ever being quite that sensitive. It's probably you darling. See what I mean? I don't need much preparation. I know you'd probably eat me down there, but if you did, I probably couldn't stop cumming. Geez, this is nice. It's been a long time since I've been this hot. You know what I want? Fuck me, Brad. Keep going, no matter what I do. I have no idea what'll happen, I might just orgasm continuously." She giggled. "Am I embarassing you? Hope not. I'm having a great time."

As I eased over between her legs, she wrapped them around my hips. I reached down and aimed the head of my tool into her wet flesh. I knew from experience I had to be a little careful at first, because I'm so thick. When I pushed gently in, her eyes widened, and in a shaky voice she muttered "Ah Brad wow, wow. That, that feels... so... SO... FUCKING GOOD."

Her legs pulled me into her, getting me diving to full penetration, as she grunted. "God darling. Oh god." Then we started undulating against each other. I wasn't really thinking that clearly, but what little reason I still retained kept wondering what would happen to her. She actually lasted a couple of minutes before she began to squeal and cum again. "Ugh, yes, yes, oh damn, Brad. Ahhhhhhh." But from then on, it was as though she never stopped. Her pussy was squeezing me, in hard, uneven, varying spasms the whole time. I like to keep myself under control, taking a long time, but it seemed pointless as she went hog wild under me, twisting and grunting, sweat rolling off her face, eyes closed, alternately grinning and almost crying.

I've had some good fucks in my life. Really. But never one like this. I was bucking wildly, trying to stay on top of her, gaping at her grimacing, turned on expression. You can't keep control with a woman doing that. At least I can't. I popped after about ten minutes, feeling as though I gave her a torrent of spunk. She wasn't so far gone that she didn't feel it, opened her eyes, and groaned "Oh good, darling. I need a break."

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