Virgin Brother

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I was a virgin until my sexy sister got her hands on me

"You know, you're a bit of a bastard" my elder sister said, we were sitting alone, outside in the back garden small sun trap.

"W-what?" I stammered.

"Don't give me that innocent look," she said sternly, "my girlfriends have been giving you the eye all afternoon and you've totally ignored them."

It was true that three of her friends have been over that afternoon in their skimpy outfits to take advantage of the late summer sun, but I had tried to keep out of their way.

"You've been giving them that sultry look you're so good at," she said, "then you leave them all hot at bothered."

"What are you on about?" I inquired, "I've tried to keep out of your way all afternoon."

"Look brother," she pointed her finger at me, "you're stripped down to a pair of small shorts, your chest all bare and sweaty, what do you expect, they're healthy young girls with normal appetites you know."

"But sis," I said totally bemused by her comments.

"No but," she said, "it's time you put up and stop working my friends into a lather."

Then after a short pause.

"So which one do you fancy most?" she asked.

"What? I suppose the one with the big tits," I said thinking about each of her three friends.

"Yeah typical man," she chuckled, "you always go for big tits, well that's Janice, I'll tell her later when I ring her."

"No please," I yelled, "I wouldn't know what to do with her."

"Come off it brother," she scoffed, "don't tell me you're still a virgin."

"Well," I mumbled.

"You are," she yelled, "oh Janice is just going to just love it, breaking in a virgin."

"Please don't tell her," I called out.

"No way," she said.

"Please sis," I said, "I'll do anything for you."

"Anything, oh boy don't tempt me," her face took on a wistful expression.

"Please," I begged, I could just hear their laughter when they found out.

"Ok," she said with a big smile, "so what am I going to ask you to do for me?"

"Please sis, anything," I murmured.

"Stop that anything crap," she said, "I just might forget that you're my brother. But that might solve two problem," she whispered mostly to herself. "What's the time, right come with me," she demanded, after consulting her watch.

"Where are we going?" I asked, meekly and I followed her inside.

"My room," she chuckled.

"Right sit on the bed," she ordered, "now I know you've been out with what's her name."

"Susan," I said.

"Right Susan, so what did you two get up too?" she asked.

"No much," I whispered.

"So it would seem," she said, "well did you get her tits out?"

This was humiliating, my sister was making fun of my failures.

"Here look at mine," she said and reached behind her back and unclipped her bikini top. "Not as big as Janice's, but not too bad, what do you think?"

"L-lovely," I crocked, my voice breaking up, for they were indeed very nice.

"Yeah not too bad," she said her hands idly moving over both. "I've always love having them manhandled," she looked up and smiled at me.

"Right you have a go," she said, "not too hard, just gently, but make sure you make contact with my nipples, yes just like that," she cooed.

My hands became familiar with her twin orbs.

"Mmm, that's heaven," she sighed, "I'm not so sure I'm going to let Janice have you, I think I might just keep you all to myself. God, that's lovely," she cooed, "right time to move on, I'll better sit on the bed before I fall down," she sighed.

"Ok let's get these off," she said mainly to herself. Her hands became busy removing her Jeans and knickers.

"There we go," she said, "now it's your turn, lets see what you've got shall we." Her hands now turned on me and pulled off my shorts.

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