Naughty Neighbor

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young couple find their lives become erotically complicated by the woman next door.

(Next Door Seductress)

One thing a good Coach teaches you, especially in big time College Football, is not to bullshit yourself. I know, I know, stretch yourself, yeah, yeah, yeah. In athletics at the top level, that leads to losing, trying to do more than you can. In that spirit, let me say that I know I'm not the brightest bulb on the block. So, you may well ask, how did I end up with a wife who was the salutatorian (that's second in the class in grades) of our graduating class of two thousand.

I needed a tutor all five years, not just because practice took up so much time, and not that I was that dumb, just to make sure I retained eligibility. As starting quarterback for three years, you might get a few hours on Sundays to study, if you weren't too hungover. It seems to me that I was always on the knife edge of D's, and that would have done it. So I got the best tutors available. Senior year, that was Sue.

I remember her walking in as I came out of the shower during Camp senior year, late August, hot as hell outside, but my room had one of five air conditioners. She yelled through the bathroom door "Hey Andy, it's Sue, your Math tutor. Hurry up, willya. You gotta hit that damn algebra final." I walked out rubbing the towel in my hair, otherwise naked. When I saw her eyes riveted to my crotch, I smiled.

Look, I'm six three, two fifteen, and back then, in great shape. A real All American hero type. I played it for all it was worth, and it was worth some truly great ass, the best our campus had to offer, which was superlative. I got arrogant about women, though I was always secretly grateful for my good fortune. Here sits this mousily dressed girl in horn rims, black hair pulled into a tight pony tail, eyeing my groin. I figured, what the hell, haven't been laid for a couple of days. "Hey baby, c'mon, I'll lock the door, and we can get it on. You on the pill, or should I get a skin?"

In my defense, I didn't know her, not even by reputation. It's a big school. To this day, when she wants to get over on me, she'll parrot my first words to her. In a sing-song sort of voice, making me sound like a dunce, or a fag. Anyway, what she did was pull a can of pepper spray out of her purse, and spray it at me from ten feet away, screaming "Don't you touch me, you cretin."

I was lucky enough to have the towel right there, so I held it in front of my face while I yellled "Jesus christ, all you had to say was no. Put that shit down." Pretty quick, the mist was making both our eyes sting, so I threw open the door, and then raised one of the windows. As a breeze cleared the fumes, and the temperature shot up into the ninety's, I stared at her, the can still held in front of her, her eyes still watching my cock, which had shriveled up severely during this small crisis. I guess that was the first time we discovered we shared a rather bizarre sense of humor. We both started giggling.

After a minute of laughter at the tableau we had created, we started talking at once. "All the girls warned me you were a cocky bastard, and they were right. What right have you..." she said angrily, as I protested "Hey, you were giving me the once over, so I figured..." We both stopped at once, then she giggled, put the can back in her huge purse, and started toward the door. I said "Hey wait, you gotta help me with that shit. I mean, the fucking square root of x plus y, what is that shit."

Sue just closed the door, turned around and sat down at the table in front of the couch. "Shut the goddamn window, stud, get some clothes on, so I don't have to gape at your anatomy, and comb your hair. I'll admit it, you really are hung. Meanwhile, what's the last expression you understood in this damn course?"

She spent forty five minutes with me that first day, all the time I had before dinner. I learned more about math than in the first four years of school. We sat together on the couch, and I concentrated on the work, ignoring the occasional contact of our shoulders, but sneaking enough of a look at her chest to begin to think she had a nice set of bazooms. Couldn't be sure though. As it turns out, of course, she does. Spectacular, actually.

As we were walking down the steps, agreeing to another session after morning practice the next day, she took my arm as we stood at the junction of two sidewalks, she heading for the main campus, me for the dining hall. "Andy, you're a pretty nice guy when you aren't parading around nude shaking your thingie at me. And you aren't as dumb as I thought. We'll start over tomorrow, okay?" Then she kissed my cheek, she's five ten, so it was a nice fit, and I got my first feel of her tits. They felt even bigger than I had guessed.

The next morning, she asked if I minded if she also tutored me in the rest of my courses, the toughest of which was Modern Poetry. I said sure, and she said she'd arrange it with the Dean. That night, she came up to my room at ten, right after my evening film session. I was kind of dozing on the couch, and hardly heard her come in. When she whispered "Andy?" I cracked an eye, and was surprised to see her standing there in a raincoat. She asked "What time do I have to leave?" I said the coaches always cut me some slack about that, because of the time they occupied me. She smiled, breathed "Good", and locked the door.

As she dropped the coat, standing there in a set of black thong panties, her almost too big boobs dangling like ripe teardrops, tiny ruby nipples right there in the center, reaching back to let her hair loose, I woke up fast. Her body was just on the slim side of voluptuous, hips without flab, long legs, and with her hair down past her shoulders, the glasses still there, she was a vision, and both my cock and my heart flipped. I guess my mindset at the time was if a girl turned me down, it would be on to the next one, too bad, no big deal. As she posed for me, licking her lips, I realized I had been wondering how I could try again with her, and here she was solving my problem. And I realized she had penetrated somewhere into my soul, with her wit, her smarts, and now, her spectacular body.

As she took a step toward me, letting her breasts kind of shiver, she whispered "If you tell anyone about this, I swear I'll teach you everything wrong, Andy. You're stuck with me, and you'll flunk every course. And take it easy on me with that big cock, I've only had a couple of men, and I guess you'll get to places they never did. God, I haven't been able to think of anything else since I saw it. I hope you're as good as they say, darling." She took another step, and I realized she had three inch heels on, and as I stood, she was just a couple of inches shorter than me.

I got my shirt off as she drifted into my arms, flipping the glasses off just as we embraced. Turns out she can hardly see without them, or the contacts she started wearing two weeks later. Even though I was kind of shaken, and really excited, instinct, and four years of campus studliness, took over, and I held her firmly as we began to kiss.

I was never a "wham bam thank you ma'am" kind of guy. A lot of my teammates were, but I've always tried to be good to girls I was with, to please them, make them happy. And I'd been lucky enough to meet some very experienced women, so I knew what I was doing. Sue was being truthful, she almost always is, she'd slept with two guys before me, and only one of them more than once. As I held her, I could feel her shaking, nervousness, fear, desire, all working on her nervous system.

I suppose she was expecting the clumsy, quick sorts of fucks she had had before. I didn't do it for any reason other than I wanted to please her, but I worked her over good. She had started fumbling clumsily with my belt as soon as our bodies crushed together, so I reached down and pulled her hand to my back. I whispered "Easy baby, easy. I'll do it. Just hold me."

As our mouths ground together, she cocked her head a little to make the contact closer, and her tongue feverishly sought mine, working wildly through my lips. I reached down and pulled one of her legs around mine, so she could use that as leverage to jam our hips together. I let one hand drift down and cupped an ass cheek, loving the feel of her taut, quivering flesh. Her tits squashed against my chest felt incredible, and I could feel her pubic mound grinding at mine, pressuring my hard dong. I let her go on, waiting for the initial rage to subside.

After a few moments, she pulled her head back, and breathed "D... don't you want me, Andy? Why are you waiting? I... I want you. I really do." I smiled and touched her cheek with one hand, the other still kneading her butt.

I said "Baby, is that what you think it is? Just throw you down and hump? Nuh, huh. We're gonna take a while and enjoy ourselves. Want a beer? I have some scotch. Why do you hide that gorgeous body? I mean, wow. Really." She's a funny sort of person. She must have had bad experiences, because she started to cry softly as we stood there, little tears drifting down her face, still smiling at me.

She whispered "Trudy said you were like this, nice, thoughtful, not like all the other jocks, or most of the men. You don't come on like some macho stud. Except after a shower, I guess." Her smile got brighter, and I pecked her on the cheek. Then she said "There's a bottle of white wine in the pocket of my coat, Andy. Do you have some glasses?"

I puttered around with the wine, two glasses, and as I looked at her from across the room, realized she couldn't see me even ten feet away, and there was a look of being lost about her. I almost ran back and wrapped my arms around her again, and sighed "Sorry, Sue, shouldn't have left you like that, I guess you don't see so well, huh?" She started crying again.

I got her to the bed, took off the shoes, and then brought the wine over. As we sipped it, she was propped up on her elbow, her tits therefore hanging to the side, sexy as hell, and she was staring at me as I pushed off my shorts. When I sat down, her free hand reached out to my stiff pecker, and she sucked in a breath. "Jesus, it's big, Andy. You sure it'll fit? I told you, I don't have much experience." She started leaning her head toward it, but I stopped her.

"Hey babe" I breathed, "let me make love to you. Don't try to impress me, I know you're willing, you're smart and I'm not, but I'm glad you're attracted to me. For whatever reason. You seem calmer now. Just relax. If you talked to Trudy, you know I'll be good to you." I put down my glass, took hers, finished it, and eased down beside her.

She whispered "Oh Andy" and we began to kiss. She tried to twist against me, but I kept her more or less flat on her back, one hand starting to caress her boobs. A lot of the girls I'd known had implants, but hers were just naturally full, like soft pillows, and the nipples were sensitive as hell. More than a handful, and I love 'em to this day. She seemed to like what I was doing, gasping when I'd touch or pinch the stiff tips, as our mouths stayed joined firmly, tongues dueling, breathing through our noses.

She finally got her far leg over behind my knee, and we got our hips together, her hand squeezing my cock. She didn't know how to jack a dong at that point, which was just as well, because in spite of my resolve, I was really hot. She smelled so nice, a light, flowery perfume mixing with a musky smell that told me she was already getting wet. As she tried to pull my prick toward her cunt, I felt her pushing against my hip in a pulsating way. She was vibrating, but not shaking like before, so I let my hand drift down underneath her panties, and with just my middle finger, hooked around so I got both her clit and her g spot.

It only took a couple of strokes, and she pulled her head away, with her eyes tightly closed, grunted "Oh, oh, ohhhhhhh" and came like a train. I mean really hard. I kept her up, using gentle pressure in her box, feeling it spasming open and closed, as she bit her lower lip. She released my cock and grabbed my arm, pulling it as I fingered her. I love watching a woman cum, especially hard, I've always felt it was the only time they truly get outside themselves. After a bit she opened her eyes and stared at me with a sort of vacant smile, and tears again.

Slowly she came down, breathing hard, staring at me. Then, with a quick movement, she pressed herself to me, and whispered "Migod Andy, I've never even gotten off with a man before, you really are good, oh Andy. Ahhhh." I gave her a minute or so, then pushed up to my knees, and pulled the panties off. They were soaked, and I sucked on them, savoring her clean, tart juice. Her eyes widened as I did it.

Her cunt had a thick, furry, untrimmed triangle of black hair, but the wetness let me see her labial lips, and the little pale button of her clit, kind of half out of its hood. I wriiggled around and went down to that wonderful center of her hips with my mouth, before she even had a chance to say anything. As I plunged my tongue inside, then licked up to her clit, I felt her tense up. I like being on my stomach when I eat pussy, so I can watch the effect on a woman. Sue's eyes were huge, as she stared down at me and muttered "Umph, Andy, you don't have to... Yes, god yes."

I knew there was something special going on in my mind, because I would ordinarily have been worrying about time, trying to get her hot again real quick so I could get off. Instead, I was whirling in the power of her response, funny thoughts, like "Intelligence isn't involved in sex" roaring in my mind. I wanted to make it memorable for her, and as a result, ate her so much she got off again. In my defense, it didn't take long.

Her hips started humping up to my face, her hands pulled my head tighter to her, her cunt opened up, cream flowed into my mouth, and I sucked luxuriantly at her nest. I love the taste anyway, and Sue's was so fresh, so clean. Her orgasm didn't last as long as the first time, but she squealed quietly as it happened, and I of course felt very good about the pleasure she got. I'm proud of my muff diving skills. When she finally settled down again, I started licking up, to her navel, both tits, then her neck, and finally her mouth.

I felt her hand grab my meat, pushing the head into her furry slit, but missing her hole on the first try. I raised up on my elbows, hunched a bit, and she got it in on the second try. She let out a little gasp as the first inch went in. She was wet as hell, and had opened up good, but it was still a tight fit. I started to gently fuck, penetrating a small amount further with each stroke. I like to watch their faces when I first enter them, it's a wonderful series of moments. Sue was concentrating, her tongue licking at her lips feverishly. Her hips were clumsy, but I was used to that, so I ended up getting it all the way in, the last three inches were kind of hard, and that wide eyed expression of wonder I'd seen on her face before took over.

I pulled slowly out, then smoothed back in, once, twice, and my plan was to gradually speed it up. But she wrapped her legs around my hips, her arms around my back, and as our mouths met, started going absolutely wild. Twisting, grunting, muscles in her cunt squeezing when I was fully in, by now fully open and we fit like gloves. The convulsions I felt told me she was getting off again. But I was too far gone to try to worry about timing or anything, because I was stroking hard into this awakened, gorgeous woman.

We writhed together no more than three minutes, I think she was orgasming the whole time, and I started spurting into her. She broke the sucking kiss we had maintained, and gasped "God Andy, I feel it, fill me up darling, eeeek, it's spilling out, uh, uh, uh." I honestly don't think I'd ever had a fuck that wild, a woman that frantic.

I tried to roll off her, but she held me there, licking at the sweat on my face, twitching her pussy around my softening cock. We'd kiss, sigh, I'd hump a little, and she'd smile. That post coital period can be kind of clumsy, but we seemed to luxuriate in each other. Finally, I rolled over to my back, and she cuddled to me. We didn't say anything, and her eyes were closed. I heard her mumble "So that's what all the shouting's about."

We dozed a while, and she finally whispered "I have to leave and preserve my reputation, Andy. Will you do that to me again? Do you want me to find you another tutor? You'll have to keep fucking me, darling, if we're together. I mean, I couldn't bear to be near you without it. I don't want to be clinging. Oh Andy."

As she was leaving, we were at the door, she started to pull it open, and I mumbled "Um Sue." She looked at me with fear in her eyes. I asked her "What's a cretin?"

So, I gave her the best sex of her life for the whole fall term, we won our conference, though the damn tight end dropped a perfect pass in our Bowl so we weren't undefeated, I was drafted in the third round, and one of her investment banking offers was from the same city as the team who needed a backup QB. We were so happy that weekend we eloped. And life has been pretty good, at least I always thought so.

Not perfect. I was cut the third year, never did figure out NFL defenses, but still got paid my whole contract, which would have made us comfortable even if she wasn't going great guns as a Fund manager. My knee pops out occasionally, and my job for the last five years has kept me out of town a lot. I suppose I should have figured she wasn't entirely content when she made me sign some fancy documents that separated our financial affairs when she got her first big bonus.

Still, we had fun, put off having children, had some nice friends, and Sue never seemed to notice if I got a little strange when I was traveling. It was never a big thing, and girls often threw themselves at me when they recognized me. I never was very good at being moral. Sue and I had never talked a lot, our interests were too different, but the sex stayed terrific. I thought we were doing fine, even after Adrienne moved in next door.

Adrienne. Wow. She was older, maybe early thirties, and had short blonde hair, a kind of tarty face with these pouty lips, and was always heavily made up. And this heavy, thick body, that I thought was fat until we went to a pool party at her swimming pool one Sunday. In a bikini even smaller than Sue's, it was tall, opulently full, huge tits, all muscle, but the heaviness made her sexy as hell. When we first walked in that afternoon, and she kissed us both on the cheek, I got a hardon immediately. As she led us through the house out to her patio, I couldn't take my eyes off this big ass that wobbled enticingly, the string of her thong invisible between the cheeks of that lush behind. I mean, she quivered, every inch of her.

My hopes were quickly dashed when I fairly quickly realized there was only one other man there, and most of the women seemed paired up together. Adrienne introduced us around, there were maybe a half dozen couples, and this petite little redhead named Betty hung around Adrienne, acting possessive. After I got Sue a drink, and as we took a dip, I whispered to her "Geez, hon, think she's a dyke?"

Sue had gotten in the habit of giving me a smile that's kind of crooked when she thinks I'm being dense. I got it that afternoon, and she answered "You'll have to keep it in your pants, Andy. She asked me if I thought you'd be okay today, and I told her you would. So be cool, huh. I like her, and she has fascinating friends. Look, see that blonde with the butch cut, no, over there? Well, she's the CEO of a big charitable foundation that we manage. And that fat gal in the one piece? She invests one of Fidelity's biggest pools."

I must say it was a classy party. They had great booze, which I maybe hit a little harder than I should have, and a neat meal whose vegetables had a french name. I talked to two or three of the lez's, and they were all smart. I made an appointment to call on one of them who could use my company's recreational management services. After the initial surprise, they were all sedate and nice. You know, not flaming, like queer men. The other guy was a neighbor from down the street who was married to a woman who seemed more interested in Adrienne.

Sue was having a good time, so I was sitting in the living room after dinner, watching the Sunday night game, savoring this neat foreign beer, when Adrienne came in and sat down beside me on the couch. "We haven't had much of a chance to talk, Andy. Are you having a good time? Not quite your milieu, is it?"

I looked at her, shrugged, and said "It's been very pleasant, Adrienne. Thank you for having us. I guess no one here is very interested in busted up ex-jocks."

She grabbed the remote, hit the mute button, then gripped my arm. "Mmm, nice muscles, Andy. Sue says you still keep in shape. Look, lets be friends. And don't think I don't like men. I do. Especially big guys like you. But right now, I respect Sue, and I'm in a relationship. And yes, it's with Betty. You two make such a nice couple, I just wanted to... clear the air." Then she leaned in and gave my ear a lick. "We'll see, stud. We'll see. Who's winning? Dallas should be the favorite, don't you think?"

I never really recovered from that ear lick, and Sue asked me after we made love that night "Christ Andy, what happened to you. One of those gals restore your faith in yourself? You're still my man, babe. You ready again? Oh baby."

We had the two of them over two weeks later, with several of my old pro teammates, and a couple of Sue's friends from work. Adrienne sat beside me at our dinner table, with Betty on the other side, and one of the tackles kept after her. He was never one to be deterred by sexual preference, and loved tiny girls. Adrienne giggled as she watched his efforts, and she and I had a sort of running commentary as his frustration mounted. At one point, she told me quietly "Athlete's are always funny about women, Andy. I mean, look at Gifford. Over sixty, and still treats fucking like a handshake. Same as you, I guess."

When I protested, she just smiled at me, and changed the subject. She and Betty left right after dinner. Without even thinking about it, the jocks ended up in the basement, and Sue and her friends played with her computer on the big screen TV upstairs. Both the wives of the players went home too. So it was a fairly typical kind of party. Everybody left at midnight, and I went to bed. Sue said she was going to have a nightcap.

I woke up a couple of hours later, sleepily staggering into the bathroom, from which you could see over into Adrienne's pool. The shallow end. And there was my wife, naked as a jaybird, with Adrienne behind her, kissing her neck, one hand cupping a tit, the other just underwater between Sue's legs. It was dark enough that I couldn't see all the details, but as I stood there staring, the little movements would ripple the water, Sue's head was twisting around, and Adrienne's mouth raised to her ear. My mind crazily speculated she must like ears.

Suddenly, as I watched, Sue twisted around and the two women embraced, kissing. A tanned leg suddenly appeared between my wife's whiter legs, and the movement was clearly the rhythmic humping of their hips. I just kept staring, while my cock got hard. It was sexy looking, and like all men, something about lesbian sex turned me on, while anger mixed in my throbbing brain. My wife was being unfaithful. Right next door. With a woman I wanted to fuck. Christ.

Then, quickly as they had embraced, Sue seemed to pull away, her arms holding Adrienne at arms length. I had a great view of that wild body, the big tits hanging there, the only tan line down in her crotch, barely visible above the water line. I had the impression they were talking, but there was no hint of anger in their body movements. When Sue turned and started wading out, I hurried back to bed. Probably because I didn't know what to do, I wanted to be asleep when Sue came back.

Which she did, about five minutes later, and I tried to breathe regularly, on my side, turned away from her. She lay on her back for a good half hour, while I kept trying to understand what she might have been thinking. Somewhere in there, I did fall asleep.

One thing we had always had in our relationship was honesty. The only secrets were the ones unspoken, but we never lied to each other. Sue had always been forthcoming to me, she didn't have any brothers or sisters, and her parents had never approved of me. So when she got up late, finding me in the kitchen with the sunday paper and coffee, she looked very sheepish as she pecked my cheek. I tried not to stare. She had a funny look, kind of upset, out of control, which is very rare for Sue.

We sat there for five minutes, she tried to read the paper, then finally grabbed the sports page away from me, and said "Andy, we have to talk. Last night, umm, you know, after you went to bed, I heard Adrienne and Betty having a row. After a while, Betty's car pulled out, and I heard Adrienne kind of crying, so I went over. I tried to comfort her, but then, after a while, she, well, she started coming on to me. I'd had a couple of brandies, and well..."

I interrupted her and said "Babe, I saw the two of you. You were in the pool, when I got up to piss. I dunno, about two. I... I..."

She finally looked at me, and it came out in a rush. "Andy, I wanted it. I wanted her to fuck me. I haven't felt like that since the first time you fucked me. I wanted it so goddamn bad. She's so hot, so smart, I love talking to her, and I never knew I was a lesbian, she says I'm not, but she's known for weeks there was something missing between us, and there is, honey, I know you try, you do, but... " She took a deep breath. "I stopped, Andy. I mean, I went far enough to know how much I liked it, but I wanted to sleep on it, I thought I might be drunk, I was worried about you, and every time I thought that, all those times your clothes smelled like pussy when you came home from a trip came back to me, and... Oh shit, fair's fair, and all I can think about this morning is going over there."

She started to cry, holding her head. I had no idea what to do. But the few times in our life when she had gotten teary, I'd always comforted her, so I just went ahead and put my arm around her, mumbling "There there, Sue, come on, I love you, uhhh, I mean, whaddaya wanna do?" Then, we both started laughing. Let's face it, it was not your average marital tiff.

We just kind of laughed for a couple of minutes, in a strained way, with me clumsily standing there with my arm around her, and she got one arm around me. Finally, she whispered "Adrienne says it's like a handshake to you, Andy. No big deal. Well, turnabout, huh? Look, I'm gonna shower, put on my bikini, and go over there. You stay here. She wants me to have brunch with her. We'll just see what happens. Take care of yourself today, will you?"

I sat there, listening to the shower run, then her steps as she went out through the patio doors, then silence. I was in shock. I pulled the paper back in front of me, but just stared at it. My imagination, such as it is, was going nuts, Sue and Adrienne in all the lesbian positions I had ever seen on the Net. Sue screaming. Adrienne with that lecherous smile I'd seen occasionally.

For fifteen minutes, I tried to get control of myself, but just couldn't. I thought about charging over there and dragging my wife back, of trying to physically intimidate Adrienne, about just leaving home. Then I did the only logical thing. I ran and got my binoculars, then scurried up to the guestroom, where I had a good view of the whole next door pool area.

They hadn't wasted any time. Sue was sprawled on her back, her legs wrapped around Adrienne's back, as the blond head twisted and writhed in her crotch. Sue had her hands tangled in the hair of the dyke eating her pussy, and I could see that fat ass crack. In no more than a minute, Sue reared up, the muscles in her abdomen tensing, and began a set of spastic convulsions that I recognized well. She was having her climax, but it all happened in silence. I got a glimpse of her mouth moving, and assumed she was screaming, but the windows in our house are very hermetic. She went on for a couple of minutes, then began to relax. One of my hopes, that she wouldn't really enjoy it, was obviously in vain.

Sue suddenly slumped back on the divan they were laying on, her tits wobbling the way they do, and Adrienne crawled up beside her, caressing one of the boobs, while Sue's hand idly cupped the big nippled monster breast shaking beside her, as the two women kissed softly. In other circumstances, it would have seemed very sexy, and in fact I realized about then I had a hardon. I watched a few minutes more, but though I could see Adrienne was stoking Sue up for another round, she was taking her time, so I gave up.

By mid afternoon, I'd had about three beers, and was watching the football game. It had taken my mind off the events of the day, and I was cursing the damn Ram's safety, he had played against me, and was never where I thought he should be. "Will you take the fucking fake, Joey. For christ's sake, fucking up the whole fucking play." Well, maybe I'd had more than three.

"Hey stud." I twisted around and there was Adrienne. She was leaning against the jamb of the opening from the living room, dangling a wine glass in her hand, a bikini thong and tall heeled sandals on, and nothing else. My mind leaped away from the football game. "Your wife has my pussy leaking, Andy. She eats cunt like a hungry wolf. She says you do too." She sidled, well, really strutted over to sit down beside me, and leaned her big bare tits right on my arm. The big nipples were stiff, and felt cold. I could smell sweat, chlorine, perfume, and musk. She breathed in my ear "She's asleep over there, darling. She doesn't know whether she's on foot or on horseback, I got her off four times. Is she always like that, cums so easy?"

Her hand dived down to my crotch. She chuckled when she felt how hard I was. Then she twisted away, stretched herself straight, leaning against the couchback, and pulled the hem of the bikini out, looking down inside it. "I think it's stopped, baby. Lemme get this off." Casual as could be, she pushed down the thong, swung her leg slowly past me to the back of the couch, with her other leg on the floor, and her hands pulled the big outer lips of her bald, fat cunt apart. There was a gold ring in the fold over her clit, and she slid a finger through it and pulled it back, revealing this hard little pale nub. The cunthole was open slightly, and it glistened, and some viscous cream leaked down one side, in that pale slot just before the tan line started.

She looked at me expectantly, and when all she saw in my face was shock, grunted "Oh come on, Andy. You and Sue are a nice couple, attractive, fun, and both sexy as hell. She likes me, you like me, well, at least you lust after me, and I like you. Eat a little pussy, honey, then fuck my brains out. When we finish, we'll go over there, and see what happens. Come on, stud."

She grabbed my arm and pulled me toward her, my face got within a few inches, and suddenly that musky, tart smell of a hot twat filled my mind. What the hell, I said to myself, and plastered my mouth around that wet, tasty snatch. I thought "I'll show you a thing or two about eating pussy, dyke." The damn ring was pushing into my upper lip, but she jumped the minute my tongue popped her clit, so I just gentled it with the flat of my tongue, alternating with going deep inside that sucking hole below. I wormed a finger up into her asshole, I'd never done that with Sue, but I figured this whore could take it, and she squeaked with pleasure.

As I worked that sexy flesh between her heavy thighs over, I realized it had been a while since I spent this much time in Sue's box. It dawned on me that I'd been taking her for granted, I know that doesn't sound like much of an insight, but you have to remember I don't read much. I really got into it, as Adrienne moaned and humped with genuine pleasure. Once, she tried to pull my head away, but I grabbed both wrists, held them away, and a minute later, felt the telltale shivers in the walls of her cunt that signaled a cum. I pushed harder with the finger up her ass, while I licked at the exposed clitty like a wild man.

She went absolutely bananas. Her hands pulled away from my grip, she pushed my head down harder, and her hips started vibrating into my mouth. Her voice, deep and hot, groaned "Oh... god... yes... yessssssss." Then she growled out "Fuuuuuck", gave a hard slam with her pussy, and collapsed. I kept licking, but there was no response. I looked up, and her eyes were closed, while her head lolled to one side. She seemed comatose. I pulled my finger out of her ass, gave a final shlurp to her slit, and sat up. Beads of perspiration were dripping down her forehead. I whispered "You ain't the only champion muff diver on this block, honey." She cracked an eye, gave a little grin, and breathed "Well, you could've gotten another finger or two up my ass, stud. But aside from that, yeah, not bad for a man."

I grinned, grabbed both knees, lifted them up, and gave a fast, hard slap to her butt. She squealed and started to laugh. As her legs hit the floor, she set her feet, tackled me, and the surprise had me flat on my back before I knew it. We were still laughing. She ripped off my tee shirt with one hand, pulled down my shorts with the other, and her head dropped down into my pubic hair. Between gasps, she gurgled "Lemme show you one of my party tricks, stud." Then she swallowed my prick, in one smooth, open mouthed move, all the way to its root. No one had ever done that before.

She came up choking and coughing. I laughed harder. "Too big for you, bitch?" She took a deep breath, giggling as she did it, and smiled at me. Then with two quick crawling steps, she shoved my cock into her cunt. It got in about five inches before she stopped, her eyes wide. We were both kind of giggling and catching halting breaths, as she frowned, and pushed herself down further, but a couple of inches were still to go.

She muttered "Can't do it" and rose up, then sunk again, letting lubrication work into her depths. After a couple of cycles, her frown turned to a smile, and she sunk down all the way, sighing as she did it. We had both stopped laughing, were staring at each other, and I was trying not to pop. She leaned slowly down, the huge tits pillowing on my chest, amazingly firm for such big ones, and kissed me open mouthed. Her hips started to fuck, and I just lay there, enjoying it.

After a minute, in a shaky voice, she gasped "I wanna get Sue to shave her pussy. You too, Andy. Your goddamn hair tickles me, and... and... pretty... soon... it's gonna be... ohhhh... full of spunk and cream. Ungh." I could feel her cunt muscles squeezing me, as she fucked smoothly, grunting softly on each full penetration. I was starting to see stars, fighting off a nut, when she jerked, doubled the speed of her hips, and mumbled "Let it go, Andy. Jesus christ, it is big. Goddamn you, oh... shit... Ahhhhhhhh."

She arched up and froze, I was so close I started humping up into her, she fell over, I vaulted on top of her, and my cock shot down into her as I burst. It was a great nut, making me feel like a king, as though a river was gushing up her twat. She was gasping in short, fast breaths, her hips answering the now slow, spasmic thrusts of my dong as shot after shot poured into her. It squished after a while, and I had a feeling it was leaking out. I played with her nipples as I finished. Her face was red as a beet.

I slumped on top of her, those fat tits felt so good to lean down on, and let my pecker slide out. Her eyes popped open, and she said "We're making a mess, stud." I wondered why she was worried. It wasn't her house. And not the first time that living room carpet had been soaked in fuck juice. Then I realized what was happening, and rolled off her. We were both breathing hard. I had just fucked my wife's seductress. What a mess. But what a fuck.

We both heard it at once, muffled, quiet sobs from the patio door. There was Sue, in her bikini, staring at us, but when she realized we'd seen her, she turned and ran toward next door. I was the quickest on my feet, with Adrienne close behind me, and caught Sue just as she was struggling with the door into Adrienne's house. I grabbed her, and pulled her back against my bare chest, just as Adrienne got around front and pressed herself to my sobbing wife.

All pretty bizarre, you must admit. Sometimes, being down to earth works. I murmured "Honey, what's a milieu?" There was a very quiet moment, and then we all started laughing wildly.

Once we all calmed down, Sue asked Adrienne "How could you do that to me? I mean, I thought we had something... special." Then she looked at me, grimaced, grabbed my hand, and started sobbing again. Between sobs, she choked out "Wasn't I enough for you? I thought you got off twice. Aren't you... ?"

Adrienne was still kind of giggling, and said "No, honey, I'm not a pure dyke. No more than you are. Women are just new to you, that's all. You and Andy were made for each other. And he's a great fuck. But so are you. What exactly do you expect a horny slut like me to do living next door to you two hot shits? Just sit here and wait? Hell no. You love me? Well, I love you too. And I love Andy. Sort of. And he loves you. And he, well, he sure loves my ass. At least he acts like it. Now relax, baby. You get both of us. And I get both of you. And he gets both of us. Where's the harm?"

At that point, we were standing in the shade from the awning near the deep end of Adrienne's pool. One of Sue's tits was hanging out of her bra, and I was fondling it from behind. I told you, I've always loved 'em. Adrienne was nuzzling to her wet face, kissing her cheek, cooing to her, completely naked, lipstick smeared, hair a mess, looking just sexy as hell. Suddenly, Sue giggled, and whispered "He is a good piece of ass, isn't he? Goddamn football players, that's all they think we're good for. He takes me for granted, Adrienne. You're so damn hot, I always knew you could seduce him, but... I didn't think you'd want to. I like fucking him, and he's nice to live with." Her head twisted around to me. "Well, you are, Andy. You have a good heart. But we're in such a rut. Now this. Ohhhhh..."

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