Naughty Neighbor

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young couple find their lives become erotically complicated by the woman next door.

(Next Door Seductress)

One thing a good Coach teaches you, especially in big time College Football, is not to bullshit yourself. I know, I know, stretch yourself, yeah, yeah, yeah. In athletics at the top level, that leads to losing, trying to do more than you can. In that spirit, let me say that I know I'm not the brightest bulb on the block. So, you may well ask, how did I end up with a wife who was the salutatorian (that's second in the class in grades) of our graduating class of two thousand.

I needed a tutor all five years, not just because practice took up so much time, and not that I was that dumb, just to make sure I retained eligibility. As starting quarterback for three years, you might get a few hours on Sundays to study, if you weren't too hungover. It seems to me that I was always on the knife edge of D's, and that would have done it. So I got the best tutors available. Senior year, that was Sue.

I remember her walking in as I came out of the shower during Camp senior year, late August, hot as hell outside, but my room had one of five air conditioners. She yelled through the bathroom door "Hey Andy, it's Sue, your Math tutor. Hurry up, willya. You gotta hit that damn algebra final." I walked out rubbing the towel in my hair, otherwise naked. When I saw her eyes riveted to my crotch, I smiled.

Look, I'm six three, two fifteen, and back then, in great shape. A real All American hero type. I played it for all it was worth, and it was worth some truly great ass, the best our campus had to offer, which was superlative. I got arrogant about women, though I was always secretly grateful for my good fortune. Here sits this mousily dressed girl in horn rims, black hair pulled into a tight pony tail, eyeing my groin. I figured, what the hell, haven't been laid for a couple of days. "Hey baby, c'mon, I'll lock the door, and we can get it on. You on the pill, or should I get a skin?"

In my defense, I didn't know her, not even by reputation. It's a big school. To this day, when she wants to get over on me, she'll parrot my first words to her. In a sing-song sort of voice, making me sound like a dunce, or a fag. Anyway, what she did was pull a can of pepper spray out of her purse, and spray it at me from ten feet away, screaming "Don't you touch me, you cretin."

I was lucky enough to have the towel right there, so I held it in front of my face while I yellled "Jesus christ, all you had to say was no. Put that shit down." Pretty quick, the mist was making both our eyes sting, so I threw open the door, and then raised one of the windows. As a breeze cleared the fumes, and the temperature shot up into the ninety's, I stared at her, the can still held in front of her, her eyes still watching my cock, which had shriveled up severely during this small crisis. I guess that was the first time we discovered we shared a rather bizarre sense of humor. We both started giggling.

After a minute of laughter at the tableau we had created, we started talking at once. "All the girls warned me you were a cocky bastard, and they were right. What right have you..." she said angrily, as I protested "Hey, you were giving me the once over, so I figured..." We both stopped at once, then she giggled, put the can back in her huge purse, and started toward the door. I said "Hey wait, you gotta help me with that shit. I mean, the fucking square root of x plus y, what is that shit."

Sue just closed the door, turned around and sat down at the table in front of the couch. "Shut the goddamn window, stud, get some clothes on, so I don't have to gape at your anatomy, and comb your hair. I'll admit it, you really are hung. Meanwhile, what's the last expression you understood in this damn course?"

She spent forty five minutes with me that first day, all the time I had before dinner. I learned more about math than in the first four years of school. We sat together on the couch, and I concentrated on the work, ignoring the occasional contact of our shoulders, but sneaking enough of a look at her chest to begin to think she had a nice set of bazooms. Couldn't be sure though. As it turns out, of course, she does. Spectacular, actually.

As we were walking down the steps, agreeing to another session after morning practice the next day, she took my arm as we stood at the junction of two sidewalks, she heading for the main campus, me for the dining hall. "Andy, you're a pretty nice guy when you aren't parading around nude shaking your thingie at me. And you aren't as dumb as I thought. We'll start over tomorrow, okay?" Then she kissed my cheek, she's five ten, so it was a nice fit, and I got my first feel of her tits. They felt even bigger than I had guessed.

The next morning, she asked if I minded if she also tutored me in the rest of my courses, the toughest of which was Modern Poetry. I said sure, and she said she'd arrange it with the Dean. That night, she came up to my room at ten, right after my evening film session. I was kind of dozing on the couch, and hardly heard her come in. When she whispered "Andy?" I cracked an eye, and was surprised to see her standing there in a raincoat. She asked "What time do I have to leave?" I said the coaches always cut me some slack about that, because of the time they occupied me. She smiled, breathed "Good", and locked the door.

As she dropped the coat, standing there in a set of black thong panties, her almost too big boobs dangling like ripe teardrops, tiny ruby nipples right there in the center, reaching back to let her hair loose, I woke up fast. Her body was just on the slim side of voluptuous, hips without flab, long legs, and with her hair down past her shoulders, the glasses still there, she was a vision, and both my cock and my heart flipped. I guess my mindset at the time was if a girl turned me down, it would be on to the next one, too bad, no big deal. As she posed for me, licking her lips, I realized I had been wondering how I could try again with her, and here she was solving my problem. And I realized she had penetrated somewhere into my soul, with her wit, her smarts, and now, her spectacular body.

As she took a step toward me, letting her breasts kind of shiver, she whispered "If you tell anyone about this, I swear I'll teach you everything wrong, Andy. You're stuck with me, and you'll flunk every course. And take it easy on me with that big cock, I've only had a couple of men, and I guess you'll get to places they never did. God, I haven't been able to think of anything else since I saw it. I hope you're as good as they say, darling." She took another step, and I realized she had three inch heels on, and as I stood, she was just a couple of inches shorter than me.

I got my shirt off as she drifted into my arms, flipping the glasses off just as we embraced. Turns out she can hardly see without them, or the contacts she started wearing two weeks later. Even though I was kind of shaken, and really excited, instinct, and four years of campus studliness, took over, and I held her firmly as we began to kiss.

I was never a "wham bam thank you ma'am" kind of guy. A lot of my teammates were, but I've always tried to be good to girls I was with, to please them, make them happy. And I'd been lucky enough to meet some very experienced women, so I knew what I was doing. Sue was being truthful, she almost always is, she'd slept with two guys before me, and only one of them more than once. As I held her, I could feel her shaking, nervousness, fear, desire, all working on her nervous system.

I suppose she was expecting the clumsy, quick sorts of fucks she had had before. I didn't do it for any reason other than I wanted to please her, but I worked her over good. She had started fumbling clumsily with my belt as soon as our bodies crushed together, so I reached down and pulled her hand to my back. I whispered "Easy baby, easy. I'll do it. Just hold me."

As our mouths ground together, she cocked her head a little to make the contact closer, and her tongue feverishly sought mine, working wildly through my lips. I reached down and pulled one of her legs around mine, so she could use that as leverage to jam our hips together. I let one hand drift down and cupped an ass cheek, loving the feel of her taut, quivering flesh. Her tits squashed against my chest felt incredible, and I could feel her pubic mound grinding at mine, pressuring my hard dong. I let her go on, waiting for the initial rage to subside.

After a few moments, she pulled her head back, and breathed "D... don't you want me, Andy? Why are you waiting? I... I want you. I really do." I smiled and touched her cheek with one hand, the other still kneading her butt.

I said "Baby, is that what you think it is? Just throw you down and hump? Nuh, huh. We're gonna take a while and enjoy ourselves. Want a beer? I have some scotch. Why do you hide that gorgeous body? I mean, wow. Really." She's a funny sort of person. She must have had bad experiences, because she started to cry softly as we stood there, little tears drifting down her face, still smiling at me.

She whispered "Trudy said you were like this, nice, thoughtful, not like all the other jocks, or most of the men. You don't come on like some macho stud. Except after a shower, I guess." Her smile got brighter, and I pecked her on the cheek. Then she said "There's a bottle of white wine in the pocket of my coat, Andy. Do you have some glasses?"

I puttered around with the wine, two glasses, and as I looked at her from across the room, realized she couldn't see me even ten feet away, and there was a look of being lost about her. I almost ran back and wrapped my arms around her again, and sighed "Sorry, Sue, shouldn't have left you like that, I guess you don't see so well, huh?" She started crying again.

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