Fantasy Realized

by Masterhypnotist

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two women think they want to be raped and strangled. They learn what it woud be like in their fantasy. There is a happy ending.

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I was reading my email when I got an email that really got my interest. It read as follows:

"Dear Masterhypnotist, I have really enjoyed your stories. I have a problem that I would like your help with. I have always had a fantasy of being raped and murdered. I have had many orgasms masturbating to that fantasy. Lately I have found the fantasy is not enough. Could you hypnotize me and have me live through my fantasy. I want to feel like I was raped, strangled and died. I also want to be totally dominated. I believe you could do that for me. Could you?" The telephone number was included.

I called the number. A women answered. "This is Elise."

"Elise, this is Masterhypnotist. You sent me an email."

"Oh my God. I did. I never thought you would reply. Can you do it?

"Oh, I can do it, most of the time. Where are you?"

"I am in Chicago."

"I am in California, that makes it difficult."

"I could come to you."

"Lets talk first. Have you ever been hypnotized?"

"Yes, several years ago a stage hypnotist hypnotized me."

"What do you remember?"

"Actually, very little. My friends told me I acted silly on the stage, but I don't remember. I just remember going on the stage. I don't even remember going back to my table."

"What did your friends say you did?"

"I was told I was watching a funny movie and I laughed. I was asked what I saw and I described a funny movie."

"Was there any sexual overtones to the hypnosis?"

"I don't think so. The hypnotist was a woman."

"Has anyone else ever tried to hypnotize you?"

"No, I don't think so."

"Have you ever been raped?"

There was a pause on the telephone. "I don't know. We can talk about it if you try to help me."

"How old are you?"

"I am twenty two."

"If you came out, could you bring a friend. I would not be comfortable alone with you."

"Oh, sure. I would like that."

"I'll call you back if I can arrange it."

This was really blind and I wanted to think about it. I spent the day doing my normal things. Going to the office, reading mail, dictating, reviewing files and directing my employees as to what they should do. I kept coming back to the email women. My stories notwithstanding, I hadn't practiced erotic hypnosis with anyone other than my wife in over fifteen years. It would certainly be a change of pace.

"Elise, this is Mike. You know me as Masterhypnotist. If you can bring a friend and if you will sign a release, I will probably be able to fulfil your fantasy."

"How do we do it?"

"You fly into Los Angeles and stay at the Airport Hilton. I will meet you at six o'clock at the hotel. We just have to clear the day."

"Can we do it August fifth?"

I looked at my calender. "That will work. If there is any problem, email me. I am online almost all the time. When you get to the hotel call my cell phone." I gave her the number.

I put the meeting out of my mind until August. After that I was very anxious. Not much I could do about it. On August fifth I got a call on my cell. "This is Elise. I am at the hotel."

"I will be there as soon as I can. No later than 6:30. I am six and a half feet tall and I will be wearing a blue suit."

"I am five feet, two and I am wearing a pink cotton dress and my friend is wearing shorts and a

t-shirt. We'll meet up."

I got to the hotel at 6:15. I immediately saw a small attractive woman in a pink dress. She came up to me. "Mike?"

"That's me. Have you eaten?"

"We ate on the plane. I'm not hungry. We can eat if you need to."

"I need to."

"Let me call my friend and she can join us."

"What is your friend's name?"

"Helene. Let me call her."

She went to the house phone and called. I suggested we go to the buffet the hotel had. We sat down and talked, waiting for Helene.

"How do you know Helene?"

"We lived next door to each other for many years. We are almost like sisters. We do everything together."

"You ducked my rape question. You have a fantasy about rape. We really should talk about it."

"We will talk about it when we go to my room."

"I guess so. Have you ever discussed your fantasy with a therapist?"

"No. I wasn't comfortable doing that. Based on your stories I thought you would understand better."

Just at that moment Helene joined us. "Mike, this is my very best friend, Helene."

"Hi Helene. Do you both know everything about each other?"

"Oh, yes." In unison.

I found both women very attractive. They were girls to me. They both had a very youthful air about them. During dinner I tried to get the girls to talk to me about their dating. I got nowhere. That subject was not on the table. We talked about the flight and how the wheather in southern California was nicer than almost anywhere else in America.

After dinner Elise said, lets go to our room and get started."

She had taken a room on the fourteenth floor. Her friend, Helene, was in shorts and t-shirt like Elise said. The friend was the same size as Elise.

"Okay team, lets get started. First, I have this release I want you to sign and Helene to witness."

I gave them the form. Elise signed it without reading and Helene signed where it said witness.

"Helene, you are the chaperone. Elise, sit in the chair and let yourself relax." Elise sat down. Helene, was lying on one of the beds in the room. She had propped herself up with several pillows.

"Elise, let every muscle relax, every single muscle. Your neck, arms, shoulders, every muscle. Relax your back and your legs. Your hands. Your head is very heavy and is falling forward. Your eyes are closed and you can't open them." Her eyes had already closed and she didn't open them. I continued the mantra for several minutes. Then I tested Elise's trance by checking her eyes and dropping her arms. She seemed to be in a trance. I looked over at Helene. She was out. I decided to let her sleep and see what happened.

"Elise, I will count to three and you will wake. When I say sleep, your whole body will become limp and you will go into an even deeper trance. One, two, three." They both opened their eyes and sat up.

"Sleep." They both closed their eyes and flopped backwards. I squeezed Elise's right breast to see if I got a reaction. Since her fantasy was to be raped, obviously she expected to be handled. But I felt I would see a reaction if she was not really hypnotized. It was soft and felt sexy. No reaction. I went over and did the same to Helene. Again, no reaction. I was somewhat surprised about this development. I really had thought the friend would be a chaperone. I had several plans on how to deal with the various situations that could arise. None of them would be needed.

"Helene, how do you feel?"

"Very relaxed, wonderful."

"Elise, how do you feel?"


"When I say wake, you will wake, when I say sleep, you will go into an even deeper trance."


They both opened their eyes and sat up. "Helene, what do you think of what's going on, so far."

"Not much, I haven't seen anything yet. When are you going to do your hypnosis?"

"How about you, Elise?"

"I feel good, but I can't tell you what happened. Will I be a good subject?"

"Yes, you will."

"Sleep." They both again collapsed.

"Elise, what do you want to happen?"

"I want to be totally controlled. I want to know what it would feel like to have sex without my having to consent and I would like to know what it feels like to die."

"How about you, Helene. Why are you here?"

"Elise and I have shared the same fantasy all our lives. I want the same thing she wants."

What an interesting development. They hadn't read my release. It contemplated that the witness might be hypnotized and released me from any untoward consequences. Good luck on enforcing it.

"Both of you get undressed." Clearly they expected that command.

"Are both of you on birth control?" They both said yes. They quickly undressed. Helene was not wearing a bra or panties. Elise was wearing a front clasp bra. Very soon they were both naked. They were both brunets with trimmed pussies. They both had firm breasts and no extra fat.

"How long have you known each other?" This after they were naked.

"Helene and I have known each other all our lives. We live next door to each other."

"Have you ever made love to each other?" They both blushed. They both said no.

"Helene, go and put your finger in Elise's cunt."

She got off the bed and kneeled in front of Elise and put her finger up her cunt. I could smell the musky smell coming from both of them. I went up to Helene and felt her pussy. It was sopping. I felt Elise and she was the same.

"Both of you girls get on the bed, next to each other, facing each other. Have you seen each other naked?"

"Yes," in unison.

Did either of you find that erotic?

I expected that in a trance I would get honest answers.

"When ever I look at Helene naked I get wet. I love looking at her breasts and her flat stomach."

"How about you, Helene?"

"I love looking at Elise's body. I have fantasized lying naked with her, making love."

" Elise you touch Helene's tits and Helene you feel Elise's tits." I used street language because I knew that would be more erotic to them. They followed my instructions.

"From now on both of you will be under my absolute control. No matter what it is, you will do it. You will call me Master and you will be my slaves. Do you understand?"

Elise answered, "Yes, Master."

Helene also answered "Yes, Master."

"Helene, I want you to lick Elise's cunt and clit until she comes. Elise I want you to do the same with Helene. I will tell you when to stop. I want both of you to take the sixty nine position. With Elise licking Helene and Helene licking Elise. Do it now." They took the position and started licking. Soon they were both moaning and grinding there cunts into the faces of their friend. Helene started to scream and Elise bucked hard. They both had orgasms.

"Did you enjoy that, Elise?"

"God, yes. I have never felt like that."

"How about you Helene?"

"It felt wonderful."

I looked at their ripe young bodies and I must admit I felt lust for them. Both of their breasts were firm with hard small nipples. They had flat stomachs and round butts. Their legs were firm and round. They looked almost like twins...

"Who should I rape first?"

Helene spoke up. "This is Elise's party, do her first."

I had brought a small bag with some gear with me. "Okay, Helene, I will 'do' her first. I am going to restrain you so you won't try to help her. Give me your arms?"

I handcuffed her hands behind her back and I cuffed her ankles, feeling her cunt while I did that. I took out a sleeping mask and put it over her eyes. "You will stay put until I am ready for you."

Elise was watching with wide eyes. "Elise, put your hands over your head."

She did. I hand cuffed her hands. I took out two short pieces of rope and tied her ankles to her calves. As I expected she was very limber. Her eyes were getting wider, I felt her pussy and it was drenched. She moaned when I touched her. I noticed there was a coat hanger on the wall. I tested it for weight resistance. It felt like it could hold Elise. I lifted her up and put her hands over the coat rack. She was facing out.

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