by Masterhypnotist

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, .

Desc: Sex Story: Two young women with sexual problems solve them at a Hypno-Resort

Like all my stories this story could have happened. I hope you enjoy it.

This resort was everything I hoped it would be. I had just graduated from Georgetown Law School and I was treating myself to a resort before starting with the mega firm, Mugin and Hatcher. They were going to overpay me and overwork me, big time.

My name is Tim Sharp. I had seen a brochure advertizing a hypnoerotic resort. I was a good amateur hypnotist, using the stage name Master Hypnotist. It was a good way to make a few bucks and to get women without trying too hard. The resort seemed like a good place to relax and snare one or two women for our mutual enjoyment.

It's not that I had trouble getting dates, I'm six foot four and in very good condition. I just enjoy the feeling of control from having a hypnotized woman.

The entertainment was spectacular. Mistress Zaza had terrific technique. I almost went under watching her. She was tall, voluptuous, with long blonde hair and beautiful green eyes. Her voice was a wonder to listen to. I loved all of the women she lured up to the stage. I decided I would try to get her "left-overs."

Looking around the room I spotted a lovely pair of women sitting at a table with their heads slumped over. There was an empty seat at the table. One was a blonde about five feet, six inches tall, with a lovely body and her companion was similar except she had dark brown hair and looked younger, more my age. The blonde looked older than my twenty eight years They both seemed out of it.

I sat in the empty chair.

"Can I join you?" Neither one looked up. I kneeled between them.

I used my best hypnotic tone of voice, deep and relaxing. "Do you feel relaxed?"

They answered softly, in unison. "Yes."

"As I speak, you will feel your whole body getting even more relaxed. With every word you hear from me you are becoming more relaxed and you are not hearing or paying attention to anything else. Do you understand?"

"Yes." Again in unison.

"What are your names?"

They again answered at the same time. "Barbara." "Cindy."

Barbara was the blonde and Cindy the brunette. "You both are hypnotized. Do you like the feeling?"

I was sure the answer would be yes. Otherwise they wouldn't be on the resort. They both said yes. "My name is Tim. Whenever you hear me say my name you will go into a deep trance, feeling wonderful. You will not change what you are doing. If you were eating, you will stop for a moment while your mind goes into the trance and then you will continue eating until I give you instructions. Whatever you are doing when you hear me say my name, you will continue. The only change will be that you will be waiting for my instructions. You will do what I instruct. Do you understand?"

In unison, "yes."

The next instruction was going to be the test of whether this was going to work. "When I count to three you will both come out of your deep trance. I will be sitting at the table and you will remember me as an old friend named Tim. You will not think of or remember my instructions. You will feel terrific and very relaxed, Do you understand?"

"Yes." By both.

I counted to three. They both sat up and looked at me. I held my breath. Madame Zaza was keeping everybody's attention on the stage. I could have been on a vacant beach with these beautiful damsels. They were looking at me with wonder in their eyes. Barbara Spoke first.

"How are you, Tim. You're looking great."

Cindy looked slightly confused, but she caught up. "Yes, Tim, its nice seeing you again. I didn't expect to meet anyone we knew on this funky resort. Are you enjoying it, so far?"

It worked!

"With two beautiful women like you for company, how could I not enjoy it. It would be as if my name wasn't Tim."

I watched their eyes. They both blinked and looked blank. There was no other change. Cindy was sipping a drink and Barbara was just sitting looking like she was watching the show.

"Ladies, why don't we leave early and go to the lounge. Right now."

I got up and started to leave the room. I wasn't sure they would follow. They did.

There were three lounge chairs together near the show room. "Barbara, you sit here and Cindy you sit here." I sat between them.

"Are the two of you in the same room?"

Barbara spoke. "Yes."

"Where is your room?"

"We are in room 27."

That was the suite section. Neat. "Take me to your room."

The room was an L-shaped space with a sitting area near the door and the sleeping area around the side and a luxury bathroom in the middle. It was three times bigger than my room.

"This is terrific, how can you afford it?"

Again, Barbara spoke. "I am a successful lawyer and Cindy is my sister. I am paying for the whole thing."

"Why are you doing that?"

"Cindy has been very sick and depressed and she is a hypnosis buff and I wanted her to have a good time."

"Cindy, how do you feel about all of this?"

"My health is improved and I am loving it. You made me feel terrific at the table."

"What did you want to accomplish, if anything, on the resort?"

"I wanted to relax, feel good, get hypnotized and I fantasized that a handsome man would hypnotize me and make wild love with me and I would do things that I would be afraid to do in real life and I would feel like a famous actress." She was smiling wistfully.

I was almost in tears. I never thought of myself as gallant, but it seemed that just this once I could be.

"Both of you sit down." They sat on the couch in the sitting area.

"Close your eyes." They did.

"I am going to wake you up. When I do you will both feel very relaxed and wonderful. You will not remember our conversation. You will remember inviting me to your room. You will not wonder about my being here. Until the resort is over you will retain the instruction about going into a trance when I say Tim. A trance that people around you will not notice. Cindy, you will ask me if I am a hypnotist and we will discuss it. You will not feel inhibited and if you feel that you want to, you will ask me to hypnotize you. If you are not comfortable with me you will not ask me to hypnotize you. Barbara, you will feel comfortable with me. You will ask me what I do for a living and we will discuss our respective careers. Both of you will wake when I count to three."

I counted to three. They both opened their eyes and looked around. They looked a little confused. This time Cindy spoke first.

"That show was interesting. I felt like I was going under. Next thing I know I'm here with you. I feel great. Was I hypnotized, maybe a little?"

Clearly she wanted to be. "Is that what you would like?"

She blushed. "I, I, I think so. Why do you ask? Is that something you can do?"

"Would you like that?"

"I don't know. You seem nice, but I don't know you. What will happen?"

Barbara had a bemused expression as she sat there. "Cindy, why don't we find out about him? What's your name and what do you do?"

"Timothy Lansing and I just graduated from Georgetown Law School. I start with Mugin and Hatcher when we get back. I put myself through law school putting on demonstrations and private sessions. I would like to hypnotize you. I think you'd love it."

"What would you do with me?" She looked at me expectantly."

"I would put you in a deep trance and ravish you. No, I'm just kidding."

"Can you make me do something I wouldn't want to do?"

"The literature says no, but I probably could get you to do what I want by getting you to want to do what ever we were talking about. Why?"

"I want to be hypnotized. I want to be hypnotized by a handsome man and you fit the bill."

I bowed at her. "Why, thank you my dear."

Barbara spoke up. "Cindy it sounds like fun. Let him hypnotize you."

"What about my hypnotizing you, Barbara?"

"I'm game, if you are."

Well, I had two beautiful women available to me. I found myself drawn to Cindy and competitive with Barbara. A successful lawyer. I wanted to show her that I could control her and make her enjoy it. At the same time I wanted to give Cindy a really good time and enjoy myself at the same time. Well, first things, first.

"Who wants to go first?" I already knew it wouldn't make any difference in the hypnosis. It would speak volumes, however, about Barbara's attitude about Cindy being involved with me. If she agreed to go first it would send the message that she, also, wanted to play and she wasn't worried about her sister in my hands (metaphorically speaking).

I held my breath. "I'll go first."

It was Barbara. Yes!

Cindy looked disappointed. "Cindy, you can watch your sister and get comfortable. I will hypnotize you very soon or my name isn't Tim."

They didn't change their positions, but they both got that blank look I love so much. "Okay, you are both hypnotized now. Barbara how do you feel?"

"Relaxed, almost like I am in suspended animation."

"How about you, Cindy?"

"I feel good, I am waiting for more to happen."

"What do you want to happen?"

A tear appeared at the corner of her right eye. She spoke in almost a whisper. "I want to be made love to. I want to be seduced and ravished and I want to have multiple orgasms. I want to be transformed."

"Cindy, are you a virgin?"

"No, I was raped by my father when I was twelve."

"How old are you now?"

"I'm twenty two."

"Do you date a lot?"

"No, I have never dated."

"How come?"

"I was terrified to go on a date. I can't even talk to a single man without stuttering. Somehow I haven't had that problem with you."

Sure, because I hypnotized her before we even met. "Has a man ever seen your naked body?"

"Not since my father raped me."

"What happened to your father?"

"He committed suicide the next day."

"Are you sure that you want me to see your naked body?"

She started to cry. "I know I have a beautiful body. I want to be loved and have men admire my body. Please help me?"

"Has any man hurt you since your father?"


"Tell me about it."

"I was a senior in high school and I was working late in the chemistry lab. At about four I realized that the room was empty and I was alone. I put away my experiment, cleaned up and was walking in the empty hallway when Brad Sullivan, the quarterback of the football team came around the corner and we bumped. He looked at me and started laughing. He said, 'Cindy, the girl of my wet dreams.' He grabbed me and tried to kiss me. I screamed. He let go and walked away. I stood there and cried. I felt soiled and spoiled. I must have cried for an hour. I got home very late and told Barbara what happened."

"Where was your mother?"

"She died when I was born."

"Is there anything else that happened to you that makes it difficult for you to relate to men?"

"When I was eleven, I was developing early and the boys used to tease me, calling me busty."

She wasn't. She was probably a 34 B. Beautiful. "Do you remember these things when you are awake?"

"No, I haven't thought about any of them in years."

"Do you want to remember, now?"

She started to shake. Like she was shivering. No, no, no. Please, I don't want to deal with it.

"If we make love, successfully, will that make it easier for you?"

"I don't know."

"Do you want to make love with me?"

"Oh, yes."

Barbara was sitting there passively. "Barbara, how about you. Have you had sexual experiences?"


"Tell me about it?"

"Daddy tried to rape me the day he attacked Cindy. I got him to stop. I had a boyfriend in high school and another in collage and I had sex with both of them. I have had male friends on and off since law school. Nothing right now."

"So you don't have any hangups about sex with men?"

"I do, I just don't let it stop me. I have never had an orgasm and I really don't enjoy it. I thought I might be gay, but I didn't do any better when I tried it with a woman. I can't even masturbate to an orgasm. I think I feel guilty about letting Daddy fuck Cindy." That was her word, fuck.

"Would you like to be able to have an orgasm?"

"Oh, yes."

"It sounds to me like you have a similar fantasy as your sister?"

"You're right. I want to give up control and be fucked. I don't want to be responsible."

"Have you ever approached Cindy about anything sexual?"

"No, her head is too messed up already."

"Both of you, strip naked."

They both were wearing attractive one piece dresses, with panty hose and bras. They quickly came off. I quickly got very erect. Now what? I had never been in this situation before. I wanted to satisfy both of them and myself too. I didn't think I'd have any trouble on that score. Soon they were both standing before me naked. Barbara had the same color hair as Cindy. She was not a natural blond. Clearly, they both worked out. Washboard stomachs and jutting, firm breasts with erect nipples and small areolas. They were both giving off that strong musky perfume smell I love. I felt both of their pussies. Sopping.

"Cindy, are you on birth control?" I figured, probably not.

"I started just before coming on the resort. I was hopeful something would happen."

"Cindy have you seen a naked man?"


"Do you want to?"

"I think so."

"Cindy I am going to wake you. You will see my naked body and erect penis. With your help I am going to put it into you and you are going to have a huge orgasm. It will start in your vagina and breasts and radiate to your arms and legs and down to your hands and feet. Your whole body will feel like electricity is running through it. A pleasant type of electricity. It will feel wonderful. When you see my penis I only want you to concentrate on the pleasure it will give you. Nothing else."

I quickly took my clothes off. My erect cock was standing straight up. Just past my navel.

"Cindy I will count to three, on three you will wake feeling very aroused and very good. One, two, three."

She opened her eyes and then her mouth. It looked to me like she was going to scream.

"Tim is here."

Nothing came out. "What were you going to say?"

"I'm not sure. I was stunned to be naked and see you naked."

"This time when you wake you will accept that we are naked. Do you understand?"


"Okay, one, two, three."

This time she opened her eyes and looked around with big eyes. She looked at me and her eyes went down and looked at my engorged member. "I'm naked. So are you. Oh, my God. What did you do to me. I feel strange. I've never felt like this. Hold me, please?"

I put my arms out and she moved into them. Her breasts felt wonderful against my chest. I held her tight without touching any erogenous zones. That was tough to do. She seemed to be on the verge of hyperventilating. She was crying and gasping at the same time.

She turned her face up to me. "Tim, kiss me?"

I reached down and lifted her into my arms and cuddled her as I kissed her. Our tongues melded and she hugged me very tightly. I knew I had to go very slowly. Tell my cock that. My right hand was cupping her right breast. The nipple was erect and she was moaning through the kiss. I held her that way for five minutes. Finally she pulled away from the kiss.

"Oh, Tim, that was wonderful. It feels so nice when you hold me. It must be tiring to you."

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