My Night Out

by Residentevil

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Desc: Sex Story: Fantasy, bi-sexual

To whomever it may concern,

This story that you are about to read is 100% pure fantasy. I am also sorry if the characters and places that is described in this story are true though as I said before that this story is pure fantasy.

Please let me introduce myself, my name is David and this is my story.

My story starts off in the early morning of an Australian summer, I had just woken up early because I was excited to go over to Canada. To meet my cyber girlfriend Jessica, Jessica stands at 5'6 in height with a face of an angel. Jessica has emerald green eyes with brown straight hair though the best part of Jessica is her beautiful personality, Jessica lives in the busy streets of Montreal though being a model she needs someone to help her pay the rent of her apartment which she lives in. Jessica's flat mate is named Alisha. Both Jessica and Alisha are bisexual though alisha thinks that they are married, Alisha stands at 5'5 in height and alisha has blue eyes that shine like sapphires her is golden as the sun. I stand in between 5'0 and 5'6 in height though I can't tell you for sure if that is the correct height or not, I'm 23 years old and I have had girlfriends in the past though none was serious as this one is.

Now you are proberly wondering how we meet each other right? Well I tell you Jessica and I had meet each other on a chat site and we started to chat and go to know about each other, yes that is when Jessica had informed me that she is bi-sexual. Though that didn't discourage me it only made me bolder and more excited about meeting her, because it seemed to me that Jessica truly loves me because of who I am. Though that is enough about how Jessica and I met on the internet, now back to the story.

My aunt and uncle had picked me at from my house, and it had taken us 1hour and 30 minutes to arrive at the airport on time. Because there was an accident a head of us when we had left my place, we had arrived safely at the airport and it was very emotional farewell for them to see me go. Though they knew that I was coming back in two weeks from my holidays, my real story starts off when I arrived in the airplane that was going to be taking me to the major airport. So I could go over to see and meet Jessica for the first time yes the women that was working in the airplane were very cute and sexy, they were wearing short black mini skirts and there short sleeved there almost see through shirts. There was one young flight attendant that caught my eye because she mentally reminded me why I was going over to meet Jessica, when this certain young flight attendant had came to me to see if I needed anything.

I told her that I didn't though we did have a chat and I had found out that her name was Jamie and she looks like my girlfriend that lives in Montreal, though I also found out that Jamie was to be married in six weeks or more. The time that Jamie and I had together we instantly became friends, though we became Jamie was innocently teased me to a full erection just by her body movements. Jamie did make some sexual advancements towards me though I had told Jamie that I was going over to Canada to meet my girlfriend Jessica, Jamie was very pleased to hear that I have a loving girlfriend and she was more pleased that I am a one woman person. Jamie had congratulated me about being so honest and open to her because every men that had meet her they had made some kind of sexual advancements towards Jamie, Jamie was very curious to see if I would make any sexual advancement to her because of her large breasts and small waist. Though I didn't take any notice of her large breasts even though Jamie had nearly pushed her breasts into my face to see if I had taken any notice, to understand where I was coming from I had notice something else that other passengers didn't see in Jamie.

What I had saw in Jamie was her caring, beautiful personality, though Jamie first thought that I was gay that was until I had told Jamie about Jessica and I also told Jamie that I was very pleased to had meet her. As soon as Jamie and I had finished our conversation we had landed in the major airport and all the passengers were leaving the airplane that is until I was asking to stay in the airplane for a few more minutes, and so I did though as soon as every had gone Jamie and I were chatting again though this time Jamie had started to get changed in front of me though I had turned my back to her while Jamie was getting changed into something more comfortable. When Jamie was fully changed I told her that I had to leave and I also told her that whenever she needed to chat to somebody I'm always there for her and when I told her that Jamie was very red in the face from embarrassment, though she was very happy to have known me and Jamie had asked me if I will be back from my holidays though I had told Jamie that I will be back in two week.

Jamie told me that she couldn't wait to see me again and also hear about my trip to Canada, so when I had left the plane I was waiting around till I heard the other plane was boarding. Though what I didn't know until later was that after Jamie and I had chatted some more Jamie was talking to her other friends and Jamie had pointed me out to her friends, that was working on the flight that I was going to Canada on and Jamie had told them that I was a very flattering person to chat to and they would be surprised if they should try to make any kind of sexual advancement on me. Though Jamie's friends had taken her seriously though all were curious to try to get me to have sex with them though all had failed though after that was said and done my boarding call was on and I went to the airplane to get my seat for the flight.

Once on the plant Jamie's friends had flirted themselves even more to when I had first boarded their plane though they were looking good and professional, though it also seemed that they were very horny though after my dinner was severed to me I had found out that Jamie had a little chat and she also pointed me out to her friends that they wouldn't get very far with me. I was very gratefully that Jamie had looked out for me though what I didn't know was that one of the flight attendant was Jamie's sister and her name was Jerry, Jerry and I had chatted all the way to Canada though Jerry and I became friends insistently. So when Jerry and I were chatting away I was thinking about Jessica and how much I have missed chatting to her though I knew it would be a few more hours though I decided to go to sleep for a few hours while I waited to meet Jessica for the first time.

Once I had woken up to see I knew were had arrived in Canada

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