Sophia's Frist Lesson

by Electric Geisha

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, BDSM, DomSub, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A new slut's mouth is used by her Master for the first time

Sophia was not extraordinarily beautiful. She was just an average girl but what made her so desirable to her Master was her willingness to submit to his whim. Someone told her once that it takes a woman who is completely sure of herself to be strong enough to submit. In essence, that was Sophia. To be sure, she was brought up to believe she was always right. People rarely, if ever, opposed what she said. But that persona could not have been further from the truth. Sophia didn't quite care for the constant power trip or being in-charge. Deep down, she was His secret slut. Deep down, she wanted no control at all.

She was on her knees, wearing only little black panties. He loved the way she looked in it. He had them made for her with the mark he branded her with. The moment he walked in, Sophia blushed, struggling to say the words he had taught her to. "Master, your slut is ready to serve you." It was apparent that she never had to swallow her pride for anyone before. She was still not accustomed to this language. "What did you say, slut? I didn't hear that." Blushing furiously, she repeated it again, louder, "Master, your fuck-toy is ready to serve you", the intense humiliation written on her face. She hated but needed his gaze, staring down on her almost naked body, branding her breasts, her pussy, her entire body and soul with the power he held over her.

He was still not satisfied with her effort but let it go. He knew it would take some time to break his slut's strong pride. But he had all the time and determination to break this woman. Sophia was not like the other girls. She wasn't spiritless, for sure. She had a fire that he liked very much and knowing that she was exclusively his slut made her even more attractive. Sophia was the part of the new breed of young career women used to being in charge everyday. Having her before him in this helpless position, at his disposal, trying her best to fight her dominant side for his pleasure, made his cock throb every time he thought about it.

"You look like a good slut tonight. If you keep being good, I might even fuck your whore pussy, pet." He slipped his foot between her thighs, nudging them apart. Her knees slid apart on the floor obediently. The lower she went, the further out her breasts were thrust, her body arched. But the further spread she was, the more the pressure put on her thighs. She was no athlete so the pain was almost intense. But he ignored her whimpers and pleas, stopping only when her mouth was at his crotch.

Sophia's confusion and embarrassment was justified. Her pussy felt very exposed because the cloth of her panties had long since slid between her pussy lips, soaking in the juices of her wet slit. Her thigh muscles were hurting, stretched taut. She had no support at all save for her legs, which were already beginning to go slightly numb. Her fingers were laced behind her back, just as her Master had ordered. She did not dare undo her fingers. This position caused her a lot of discomfort as she moaned and groaned quietly, struggling to maintain her balance. She tried to shift to make herself more comfortable. "Don't move slut, I love the way you look now" She tried her best to obey him, staying still, but her discomfort is obvious. She was reduced to whimpering in her helpless position. "Good pet."

Sophia's Master reached down to her nipples. She didn't know why, maybe it was the pressure, but she instinctively backed away from his hands. "How dare you, slut!" He took Sophia's instinct as a rejection. She instantly knew she made a big mistake. The tone of his voice jarred her sense. She gasped, partly in shock, when he grabbed her small but sensitive nipples viciously. Up till now, he had been relatively gentle in training her.

Clamping and rolling her nipples between his fingers, Sophia's Master punished them harder than he'd ever done before, tugging them and stretching them beyond their limits. "I'm sorry Master! Owwwwww!!! please, please forgive me. Owwww" "Slut, don't you ever dare do that again, do you understand?" Sophia nodded urgently. He twisted her nipples again, harder. "Ouuuch! Yes, Master, yes, I understand. I'll never do that again" She bit her lower lip, trying to hold back the tears welling in her eyes.

"Poor little slut's titties hurt too much, eh? I want you to understand that you have no power over that, slut. Your body is mine and I'll do as I please with it. You will be grateful for that, cunt" He squeezed her breasts hard, gripping them and massaging them painfully downwards slowly, as if milking her. She sobbed softly, the pain in her breasts too much to take. They turned bright pink, the nipples swollen, both bruised. "Yes, yes, Master, yes, I'm your slut. My cunt, ass and tits are all yours. Owwww... please stop hurting my boobs... I'll do anything! Please stop!"

"Ok, I will if you bring me off, slut. Let's play a little game. If you succeed in making me cum, I'll spare you your real punishment for that misdemeanour. You can only use your mouth, tits or hands but you're only allowed to use those whore hands when you've freed my cock, do you understand, slave? If you even think about touching yourself, you lose."

Sophia stared at her Master wide-eyed with her slightly tear-streaked face. He was fully dressed, complete with the belt. To add to the fact that she had never used her mouth to bring a man off before (she considered it something only cheap prostitutes would do. She had been a purely missionary-style girl too, till she met him), she had no idea how she could possibly undo that without her hands.

Weighing her options, she realised that he would not be kind with his punishment. She closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. Her tongue headed for his belt. She had never done this before so it was a struggle of trial and error as her tongue tried to push the belt free from the buckle. Having to balance on her already-numb legs made it even worse. "Aww... you look so cute, almost like a real little bitch in heat desperate for a good fuck treat."

It took a while but she finally managed to undo the buckle, using her teeth to grip the extra belt and threading it through the buckle. Her lips pursed over the buckle, she pulled it out free from her Master's pants. "Good girl... keep going."

Her teeth found his zipper and a familiar bulge in his crotch. She hated being so close yet so far from his cock. Even thinking of how it looked rock hard and ready to fuck made her pussy drip. Sophia was almost desperate to feel his cock in her mouth as she gripped the waist of his pants, nudging it down till it fell to the floor. Her urgency to free his cock increasing, she pulled the waistband down his right hip with her teeth, repeating the same with the other side till it slipped off him as well. His erect cock sprang free in all its glory.

Letting out a sigh of relief, pleased with her own effort, Sophia leaned forward on her hands, relieving the pressure on her thighs, ass high up in the air. "Nice ass, slave. Make Master cum now." Sophia blushed despite herself, a little unsure of how to continue.

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