Birthday Camper

by Kimberly Parker

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Desc: Sex Story: Wife gets a surprise on birthday

My husband Jim was always the type to purchase the weirdest things without giving it much thought. To him, it was who ever died with the most toys wins the game and whatever tickled his fancy he bought. To make it possible to get in my panties, was one of the reasons he bought a pickup truck that had a camper attached on the bed.

Since Jim was eighteen, and I had just turned fourteen when I first met him, the possibility of him wanting to go out with me was pretty remote. Actually I don't think my parents would have allowed it anyway, but for some reason he did appear to show an interest in me the day we first met. I remember it like it was yesterday and to this day I cans see his smile when he said hello. Anyway, it was my cousins' birthday and our family brought over a gift for him even though it really wasn't any party or anything.

When we were standing at the back door removing our jackets, my dad asked my aunt where was the birthday boy. She laughed and said he was down in the basement playing pool with a couple of his friends from school. My dad handed me the gift wrapped sweater and asked me to take it down to Roger. As I headed down the stairs, I didn't realize that my life was going to change drastically in a few seconds.

When I walked around the corner to where the pool table was, I ran smack into one of his friends who happened to be heading up to the washroom. The fact that I was holding the wrapped box in one hand was what got his friend Jims' attention. Like I said I was coming around the corned when I ran into him, and the edge of the box caught him right where it hurts the most. I jumped back and stared open mouthed and stuttered out an apology. It was then I saw the twinkle in his eyes as he smiled and said "no problem" and headed on up the stairs.

Now I was really never interested in pool before, but today I wanted to learn all about it. Cousin Roger wasn't all that excited to have his little cousin hanging around, but Jim didn't seem to mind one bit. It was when he stood behind me to help me make a shot that I began to think he was flirting with me. He leaned down and placed his face close to my left cheek and gently sniffed my perfume and whispered, "That's my favorite fragrance". I instantly felt my face redden with embarrassment and my body temperature rise about ten degrees.

That evening as I lay in bed trying to get to sleep, the image of Jim smiling was etched in my mind. Was he showing an interest, or was he just being friendly with his friends little cousin? I just had to somehow find out from Roger.

Even though Roger is four years older than me, we do go to the same high school and I was thinking of just how I could has Roger about Jim. Getting that information was a whole lot easier that I could have ever imagined. As I stood in line in the cafeteria to grab a milk and donut, Roger came up behind me. "Hi there Becky>"

"Oh hi Rog, how ya doing?"

"Good, real good. Hey listen, before you take off for class I need to talk to you a minute. That's if you don't mind."

Wow, I thought. My big bad cousin wants to talk with ME. Gosh I am so flattered. "Sure Roger, what's up? Something wrong?"

He didn't say anything right away, he just lead me over to a table in the corner where we could have a private conversation. "Ok, here's the deal. I could see the look on your face yesterday that you were getting the hots for Jim and everything, but Becky he's a little old for you. I know I don't show it much, but I like you. I mean you are my cousin and I wouldn't want you to hurt or anything."

"Rog, what are you talking about? What do you mean hurt? How am I going to get hurt?"

"Ok, Jim said a few thing after you left and I get this felling he would like to take you out on a date. I mean, yeah that would be cool and everything, but if it happened just don't put too much into it."

"What the hell you talking about?"

"I mean don't fall for him. After all he is a lot older than you and I really don't think it's all that good of an idea, but he is a good friend and I said I would."

"You would what?"

"Becky!! He wants to take you to the prom, but thought that a senior and freshman wouldn't look so good. I told him that shouldn't make a difference, and then he asked if I though you would go. I said I didn't know, ask her but I guess I got chumped into being the guinea pig."

Well, it didn't take me long to let Roger know what my answer was. Now the only problem was my parents. Would they allow me, a fourteen-year-old go out with a senior who is four years older than me?

I guess fate was on my side in this matter also. Since Jim was a close friends with Roger, my parent thought it would be nice if I was his date for the prom and was quick to give there permission.

That was the beginning for Jim and I. The prom was fantastic, and all my freshman friends were green with envy that I was going to the prom with a senior. That night was a dream, and the next day at the prom picnic proved to be even more special when Jim kissed me for the first time. Actually that was the first time I kissed anybody other than when my father tucked me in bed years ago. Still, I didn't make Jim want to run away and that night when he brought me home, we kissed again. He asked if it was possible if he could see me again. Boy that wasn't a tough question at all.

The rest of the school year and into the summer, Jim became a fixture at our house. Him now being out of school, and his age didn't seem to faze my parents in the least, and they actually appeared happy that I was dating him. The only drawback was my curfew and a few other rules. They may have not been opposed to me dating Jim, but they weren't exactly letting things run wild either. During the week I had to be in by 9:30, and on weekend it was 11:00. Also, it was a no-no to sit in the driveway and make out. Well they didn't say make out, just I wasn't allowed to sit in the car. He could come inside, but we were not allowed to "park" in the drive.

Since Jim and I were not really alone much, the chance of anything more that a few passionate kisses were very slim. That is the reason I believe he bought that pickup and camper.

The fourth of July celebration was always something special, with the park have a big carnival and a huge fireworks show that evening. Jim and I made plans to make it a complete day, from breakfast at the park until the last firecracker exploded. Jim knew a day that long in the summer heat would take its toll, and early that morning he drove his camper pickup over to the park. Now at least we would have a comfortable place to take a break and have lunch.

Jim and I hit most of the rides at the carnival, but the heat that day was excessive and I began to fell light headed. Jim suggested that I may need to get out of the heat a bit, and also a burger or two may also help out a bit. Since Jim was there early to get a "prime" parking spot, he was able to run an extension cord to an outlet by the side of the maintenance building. It wasn't air conditioning, but the fan in the camper felt pretty good.

After having lunch, I laid across the small pullout bed and planned on taking a short nap before we headed back out the festivities. After tossing out the garbage from lunch, Jim came and curled up next to me. His gentle strokes across my head soon had me in a very romantic mood. I put my arm up around his neck and urged him closer to me.

The next half hour of so was utterly fantastic and I experienced feelings I never knew existed just by having Jim kiss me the way he did. A sudden thump of a softball hitting the side of the camper, followed by a few more brought us out from our passionate moment. I felt a little frustrated as Jim went to the door to investigate and I now could feel the wetness in my panties. I quickly ducked into the tiny washroom and slid my cutoffs and panties down my legs. I was so wet; you would have thought I had pissed my pants. Quickly I grab some toilet tissues and dried myself as best I could. I couldn't help but think that this must be the reason my parents didn't want us parked in the car.

Jim and I then headed back to the carnival and hit the rest of the rides before we settled down to watch the fireworks show. As the blast of the final skyrocket lit the shy, Jim and I were already on our way back to the camper. Since Jim had arrived so early in the morning, a few hundred cars parked behind him now blocked him in. With the various concession stands that would remain open until midnight, it meant that it was possible that we couldn't get out of the parking lot for another couple of hours. My parents may get upset, but tonight I wasn't going to make my curfew time.

I felt the result of a half a dozen or so lemonades playing havoc with my bladder and I went inside the camper to use that cute little washroom. When I was finished, I stuck my head out the door and told Jim to come on inside of the camper. Not long, we again were locked in a passionate embrace that was bringing me closer and closer to the edge. When Jim slowly slid the tip of his fingers under my bra and across my breast I knew I didn't want him to stop. I pulled him closer and pressed my lips to his even harder and allowed him to do whatever.

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