Sweet Revenge

by Kimberly Parker

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape, Drunk/Drugged, Gang Bang, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: Boy gets revenge on former girlfriend who cheated then dumped him.

It was Kathy's first day as a high school student, and she noticed Derrick right away. She also noticed that unlike the other boys in the group, he didn't have a girl hanging on his arm. Each morning as she walked into the school she would see him hanging with the same group, and didn't appear to be attached to any one girl. She began to think if he was "free" then why not try to get his attention, but just how?

Luck must have been on her side, as one morning Kathy saw Derrick talking with Jessica Stevens, her best friends sister. Kathy quickly headed for the cafeteria, where she knew that Sharon would be munching on a donut and a carton of milk, her morning ritual. For the next ten minutes or so Kathy pleaded with Sharon to ask her sister to somehow fix things up with Derrick.

It took some doing, but Jessica agreed to only introducing Kathy to Derrick, and promised nothing more. The rest was up to Kathy.

During the next few weeks Derrick would smile each time he passed Kathy in the hallway, but never once did he even hint he had an interest in her. Then just before the Thanksgiving weekend Derrick finally asked if she would like to join him on the school's annual thanksgiving hayride

Even though it was just a few days before the scheduled hayride, Kathy was quick to accept Derrick's invitation and began making plans to make him hers. That evening as the wagons moved slowly down the path, all the couples snuggled up against the cool crisp fall night air. Kathy gave a little shiver and cuddled up close to Derrick and put her head on his shoulder. She then placed her arm on his other shoulder and pulled him a little closer. After about ten minutes of him not taking the hint, she whispered softly something he couldn't quite hear. Turning to ask what she had said, Kathy was quick to press her lips to his. Not wanting to fail, Kathy passionately kissed him like she had kissed no other. Soon Derrick was more than willing to return her kisses, and she knew, or though she thought, he had finally caved in.

After that evening, Kathy was surprised and quite disappointed that Derrick hadn't called or came over to see her. She cornered one of his friends and tried to find out if Derrick had any interest, or was he just plain shy. As it turned out Derrick actually had feelings for another girl that wasn't giving him the time of day. Kathy then got brave and she took the initiative and asked Derrick to take her to the prom. Although Derrick really wanted to ask someone else, he did agree to take Kathy. Now that he was sort of "stuck" going, he thought that it would be a good idea to at least call her from time to time, and each time he called, she quickly asked him to come over.

The night of the prom she was up to the old trick of playing hard to get. On one occasion she explained the prom was just a date, nothing else and he shouldn't put too much into it. When Derrick appeared not to be effected by her comment, she quickly changed her tactics and made a big push for him. Finally after a few months, Derrick felt himself developing deep feelings for her, and decided that he would ask her to wear his ring. She quickly accepted, and told him how much she loved him. That night was the beginning of her downfall, although she didn't realize it.

Over the next year Derrick fell deeper and deeper in love with her while she was beginning to lose interest. Now that she knew he was hers, she didn't really want him, while he put on a pedestal and never noticed the tell tale signs of her cheating ways. The nights she told him she was going out with the girls, he never doubted her, and all the while she would be parked in a car with some other guy.

She finally ended their relationship, but for some reason wanted to make life miserable for him. She would always make sure that she and her new boyfriend would be at places she knew he would frequent. For weeks, he would agonize over seeing her with another, and wanted desperately to hold her once again. After a few weeks, Kathy dumped her new fling, and let the word out she may want to get back with Derrick. When Derrick heard the news, he was ecstatic.

Soon he and Kathy were back together, and she also was back to her old tricks. For some reason she just love to tease Derrick sexually. After being totally convinced that she once again had him wrapped around her little finger, she dropped him again.

Derrick finally realized just what type of girl she was. She was just a prick tease, nothing else. Soon a long list of guys he knew fell into her trap, and each ended up the same way. Her evil ways finally came to an end, when Robbie, one of the guys she messed around with while going with Derrick had somehow gotten to her heart. Right after her and Robbie started dating she soon fell for him like a ton of bricks off a bridge. She became the most loving girl a guy could wish for. Robbie and her became a perfect couple, as he learned to love her as much as she loved him. She even stopped her teasing, even though she on many occasions had Robbie begging for sex. She told him she wanted to let him make love to her, but promised her dying mother she would wait until her wedding night.

When their wedding date was finalized, Robbie asked some to the gang to be ushers at the wedding. Derrick couldn't really understand why he was asked, as he really didn't care much for him. Derrick still had this thing about Robbie hitting on Kathy while she and Derrick were together. Robbie knew Derrick and Kathy were going together, but that didn't stop him. Two of Derricks closest friends were also asked to be in the wedding, party, and after a long discussion on the matter, the guys all agreed to stand up for the wedding.

On Thursday before the wedding, the whole wedding party met at the church for rehearsal, and afterwards dinner at a quite restaurant. As Kathy was leaving the ladies washroom, Derrick was heading up the hallway to the cigarette machine. She thought now was the time to finally make peace with Derrick and apologize for her past actions. While Kathy stood there and told Derrick how bad she felt in hurting him, the hate in him continued to simmer. Here was a girl that he loved dearly, admitting to all the things that had hurt him tremendously. She smiled and turned away, and Derrick knew the fantasy of getting even was something he just had to do.

The girl that Derrick was to stand up with, Candy, also didn't really care much for Kathy, but was asked when Robbie had one more groomsmen than Kathy had bridesmaids. Since Derrick and Candy had dated a few times, they were paired together. Candy had told Derrick that the girls were going to take Kathy out on Friday, for her last night as a single girl. When Derrick heard that, the wheels in his head started to spin. He knew the best man was having a similar evening planed for Robbie, and an evil plot was in the works.

After a few hours of shots of Jack Daniel's, Robbie was drunk out of his mind. The best man was left to get Robbie home, while the rest of the groomsmen headed to where Kathy and her bridesmaids were having a little celebration of their own. They soon met up with the girls at a local bar, and asked if they could join them. When hearing how messed up Robbie was, Kathy was quite upset. Within a few hours, most of the girls called it an evening and headed for home, leaving Kathy, Candy, Sharon the maid of honor, and Jim, one of the other groomsmen. With everyone drinking and laughing, no one noticed Derrick dropping a few tablets into Sharon's drink that left her almost totally out of it. Kathy was concerned about Sharon and asked Jim is he would take her home. As Jim helped Sharon towards the door, Kathy picked up her vodka and orange juice and quickly downed the half-full glass. What she didn't realize was Derrick had also spiked her drink, but with a mind-altering drug that would soon leave her at his mercy. Kathy started to really feel lightheaded, but really wasn't quite ready to leave just yet. When someone at the bar asked her to dance, she quickly jumped up and followed him to the dance floor, while Candy and Derrick headed towards the door.

Derrick followed Candy out of the lot, but when she made a turn at the light, Derrick quickly turned around and headed back to the bar. Once back inside, he could tell right away that the drugs he had given Kathy were providing the desired effect. They guy who asked her to dance now realized that Kathy was now alone, and suggested she call a cab, which she groggily agreed. Derrick was approaching the table when he heard the stranger's comments, and laughed silently knowing this was going to fit into his plans just perfectly. Kathy was really out of it when Derrick quietly told the guy that he would make sure she got home all right, and led her towards the door. Kathy had it in her mind she was leaving in a taxi and staggered with Derrick toward the "cab" waiting outside. She laid her head against the back of the seat as the cab drove toward her home. The only problem though was "home" was a motel just down the street.

By the time they pulled into the motel parking lot, Kathy's mind was in a complete state of confusion. Derrick's began talking to her, and the conversation had her believe that it was some time in the past and she and Derrick were on a date. He led her into the motel room, and held her close and kissed her gently on the lips. Slowly he led her to the bed, and soon they were in a passionate embrace. Although her mind tried to make sense of it all, the drugs in her system had taken it's effect. Soon she was totally convinced she and Derrick were parked all alone, and making out like they had numerous times before. Her mind was telling her it was another time, a time when she felt love for Derrick.

He actually enjoyed holding her close, and began debating if he should follow through with his plans. Seeing Kathy drifting into a drugged slumber, Derrick went out to get some fresh air. As he puffed on his cigarette, Derrick was hoping that Jessie would be a no show. Suddenly a car pulled into the parking lot and headed towards where Derrick was standing. As the car got closer, Derrick realized that not only did Jessie show up, he brought four other guys with him. Derrick now had had no option other that follow through with what had been planned. He told Jessie and the others to wait a bit, and then the rest of the evening was all theirs.

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