Not a Pretty Girl

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Brother, Sister, First, .

Desc: Sex Story: I didn't like myself until Andy came along and thought I was sexy

I stared back at the reflection in the bathroom mirror, I don't think I'm a pretty girl, my eyes too wide apart, my nose too small and my mouth too big. My hair is unfashionably short, making my ears look like they're sticking out; I had cut my hair short because I was fed up with it, it didn't hang right or shine or anything. Next I looked at my body, I removed my P.J.s and stared at my reflection. My boobs encased in my bra looked squashed and that made them look smaller than they are. I remove it to have a good look at them, I wish they were a little bigger, I know boys like big breasts, but even so they are still my best feature. I really must buy some sexier bras to show them off. If I breath in, my stomach is nice and flat, but my hips flare too much; child bearing hips my mum called them. Two more inches on my legs and they would be perfect, as it is, they're not.

I walk into the refectory at college and I may as well be invisible, no one knows I exist. I smile inside as I remember the episode of Buffy about the girl who really becomes invisible because nobody notices her. I sit down and eat my lunch, all around me I can hear conversations between guys and girls about dates and sex and things, but nobody includes me in any of them. To add to my misery, there are some really fit looking guys at college, but all of them have beautiful girl hanging off their arms.

"Hi, can I sit here," a male voice said.

"W-what," I said looking up surprised that someone would be talking to me.

"Sorry to disturb you, but can I sit here," a boyish good looking guy said again.

"Y-yes, sorry, please sit," I stuttered.

"I'll only be a short while," he said, I'll expect you're waiting for someone."

"N-no," I said.

"Your boyfriend not eating today then," he said, sitting down opposite me. I just nodded, not trusting my voice.

"I'm new here," he said while eating his pie and chips.

"Oh," I said, kicking myself for my lack of witty repartee.

"Yeah, don't know anybody," he said between mouthfuls. He finished his lunch in silence.

"Perhaps I could see you later," he said getting up with his empty plate, "that is, if you boyfriend not about."

"W-what," I stuttered again.

"Well if you're not free," he said, "perhaps I'll see you later."

"No, that's ok," I said, trying to smile, "I finish at four thirty and then I'll be here," I gush.

"Right then, I'll see you here later," he said, "Oh by the way my name is Andy."

"Hi Andy," trying to sound more confident than I felt, "I'm Annabella, Bella to my friends." If I had any that is, I thought.

"Ok Bella, I'll see you tonight," he smiled and left me sitting there in a daze. So much so, I almost forgot to go to my afternoon classes.

At last I finished my last class of the day and went to the small 'Ladies' on the top floor, not many people even know it's there, so I usually have it to myself. I look at myself again, adding a bit of makeup here and there. My insides are churning with fear and excitement. Oh my god, what am I going to say to him. I wish I had never agreed to meet him; too late now, unless I sneak out and go home. No don't be a scaredy cat, you've always wanted a boyfriend, and now's your big chance. When I entered the refectory he was already there waiting.

"Hi Bella," he said smiling, making my knees go weak.

"Hi," I replied.

"Lets go then," he said, oh boy he got a car as well, he gentlemanly opens the door for me and I get in.

"If you're not in a rush," he said starting the engine, "we could go for an early drink."

"Yeah ok," I replied, wishing I had worn something nicer. He finds an out of the way Pub that I didn't know existed; I order a shandy to his pint. All I had to do for the next hour was to nod or say yes or no in the right places, thank god; then he took me home.

I lay in bed thinking about my day, oh my, he is nice, but I can't see him asking me out again. I get off my bed and look at myself in my bedroom mirror. I strip off all my clothes and look at my naked body. Funny, somehow it looks better now than it did this morning, but I need to wear something more sexy. I pull out all my clothes from my wardrobe and go thought it all. First off my underwear; most of my knickers are ok, but not so my bras. Out of the six pairs I have, only two are decent, but they are all pretty boring. In desperation I attack one pair with scissors, cutting off the top half of the cups. Wow, what a difference that makes, gives me a cleavage for the first time in my life. Ok now I know what to buy next time I'm shopping. Then I attack my pile of top clothes, it's a real eye opener, and at best they are sexless, for example my Jean and T-shirts, but some of my skirts and dresses could be made better. I borrow my mum's sewing machine and get to work. When I get to bed later, I have shortened four skirts to well above my knees, and one, my old denims, I've made really short; my dresses though, will have to wait until the weekend.

I sat in the refectory watching for him to appear, at last he entered and walked over to me.

"Hi Bella," he said, "can I sit with you."

"Sure," I said, hoping he doesn't mention my non-existing boyfriend again.

"I enjoyed myself yesterday," he smiles at me, "any chance I could see you again, you know for a proper date, your other boyfriends allowing of course."

"Sure," I said, feeling nice inside, "I'm sure I can fit you in."

"How about Friday night?" he asked.

"Yeah ok," I said.

"Great, we can go dancing or something," he said. My heart sank; people with two left feet are better dancers compared with me.

"Ok," I said, "but perhaps an 'or something', I don't like dancing much."

"Great, me neither," he said still smiling.

He picked me up at eight and we went to a pub for a drink and a meal, I had frantically worked on a dress for the occasion. I had shortened it and made the neck line lower, so with my modified bra I could flaunt a decent cleavage at him. It must be working for I saw him looking a couple of times.

"Fancy parking down by the river for awhile?" he asked after we had left the pub.

"Yeah, great," I said, but my heart was fluttering wildly. We parked and he put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me towards him; our lips met for the first time.

"You look great," he said when we broke apart.

"Thank," I dropped my eyes, "you do too." We kissed again, more passionately this time and his hand dropped to my bust. Oh my, a guy is actually touching my breasts. Gently he fondles me, my nipples are erect under my bra. Oh my god, this is heaven; please put you hand on my thigh, I silently wish. After a few minutes he does, he moves his hand under my shortened skirt and up to my knickers. Oh what do I do now, do I let him touch me there, like I want him to, or do I stop him. No, no I must stop him, I don't want to appear too keen, even if I am. Reluctantly I move his hand back to my bust. As it happens this dress has buttons down the front and his hands start to undo them. He pulls my bra over my bust and his hands touch my bare breasts for the first time. Oh this is magic, he thumbs my erect nipples, that makes me shiver. If I'm not too careful, things could get rapidly out of hand, not that I don't want them too. So reluctantly again I pull my clothes together and suggest he take me home.

"Thanks for the great evening," I said.

"Yeah I really enjoyed myself," he said. With that he kisses me good night.

Oh boy, what a night, I could still feel his hands on me, I lay there naked on top of my bed, my hands replacing his, but this time I don't stop him touching me. Soon my fingers found the place between my legs and within seconds my first orgasm hit me; oh boy, oh boy that was great. Again my hands moved over me, squeezing my breasts and rubbing myself between my legs, my second orgasm came almost as quick.

I get up late and dressed in just my knickers I head for the bathroom.

"Morning sis," my younger brother Dave said, staring at my near naked body.

"Yeah, morning," I say back, not caring about exposing myself to him, this morning I'm a sex goddess, I drive men to distraction with my perfect body. It's not until I'm sitting on the loo, that I realise what I've done, I go red with embarrassment. But after a few minutes I straighten my back, push my breasts out, this is the new me, I will flaunt what I have to anybody who cares to look, even if it's my own brother. I finish my business and open the bathroom door; of course Dave is still there waiting for me to come out.

"Nice tits sis," he said.

"Thanks brother," I respond, making sure my back is straight and my boobs are firmly pushed out. I get dressed and head for the shops; I haven't got much spare cash, so I only buy a few things. A couple of pairs of thong knickers and a push up, half-cup bra. For the rest of the day I work on a couple of old dresses. I don't want anything too daring, just a few nice outfits to go out in.

Andy calls later and we go out for a drink, I'm wearing my new underwear and one of my modified dresses. This one, despite my earlier good intentions, I've made quite short and shows a lot of my newly discovered cleavage.

"Nice outfit," Andy said, "is it new?"

"Yeah," I reply, "went to town today a bought a few things." His hand felt lovely later when they found there way down the front to cup my breasts, and this time I let his fingers find just the right spot between my legs; I buried my face in his shoulder as he brings me to a big orgasm.

"Did you enjoy that?" he asked. I just nodded, I don't think my voice was working yet.

"Oh good," he smiled, "now you can do me." I never touch a boy down there before, it felt warm and silky in my hands and soon it erupted all over me.

Yeah, that's great," he sighed. It was time to go home.

Sunday morning was almost over when I got up, I suspected my brother Dave had been waiting for me to appear, for as soon as I opened my bedroom door I saw him exiting his.

"Morning Sis," he said, his eyes firmly fixed on my naked bust.

"Morning Dave," I said, "why don't you come in the bathroom with me this morning."

"W-what," he stuttered.

"Well then you talk to me while I wash," I chuckled. I felt like a famme fatale. He sat on the loo and watched me with an open mouth.

"Sis you really got a great figure," he said. It's funny was only last week I felt my body was crap. I lent over him and kissed him on the top of his head, my breasts were scant inches from him; I held the pose for a few seconds.

"Thanks brother," I said, meaning it, and as I drew away his hand came up and cup me.

"Please can I?" he asked, his eyes open wide. I stood still letting his hand move over me, I was a goddess being worshiped by my acolytes.

"They're the nicest I've ever seen," he gasped.

"And if course you've seen a few," I chuckled.

"Enough," he said confidently.

"Ok brother, time I got dressed," I said, "thanks for the complements."

"Yeah no probs. Sis," he said, "it's been a real pleasure." I felt really naughty as I dressed, for God sake, I let my brother cop a feel. Anyway, I dressed in my Jeans, not caring about my wide hips, and I left my bra off too.

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