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Desc: Sex Story: Sex and the Computer Repairman

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This was writen in 1996 and is my First effort at writing Erotic Fiction. Comments, Critiques and Non-Vulgar Suggestions are welcomed.

Chapter 1

Dani is a 37 year old mother of two, with long shapely legs that she loves to show off in Short-Shorts and a good 36c-26-36 figure. Like most mothers, her age, she carries an extra pound or two; her waist only slightly thickened. Dani's still curvaceous body has retained its hour glass contours.

Her short dark brown hair frames a very pleasing heart shaped face that needed very little make-up. Enormous liquid brown eyes are windows to Dani's very outgoing personality. The mischievous glints in her large orbs, are there for all to see. She can simulate a 'prim and proper lady', but that is all it is, a veneer to cover the earthy woman inside. Her mouth is large; the lips fill and well defined.

She is your typical middle aged matron, although one who makes the effort to look more than just 'ordinary', even in casual attire. Dani is an attractive woman who, although not 'drop dead gorgeous', has that 'something' inside her; a 'special presence' that transcends conventional 'beauty'. I noticed her living down the street from a friend of mine for the past year or more. We had met in a vague sort of way, a couple of times, in passing or in a crowd at a small gathering. She never failed to capture my attention when she was in my line of sight. Her lithe movements, and sunny disposition acted as a magnet to my eyes.

After acquiring my number from my friend, Dani called me early one morning to ask me about a problem with the family computer. Her husband was out of town, she said, and her computer would not work. Dani asked if I could come by and see what was wrong. After asking a few questions, I grabbed my work-case of reference books, disks and tools, and drove the short distance to her house.

Dani answered the door in a red T-shirt and a short pair of tight, white cut-offs', that showed off her long tanned legs to perfection. Her full high breasts overfilled the tight top that she wore, her nipples showing plainly through the thin layers of bra and shirt.

"The computer is in the Bedroom." Dani said stepping back from the door and allowing me to enter the living room of her tastefully furnished home. "I am so glad that you could get here so quickly." She told me. "I was afraid that I was going to have to wait until my husband gets back next week from his trip." Dani explained as she turned and walked towards the back of the house.

As Dani led me through a long hallway, I could not help watching the way the muscular cheeks of her butt fought beneath the material of the tight white shorts that she wore. I had a hard time keeping my mind on why I was there.

The bedroom was a large airy room with a king-sized bed along the South wall. A doorway, leading to the master bathroom that contained a huge shower, stood open at one end of the North wall.

After several questions, I got right to work. I quickly determined that the problem was the CMOS set up and after some more tests determined that the battery on the motherboard was bad. A quick trip to the local computer store for a new battery took twenty minutes. Another half an hour or so of poking around inside and consulting several reference books from my case yielded the right setup information; and several key strokes later it was up and running.

Dani looked over my shoulder while I was working. Her fresh clean sent drifted over me, whenever she leaned close. Dani's curiosity was refreshing, her intelligence readily apparent from the questions she asked. Pointing out the various components, I explained what everything did. I struggled to keep my voice steady as the her delicate fragrance tickled my nose. Once, as she pointed to one of the cards, inquiring as to its function, our hands touched briefly. A spark seemed to jump between us, our eyes silently acknowledging the mutual attraction between us.

Dani asked me to stay for a cup of coffee while she wrote out the check for my time. My eyes hungrily followed her around the spacious kitchen, as she moved around making coffee. Dani's low-cut shirt revealed most of her pendulant breasts as she leaned over the counter to write out the check. The color in her face was quite noticeable as she blushed slightly, in response to my intense scrutiny. Dani's breathing quickened as she became aware of my increasing desire, her carefully hidden passion slowly beginning to surface.

I went back into the bedroom to retrieve my case get ready to leave. Dani followed me, a few moments later, a large cup of coffee clasped in each hand; the completed check clamped between her teeth. Concentrating on not spilling the hot liquid, Dani stood straight and tall as she carried the overfilled containers to the desk. Her rigid posture accentuated her protruding breasts, her proudly erect nipples clearly showing through the material of her top. The check fluttered in the breeze created by her breath. She looked cute in a 'little girl' sort of way, all soft and vulnerable. Her evident desire, needed only the right gesture to trigger the passions that lurked inside her, waiting to explode into in a raging inferno of lust.

When Dani handed me the check, I gently grasped her wrist. She offered no resistance as I cautiously drew her towards me; our eyes locked together in mutual longing. Dani's body molded itself to mine. Her murmured, "No..." of protest was only a token gesture. Dani turned her head slightly, to look away from me, fighting the sensations that coursed through her body. Knowing that she wanted to, but...

I gently grasped her face and turned her face to mine. Looking into her eyes, I softly insisted, "YES!". I kissed her gently, my tongue eagerly seeking hers. Slowly, my hands moved down Dani's back, clutching the cheeks of her ass through her shorts. I drew her prominent cuntal mound towards me, to grind against the protruding stiffness of my cock. Dani's soft moan into our heated kiss, as I molded her body tightly to mine,signaled her rising passion. Dani's arms tightened around me,as she gave in to my ministrations. Her soft lips began moving urgently against mine, our tongues dueling within the humid confines of our mouths.

Slowly reaching between us, I unfastened the button on Dani's shorts. Dani's breath caught in her throat, as she felt my fingers slowly draw down the zipper. Deliberately increasing the intensity of our kiss, I warily probed inside her unfastened shorts, feeling the small tent that her pubic hair made inside her thin panties. Dani groaned into our kiss, relishing the light pressure of my knuckles as they pressed above her sensitive clit. Dani's chest heaved, as she fought for breath. Her large pointed nipples poked assertively into my chest. Her hands roamed over my back beneath my shirt, her nails lightly scratching the skin.

I gradually worked the tight white shorts, Dani wore, down her hips; where they fell in a tangle at her feet. Dani rubbed against me as she immediately stepped out of the encumbering garment at her feet. Dani's arousal was apparent; the delicate fragrance of her hot, dripping sex tickled my nose. The syrupy oils drooled from her quim drenching the crotch of her thin silky panties, making them totally transparent.

My hands moved beneath the hem of her T-shirt, easing it upwards as my fingers massaged the smooth skin of her back until they came across the thin strap of her brassiere. With a delicate movement I pushed her back, then raising her arms I eased the shirt up and over her head.

Dani stood there, clad in only her thin white lace brassiere and matching sheer white bikini panties. Dani's rapid breathing, set her large resilient breasts swaying within the confines of her bra. Holding Dani's flushed face in my hands, I drew her frantic lips to mine. Dani suddenly nipped my bottom lip sharply, her tongue then forcing its way into my startled mouth.

Tenderly, I kissed my way around her face to her delicate ear. As I tongued the sensitive organ, I slowly inhaled. The draft I created across the wet surface caused Dani to gasp and squirm vigorously in my arms, mashing her thinly veiled vagina against my protruding erection.

I slowly reached behind her, swiftly undoing the clasp of her bra. As Dani felt the confining garment loosen, she wiggled her shoulders quickly. The odd shimmying motion tossing her bra from her bouncing breasts to fall to the floor. Dani crushed her naked tits to my chest, chafing the sensitive nipples against the rough fabric of my shirt. I kneaded her firm globes with my large enthusiastic hands. I impudently tweaked the large protruding tips, milking the tightly packed flesh; listening to her moans of bliss.

Dani pulled away slightly giving my first look at her quivering breasts. Widely spaced and full, Dani's solid teats were crowned by aureole the size of silver dollars. The large pink nipples stuck out rigidly, at least half an inch, testifying to her highly aroused state.

Dani slowly moved her hands to my shirt, quickly tugging it over my head, flinging it over her shoulder to land somewhere behind her. Our bodies quickly meshed, her hot flesh meeting mine for the first time. Her tits mashed into my chest, the nipples spearing into me. Our lips met and our tongues dueled within the moist caverns of our mouths.

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