Teacher Attacked

by MasterJack

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Rough, Light Bond, Humiliation, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: The story of a rape that fulfilled a fantasy and was enjoyed by all.


This is a scenario that I wrote for one of my people on my website. If you're offended by people doing things to come natural to them please don't read any further. I always tell all my people on my website to always be careful first; because, living your life to your expectations is wonderful, but not worth getting hurt for.

It was about 10:00 pm when Mary parked her car next to the restaurant, and got out to go inside to get something to eat. She always locked car door, but this time she forgot to lock it. Mary got back in the car setting her food on the passenger seat, and then placing her drink in the holder between the seats. She had just put the key in the ignition when someone reached up putting their hand over her mouth. Instantly she put her hands up to try and pull the hand off her mouth, but stopped when she felt the point of a knife against her neck.

The person in the back seat behind her said, " listen bitch from now on you do just exactly what I say now nod if you understand? "

Mary nodded her head, but she was unsure if he could tell because she was trembling so much. When the unseen hand was removed from her mouth Mary said, " my money is in the purse please take what you want and leave me alone. "

The man behind her laughed then said, "don't worry bitch I will take what I want. Now start to car and back out real slow drive down the street just like normal, and don't forget I got this knife at your neck just in case you make a stupid move, now drive. "

Mary backed out of the parking place and started down the street. She was watching for a cop, so she could figure out some way of signaling him, but there was never one when you needed them. She was in an unfamiliar part of town one that she very rarely drove in. It was the industrial district made up of bars and hotels were truck drivers and prostitutes stayed.

The man behind her said, " the next hotel on the right pull into the parking lot, and park in front bungalow #7. "

Mary pulled a parking place, and put the car in park, turning off the motor and waiting for her next instruction. She stifled the screen when the man behind her pulled a pillowcase over her head effectively depriving her of her sight. The man behind her said, " open your door and step out right beside the car then just standstill while I get out. "

When Mary did get out her knees were made of Jell-O as she stood beside the car. She might have tried to make a break for it if not for the pillowcase over her head, but she had no way of knowing where the man was and getting stabbed was not her choice of things to do. The man grabbed the back of a pillow case getting a handful of her hair the same time, and with a tight grip moving her away from the car so he could shut the door. The man steered her across the distance to the door the bungalow using his hand full of her hair as a guide.

Once inside the bungalow Mary was left standing inside the door. She could hear at least one person moving around, but he didn't say anything to her, and just left her standing there. In the darkness of the pillowcase Mary's tears began running down her cheeks, she wanted to reach up to wipe them away, but she was too terrified to move. Being alone and having her sight taken from her caused Mary even more terror, not physical pain of being hit, but mental pain of not knowing what was going on around her. The minutes stretched on and time seemed to have no meaning in her world of darkness. It seemed like an hour that Mary stood there in the darkness of her blind prison. She was sure that she could hear the whispers of more than just one man. More than the one man would complicate things, because escape from a single man might be possible, but two would probably seal her fate.

A new voice she did not recognize confirmed the fact that there was more than one man. He spoke to her, "now first of all without removing the pillowcase you're gonna strip all your clothes off now, then put her hands behind your head await your next orders. "

Mary did not hesitate slowly her trembling fingers began unbuttoning her blouse, letting it slip from her shoulders to fall to the floor. She opened the button of her skirt letting it fall to the floor around her ankles. She hesitated in only a second before reaching her hands up behind her back to unhook her bra, and free her 36b breasts from confinement. In a fluid motion as though getting ready for a bath she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her panties and they joined her skirt on the floor. Mary kicked off her shoes leaving only her nylons on, and issues about to remove them one of the men stopped her.

The second voice said, " leave of nylons on bitch you look more sexy with them on. "

Mary regretted shaving the outline of her bush so sexy as she did, but she wanted to be sexy for her husband. She knew that she was on display for anyone in the room, and the pillowcase covering her face only added to her terror. Someone grabbed her nipple and pulled causing her to a yelp, then a finger found her clit causing her to groan, and then another or maybe the same finger slid into her wet cunt. The touching, grabbing, and feeling went on for an indeterminable amount of time, and her blindness only added to your terror.

Once again the second voice came to her in the darkness of her prison, " OK bitch, close your eyes and keep them closed, were going remove your hood, and give you a blindfold. "

Mary closed her eyes just as her hood removed, and then felt a blindfold being put on over her eyes once again removing her sight from her. Mary could feel her skin blushing, as she stood there totally nude in front of at least two men of which she knew nothing about. Whoever it was that held her knew how to use her own fears to work on her because for the next several minutes they didn't say anything. At last a hand grabbed her hair at the back of her head, and steered her across the floor, finally forcing her to her knees.

The new voice came again of the darkness of her prison, " OK bitch, your kneeling beside the bed just in front you is a man, you will you open his pants, take out his cock and begin servicing and with your sweet mouth. The faster you get him to cum the faster you can stop. "

Mary reached up and sure enough right in front of her was man standing. With trembling fingers she opened his pants and dropped them to the floor around his ankles. She reached up to the sides of his shorts and pulled them down also sliding them down to the floor.

Mary was about to reach her hand for the cock she knew to be in front of her when the voice stopped her again, " No Hands bitch use your mouth the find it, and then service it good. Remember the faster you get to cum the quicker you get done. Another thing once you start don't remove your mouth from the cock, because if you do then you will be punished. You will be told when you may remove your mouth, if you understand nod your head. "

Mary nodded her head, and then moved her lips forward searching for the cock. The cock bumped her nose, and then she captured it with her lips. Mary had given head before to her husband, but the cock in her mouth was much bigger than any she'd ever had before. Her lips were stretched of around the cock, and it was all she could do to keep her teeth from scraping the sides, but she knew that doing that would get her punished for sure. Mary started to bring her hands up to grasp the hips of the man standing in front of her, but someone slapped her hands away, and she put them behind her again. The man that she was sucking on grabbed her hair and began to force his cock over her tongue against the entrance her throat. Each time that the cock touched her throat she would gag causing her throat to clasp the man's cock head. It seemed to go on forever, and Mary's lips were getting raw and drool dripped from her lips. Finally after a long time Mary felt the head of the cock began to expand and she knew that it was getting ready to cum. The man came so much that when he pulled there was cum running out of Mary's nose and lips, but she knew better than the use her hands to wipe it away. Mary leaned back on her ankles, and coughed trying to catch her breath.

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