Fork in the Road

by Wolfie

Copyright© 2003 by Wolfie

Sex Story: After overhearing his wife arrange to meet her lover, Jim approaches a fork in the road. Turning in one direction takes him to his office and the same old existence. Going in the opposite direction means leaving his present lifestyle, and his cheating wife for an adventure into the unknown.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/Ma   BiSexual   Cheating   DomSub   Light Bond   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Size   .

"Oh, shit!" he exclaimed. It dawned on him twelve blocks from home that he'd forgotten to take his briefcase.

He glanced at his watch and decided, with luck, that he'd be able to make his 9:00 class. He hurried back to his house and entered the unlocked front door and picked up the briefcase that he'd left sitting in the foyer.

As he headed back toward the door, he heard his wife talking to someone on the phone. He hesitated when he heard her say, "He's gone. He left a little early. Shall we meet in the usual place?"

He assumed she must be meeting one of her girlfriends for lunch, and again headed for the door, but stopped in his tracks when she exclaimed: "Oh, God, I hate that place!! It's nothing but a flea-ridden fuck motel. The beds are filthy and the walls are so thin, we can always hear our neighbors fucking."

After a momentary silence she said, "That's a better place! I'll meet you there at 11:30. I'll bring sandwiches and, of course, my wet pussy for you to eat." Whoever she was talking to had apparently found the comment funny; and she chuckled at something they had said in return.

He hurried to the door so he wouldn't be caught eavesdropping and, seemingly on autopilot, headed toward school.

As he approached the fork in the road, Jim Martin thought about his mundane life. Childless, he and his wife had been married 30 years. Their relationship was predictable and their life had, until fairly recently, been stable.

His wife was the more social of the two. Jim, on the other hand, was a more reflective person: a man who most women would die to have"at least woman who had been in relationships with losers. He earned a good living as a community college professor. Having taught for 32 years, he was considering retirement.

He thought about his wife. The conversation he'd overheard perplexed him. It didn't take a genius to figure out that she was involved in a long-term affair. From the context of the conversation, it was apparent that the affair was sexual.

He recalled that it was about 18 months ago that his wife began to pull away from him. She moved to a separate bedroom, ostensibly because he snored. Then, slowly, she began to shy away from sex: first by lying passively as he poked and prodded; and later, by locking her door at night to keep him away altogether. She also began hen pecking and criticizing him about little things. He assumed his wife's affair had begun about the time he noticed these changes.

To be fair, he had also been involved in several cyber affairs during the past year. None of them had culminated in sexual activity yet; however, he had met several women for coffee and was intrigued by the possibility of a relationship. In particular, Missy, a gorgeous 34-year-old natural blond from Pennsylvania had, just last night, repeated her plea that he come see her.

Missy ran an amateur porn site which featured girl/girl sex and gang bangs"often with black men who left her orifices filled and her face and body covered with cum. She informed Jim during one of their chats that she had two interracial children from a previous marriage to a black man she'd met when they were both stationed together in the Army. The children now lived with their father.

The thought of her large pink aureole being suckled by a black man's babies, for some reason, turned him on. She also mentioned that her ex-husband had, "honest-to-God," a fat 10 inch dick, a vision which further stimulated him. Many nights Jim entered her site and masturbated to mpegs and pictures of her as he fantasized about the many black men who had in various ways used and ravaged her white body.

Over time, Missy came to rely on Jim's knowledge and wise counsel to assist her make personal and business decisions. They often conversed on the phone and became close friends. She constantly encouraged him to come see her, telling him how she'd fuck him senseless. He was concerned about their age difference, but she said it didn't matter. She loved him, she had repeated. She assured him that it wasn't what you were, but who you were that mattered to her.

Jim often shared with Missy his many fantasies and she encouraged him to write about them in story form. Many of them appeared pseudonymously on her site, for which she gave him free access.

As he got nearer to the turn in the road he turned on the radio. ".Listen for traffic and weather on the eights, every 10 minutes 24/7," the radio announcer shrilled.

"Enough!" he thought and switched to FM, seeking music to match his melancholy mood. Shortly, the radio's seek function stopped on a country station. The disc jockey announced that the next song was going to be a Top 30 hit from 1969 by Roy Clark entitled "Right or Left at Oak Street."

"A left turn would take me to somewhere, leave alarm clocks and schedules behind... I don't know which takes more courage, the staying or the running away," Roy sang as Jim abruptly made his decision.

That morning his students would ecstatically find class cancelled. His wife would cry herself to sleep that night. After coming home from her liaison to clean herself and prepare dinner, she'd wonder why her husband had failed to come home.

Calling Missy from his motel that night after the long drive from Chicago, he anxiously waited for her to answer. Had he made a mistake? Will she really want to see me, or am I just an old fool, he wondered?

"There's no fool like an old fool," his wife was always chiding him. "The only reason those girls on the Internet are interested in you is because you have money," she'd harp at him over and over again. Yet, for the first time in decades Jim suddenly felt a sense of exhilaration at being free.

"Missy. Hi, it's me. Jim."

"Hey, Hi!!! It's so good to hear your voice. Where are you? Is your wife home with you?"

"No, actually, I'm in Philly, not far from your house."

"Oh, Jim!!! Really? Oh, baby. Where are you? I'm coming right over."

Still unsure whether he had made the right decision, and feeling insecure about Missy's first reaction to seeing him, he said, "That'd be great, but I'm beat. I drove all day and I'm not as young as I used to be, you know. I want your first impression of me to be a good one, so I think I'll turn in early. But, when can I see you?"

"Well, you always said you wanted to watch me have a gang bang. I have one scheduled for tomorrow night. Do you want to come?"

His heart began to beat rapidly as they made plans to meet the next night. He had a hard-on that tempted him to seek release, but he wanted to save his desire for what he hoped would be a fuck-filled evening.

Missy worked as a loan officer at a downtown bank and had previous business plans for lunch, so Jim bought a Gray Line Tour ticket and visited Philadelphia's historical sites. After the tour, he went to a clothing store and picked up some clothes since he'd left with only the clothes on his back. At 7 p.m. he headed toward the hotel where the gangbang was to be held.

His knock on the hotel door was answered by one of the gangbang participants; a tall, muscular black man. He stepped into the room noting he was the only white man present. Missy sat on the couch visiting with a couple of men when she looked up and saw Jim smiling affectionately at her.

She looked radiant. Her hair was pulled back into a pony tail so that it wouldn't interfere with the cameras. She was beautiful"far prettier in person than even her pictures and videos revealed. She was dressed in a black low cut Harley t-shirt with the words "Biker Bitch" embossed on the front. The shirt barely covered the top portion of her natural 36C breasts. High platform shoes, black thigh high stockings, and matching Harley thong panties completed her attire.

She jumped up and ran into his arms, giving him a heart stopping open-mouthed kiss. He knew then that he'd made the right decision in coming to see her. Standing 5'11", she was only slightly shorter than his 6 feet. She squeezed him tight and quivered like an excited puppy in his arms. The feel of her breasts against him; the feel of her narrow waist in his hands; and the feel of her pelvis pressed against him, all caused his dick to rise to full growth.

"Hmmm. Feels like you're ready for some fun. We'll get started soon, and then we can work on fulfilling the many fantasies you've written about in your stories."

Releasing her after one final squeeze, he said: "Sounds good. I can't wait."

With that, she introduced him to the other men in the room who all treated him courteously and friendly as one would expect being a friend of Missy's. There were six men in all. At the moment, they were all dressed fashionably in the latest casual style.

Tyrone, the man who had answered the door, made the first move. He grabbed Missy's hand and led her over to the coffee table. Towering over her, he bent down to give her an increasingly passionate kiss. When he slightly pulled away he gently removed her T-shirt and slowly removed her panties, the crotch of which he put against his nose and deeply inhaled.

His dick pressed prominently against his Dockers as he lifted her onto the coffee table. Standing there he kissed her belly just below her pierced belly button and trailed his tongue down to the top of her trimmed patch of blond pubic hair. Her shaved labia hung prominently between her long legs.

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