Wife for Sharing

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Wimp Husband, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom meets Jeff and Lisa. He quickly finds out that Lisa likes to fuck other men besides Jeff and in a short time, Tom's the lucky man. He gets to enjoy his first fuck with Lisa while Jeff's watching -- and Lisa's also pregnant with twins.

Chapter 1

Tom knew Jeff and his wife, Lisa, had experienced swap sessions before. Jeff had told him a little bit about their sexual adventures, just enough to whet his appetite for his shapely and sexy wife. Now she was several months pregnant with twins and Jeff had dangled the opportunity for Tom to actually fuck his wife while Jeff watched and played along with them.

Tom couldn't believe how sexy she was lying there underneath him as he started stroking his hard cock in and out of the young pregnant woman's hot pussy. He loved having sex with pregnant babes and this one was sexier than most. He knew she'd fucked a couple of Jeff's friends already and now he was getting to slide his horny cock deeply in and out of her hot wet horny pussy. Jeff said pregnancy just made her all the hornier and he could believe it. As he sunk his cock deep inside Jeff's wife, she flipped her legs around him and actually acted as though she'd suck Tom inside her pussy if she could have managed it.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, fucking hot wife you've got her, Jeff," Tom moaned as he started to really throw a lusty fucking to the hot pregnant woman lying there underneath him and joining in in their mutual fuck together.

Tom had met Jeff and his wife a few weeks earlier and he'd had the opportunity to spend a couple of evenings with them. It hadn't taken long for Jeff and his wife to size Tom up and Lisa had informed Jeff that she wanted to experience a hot fuck with Tom as soon as it could be arranged. Jeff had called Tom the very next day and passed Lisa's sexy message along to him. Tom asked if that evening would be too soon for him to come over, and Jeff had readily agreed. He'd hung up from talking to Tom and quickly called Lisa to tell her to get cleaned up and be ready for one of her sexual fantasies to become a reality that night. Lisa had lots of hot sexy fantasies so she wasn't exactly sure which one Jeff was referring to.

Tom had loved everything that had transpire so far during his evening with Jeff and Lisa and now he was thoroughly enjoying the fact that Jeff was willing to share his horny wife Lisa with him while Jeff sat there watching the horny couple getting it on and quickly moving into a hot lusty fuck with each other.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, Jeff, your wife's such a hot fuck. I can't believe you ever let another horny man get his hard cock anywhere near this beauty's hot tight pussy," Tom moaned as she felt his cock slide entirely inside Lisa's wet tight cunt and his cum-filled balls smacked hotly against her tight rounded ass. Tom knew Lisa wasn't far enough along with her pregnancy for her breasts to be producing mother's milk and he only wished he did a good enough job pleasuring her that Jeff and Lisa would keep him coming back to the point in her pregnancy when he could suckle her swollen breasts and enjoy some of her sweet sexy mommy's milk.

Imagining that Lisa was actually already lactating, Tom leaned over as he cock pistoned in and out of his pregnant lover's pussy and he cupped her rounded right breast in his hand as he lowered his lips to the perky full nipple of her left tit. Locking his lips around the darkness of her nipple, Tom snugly and firmly sucked upward on Lisa's sensitive nipple, eliciting an involuntary moan of lusty pleasure and desire from her lips. Lisa's hand stole up to the top of Tom's head, pressing his mouth even more firmly down onto her tit and letting him know how good it felt to have her breast in his mouth. Lisa loved having her tits sucked and Tom was really turning her on.

"Jeff, I know Lisa's all knocked up, buddy, with your cum but do you mind if I shoot my jizz inside her pussy when I have my orgasm?" Tom asked as he lifted Lisa's thighs up on either side of his body and began to really pound his cock in and out of her tightly clasping cunt. Tom loved fucking women who were expecting babies. He loved getting them that way and every woman he'd fucked while she was pregnant had been totally hot, totally sexy and so hot to trot that it was often hard to keep up with their desire to fuck and to have sexual climaxes. He felt like he was barely holding his own now with Lisa. She seemed to be so fucking horny that Tom knew it was a challenge to give her a fuck as hard and powerful as she wanted.

"Sure, Tom, go ahead and shoot a huge load of jizz into Lisa's hot pussy; she can't get pregnant again right now so your cum's not gonna hurt a thing, man," Jeff said as he sat there with his own cock hard and thick in his crotch. He was waiting for Lisa to finish her fucks with Tom and then he knew from past experience that Lisa would still be horny to fuck and would probably climb on top of him and ride him like she hadn't had any cock inside her all day long.

Tom felt his own orgasm beginning to build and explode in his nuts. He continued to thrust his 8 inches of hard driving cock in and out of Lisa's hot pussy and then he could tell by her rapid breathing and her thrusting with him that she was climaxing. Feeling his partner's orgasm arrive, Tom grabbed her tight and began throwing his ass back and forth, hammering his cock into her pussy as deeply and as rapidly as he could move. In about another 30 seconds, his balls cut loose and Tom could feel the first thick hot explosion of his white cum shoot from the shaft of his cock deep into Lisa's pussy. She writhed underneath his fucking as Lisa realized her new lover was cumming deep inside her body. Then, Tom collapsed on top of Lisa, kissing her tits and her lips as he heard her moaning that she needed more; that she wanted him to fuck her at least one more time before their evening together drew to a close.

Chapter 2

After Tom and Lisa had shared their very first experience of fucking together, Lisa suggested that the two of them take a nice relaxing shower together before they continued their evening of playing and having sex. Jeff agreed and he said he'd go fix them all some refreshments and something to drink while his friend Tom bathed with his pregnant wife, Lisa. Jeff headed off to the kitchen while Lisa took Tom by the hand and led him towards their master bathroom.

Tom loved the hot sight of Lisa's nice rounded ass from the rear as she walked in front of him. He thought she had one of the cutest and finest asses he'd ever seen on any woman. From the rear you could hardly tell that Lisa was several months pregnant and already growing big since she was carrying a set of twins inside her womb. He felt his cock growing very hard again even though he and Lisa had just shared a fuck. He didn't know what Lisa would let him do with her in the shower but he knew one or both of them were going to cum before their shower together finished.

Lisa leaned over into the shower, turning the water on and getting it nice and comfortable for both of them to step inside and enjoy the clean-up together. Tom reached down, stroking the hardening length of his 8-incher as he loved watching Lisa's naked body in action there in front of him. Then, when she was satisfied the water was sufficiently warm and wouldn't scald them, she went ahead and stepped inside, inviting Tom to join her. Lisa stepped underneath the cascading water, letting the warm spray fall onto her head and then fall downward over her entire naked body. Tom loved the chance to stand there close to this very pregnant young wife and enjoy the hotenss of being with a woman who was growing increasingly big with child. He loved how sexy and hot erotic a woman became when she'd gotten knocked up and Tom thought Lisa had to be one of the sexiest pregnant women he'd ever been around.

As soon as Lisa hair and her entire body had gotten sufficiently wet, he started caressing her body all over. The wetness of the water allowed him to caress her and he loved the slippery feeling of his hands sliding around and caressing her breasts, her ass, her swollen pregnant belly and the other parts of her body. He loved caressing her swollen belly and he could tell that Lisa delighted in her pregnant condition and its erotic effect on her husband and on her new lover as well. Tom lifted the rounded mound of Lisa's left tit, letting her nipple slide inside his lips as he started sucking and caressing her nipple. "mmmmmmmmmmmmm," Lisa moaned as her sensitive nipple shot thrills of lusty pleasure over her whole body. Lisa loved having her breasts fondled and suckled anytime but when she was pregnant, her tits were so sensitive it was almost overwhelming and very arousing to have them touched and sucked on.

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