Pygmalion Erotica

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Drunk/Drugged, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man who kidnaps and sexually exploits young women meets his match.

Tonight's the night. Even as I say it, there's a chill up my spine, in my groin. The end game, after two months of preparation, the last thirty days devoted exclusively to her. She's out there dancing, in that tight, inhibited way she has, but those neat tits, big and bouncy, in spite of her bra, making heads turn. The lovely blonde hair in a heavily sprayed flip. No more than two inch heels. I have imagined her with the hair wild, tall heels, slutty. Her typical Friday night, pick up someone she's met before at this brassy disco, let him take her home, but make him leave after he fucks her. A perfect candidate for my adventure. God, she's the best looking one yet.

Elizabeth Turner. That's her name. A paralegal for a good size law firm, mid five figure income, living what she thinks is a hip, with it life. Careful about who she spends her time with, wham, bam, thank you sir, now leave. She acts so staid, even on her night out, yet dresses to display herself sexily. Wide eyed innocence on a Playboy bunny's body. My instincts are pretty good by now, I just know she's repressing an erotic nature, the way a lot of young girls do. That's what makes it so much fun, so exciting.

I'm getting carried away, feeling giddy the way I always do at the start. Let me begin at the beginning. I'm a pretty good looking guy, tall, slim, no gut even over forty. I do fifty situps a day, and thirty push ups. I had a normal sort of sex life, the late seventies and early eighties gave me lots of experience, and good looking girls, if I say so myself. As I turned thirty, women my age became gradually less inhibited, even as their bodies began to age, willing to try lots of things they feared when they were younger. They give themselves more and more easily, losing themselves freely in sex. I loved it. It's true what they say about older women.

But, of course, young women are so much prettier, mostly. Firmer tits, tight asses, no flab, lithe, smiling, fresh pussies, just... better. But that damn inhibition, feeling that they're doing you a favor letting you make love to them, hump ten times, get themselves off, and good night. For a while there, I tried young ones, tried loosening them up, even some Extacy, but it didn't do much good. I even paid a young porn star one weekend, but she was still the same. She did whatever I asked, but didn't really enjoy it. I was feeling frustrated, and pissed off, when the trial occurred. That's where I got the idea, and the right formula.

This doctor had been using drugs to seduce his patients, and one of them finally spilled the beans. How the guy thought he could get away with it as long as he did is beyond me. I had filled prescriptions for a couple of the women, and had to testify briefly about it. But I sat through several days, since I had the time off anyway, and heard the medical expert describe the stuff in enough detail for me as a pharmacist to duplicate the things he gave them. The trick was, he'd get them on Demerol in his office, then follow them home, and when they took the barbiturate, barge in as it hit. The combination was pretty strong. He used enough so they were almost comatose, but the medical expert made the effect of smaller doses clear.

My first experiment was on a girl who already took a heavy speed dose anyway, and I slipped her the Demerol in a drink. That easy. Her name was Phyllis, tall, skinny, and had this rather mediocre boob job, pushed out breasts that were a little too taut. She got high, but real, real mellow. She was twenty three, and had let me fuck her once before. I took her to my house, laid her out nude, tied her up, and made love to her for three hours, finishing off with her screaming wildly as I shot up her ass. The next morning she made me do it again. She caused all kinds of trouble for me when I didn't want to see her again. That was five years ago.

That experience taught me several lessons. First, keep it away from home. Second, the whole process of losing their inhibitions happened fast, once you got over the hump. Third, they could get really vengeful when it was over. Phyllis had been on the verge of getting rabid anyway, and I fantasized about confident, in control women who could be "liberated".

The next time was the first I discovered this tendency I have to be both perverse and masterful. I had noticed a great looking woman who seemed to me to want to let loose but never did. She went to a club I frequented, more a bar than a dance place. She liked to flirt, but I saw her slap a couple of guys when they got fresh with her. After watching her do it about three times, the next Saturday night I brought a bottle of chloroform with me, followed her out to the parking lot after she did her teasing bit, and knocked her out just as she got to her car.

When I got her into the motel room I had rented, I put on this makeshift Zorro mask, gave her a shot of the Demerol and barb mixed, and was standing there, nude, as she woke up. My cock isn't anything special, but it's almost as long soft as when it gets hard. She came slowly to her senses, her eyes fluttered open, and the first thing she saw was this masked man standing there with a thick six inch dong. I was kind of waiting for her to scream, I had a gag all ready, but as she stared, I saw her floating with the drugs, and the look was a little terror, a little excitement, and a little smile. She kept trying to control herself, but the drugs did their work.

That look made my tool harden instantly. I crawled onto the bed, and started fingering her pussy. I had her wrists and legs tied to the bed. The whole thing was so fantastic I shot after fingering her for fifteen minutes, just watching the tension between her desire and fear. When she felt my jiz on her thighs, she groaned and started humping. I went ahead and brought her off with my hand. I started whispering to her that I wasn't going to rape her, or keep her there, unless she wanted me to. I untied her legs, started sucking on her twat, and after another couple of orgasms, she was begging me to fuck her. I did.

The next morning, I gave her another shot before she woke up. When I took her into the bathroom to pee, she stared at me, and as she let go her bladder, she whispered "Let me suck your cock". She was still floating, and I let her suck me to a nice nut. She surprised me by letting it shoot on her face, awfully nasty. That night, I fucked her ass, and when she woke up, I took a chance, and didn't give her another shot. She looked at me, I could see her mind thinking back, then gurgled "Do it again", trying to twist her ass around to me while still bound. I untied her and did, but never let her see my face.

I got to thinking it was going to be easy, but the next one fought it the whole next day, and I ended up letting her go without her giving in. She reported the incident to the police, but I had hidden my tracks well, and nothing ever came of it. I realized that maybe one day wasn't always enough. So I started going out on Fridays, to give me the whole weekend. Eventually, when I found a girl I really wanted to enjoy, I'd do it on holiday weekends, so even if they gave in after just one day, there'd be two more days of wild, fully consensual sex. When it worked just right, they'd kiss me goodbye, and breathe "Thank You".

I began to fantasize about the perfect woman. Young and great looking, I would liberate her, and she would end up joining me in doing it to other girls. In the last year, I've suggested it to a couple of them, and given them an email address where they could let me know. The only one who answered wrote "It was fantastic, but I just can't go that far, it's kidnapping, for Christ's sake."

By now, I had the costume I use, a black leather mask that doesn't cover my hair, the wide leather belt, and the leather arm bands. I had put together padded wrist and ankle restraints that won't hurt them. I would rent lofts, or bare apartments, for a month, with cash, anonomously, so I could continue a relationship with them after the first contact. Out of about ten, only one tried to get me caught, but I had learned to wait until I was sure the coast was clear the second "date", and saw the cops staked out. Her loss.

I began doing more and more research. I hacked into their credit files, and their state tax returns, planted bugs on their phones, and made sure I had a good profile. Elizabeth was as good a prospect as I had found. She was raised a Mormon, but didn't attend Church. That's a good sign, because the hypocrisy of religion is a terrific setup for a woman to suddenly break out. Her internet practices included several porn sites, like White Shadow's Nasty Stories. Another good sign. She would spend modestly for months, then suddenly splurge, usually with Victoria's Secret or Fredricks. A really good sign.

Damn. The guy she's been dancing with most of the night just split. The look on her face is pissed. She tosses down her drink, and heads toward the exit. Luck's on my side tonight. Won't even have to pay anyone to distract a guy. Since I know where her car is, I hurry past her, then double back to crouch down on the passenger side, away from the lights from the building. They all do the same thing. She pulls open the door, leaves it open as she uses the overhead light to search for her car keys, and I cover her mouth with the surgical cloth soaked in chloroform. She hardly struggles.

Chloroform keeps them completely under for about a half hour, but groggy for another half hour. I drag her into the trunk of my car, otherwise there'd be a risk of getting pulled over with a passed out woman visible. The third floor loft I've rented, one that I've actually used before, is only ten minutes away. The hardest part is carrying her up the stairs, a hundred twenty pounds of dead weight. I'm really gasping when I get her onto the big mattress.

What I do is hang black visqueen, you know, plasic sheets, all around, then rig lighting that makes it look surreal. Like a dark cocoon. I like to tape a few items of red lingerie on hangars around, in their size, in case the whole thing goes really well, and they end up wanting to dress up for me. The floor bolts where I attach the restraints are at the head and foot of the mattress. I had just bought fresh black satin sheets. With a few candles, soft music on a portable cd player, it's almost sound proofed, sexy looking, and I stock the frig. I'm always careful to scrub the place.

With the mask and stuff on, I prepare to undress her. This is always one of the best parts, seeing them naked for the first time. That first hour, as I slowly strip them, is so nifty I've had to learn to restrain myself so I don't pop during the disrobing. I think that's why I keep doing it, too. Nothing can quite take the place of that wonderful first step. You don't know how they'll react, or exactly how their bodies will look, or how the drugs will affect them. Some just float, but you can't turn them on. Others go wild. You just can't be sure in advance.

Elizabeth has a fruity, mild perfume on. I have my bottle of white diamonds right there, so when I get her nude, I can use it, the musky, sensual smell is terrific. She's starting to move a little, so my first step is to roll the flesh colored stockings down, attach the ankle restraints, then replace her shoes. I've bought her a pair of five inch spikes, which would make her nearly as tall as I am when she stood. The dress has the zipper on the side, under the armpit. I zip it slowly down, watching her face.

The dress is pale blue, but tight in the bodice. As the zipper comes down,.I can see a strapless bra, in flesh tone. The first question to be answered. What would her breasts be like without the bra? My intuition had told me they were liable to be great, because she was so proud of them, in a cautious way. I'm shivering in anticipation. Her first facial expression is to wrinkle her nose. I'm burning a light incense.

I dab perfume under her arms. Sometimes I have to shave the pits, but Elizabeth is smooth as a baby's butt under there. I can't resist, and give a soft, lingering kiss to the warm flesh. Her sweat is very earthy, and the white diamonds is a perfect accompaniment. She reacts with a little shiver. Oh I knew it, I knew it. The pulse in her neck is strong, so she hasn't been damaged by the chloroform at all. Time for her first shot.

She feels the needle, in her arm, but I'm pretty good by now, so there's just a small flinch. Now I have to lay here for ten minutes or so, and if I've timed it right, as she comes out from under the chloroform, the drugs begin to kick in. Ah, yes, her eyes are fluttering now. She gives a little start, then a long sigh. She begins to twist, and slowly realizes she's tied up. Since her arms are over her head, she pulls on those padded leather bonds first.

I run my hands over her clothed body, gently, but also firmly enough that as she wakes up, she's aware of it. Her face looks so beautiful, and I'm drinking that soft, lovely expression in, knowing it'll be a while before I see it again. It doesn't last too long, and as I'm nuzzling under her arms, she starts, her eyes fly open, and she snaps her head around to stare at me.

This is kind of a crucial point, and I don't want to have to gag her, so I start whispering the opening gambit. "Elizabeth, beautiful Elizabeth, don't be afraid, don't be afraid, you will not be harmed, or raped, or abused in any way. You're so lovely. Mmmm, you're body is wonderful. I've given you something to relax you, something very nice, can you feel it?" Her eyes are wide as she stares at me, and I can see fear, flitting around, but it's softened by the floating sensation from the morphine(Demerol is a morphine derivative). That first moment slides by, and she doesn't scream. My timing has been pretty good.

"I'm going to undress you, Elizabeth. But remember, you won't be harmed. I'm not going to rape you. I just want to gaze at your body, your fantastic, sexy body. Relax, darling. Relax." I'm pulling the dress up over her head. I do it slowly, revealing first, her thighs, and now the black crotch of her panties. I lean over and kiss the inside of her nearest thigh, inhaling the odor of her groin. There's a little hint of her perfume, but that's all. Later, when she starts to cream, I'll discover her pussy's smell.

The faint shadow of her pubic hair shows in the thong style underwear. From up close, a few stray tendrils of dark tan hair are pushing out of the side seam. I knew she was a natural blonde, and resist the temptation to bury my mouth down there. It's very important to go slowly, gradually increasing our intimacy. After lingering a while on her thigh, I raise the dress all the way to her neck, covering her head. There's a lovely little trail of very soft, almost invisible hair running up to her bellybutton. I lick it gently, and she twists.

The bra leaves the top half of her breasts exposed, and their fullness is pillowed nicely above the cups. The top half of one nipple shows. Now, I lean over and kiss her navel, which is also nice and clean. She starts when she feels that, and twists away a little. I wait a moment, then return. It's an innie. This time, she sighs, and doesn't twist. That's the trick. Get them to surrender in small bits.

I start working up toward those lovely tits. Just my lips. As I approach the bottom of her bra, I feel her tense. I let out a long sigh, and back off. "Elizabeth, you're so lovely. So clean, so soft. I promise, no pain, no rape, just this, light caresses, paying homage to you." Then I kiss the flesh of one boob, putting a little pressure on. She twists away again.

Now for a trick I've learned. I back away, and roll off the bed. I can hear her breathing hard, and after a few minutes, she whispers "Are you still there? Did you leave?" I wait a few beats, then murmur, "Still here, Elizabeth. I don't want to go too fast." I let that sink in, then lower myself beside her once again. As I kiss that same spot, feeling her skin moist, she doesn't twist. I kiss for a few minutes, and tongue the partially exposed nipple, she starts a bit, but still just lays there. Then I let one hand cup the boob nearest me, gently, while I continue to use my mouth on the mounds starting to wobble slightly from her breathing. She's continuing to breathe a little harder, an excellent sign, early arousal.

The way I think about it is that the drugs are making her feel good, she's being treated gently, and my caresses are starting to feel welcome. But she doesn't want to admit that to herself. Now I reach up and loosen one of the wrist bonds. "Please don't do anything silly, darling. I just want to get your dress off. That's all. I don't want to destroy it, but I have to take your arm down to do it. Please, just let me do it." I release her wrist.

This is another crucial point. A couple of them have tried to hit me when I get to this step. But Elizabeth just lets me pull the dress over her arm, and refasten her wrist. The other wrist goes quickly, and I pull the dress over her head. She stares at me, squinting since her eyes have been covered for nearly ten minutes. I use my hand to smooth her hair back in place, though with a little left flying. Then I begin caressing her face, lying there beside her, and as she relaxes, I let my cock just touch her thigh. Her eyes widen, and she stares at me, whispering "You said..." I answer "It's just a caress, Elizabeth. Just my admiration."

She raises her head, and looks down at my prick, then moves her leg away. It gets into an uncomfortable position, kind of straining her hip and pulling at the ankle restraint. I just keep touching her face. Finally, I move my lips to her ear, and first kiss, then tongue. Again, clean as a whistle, and she gives a little sigh. I just stay there, continuing, until I feel her leg relax, and come back in contact with my cock. See what I mean? Little surrenders.

This is a lovely period in the process. I murmur compliments in her ear, touching her above her breasts, on her face, savoring that soft, pungent skin of her armpits, damp and fragrant, the musky perfume entrancing. She wiggles as I kiss her there, and crinkles her nose. I lick carefully, gently, and she sighs. Her eyes start when she feels a little drop of my pre cum wet her thigh. I can feel her tense, but she doesn't try to resist very long. She relaxes back against my cockhead, sighing again. Her pink tongue licks her lips quickly.

Once she's relaxed, I start the next phase. "Mmm, Elizabeth, I'd like to make up you're lovely face. Darker, more sensual, heavier in the eyes, taking full erotic advantage of your features. Please help me. Will you? Please?" I've been doing this for the last year or so, and the stuff I use is always much more blatant and sexy than their normal cosmetics, and it produces a startling change in their appearance. They've all loved it.

She's afraid to say yes. They all are. But they usually give some small sign that they won't resist. Remember, they're floating in a euphoric state. Elizabeth gives me a small shrug. I let her see me smile. I start with cold cream, she's used to my touch on her face now, and then do the lips first. Slowly, the feeling of a stranger applying makeup gets mixed with the euphoria and she begins to enjoy it. I apply a dark rouge to her cheeks, then blend it carefully. Elizabeth doesn't need any foundation.

I darken the eyebrows heavily, then apply eyeliner in several shades of purple from the brows to the lashes. I whisper "Hold steady, dear." and use mascara and eye liner, thick, on both top and bottom. "All done. Do you want to see it?" She gives a little nod, and when I hold the mirror over her head, her eyes widen. "I... I look like a tart." But I respond "No, no you look marvelous, darling." I sort of do a half assed Montalban accent, trying to see if she'll smile. Her eyes dart to me, and I see the hint of a grin, but she controls it quickly.

Now for the white diamonds. I whisper "This is a perfume I like, Elizabeth. I think it's very sexy." I wave the stopper below her nose a few inches, then ask "Do you like it? Isn't it erotic?" She's still staring at me. "It's... it's so strong." She stares a few moments, then closes her eyes with a sigh. Giving me permission. Another small surrender. I dab it liberally between her tits, on her navel, then on each thigh, inside, near her pussy. I hold up the mirror again. "You look and smell like an erotic, sensual, woman now, darling."

I let her look until she says "W... What now?" I ask her "What do you think? Is there something you want?" I've had to move around a lot, but now I lie down beside her again, and she looks over at me. I let my now stiff cock slide over the top of her thigh. She hardly seems to notice. "You're going to make me naked, aren't you?" She's staring at me, and I study her face. There's some flushing, a bit of question, but just a hint of anticipation, it seems to me. See, the way I've done it, it's almost like she invited me to strip her completely.

"Yes, yes Elizabeth, I am. Is there anything you want, first? A glass of water? I have some pot, though that might be overdoing the drugs. Maybe a drink? I have wine, whiskey, beer." She thinks, licks her lips, and murmurs "Maybe a glass of water." I have a bottle that squirts on the table beside the bed, and offer it to her. I squirt gently into her mouth. She takes a couple of gulps, then shakes her head vigorously. When I pull it away, she says "That's e... enough."

I give it time, because this is a wonderful moment. She's staring at me, floating in a sea of soft pleasure, having in effect said "I'm ready now, go ahead and strip away my last clothing." I hold her gaze, as I put the bottle back on the table, and reach in the drawer for the straight razor. As I let her see it, I cuddle a little closer, pressing my groin against her hip, and whisper "I've tried not cutting the bra and panties, Elizabeth. But it's like the dress, clumsy and a lot of wiggling around. I'm so looking forward to unveiling you, I want it to be easy, simple. You do see, don't you?" I pause. She keeps staring. "Don't you?" She gives a little nod. Oh God. My cock twitches, she feels it. Her eyes widen. But the fear is gone. She's ready for it.

Very carefully, I let the cold steel blade push under the narrow strip of the bra between the cups. It's very quiet now, we're both holding our breath. The cups are pushed away by her mounds, which sink slightly to the sides as the material separates. I fold the razor back up, not touching the now loose bra. I leave the folded razor on the bed beside her, within her sight. But she's still staring at me. The cloth of the cups has pulled away, but only reveals a couple of inches of flesh on the insides of both her breasts. She gasps a breath, and so do I. Again I wait.

After a minute, my hand reaches toward her body. She closes her eyes. I sense the tiniest bit of wiggling in her hips. She's breathing in shallow, small gulps now. With just a finger, I slowly slide the cup nearest me off her tit. It's even more gorgeous than I imagined. It's bulk is making it lean to the side, but it's so big and full, and her muscles so fit, that there's very little sag. And the pink nipple is stiff. Yes. Her body is fighting her fear.

Equally slowly, I push away the other cup. I groan throatily "Oh Elizabeth, they're wonderful, beautiful, so full, so lovely. Ohhhh." I know how proud she is of her tits. Her expression is just the slightest bit pleased, liking the compliment. I wait for a moment, watching the nipples slowly relax. Then I lean over her and begin breathing on the nearest one. They immediately stiffen again. I tilt my head so I can see her eyes, and she's staring at her nipples, with a slight gape opening her mouth, and I think I detect a tiny flame of desire. I let my tongue flick out to the very tip of her nearest dimpled, swollen erection. I hear her gasp.

But she isn't saying stop, she isn't twisting away, just staring. My lips surround the nipple, and I suck lightly. For some reason, several of them have had trouble getting through this step. I don't know why, maybe because it's too sensitive, or it's an act of nurturing that's too large a surrender. No matter in what order I go, perhaps half of them will yell or complain at this stage. I can't see her eyes now, as I suck more and more firmly, but her breathing sounds feverish to me. Whatever inhibition others have, Elizabeth doesn't complain.

I lean further over, and repeat my lovemaking to her other boob. Her eyes had been lidded a bit when I saw them as I moved my head. Now I return to her side, and begin to touch her titflesh. I cup first one, then the other. I squeeze the nipples between thumb and forefinger. I wobble them gently. I sigh "Elizabeth, Elizabeth." She is completely relaxed, and her head is starting to turn back and forth slightly. And then, I smell it. The distinctive musk of cunt cream.

I rarely get that at this point. It usually takes longer, though I have stretched this out more than normal. I had suspected that Elizabeth would have a profoundly sensual nature, and that hint of her excitement drifting up to me confirms my wildest dreams. I feel my tool start to pulse, and recognizing the signs, twist away from her. After a minute or so in which I just lay beside her, not touching, trying to get control back, she chokes "W... what's wrong?" This has never happened before, and my mind spins, as I blurt out "You're creaming, Elizabeth. I got too excited. You're so sexy. I don't want to do something stupid."

I lay there as the pressure settles down. Just as I begin thinking about going back to her, she breathes "It, it felt good, what you did to my breasts." I groan again, and my cock leaps. it bounces on her hip, and I see a quick smile. I have to start moving faster, I just can't wait much longer. I quickly slice the strings of the panties, toss away the blade, and rest my cheek on her thighs, my nose right there near her twat, and see her eyes widen, staring down at me. The restraints have enough slack so that she has had her legs together. I don't want to let her separate them, because one of my favorite bits is next.

Very gently, my teeth grip the side seam of the triangle that covers her pussy, and pull it off. It barely covered the thick bush of tan pubic hair, and with her legs together, her slit extends a good two inches up from the bottom of her outer labia. There's some swelling and redness, I think, and her smell is strong this close. Holding her eyes, I inhale deeply, and smile. "Wonderful, wonderful." Her eyes are huge. The temptation to lick is powerful, and I give in slightly, just reaching out to let the hair graze the end of my tongue. The cloth of the panties is clumped below her pussy, between her thighs.

I return to her side, and as my hands cover her tits, kiss her cheek lightly. In her ear, I whisper "Relax, darling. Let me make you feel good." Her eyes clench shut. My left hand begins to slowly caress toward her cunt. She bites her lower lip between her teeth. I wiggle closer to her, letting her feel the hardness of my prick with both her hip and her abdomen. As my hand gets to the upper edge of her pubic patch, I raise my hand so only my middle finger is touching her. "Keep your legs together, Elizabeth. I'm not going to enter you. I'm not going to even try. Just touch, Just admire. Just... to pay homage to your beauty."

Gently, my finger slips to the top of her slit, that wonderful, tender beginning of her labial flesh, the opening to her sensual soul. Even if she were not so far along, this would do it, I knew from past experience. She feels the slight pressure, her hips give a little jump, but instead of twisting away, she moans "Oh no, nooooo..." As if in answer, I urge "Yes, darling yes, let it flow over you. The feeling good, floating, the pleasure. You look so beautiful, your skin is so soft, so tender, so lovely. Feel it, feel it. Mmmmmmm."

She doesn't open her eyes, doesn't say anymore. Doesn't try to twist away, or tighten her legs. My finger insinuates between the folds, not far, a half inch or so, and the inside of my knuckle presses against the soft spot above her pubic bone where the g spot should be. As I do it, she sucks in a breath. I can almost feel the tension between her body's urge to let go, to welcome my caress, and her mind's confusion. I just snuggle to her warm body, breathe in her ear, and let tiny movements of my finger build up tension.

It's so sexy. That wonderful spot, the now musky smell surrounding both of us, a slight bloom of sweat on her face, under her arms. I luxuriate in it, the feeling of her falling slowly into desire, the pleasure in being pressed to her body, watching the emotion play across her face. I nuzzle and lick at her armpit. After five minutes, I feel it. Her legs begin to open. Just a fraction, then she waits to see what I will do. I don't go any further, just continue lightly tickling there in the vicinity of her clit. She opens her legs a trifle more. Still I stay where I am.

Suddenly, her legs splay apart, her hips rise, and she mutters "Go ahead, go ahead. Please. Please." I don't laugh or gloat. I whisper "Do you want me to slide my finger inside you, Elizabeth? Do you want me to get you off? To make you climax?" I wait. She keeps wiggling, then suddenly, explosively yells "Yes you bastard, get me offffff." I push the finger inside her now sopping wet hole, wiggling up from underneath where my knuckle had been before, keeping my palm over the top of her twat so there is pressure still on her clit. As I wiggle the finger, and she humps her hips at my hand, I begin humping against her hip, with my cock between our bodies, and begin to work toward her orgasm.

Her eyes are still closed, but she's concentrating. It happens fast, because that giving in after resisting for so long is almost explosive. The movement of her hips up to my hand becomes spasmodic, insistent, then, as it ends, a series of short, frantic jumps. Moments later, the air goes slowly out of the balloon as she collapses to the bed, her cunt still spasming around my finger, and I suddenly warn her "Oh me too, umph." I let my cock jump upwards, and my spitting jiz lands first on her stomach, then on her hip nearest me. She starts when she feels each glob. The whole time, she's been grimacing, not making a sound, but now she calls out "Ooooooooooooh."

Her eyes open with several blinks, fluttering, and she stares at me. I whisper "I'm sorry about my spunk, Elizabeth, but you're too lovely, I couldn't help myself." They love to feel they were able to drive you out of control. Then I wait. She stares up at the ceiling, thinking, then asks "What now? Do I get to go home? You're not finished, are you?" Rather than answer her, I ask "Was it nice? Did you like it? It looked like you did. My hand is soaked." She stares at me again, as I'm sucking on my finger, tasting her, then suddenly starts to cry. "Yes damn you, yes, it was great, I've never, ever gotten off that hard. With a fucking kidnapping pervert, tied like a goddamn whore, and all I can think of is do it again." There's a long pause as she sniffles. Then " Listen, can you fuck me tonight? Can you? That drug must be something. God, how does this end?"

Tears are running down her face, but they aren't desperate, they're some part disappointment in herself, some part post coital depression, some part happiness. I kiss at the tears, warning her "Don't cry too much, It'll ruin the makeup. Do you want me to fuck you? You know I'd like to. But I promised you I wouldn't, and I don't break promises. Unless I'm released" She looks at me, smiles, and says "You're being a smartass, huh? You've done this before, so you know what the drugs do, combined with... all the other." She closes her eyes, her tummy still undulating slightly with her orgasm. In a strained whisper, she tells me "Yes, oh god yes, do it to me. Get me off like that again."

Up to now, things have been pretty much to form, but Elizabeth has blossomed quicker than most in the last few minutes. I'm thinking, as I reach up to wipe a streak of mascara caused by a tear from her cheek, what do I do now? The temptation to free her, hope she will stay, that we can make wild love all weekend, is strong. I can't be sure if I've really overpowered her inhibition, or she's just excited more than normal. I finally decide to talk to her about the whole thing, see if I can know her state of mind better.

"Ordinarily, Elizabeth, I would let you relax, then eat your pussy. I'm good at it. I would get you off again with my mouth and tongue, then let you sleep. Tomorrow I would give you another shot first thing, feed you, eat you some more, and try to get you to let me fuck you. My purpose, aside from how strongly you attract me, is to get you in touch with your sensual nature, to try and help you embrace sex without fear, or inhibition. I know you're excited now, but I'm afraid you might try to slip away if I release you. My idea is to restrain you until I feel your conversion, your liberation, is complete."

She stares at me as I speak, sucking in a little breath when I mention eating her out, and frowning slightly at the end. She answers "I... I guess I see. How can you know? I'm not even sure that if I promise, I won't change my mind without the drugs. I feel so good right now. Do you take them too? It must be tempting. I'd like to see your face. I know you're smart, and not a disgusting rapist." She turns to stare up at the ceiling. Then she twists back to me, and whispers "LIsten, kiss me, would you? I've always liked kissing. Besides, you can tell a lot about a man, from his kiss. You haven't yet." My heart pounds as I shift slightly upwards, and let our lips touch gently. She keeps her head back on the pillow until I'm kissing her gently, then pushes her mouth hard at mine, opening and flickng up with her tongue. I pull back. She gurgles "Don't screw around, okay? A real goddamn kiss. Hard. Use your tongue." My head falls to hers, my conscious mind now captive to her desire, her need.

This is all new, and I can no longer rely on experience. As our kiss becomes passionate, feeling, wet, incredibly stimulating, my mind whirls in wonder. We're both gasping. She breaks for a breath, grunting "Oh, oh, oh" then pushes back up to me. My cock is hard again. This is an epiphany for me, her willingness, her desire. I know I must take risks, for in the back of my mind, I'm beginning to hope she is the woman who can be my true partner.

It's as though our minds are working together. She pulls away, and in a frantic, pleading way asks "Just keep one ankle tied. You can hook me up again after we make love. I have to touch you. I have to." I'm no longer in control, no longer able to savor the moments, but desperate for her. As I start releasing her wrists, there's a hint of fear that she has fooled me, is faking. But if she is not I might miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

I go for her near ankle, while she rubs at her wrists. When I free it, she slides her leg into my knees as I kneel there, spreading herself, and reaches for her cunt, pulling the outer folds apart. "Go ahead, go ahead, eat me. Show me how good you are at it." I edge quickly around and without a thought, bury my head in her pussy.

I cover her whole twat with my mouth, enter her with my tongue, then drag it up to her clitty. It isn't very big, but it's hard as a rock. The minute I touch it, her leg goes over my head and she tries to pull down, increasing the pressure. Even though I know how sensitive she is, after cumming just a few minutes ago, I go ahead and keep licking, sucking harder, responding to her urgency. She starts making excited little squeaks of pleasure. Almost before I know it, she begins to orgasm again. Gazing up over those full, wobbling tits, the nipples erect, I can see that vacant, far away look in her eyes that comes with climax.

"Ungh, yes, you are... ohhhhh god." Her hole spasms, squeezing my tongue, increasing the vacuum. My head is caught between her calf and her pussy, and she twists her hips up, still groaning. I have enough presence of mind to ease off her clit so she can get off, then come down. The last thing I want to do now is to be hard on her super sensitive button. Her cream, with it's delicate, tart, wonderful taste is cascading into my mouth. I'm savoring it vaguely, wondering what now, will this be all she can take, is it over for the night, will I have to beat off again? She gradually relaxes. Her breathing is fast and deep, but not gasping now.

Two minutes go by as I continue to taste her, and her eyes are closed, a smile of completion on her face. Then her eyes open, and she stares down at me. Her hands grip both sides of my head and pull me upwards. "Fuck me now, please, I don't want to disturb your routine, but I feel so hot, so good. I've read about multiple orgasms, and never knew I could 'til this very moment, but I want your cock. Come on, come on. Take your time, okay?"

She pulls me into a deep kiss, working her tongue, as we both move our hips gently, and she feel my tool's pressure at her cunt. Amazingly, without either of us really trying, it finds her wide open hole and seems to enter her of it's own accord. She pushes my head away and smiles at me. "Jesus, it's like we're made for each other." Our eyes are locked together as I let myself penetrate her slowly. Suddenly, I see a new level of excitement in her face, and she humps up, burying me inside her, to my depths, and groans "Ahhhhhhhhh."

I'm gone now, lost in want for her, feeling her tits on my chest, the wonderful warmth of her pussy around my straining member. Her beautiful face is smiling in surrender. It's almost an involuntary thing as my cock begins a slow, rhythmic in and out. I'm operating on autopilt as the tingling wonder, affection, and excitement drive me wild. Too soon, too soon, I begin to fuck harder, driving into her hot, writhing cunt, feeling her body squeeze my tool. I raise my head and mutter "Elizabeth, I can't hold off, I can't, so good, so... ummmm." Her bright eyes leer at me, and she answers "Go ahead, let it go, fill me, pill, pill, yes, yes, yessssss."

Suddenly, as I feel her leg wrapped around my hips, her arms pulling me down on top of her, her other leg fighting with the restraint, her hips starting to spasm up at me, I go into the final stages of my cum. I pull all the way out on each stroke, then drive with something like madness into her body, arching on each frantic, wonderful lunge. The peak takes me over, she's crying again, I feel pressure on my cock, I start to spurt, and an ecstacy beyond my experience flushes my whole body. Again, as from a distance I hear her literally scream "Oh fuuuuuuck." Her arms have me in a death grip. There's hardly any friction from her fantastically lubricated pussy. I can hear little squishing noises when my pummeling tool pulls back.

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