Batteries Not Included

by Couture

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Lesbian, DomSub, FemaleDom, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Sex Story: Girl is introduced to sex and submission at the hands of her roommate and pink vibe.

© 2003

"Just wait till you see what I got this summer," Natalie said to her friend and roommate Jennifer.

It was a conversation that had happened every year in this same dorm room by different girls. Usually one girl would show the other a dark tan or a picture of a boyfriend. This time it was something completely different.

Jen watched in amazement as her friend Natalie pulled out something entirely more wicked than a boyfriend's picture out from a hidden portion of her suitcase.

"No - way -" said Jen.

"Way," said Natalie. "My own personal fucktoy."

It was pink and the shape of it was a little different than what Jen thought a vibrator would look like. This one had what appeared to be pearls of some sort near the top and some sort of protruding thing near the base. It was the head that indicated what it really was. A head that could only belong on a vibrator.

"Make sure the door is locked," said Natalie.

Jen went to lock the door, looking back, unable to take her eyes off the device in Natalie's hand.

"Come here and watch this," Natalie said. She turned it on with the controller, which was on the battery pack, attached to the vibrator by a cord. The vibe hummed in gentle vibration. "Go ahead, touch it."

Jen hesitated at first. After all, she was certain where it had been at one time or another, but eventually her curiosity won out and she touched it. It felt soft--almost flesh-like. It was strange, but the vibrations weren't coming from the penis shaped part as she imagined it would, but from the protuberance at the bottom.

"The bunny vibrates," Natalie said. "His little ears go around your clit. It's awesome... but wait, there's more." She pushed another button on the control.

Jen gasped. The vibrator moved! It twisted and turned, as the tiny pearls clacked against one another as they rotated inside. She looked closer. Oh, there's the bunny! She could see its head on the tiny knob at the bottom. "This is so cool," she said, touching it again, but very lightly, as if she were afraid it would bite her. Down below, she felt herself warming up, getting wet at the thoughts of what this wicked device could do, of how it would feel inside her. She wanted to try it. She was already making plans to get it while Natalie was in class.

"Do you want really feel it?" Natalie asked.

Jen blushed. Yes, she wanted to feel it. She just didn't want to admit it, but she found herself nodding her head.

"Spread your legs," Natalie said, taking the vibe and rubbing the vibrating rabbit along Jen's thigh.

Jen grabbed Natalie by the wrist. "Can I hold it?" She wanted to feel the vibe, but she didn't want Natalie touching her down there. It was wrong enough as it was, but she knew the other was just plain sinful.

"No, you'll just break it or something, you clutz. Besides, this is a toy for big girls." Natalie continued to run the vibe up and down along Jen's thigh, going higher and higher each time, until eventually the vibe hummed on the top of her roommate's panties.

I'm a big girl, Jen fumed. Where does she get off? She's only a few months older than me.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?" Natalie asked.

Yes, it did feel nice. Even though the vibrations were diluted by her panties, it still felt yummy. But Jen knew this was wrong - so wrong. She understood why her elders said to stay away from things like this. She thought things like this were harmless, but she knew it wasn't harmless anymore. Not only were they wicked, they made her want to do wicked things. Things she would have never imagined doing.

Her pussy was gushing now. It was hot and hungry. It wanted to feel that bunny right on her clit and there wasn't a damn thing she could do to stop it. Her mind screamed SIN! SIN! But even as it did so, she licked her lips, leaned back on her hands, and spread her legs. My God, what is happening to me, she thought.

"Oh yes, that's my girl," Natalie breathed. She ran the bunny along the slit of Jen's panties. "That feels even better, I bet."

Jen couldn't argue. The white cotton of her panties was soaked through. She was wet. Her musky scent filled the air and she prayed Natalie wouldn't notice. She shivered inside at the thought of what her roommate was doing to her.

"Wow," Natalie exclaimed, pulling the white cotton into Jen's slit, the girl's plump pussy gorging on them and slobbering sex juice down her thighs. "I've never seen anyone get so wet."

Jen wanted to stop. This had gone way too far, but she was hopeless against her growing arousal. She moaned as her roommate continued to toy with sex.

Natalie smiled wickedly. She had never imagined it would be this easy to seduce her roommate, but she didn't just want to seduce Jen - she wanted more. She felt herself warming inside at the thought.

"God, you're so wet, I think I'll gonna call you Juicy," Natalie said. "You don't' mind if I call you Juicy, do you?"

Jen blushed. Yes, she minded, she just wasn't in a position to argue. Not with her legs spread, her panties pushed into her sex, and her roommate running the vibratror. She refused to look at her roommate, refused to answer.

Natalie removed the vibe from her roommate's slit. "I didn't hear you?"

"Yes," Jen admitted. "You- you can call me... Juicy." Had she just said that? Surely she didn't. The humiliation was driven from her mind by the return of the vibrating bunny.

"It's fun playing with you like this Juicy. I like watching you squirm around and gush all over the place," Natalie said. "But you know what? I think I want to play a different kind of game. This game's called 'Natalie says'. If I say, Natalie says, you hafta do what I say. Otherwise, you don't. Just two simple rules. Even a juicy little airhead could remember them. You can remember them, can't you Juicy?"

"Yes, I can remember," Jen whined, her cheeks turning a bright scarlet. She didn't like the way Natalie had started treating her, but her body craved the wonderful feelings in her sex. "Let's stop. Okay? I don't want to play."

"Natalie says, take off your shirt."

"Please, we should stop," Jen feeble protested, but at the same time her shaking fingers clumsily undid the buttons of her starched oxford shirt and tossed it carelessly to the floor.

"Natalie says, take of your skirt."

"This is wrong," Jen pleaded, even as she lifted her bottom off the bed and slipped her short pleated skirt to her feet.

"Natalie says, pucker up."

Before the words even set in, Natalie was kissing her slender roommate, probing her mouth with her agile tongue. Jen realized she was being kissed by a girl, even kissing her back. It was wrong, but it felt so right. She felt a pang of disappointment when it ended.

"Natalie says, take off your bra."

'I need to stop. I need to stop,' Jen repeated in her head. She took off her bra and made up her mind that this was as far as she would go. Kissing and fondling was sinful, but it wasn't really sex, was it?

Her nipples, hard already, now even more so due to the cold drafty room.

"A little small," Natalie said, making Jen blush with shame. "But pretty nipples. They look hard. I bet they are really sensitive. Pucker up."

Jen turned her head and opened her mouth as Natalie descended. She closed her eyes, ready and willing for the kiss, but instead of pleasure, she felt the shock of pain as her nipple was harshly pinched between Natalie's fingers.

"Owww!" she cried. Fuck that hurt! What did that bitch Natalie think she was doing?

Natalie grinned wickedly. "I didn't say, Natalie says."

'Bitch!' Jen thought, as she rubbed the pain out of her sore nipple. She realized the stakes had been raised in this simple game. Not only would there be pleasure, but if she failed, there would be punishment as well. She felt her sex surge with wetness in anticipation.

"Natalie says, spread your legs."

Jen didn't know if her roommate would pinch her for failing to obey, but obey she would; if she wanted feel the vibrator again. She relented and spread her slender legs and Natalie obliged with the vibrator. However, instead of running the bunny along the slit of Jen's crotch, Natalie bumped the mushroom-shaped head against the opening of her sex, pushing the thin cotton even further into the mouth of her femininity. Each time the phallus struck home, it made Jen gasp and yearn for more, hungry to feel it inside.

"Take off your panties, Jenny. Quickly."

Jen pulled them down, gasped as the fabric pulled free of her nether lips. It wasn't until they dangled from her ankle she realized she had gone further than she promised herself she would. Worse, Natalie hadn't said, Natalie says. Her hands flew to protect her breasts.

"I didn't say Natalie says, did I?" Natalie asked.

Jen shook her head, unable to meet her roommate's eyes.

"Dummy, you need to pay attention to what I'm saying, not those dirty little thoughts in your empty little noggin my juicy girl. Now, Natalie says, move your hands."

Jen didn't want to, even as she reluctantly moved her hands to her sides. She knew what was going to happen. She knew it would hurt and she even knew she could stop what was happening from going any further. She could just get up and unlock the door. Threaten to tell one of the sisters. But if she did, the game would stop and it would never start again.

Natalie took her roommate's nipple between her thumb and forefinger. Goosebumps covered her ivory flesh.

"Natalie says, pucker up."

When Jen opened her mouth, Natalie smothered her with her own, pinching and pulling the girl's tiny hard nub of flesh as she did so.

Natalie had thoughts about girls before. She liked the way they looked, their rounded shoulders and slender necks, their large eyes and pretty mouths. She had kissed a few before, even touched a few. She had liked it. But nothing she had ever done had prepared her for this; of having a girl, a girl who obeyed, squirming in her arms, as she inhaling her squeal of pain. It made her giddy. It made her HOT. She broke the kiss and grinned at the dazed, helpless condition of her roommate - her new toy.

"Natalie says, knees to your chest."

Jen obeyed. Even though she knew what was going to happen. Knew that for forever more, this would be her first sexual experience, and it would be with another girl and a vibrating dildo. Her dreams of the perfect honeymoon were over, but God help her, this had her hotter than any honeymoon fantasy ever had.

Jen brought her arms behind her knees and hugged them tightly to her chest. She was exposed - exposed and available for whatever devious thought Natalie had in mind.

"God, you're wet, my Juicy girl. You love this don't you?"

Her face burning in humiliation, Jen nodded her head in admission.

"Then say it," Natalie said sternly.

"I-I love it," Jen stammered.

"And what do you want me to do with the pink bunny Juicy Jenny?"

Jen felt the heat rising in her face. She suddenly felt very small, very weak. "Make love to me."

Natalie bent down until her face was only inches from her roommate's. She continued teasing the girl's sex with the vibrator.

"You mean fuck you, don't you?"


"Then say it."

"Fuck me. Please." Jen tried to kiss the young red-head, but Natalie only moved out of the way.

"You want me to bunny fuck you?"

"Yes. Oh God yes, please bunny fuck me."

"Bunny fuck what? Your mouth, your cunt, or your ass. Tell me where you want Mr. Bunny."

Jen only wanted to feel the pleasure; she didn't care for having to ask for such things. These things were just supposed to happen and the words Natalie used, they were so sinful, so dirty.

"My pookie," Jen said as she stretched her lithe body, pushing her hips toward the pink vibrator.

"Look at you Jenny. You're dripping down your thighs. I can see your hungry lips. No, my juicy girl, that doesn't look like a pookie to me. What does it look like to you? Tell me what you see."

Jenny blinked away her tears. She looked below at her matted blonde triangle of hair. Saw the puffy aroused lips of her sex. Saw the moisture clinging to her thighs. Yes, Natalie was right, it wasn't a pookie, it was... "My cunt. Please Natalie, bunny fuck my cunt. Do whatever you want with me."

"Good girl," Natalie said. Her pink tongue darted out from between her lips and it danced with her roommate's. However, as Jen tried to complete the kiss, Natalie pulled away. She grinned as she looked at the innocent form of her roommate. "Natalie says, take the bunny."

Finally, something Jen didn't have to think about. All she had to do was lay there and be fucked by the vibrator, but even that was no easy matter. It was big - much bigger than her finger. She didn't think she could take it at first, but it went in easily and Natalie wasn't pushing the whole thing in. Just a few inches, only a little more than the head. The problem was, Natalie pulled it all the way out with every thrust, before pushing it back in. With every thrust, it would stretch her opening and then as it went in, it felt more comfortable, felt as if it were filling her up. Then just as she wanted more, it would only be pulled out again and the process would start over.

Jen yearned for more. She wanted it deeper. She wanted to feel the bunny vibrating against her clit. She wanted - she didn't want it to be pulled out after every thrust, which was what was happening. She opened her eyes to meet her roommate's harsh glare. Natalie held the vibrator accusingly to her face.

"Look what you've done you juicy bitch," she said. "Christ you've made a wet mess of it." Natalie put the head of it at Jen's mouth. "Suck it clean."

Jen hesitated. Natalie didn't say, Natalie says. And she couldn't imagine submitting in such a degrading fashion, even thought the thoughts of it sent thrills of pleasure through her sex.

"I said suck it!"

Natalie looked serious. She was mad and it appeared to be Jen's fault. Jen didn't want her roommate to be angry. She opened her mouth and took the rubber cock it. It tasted of latex and the musk of her sex. She wondered if she could taste the lingering traces of Natalie as she felated it for her roommate.

"I didn't say Natalie says, did I?" Natalie smiled evilly, and tweaked one nipple and then the other, causing Jen to moan from around the cock stuffing her orifice.

Natalie pulled the dildo from her roommate's mouth with a pop. "Natalie says, on your hands and knees."

And so it continued...

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