Magic Family

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Both my sister and I help my father with his magic act. This summer season I meet Jilly a very atractive dancer who joins our act.

I think I'm lucky for I live a most interesting life. My family is in Show Business, which means we moved around a fair bit. For five months of the year, when Dad worked Summer Season at one of the South's resorts, we lived in a nice hotel, for the rest of the year we lived at home in West London. The down side of all this is that I'm forever a new boy at school. Dad is a magician with mum, until recently, his long legged assistant. He does card tricks, illusions and some hypnotism and is always 'Top of the Bill'.

To make my life easier at school, I have made myself an expert with cards. Nothing breaks the ice better than a good card trick. Just recently my sister, who is two years older than me has taken over from Mum as Dads assistant on stage. She has a similar figure to Mum, but of course a lot younger but she wears all of Mum's old costumes, which can be pretty revealing.

In the off season, when we are back home, Dad usually performs at Stag and Dinner Club do's, comparing and doing tricks between the strippers. He always performs without Mum's or Sally's help as these do's can get a bit rude. He sometimes spices up his performance by getting one of the waitresses or a lady from the audience to strip to their underwear. This always goes down a treat, or so I've heard, for I've never been to one.

Now I've left school, I don't fancy college much as Sally did, I've decided to help Dad out with his act. I've been doing this for him informally for a number of years, usually during the school holidays. Helping to set up his equipment and also helping the designing and building new illusions. Dad likes to have at least one new trick for every new season.

Poor Sally, I been practising my hypnosis techniques on her for so many years now and the family doesn't find it strange if they came home and find their daughter on all fours or standing like a statue, having been hypnotised by their son. I have also learned much about a women's body from her by getting her to strip off for me with, 'Now you are alone why don't you take a shower' routine. I'm pretty sure that she done the same to me a time or two as well for she pretty good with the hypnotising routine too. I've even got some Polaroid's hidden away in my room when I've suggested to her that it's a hot stormy night out there, with plenty of lightning, camera flash, why don't you take all your clothes off and be comfortable.

There's this girl in the show that I fancy, named Jilly, who has a pretty face and a slim dancer's body. Normally I wouldn't stand a chance with her but I have 'a cunning plan'. On a Saturday night after the second show I found her sitting in a chair, head bowed with exhaustion. I sat next to her and gently hypnotised her with a mantra of, 'you look tired, just let your eyes close for a few minutes', until she was under. A subject can be hypnotised so much easier when they are tired. I installed a unique trigger word and a quick implant, then I woke her up just as my sister walked by and she gave me a knowing look.

Later my sister asked me what I had done to Jilly, well of course I denied everything.

"Don't come that one with me," she said, "I know a hypnotic trance when I see one."

"Well," I said, "I just implanted a small suggestion in her that all."

"Oh yeah and let me guess shall I," she said, "she takes all her clothes off every time she see you."

"No! Nothing like that," I replied hotly, "more like 'she finds me cute'."

"You cute," my sister laughed and then she walked away. I watch her go, admiring her inadequately covered rear end depart. One day big sister, I said to myself, one day.

Well a quick implant or not, it's was working, every time I looked around I could see that Jilly is looking at me with a smile on her face. I let her make all the moves, she was the older and definitely more experienced than I was. After the Monday night show, I was packing up Dad's props for the night when Jilly appeared at my side.

"Hi how you doing," she said, "fancy a drink later."

"I love to," I replied, "if we make it a coke, I'm too young for anything stronger."

"Oh!" ok then, see you when I've changed."

With that she walked away wiggling her tight little bum. We never did go out for that drink, but she appeared at the dressing room door I shared with Sally. Two minutes after she entered the room we are kissing. The only problem was that Sally was still behind the screen changing, but I was not going to stop now. Of course I know the mechanics of sex, but I've never put them into practice until now. Jilly on the other hand had definitely done all this before. I was thrusting my cock into her wet pussy and when I looked up and saw my sister watching. Soon after that, Jilly has her orgasm, followed shortly by mine. We hugged for awhile, then Jilly got up, dressed and left, kissing me good-bye at the door.

"Finds you cute hey," Sally said when she emerged from behind the screen.

"Obviously a girl of taste," I replied smugly.

"Taste! The only taste she got was from your," she said.

"Don't say it," I interjected, "that's dirty."

"Well it wasn't me she was sucking," Sally added with a smile, come on little brother, let's go back to the hotel and eat, you must be hungry."

I entertain Jilly twice more that week with Sally watching from behind the screen.

"Little brother," she said once Jilly has wiggled her little rear out of our dressing room door, "you must tell me what you said to that poor brain washed girl."

"Sis," I replied, "all I said was she would find me cute, honest."

"Yeah, yeah, you must have said something else," Sally said.

"No Sis honest, that's all, she must have fancied me anyway," I replied.

"Well what are you going to do about her?" she asked.

"Well," I answered slyly, "I thought I'll just fuck the arse off her for a while, you know she not exactly ugly."

"You're a pervert," she replied with a smile, and then we both left for the hotel.

Some weeks later, when the summer seasons was coming to a close, I asked Jilly what she was doing during the winter. She said she had nothing lined up, so I asked Dad if he could use an assistant for his winter season on the stag circuit. After some thought Dad agreed that he could use one and had often thought about it, but he wouldn't use the family. He told me she had to be aware that he excepted her to strip off under his hypnotic influence and probably act quite sexy on stage. When I told Jilly this she said she was quite happy to strip off as long as no actual sex took place. So when the season came to an end, Jilly came home with us.

I went with Jilly on her first gig, just to hold her hand, she was very nervous. We acted as part of the audience and were invited up on stage with some other couples. Dad then hypnotised us along with others from the audience, then after his normal routines, Dad asked the audience if they would like to see more of this beautiful young girl, he indicated Jilly. As this was a near stag do, with the men out numbering the women but over three to one, you can imagine the shouted reply. To dads commands, Jilly slowly and sexily strips off to her knickers, when her tits appeared the whole audience cheered. Dad was very happy with the response and the promises of further booking.

My having Jilly staying with us was also very handy for my sex life, she was very responsive to all my advances, probably because she found stripping on stage very stimulating and couldn't wait to get home to drag me off to her bed.

Dad developed the act some what over the winter season, sometimes Jilly was in the audience and sometimes, if the 'do' was totally stag, she acted as one of the waitress's, but always she ended up near naked on stage in front of a hundred or so cheering men.

When the New Year came, it was time for Dad and I to think about the next summer season and what new trick we could come up with. We had the added advantage now of having Jilly in the routine. Sally also decided to make up some new outfits as Mum's old one where getting a bit threadbare. One evening when dad and Jilly were out at a Stag do, Sally knocked on my door and walked in wearing a very revealing outfit.

"What do you think?" she asked me.

Basically she was wearing a very small bikini, joined by a strip of gauze. The bra pushed up her pert tits until they were nearly spilling out of the top. The bottoms were cut so high as to expose all her thighs.

"Very nice sis" I replied, "might be a bit draughty though," I added.

"Mum thinks it's ok" she said, "so what's the matter with it?"

"There nothing wrong with it," I said, "I just wish you weren't my sister that's all, you look really sexy in it."

"So you think I'm sexier that Jilly then," she said striking a sexy pose.

"I think you should leave my room before I lose control," I said.

"So you think I'm that sexy then," she said with a pout.

With that she turn and walk out, stopping my door to turn and give me another sexy pose. When Jilly came home she was pleasantly surprised at my ardour.

Dad and I came up with a disappearing girl illusion, with Jilly being the extra girl, pivotal to the success of the trick. After a few weeks of rehearsals it all worked beautifully. The sexual tension between Sally and I was smouldering on and came to a head (no pun intended) when Jilly was sick and Sally had to fill in on one of Dad's stag do's. Dad wasn't too happy about his one and only daughter stripping off in front of two hundred horny men, but he had no choice. Sally was happy to do it, but very nervous.

The next day when Sally and I were alone in the house, I knocked on her door.

"How was last night?" I asked her.

"Very spooky, I don't remember anything of course," she said, "but just thinking about flashing my boobs off to nearly two hundred men, makes me feel all funny inside."

"Does it make you hot thinking about all those hungry eyes looking at you," I said advancing towards her.

Her eyes went wide with shock at my words. When I reached her I reached up and cupped her tits through her thin blouse.

"Just think of all those men wanting to do this, to touch you," I whispered, a small moan escaped her lips. I carried on, being deliberately coarse.

"All those hard cocks wanting to fuck you, one after another, until their come oozes out of you."

Her head went back as I continue to fondle her tits. I started to undo the buttons of her blouse, he head snapped up and she looked at me with frighten eye, but she seemed unable to stop me.

When all the buttons were undone I pulled her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms; it fell to the floor. I walked behind her and cupped both her tits through her bra and kiss her neck. I unclipped her bra, which also fell to the floor. All the time I kept up this coarse litany, while I fondled her naked tits.

"All those men aching to get their hand on your tits," I said moving back in front of her again, "wanting to put their hands on your pussy."

My hand moved under her short skirt and up between her legs to the gusset of her knickers; she was soaking wet with sexual arousal. Once again a moan escaped her lips. I had to support her weight for she sagged against me, all her strength having gone from her legs.

"Think of all those hands touching you," I said as I rubbed harder between her legs.

Suddenly she came with a shattering orgasm. I let her go and she sank to her knees.

"You bastard," she said with a smile, when she had recovered sufficiently to talk, "I didn't know I could come that hard, oh boy!"

"Glad I could help," I said, heading for the door.

"Wait," she called out, "don't you want to, you know."

"But you're my sister, that would be naughty," I smiled back.

"Please brother, don't go just yet," she said with a sexy pout, "I'm sure I can do something for you."

"Well now you mention it, and as you've got your tits out," I said.

I walked towards her, unzipping my jeans as I went. She squeezed her tits around my hard cock and I thrust between those beautiful mounds, until I came all over her.

Jilly was still sick the following night so Sally had to fill in again. When I approached her afterwards, she practically grabbed me and pulled me into her room.

"Please brother," she pleaded with me.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked with a smile, I was enjoying myself immensely.

"You bastard, you know what I want," she practically screamed at me.

"Yes I know, so why don't you take your clothes off," I said.

Her hands quickly unbutton her clothes and they were hurriedly removed.

"Please," she pleaded, she lay back on her bed. I sat beside her and fondled her tits until she was moaning with desire.

"Will you do anything I want?" I whispered in her ear.

"Yes! Yes anything, please," she whimpered.

"Will you spread your legs any time I want?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, please," she whimpered again.

"Good, spread your legs now, there's a good girl," I instructed.

My hands moved down over her perfect body until it reached her pussy. I pushed two fingers in hard; a low groan left her throat.

"Oh yes! Harder," she almost shouted.

My fingers were now thrusting into her sloppy wet pussy and then she froze and came hard.

"Oh my god," she muttered to herself.

As she lay there, I drank in the beauty of her body.

"Tell me what happened last night Sis, what got you so hot?" I asked.

"I don't remember anything," she said still breathless, "but one of the waitress told me later, that Dad had me stripped off totally, then I danced around the audience, sitting on laps and being fondled by lots of the men."

"Dad made you do that," I was surprised.

I can imagine him doing that with Jilly but not with his own daughter.

"That's what I was told," she said.

She looked up at me with lust in her eyes again. It looked like just talking about it had got her hot again.

"Can you please," she begged.

Her hand grabbing mine and pulling it back to her tits. This time I climb on the bed and unzip my jeans, releasing my rock hard cock.

"Spread your legs," I demand coarsely.

I thrust my cock into her wet pussy right up to the hilt.

"You'll do everything I tell you to do from now on, ok," I said.

I thrust into her faster and faster while she pushed her hips back at me.

"Yes, yes," she whimpered.

She arced her back and froze in orgasm. I then pumped my sperm deep inside her womb.

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