Beasts in the Night

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Fiction, Zoophilia, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman discovers her destiny in a series of erotic encounters. A sequel to "Animals in the Night"


Lisa was determined to find out what was going on with her family as she hiked up the familiar mountain trail. The last year, ever since the triumph of her Olympic gold medal, had been confusing. Something had changed, in her, in her brother David, in their relationship with their parents, and in the way they all spent their time. It wasn't the nuclear family anymore. It was as though they were all passing into some sort of new relationship. Funny memories kept coming back to her that seemed to have new meaning. Ever since that fateful night before the finals of the eight hundred meters.

Her last qualifying heat had been a disappointment. There had been a head wind, and her tall body always had a fight when that happened, but there had been something missing. It was as though she was getting tired, though she was in the best shape she had ever known. Her mother had noticed too, as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders as Lisa bent over after finishing third. "What's the matter, dear." "I don't know, Mom. Geez, there was no kick."

She was afraid she did know what was wrong. For the last couple of months, her period had been longer and heavier. Her breasts tingled constantly, and she was hornier than usual, even during races. There were three studs here in Tokyo who serviced her sexual needs, and she wore them all out. It didn't seem to help. She was terrified she was losing the vitality of her youth to some sort of erotic maturation. When her Mom came in her room after the evening meal, they talked about it candidly. Just as they always had.

Meredith Brooks was a unique person. She still looked fresh, tawny and sexy even over forty. Lisa took after her father in appearance, tall and lanky, with lighter, almost blonde coloring. She had always had her mother's vitality though, and they had always shared every aspect of their personal lives. Or so Lisa thought. She and her brother had grown up on the ranch their parents ran in Arizona, though it was really mostly her mother's, since Dad was an academic who taught at the University and did a lot of research on Wolves and Ecology. They had been very close, all spending a lot of time at the retreat up the mountain from the main Ranch buildings, in a beautiful natural setting. They had all run through the trails all their lives.

As time had gone on, both children had realized their parents had a very sexually open marriage, often entertaining friends on the weekends, and not hiding their frequent swapping. Both children had adopted their parents' attitude, and Lisa had even slept with Joe Talltrees one night. She had seduced him when she found David fucking the strawberry blonde professor Joe was married to. But Mom had put a stop to that. "It's not that there's anything wrong, kids. It's just too complicated. You have to mature some more to handle that much freedom."

David had run cross country in the Olympics, and won a team silver. Lisa had been so excited she had crept into his room that night and tried to get him to fuck her, but he had stopped her. "It's like Mom says, babe. Too damn complicated." He had chuckled. "Our day will come, though." It left her horny, and she had made Bruno the weightlifter get her off three times that night. It was a good thing he didn't have to lift the next day.

She told her mother about the increased desire she was feeling that night before the final. How horny she was. How it seemed to be sapping her energy. "Mom, it's funny. Tonight, I feel great. It's during the day I seem a little wasted." They were in the sitting area of her small darkened dorm room. Merry was staying in a hotel outside the compound, but had free run since she was Lisa's coach. Dad and David had gone home already.

Her mom had seemed distracted, as though she felt there was something else going on, but didn't want to talk about it. "Oh Mom, I just know I'm going to lose. After all the work, all these years. It doesn't seem fair. My best times are way better than the other girls. I should be able to take this thing easy." It had been a strange moment, because even as they sat there, Lisa found herself staring at her mother in a whole new way.

The long, curly mane of auburn hair, the thick eyebrows over the wide mouth, the firm, thrusting tits, the slim, muscular hips with incredible long legs seemed suddenly erotic to the tingling daughter. She was never good about hiding her feelings, and her mother's gaze registered her realization of the feelings that slowly filled the intimate room. Liza had always let her eyebrows grow the same way as her mom's, but had short hair for running. Her boobs had never been as full as Mom's, and she was taller, trimmer. But she was the very picture of a well developed young teenage athlete. Men were turned on the moment they met her. So were women.

Merry stared at her daughter that night. Damn. It was inherited. David was just a normal horny kid, but Lisa had the night thing. Probably the other, too. She hadn't thought it would be passed down, though Lisa had looked like she could embrace the gift. She had the love of the wilderness, the pleasure of raw sex. But so soon. The sadness in her eyes was so heart wrenching. And she was leering at her mother, even with all that was going on. Christ. Genes will tell.

It was too soon for the gift. But a little taste, just a hint, might help tomorrow. Merry knew that once it started, there could be no turning back for her daughter. It was so soon to make that decision, although Lisa was probably fated for it anyway. Her instincts. They had always been true. Her wonderful child had worked so hard for this single athletic event, and would be so disappointed if she didn't perform at her best. The risk was worth it. The gift was something that took away some possibilities in life, but gave incredible pleasure in return. It felt like the right thing to do. Merry relaxed the inhibitions she had maintained with her children all these years, and let her carnal craving for the nubile body so near take over.

She rose from her chair. "Stand up, darling." Lisa stood, with a quizzical expression, and they were very close. Merry could smell the little odor of musk and sweat her daughter's body was giving off. Her own pussy started creaming. As she let go her parental inhibitions, the long supressed desire for her deeply loved child cascaded through her body, and she preened with her mouth grinning greedily. Her hand reached upwards and caressed the moist cheek, and they both shuddered with the contact. Oh, it's lovely, lovely thought the woman as they seemed to share a thrill of surrender to each other. Her hand slowly trailed down to the taut breast under the tee shirt. The nipple was already aroused. My sexy daughter. Oh god.

Lisa was transfixed. Her cunt was wet already. She had never seen her mother look like this, sensual, predatory, and absolutely gorgeous. A series of wild spasms shook her with each light contact of hands to her face, her tit. She closed her eyes. God, they were going to make love. Her mind was in a delightful turmoil. Why tonight? Would it be better than with a man? What did it have to do with the race? Why did she want it so badly? She moaned throatily, giving up any effort at rational thought, fear about tomorrow, nothing but her surging want suffusing her body. "Mommy, Mommy. Please, yes please."

Merry stepped in to press herself to Lisa. She had to raise her head to kiss the soft lips, three inches above her. Their arms wrapped around each other, and relief of tension, with bubbling desire, surrounded them both. They kissed for a long minute, then Merry took her mouth away, and breathed to her daughter "I'm going to give you a gift tonight, dearest. A small taste of the future. If you want it." She pressed their mouths together again, this time letting her tongue caress the inside of Lisa's lips. Then she continued. "I've always tried to be a good mother, to give you a normal life. But there's something about me you'll find out soon, and it's amazing. But it means you will live a unique life. Not like everyone else."

Their next kiss was wildly passionate, and Merry ground her hips into Lisa's, humping their pubic mounds together. Their mouths were wide open, and the girl was responding feverishly. Yes, yes, thought Merry. She has the need, the desire. When she broke away, she was breathing hard, and so was her blonde child. "Darling Lisa, my wonderful love. If you want an ordinary life, tell me now. We will not be able to turn back."

Lisa had no idea what her mother meant, but through the haze of longing for passionate coupling, she sensed a divide. Some sort of fork in the road of her life. Her mom never spoke idly about this sort of thing. She smiled down at the loving face staring at her. "I've trusted you all my life, Mommy. To live like you, the way you want me to, I know it's right." She grinned. "Besides, right now I want to get it on with you so bad I'd do anything."

The look on her mother's face was strange yet filled the young girl with rapture. There was fevered want, but a look of wanton and fierce pleasure. It was more primitive than anything Lisa had ever seen, and filled her with a craving for this gift. She felt desperate for it suddenly, even though she had no idea what was coming. In just these few moments, her relationship to her mother had changed radically, but twisting thrills rather than fear were filling her. She heard the words she would always remember. "Oh darling, I think it's right. I do." They locked together again, groaning.

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