Beasts in the Night

by Whiff

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Fiction, Zoophilia, .

Desc: Sex Story: A young woman discovers her destiny in a series of erotic encounters. A sequel to "Animals in the Night"


Lisa was determined to find out what was going on with her family as she hiked up the familiar mountain trail. The last year, ever since the triumph of her Olympic gold medal, had been confusing. Something had changed, in her, in her brother David, in their relationship with their parents, and in the way they all spent their time. It wasn't the nuclear family anymore. It was as though they were all passing into some sort of new relationship. Funny memories kept coming back to her that seemed to have new meaning. Ever since that fateful night before the finals of the eight hundred meters.

Her last qualifying heat had been a disappointment. There had been a head wind, and her tall body always had a fight when that happened, but there had been something missing. It was as though she was getting tired, though she was in the best shape she had ever known. Her mother had noticed too, as she wrapped the towel around her shoulders as Lisa bent over after finishing third. "What's the matter, dear." "I don't know, Mom. Geez, there was no kick."

She was afraid she did know what was wrong. For the last couple of months, her period had been longer and heavier. Her breasts tingled constantly, and she was hornier than usual, even during races. There were three studs here in Tokyo who serviced her sexual needs, and she wore them all out. It didn't seem to help. She was terrified she was losing the vitality of her youth to some sort of erotic maturation. When her Mom came in her room after the evening meal, they talked about it candidly. Just as they always had.

Meredith Brooks was a unique person. She still looked fresh, tawny and sexy even over forty. Lisa took after her father in appearance, tall and lanky, with lighter, almost blonde coloring. She had always had her mother's vitality though, and they had always shared every aspect of their personal lives. Or so Lisa thought. She and her brother had grown up on the ranch their parents ran in Arizona, though it was really mostly her mother's, since Dad was an academic who taught at the University and did a lot of research on Wolves and Ecology. They had been very close, all spending a lot of time at the retreat up the mountain from the main Ranch buildings, in a beautiful natural setting. They had all run through the trails all their lives.

As time had gone on, both children had realized their parents had a very sexually open marriage, often entertaining friends on the weekends, and not hiding their frequent swapping. Both children had adopted their parents' attitude, and Lisa had even slept with Joe Talltrees one night. She had seduced him when she found David fucking the strawberry blonde professor Joe was married to. But Mom had put a stop to that. "It's not that there's anything wrong, kids. It's just too complicated. You have to mature some more to handle that much freedom."

David had run cross country in the Olympics, and won a team silver. Lisa had been so excited she had crept into his room that night and tried to get him to fuck her, but he had stopped her. "It's like Mom says, babe. Too damn complicated." He had chuckled. "Our day will come, though." It left her horny, and she had made Bruno the weightlifter get her off three times that night. It was a good thing he didn't have to lift the next day.

She told her mother about the increased desire she was feeling that night before the final. How horny she was. How it seemed to be sapping her energy. "Mom, it's funny. Tonight, I feel great. It's during the day I seem a little wasted." They were in the sitting area of her small darkened dorm room. Merry was staying in a hotel outside the compound, but had free run since she was Lisa's coach. Dad and David had gone home already.

Her mom had seemed distracted, as though she felt there was something else going on, but didn't want to talk about it. "Oh Mom, I just know I'm going to lose. After all the work, all these years. It doesn't seem fair. My best times are way better than the other girls. I should be able to take this thing easy." It had been a strange moment, because even as they sat there, Lisa found herself staring at her mother in a whole new way.

The long, curly mane of auburn hair, the thick eyebrows over the wide mouth, the firm, thrusting tits, the slim, muscular hips with incredible long legs seemed suddenly erotic to the tingling daughter. She was never good about hiding her feelings, and her mother's gaze registered her realization of the feelings that slowly filled the intimate room. Liza had always let her eyebrows grow the same way as her mom's, but had short hair for running. Her boobs had never been as full as Mom's, and she was taller, trimmer. But she was the very picture of a well developed young teenage athlete. Men were turned on the moment they met her. So were women.

Merry stared at her daughter that night. Damn. It was inherited. David was just a normal horny kid, but Lisa had the night thing. Probably the other, too. She hadn't thought it would be passed down, though Lisa had looked like she could embrace the gift. She had the love of the wilderness, the pleasure of raw sex. But so soon. The sadness in her eyes was so heart wrenching. And she was leering at her mother, even with all that was going on. Christ. Genes will tell.

It was too soon for the gift. But a little taste, just a hint, might help tomorrow. Merry knew that once it started, there could be no turning back for her daughter. It was so soon to make that decision, although Lisa was probably fated for it anyway. Her instincts. They had always been true. Her wonderful child had worked so hard for this single athletic event, and would be so disappointed if she didn't perform at her best. The risk was worth it. The gift was something that took away some possibilities in life, but gave incredible pleasure in return. It felt like the right thing to do. Merry relaxed the inhibitions she had maintained with her children all these years, and let her carnal craving for the nubile body so near take over.

She rose from her chair. "Stand up, darling." Lisa stood, with a quizzical expression, and they were very close. Merry could smell the little odor of musk and sweat her daughter's body was giving off. Her own pussy started creaming. As she let go her parental inhibitions, the long supressed desire for her deeply loved child cascaded through her body, and she preened with her mouth grinning greedily. Her hand reached upwards and caressed the moist cheek, and they both shuddered with the contact. Oh, it's lovely, lovely thought the woman as they seemed to share a thrill of surrender to each other. Her hand slowly trailed down to the taut breast under the tee shirt. The nipple was already aroused. My sexy daughter. Oh god.

Lisa was transfixed. Her cunt was wet already. She had never seen her mother look like this, sensual, predatory, and absolutely gorgeous. A series of wild spasms shook her with each light contact of hands to her face, her tit. She closed her eyes. God, they were going to make love. Her mind was in a delightful turmoil. Why tonight? Would it be better than with a man? What did it have to do with the race? Why did she want it so badly? She moaned throatily, giving up any effort at rational thought, fear about tomorrow, nothing but her surging want suffusing her body. "Mommy, Mommy. Please, yes please."

Merry stepped in to press herself to Lisa. She had to raise her head to kiss the soft lips, three inches above her. Their arms wrapped around each other, and relief of tension, with bubbling desire, surrounded them both. They kissed for a long minute, then Merry took her mouth away, and breathed to her daughter "I'm going to give you a gift tonight, dearest. A small taste of the future. If you want it." She pressed their mouths together again, this time letting her tongue caress the inside of Lisa's lips. Then she continued. "I've always tried to be a good mother, to give you a normal life. But there's something about me you'll find out soon, and it's amazing. But it means you will live a unique life. Not like everyone else."

Their next kiss was wildly passionate, and Merry ground her hips into Lisa's, humping their pubic mounds together. Their mouths were wide open, and the girl was responding feverishly. Yes, yes, thought Merry. She has the need, the desire. When she broke away, she was breathing hard, and so was her blonde child. "Darling Lisa, my wonderful love. If you want an ordinary life, tell me now. We will not be able to turn back."

Lisa had no idea what her mother meant, but through the haze of longing for passionate coupling, she sensed a divide. Some sort of fork in the road of her life. Her mom never spoke idly about this sort of thing. She smiled down at the loving face staring at her. "I've trusted you all my life, Mommy. To live like you, the way you want me to, I know it's right." She grinned. "Besides, right now I want to get it on with you so bad I'd do anything."

The look on her mother's face was strange yet filled the young girl with rapture. There was fevered want, but a look of wanton and fierce pleasure. It was more primitive than anything Lisa had ever seen, and filled her with a craving for this gift. She felt desperate for it suddenly, even though she had no idea what was coming. In just these few moments, her relationship to her mother had changed radically, but twisting thrills rather than fear were filling her. She heard the words she would always remember. "Oh darling, I think it's right. I do." They locked together again, groaning.

Suddenly, she felt herself picked up. Her mother was effortlessly carrying her the short distance to the bed. She glanced up, and was thrilled by a slight difference in her mom's face. The eyebrows were even bushier, and slightly pointed. The hairline seemed lower. Almost animal. But then she closed her eyes and felt her breasts exposed as her tee shirt was pulled over her head, and her shorts and panties slid down off her hips. She could have sworn she heard growling. There was a smell now, the musky odor of her own cunt cream, and, she was sure, her mother's. She felt a naked body against her tingling skin, and two fingers gently enter her cunt.

Her hand groped and found a thicket of stiff curls between her Mom's thighs, and slid into the cleft hiding there. Her mouth was surrounded again, a strong tongue thrust deep between her lips, and her body soared into ecstacy. She floated in the lovely torrent of rising passion. She had always known her mom swung both ways, but had never tried it with a woman. As they stoked each other in the dim bedroom, moaning, she wondered briefly why something that suddenly felt so exciting hadn't happened to her before.

"Lisa darling, oh darling, yes like that, just as though you were beating me off. Here, feel this." The fingers inside her lightly furred pussy were wiggling, the nails scraping at the g spot atop her cuntal tunnel, causing incredible thrills. Lisa tried to do the same thing, and heard a guttural sigh. "Mom, Mommmmmmmmy." She opened her eyes and was surprised to see what appeared to be a very light fur all over her mother, the breasts larger, and a pulsating heaviness in the bushy twat that seemed unusual. "Just relax, dear. Flow with it, isn't it lovely?"

Strange, powerful images flashed through her mind as she approached an orgasmic crest that promised to be stronger by far than anything she had ever before experienced. Up on the mountain, running naked with the wolf pack, red hazed climax as a sort of background. Even as those weird thoughts careened in her head, the fingers in her pulsating pussy had her hips humping wildly, and the old whirlpool of release starting to form. Her mother was growling again.

Suddenly, the hand stopped, and she felt her wrist locked and pulled out of her Mom's foaming cunt. "Shh, baby, shhh." Then she felt her fingers in her own mouth, and sucked greedily, tasting a wildly intoxicating version of her own cunt cream. Her head was spinning, her hips kept twisting with need. Spasms racked her abdomen. She felt her own hand sucked clean. Then for a moment there was nothing but their heavy breathing.

Suddenly, her bottom seemed to explode, as she felt heat and wet and a tongue stimulating every inch of tissue, the inner lips, the clit, everything."Aaaaagh. Mommmmmmy." She reached down and wrapped her fingers in the mane of curly hair as she felt the convulsions overtake every fiber of her being. Growling. She heard growling again. Waves of release pounded her. For the first few moments, she felt as though she would pass out, the incredible pressure in her pubic crest, her head, her asshole, her stomach a towering cascade of climax. Then the feelings seemed to diffuse into her whole body, down to her toes, in her hair, the tips of her fingers, everywhere.

And it lasted, lasted. Later, she realized that perhaps two minutes of that euphoria was the real duration, but at the time it seemed forever, hours and hours. And halfway through, the smell, that smell of her mother's pussy, the familiar musk of her own plus a tinge of wilderness and raw force. She could dimly remember a frightfully long fingernail piercing the muscled abdomen hovering over her face, a new smell, and in an almost dreamy voice "Drink, darling, drink." A tart thick fluid leaking into her mouth that started new tendrils of coursing release, and seemed to invigorate her. Her head being pulled away. "Enough my dearest. Oooooh, now get me Lisa, suck my hot pussy."

The memories were purely sensory. The raging orgasm still pummeling her wonderfully, the fantastic taste of cream that seemed to flow into her mouth, the feel of hair and flesh in her slavering, hungry mouth, a stiff, thick clit her tongue sought and thrust at. A wild groan of release from her mother's arched form so statuesque above her. Both of them straining and twitching, gurgling sounds filling her ears. A red haze. Collapsing finally as though she had deflated like a balloon. Soft, loving lips on hers. "I'll see you in the morning, darling."

Lisa stopped walking up the trail, the memories taking her breath away as always. Just thinking about that night made her weak. Emotionally, she loved basking in those memories. Her conscious mind kept searching for some sort of explanation of the whole experience. Her mother refusing to talk about it the next morning, after she had slept better than in months. The wondrous return of her vitality as she warmed up, and how easily she set a new record, winning by three meters. The furious rush of reporters, officials, two blood tests, the medal ceremony that had filled her with pride, happiness and contentment that her commitment all these years had not been in vain. TV appearances, photo sessions, promotional speeches, negotiating endorsement contracts for athletic gear, always with her mother helping, smiling, sharing her triumph.

Then Playboy called. She had noticed that her tits had grown in the two months following her medal, since she didn't have to stay in top shape, but her mother was the one who pointed out other changes as well. A little extra fat that had made her suddenly statuesque, her legs shapely, her butt rounded and sexy, though still taut. A fuller, softer look in the face. Lisa had thought it strange, but her mother just smiled. She had done the pictures, letting them show her suddenly fuller pubic bush.

The whole last year had been frantic. Men she had only dreamed of called, and she went out with several of her teenage idols. It surprised her that they were often mediocre lovers. In the tempestuous aftermath of her victory, she realized many of her childhood fantasies. There was little time for contemplation. Gradually, she seemed to see less and less of Mom, renting an apartment in Los Angeles to be nearer the various media events her status required. A vague sense of unease slowly grew in her mind, and the long awaited fruits of the medal seemed paler than she had imagined. But her body kept blossoming, and now they were after her to star in a movie about a woman who ran out of Bosnia. It was still heady for a seventeen year old.

Her unease finally got her attention that Sunday when Dad came down to talk to the producer of the movie. There had to be an adult since she was still underage. Her mother had said she was busy with the ranch. "Your father has been wanting to visit you anyway darling. Show him the spots, okay." She had driven out to the airport in her new Ferrari, and when he saw it, he grinned and kissed her cheek. "Pretty exciting, huh princess."

Gene Brooks had been in the army, Special Forces, Lisa thought. At fifty, he was lean and fit, with hints of grey in his hair, but still handsome. Mom had always been her confidant. Dad had been her idol, her ideal man. She felt a spark of excitement when he kissed her. She babbled on the drive into the city, having to yell above the wind, but both seemed to enjoy the fresh, relatively smog free air in the open car. She told him about recent events, the calls from several other men's magazines, the cosmetic company. "We ought to look into that, Dad. It sounds like a lot of money." He looked at her with a small smile, but didn't say anything.

She had hoped they could talk when they got back to the apartment off Sunset, but instead he sat in the living room reading contracts. After the second call to her agent, she realized he was catching up, and went for a run. She still loved the exercise, the heat and strain, the rush, runners high they called it. She had to wear a tight bra now, or her boobs would bounce something fierce. As it was, she drew stares. They had pleased her when she first started, but seemed silly lately. She actually liked running most at night, or in the early morning.

She supposed several events had conspired to make her edgy. Her proposed co-star in the movie had taken her out three times, and his love making had been terribly frustrating. Not that he didn't try, eating her pussy, taking his time. But her orgasms just weren't good. She could do better with her hand. She could tell he wanted desperately to please her, and sensed the second time he had not. "Lisa baby, that's the best I got. Was it so bad?" When she avoided answering, she thought he was going to cry.

The constant attention from the public, and handsome men obviously on the make for her time, or her body, or both, was beginning to get irritating. It was the kind of thing that was far worse in reality than anyone could realize until it happened. And she wasn't even more than an ingenue yet. She had slapped one particularly sleazy guy, and knocked him down hard. She hadn't realized her own strength. The look of fear on his face had pleased her, though.

Yesterday, sitting outside her agents office, she had overheard snatches of the conversation with the producer. "... amazon... cockteaser... slut." What made her mad was their casual assumption they could judge her. She had stomped out, and when the agent called that evening, she had yelled "Fuck you, asshole" into the phone, and hung up. Later she had called him back and apologized, and they had an appointment tomorrow with her Dad and the producer. She didn't look forward to facing either of them.

Even her run didn't improve her mood. As she let herself into the apartment, her Dad was talking to her Mom. " She seems a little giddy, Merry. I think it's getting to her. Don't you think a time out might be in order?" He looked up and grinned at her. "Here she is now. Talk to her, babe." He held out the phone.

"Hi Mom." "Hi darling. Everything allright?" "Oh, okay, Mom. How 'bout you. How's the gelding coming." Her mother laughed lightly. "You know how I like it, dear. Don't get smart. Look, Merry, your Dad knows about... what happened... at the Olympics. If you want, you can talk to him about it. And about anything, dear. Your father's very... understanding. And he loves you very much, you know." Lisa missed the certainty, the acceptance of her mother's will. Since that night, it was always "It's your decision, dear. Work it out for yourself, dear." It was more confusing than liberating, especially as she stood there with such a lot bothering her.

"Oh Mom. I wish we could all three talk about it. Really." "No baby. In a lot of ways its better to be with your father at this moment. You and I will always have each other." There was a long pause. Then, whispered, "Follow your instincts, darling. I hope to see you soon. Bye." Lisa realized there were tears in her eyes.

She blindly tried to hand the phone to her Dad, but found him hugging her, as he took it from her shaking hand. She crushed herself to his wiry body, sniffling. He held her tight, murmuring "Oh princess, princess." A tide of well being surged in her. This was where she belonged. Loving arms, trusted heart, honest, strong affection. She wriggled to him with pleasure at their closeness, hearing him sigh. Then, suddenly, she felt a jab in her abdomen. His cock was hard. She felt awash with happiness. "Oh Daddy, Daddy." He gripped her shoulders, and pushed her gently away. They were staring at each other. She felt confused about her feelings, unsure of what to do. He had that little smile back.

"Jesus, Lisa. Take it easy on your old man. I'm only human." He chuckled as he said it, with a wry tone. "Look, are you gonna feed me or what? I'm starved. And I think I need a drink." Through her confusion, she smiled brightly and murmured "I love you, Daddy. The bar's over there. Let's go to Scandia tonight. I'll wear something nice for you." After her shower, she stood in the bedroom, thinking about her wardrobe, gazing at her reflection in the two full length mirrors.

She was so different than her memories. No longer the slim, taut, well muscled teen. A woman now, full, well shaped round breasts, capped with small pink nipples, a thick, furry cunt, legs long but shapely. She had a good tan, and decided on the designer outfit that had been one of the costumes from the Playboy shoot. A clinging thin brown satin sheath that hung from her wide shoulders and started just above the swell of her lush globes. Stockings, thong panties and shoes exactly the same color, the overall effect so close to matching her skin that she almost seemed nude. She had learned to apply makeup and made her face up with purple tones that gave her face an erotic sensuality.

Gene was sipping his scotch when she came out of her bedroom, smiling with confidence in her appearance, and his cock jumped. His active little girl was gone, replaced by a woman so wildly sexy in appearance he could hardly believe it. Merry had warned him, but it was still a shock. He felt the surge of desire she produced in him, and a momentary pang of guilt at his reaction. Then his wife's words came back to him. "It's happening to her, dear. She'll want you, I know it, and you've never been able to resist me either, have you? Help her see the difference between down there and here. Help her understand."

As she crossed to him and kissed him softly on the lips, it was as though his life passed in front of him. Her walk, the fierce need in her eyes, that calm confidence reminded him of her mother. Lisa was becoming just like Merry, and that meant convention mattered not a whit to her. It meant a life in which she would give herself to many, but never be possessed. He would miss the little girl, but knew the power that would tie them together as she came to adulthood. He remembered Merry's ability to get him outside himself, to embrace raw passion. No man could resist, nor would want to.

She caused a buzz when they entered the restaurant, with so many star gazers anyway. "They don't really know who I am, mostly. But they think they've seen me somewhere." After they were seated, two young men asked her for her autograph. The waiter whispered as he took their order "Wolf will come out after your desert, Miss Brooks." She took the adulation calmly, but he could see the slightly unsettled look in her eyes. He tried to draw her out.

"Awful exciting, huh princess. All this fuss. It must be fun." "Oh Daddy, it was, at first, you know. But lately this seems so... I dunno, stupid. Maybe we shouldn't have come here. I wanted to be alone with you." She looked squarely at him, just like Merry always had. "I'm confused, Daddy. I never thought about all this, but it was always part of the deal, and now nothing's what I thought. I miss you and Mom, and David. That's part of it. But nothing's as good down here. There's something else missing." He could see her almost ready to burst into tears. He took her hand.

"Baby, baby. listen. What your Mom gave you was a oneness with nature, with basics. With the dark, the woods, the freedom of simplicity. But you will have to balance it with this, princess. If not here, in Phoenix. Or somewhere." The main course came, interrupting his thought. He noticed her steak tartare. Jesus. He took a big slug of wine.

"I never really thought much about how our life would affect yours, princess. I guess I thought you'd always be my little girl." He lifted his eyes to stare into hers. "God you're gorgeous. And no little girl anymore. I'll always love you, darling. I can't wait for you to come home. When you're ready." Now, he was near tears. She squeezed his hand, and he recognized that incredible strength. What fantastic women these creatures were.

Lisa stared at her father, seeing and feeling the emotion in his voice, his face. But she sensed something else, remembering his cock rising against her stomach this afternoon, her desire to look sexy for him. It was the same feeling she had had with Mom. They were going to make love, and as she thought about it, she wanted it more than anything else at this moment. "When I'm with you, darling Daddy, I'm home." She saw him flush, and felt for his knee with hers.

They didn't wait for desert. She had always insisted on settling her bill properly before, but accepted the waiters offer "To start a tab, Miss Brooks." She got up to ninety down the freeway, until he yelled at her to slow down, and the tires screeched as she tore through the underground parking garage beneath the apartment. He grabbed her and french kissed her brutally in the elevator, and she responded with low pitched moans of pleasure. The moon was shining through the picture window as they stumbled into the living room. He started to reach for the lights, but she breathed "No Daddy, leave them off."

Lisa stood in front of the large window, feeling terrific, turned on, lit by the fire of the moonlight. Her arms were raised above her head, as though offering herself to it. She heard the rustle of her father ripping off his clothes, and started to idly take off the dress, until she felt his hands on her tits. "I'll do it, baby." The two straps slithered down, then the smooth material slipped to puddle around her feet. She stood there in wonder, her body vibrating, her skin tingling with the touch of his hands on her nipples, under her arms, his lips sucking voraciously at her neck. She groaned as she felt the stiff heat of his prick between the cheeks of her butt, as he began pinching.

"Oh. Oh. Oh." Each jab of pain coursed through her, surprising her from her gentle father, yet somehow seeming to suit this moment. He was mauling her, nothing less, his hands kneading, scraping and tugging hard. It was very animal, and in the back of her mind she realized how welcome this primitive abuse was, how foolish her many recent lovers had been to try to be gentle. "Oh yeah, Daddy, do it to me, ouch, oh yeahhhh." Then suddenly his hand was under her panties, three coarse, long fingers deep in her pussy, his palm on her clitty. She fucked her hips into the raging thrill of it. Moments seemed to stretch to hours as they stood there, his hands tearing at her nubile, keening body.

Viciously, he twisted her around, and pushed her to her knees, in one movement inserting his rod into her mouth. Dimly she began lovingly sucking, only to feel him plunge it back to her throat, gagging her, choking and tasting of his essence, tart wonderful spunk. In the whirl in her mind, the shock of his rough treatment was drowned out by the surging excitement that seemed so new, so stimulating. She could feel her cunt oozing freely, and the smells were getting earthy, overpowering her expensive perfume. "Uhh, Ungh, Uh." She realized she was surging up and down on his stiff flesh, gasping for breath when she could, but mouthing him just the way he seemed to demand. There seemed no other way that could give her this feeling of fantastic enjoyment of her dear father's greedy desire.

She plunged her hand down into her panties, amazed that they were already drenched with her fluid. Her fingers spread the incredibly puffed lips, and her finger tore at her clit. Raging pangs of explosive lust tore through her, and she felt light headed but euphoric, making her think of her orgasm with her mother. A gurgle that sounded like a growl rumbled deep in her throat, as her tongue licked the scum leaking from her fathers dickslit. She had never known such raging pleasure. The cock in her mouth was huge, thick and long, beyond her experience, but she worked at the head frantically, feeling it swell, and get even bigger.

Suddenly she was on her hands and knees, her panties gone, his prick throbbing at the mouth of her cunt, pressing there in the wet fur, opening her. It's soooo big, she thought vaguely, hoping there would be pain. But as he entered her ferociously, there was nothing but fullness and stretched ecstacy. One hand reached around her to pummel her clit, while the other was grabbing and pinching her boobs. She started to cum the moment he was fully buried.

The waves were so sharp and enveloping she felt her mind spinning into numb emptiness. She humped backwards with such force, he was knocked backwards, almost leaving her hole, but then surged back. The fire that originated in her loins seethed around her whole body as though it were a liquid pleasure. "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee."

He slowed his strokes as she embraced the orgasm soaring through her. The spasms in her cunt were squeezing his thick dong embedded fully inside her, reaching to her stomach. But as soon as the heat began to ease, he started again, increasing almost immediately to a fast, hard, pistoning into her. And she welcomed it, the force of it, the pressure of it, the shlurping rhythm, the wonderful stretching.

It was as though her pussy was a car's cylinder and his prick was the piston, fitting perfectly, sinking as far as seemed possible, enormous energy flowing with each stroke. The thrills of her first release never really faded, just spread out and filled her being. Then the orgasmic tide began to rise again, and the world fell in on her, only the moonlight, Daddy, and the pleasure surrounding her. Her hips bucked back to increase the force of his fucking. She moaned and twisted. A little froth foamed at one corner of her mouth. She lowered her shoulders, but raised her head, gazing at the moon, as again release careened toward her.

Yet as powerful as the feelings were, she held off as she heard him start to grunt with exertion. He was muttering "Baby, baby, baby." Her mind was filled with a furious embrace of this passion. The man behind her was an emissary of the night, of the moon, of the wilderness. Lustful moans which she distantly realized were her own echoed in the dark room. She heard her father. "Come on, princess. Hurry." His fingers squeezed her slippery clit, and she burst.

There were explosions, whirlpools, fireworks, earthquakes. She writhed, twisted, humped, and squealed, reaching under her to push his hand harder against her flaming groin's point, as she sought contact with his thick shaft with every movement she could manage. "Daddy, Daddy, what a fuck. Goddddd." Dimly she felt spurts inside her, more heat, and the contact of their bodies even more lubricated. She arched frantically, thrills dominating her as never before, amazed at the power of her climax, the brutality mixed with love for her father. Around the third wave of release, she felt his fingers clawing in her groin, sending more pleasure into her belly.

She collapsed face down on the heavy carpet, with his full weight on top of her. She began to be aware of his gasping as his wet, softening member nested in her butt. She was groaning rhapsodically "Daddy, Daddy. Ohhhh." But even as they lay there, she felt a surge of unfamiliar energy. She twisted around and pushed him to his back, crouching over his groin, and sucked his thick meat into her mouth, licking the residue of their juices from the hot tube. Then she kissed him wildly.

They were hugged together under the window, the moon's light bathing their naked bodies. Lisa had never even dreamed of her father sexually, yet this act seemed so natural and welcome, warming her mind and body in the stillness, punctuated by horns and the sounds of the city. She felt every inch of her skin, her nipples still stiff, her cunt still puffy. Finally, in a small voice, she whispered "Oh Daddy, thank you."

But energy was coursing through her. She waited for it to subside, but it didn't, so she rose and breathed "I'm going for a run, Daddy. Will you wait up?" She pulled on shorts, an elastic halter, and her running shoes, and ran down the stairs rather than wait for the elevator. As she goaded herself toward the high pitched strain of smooth, fluid movement, her mind buzzed. The memory of finally having the terrific cums she knew she was capable of, from the man who had always been her nurturer, her authority, a man twenty five years older than any lover she had had yet better than all of them. What the hell is going on, she wondered.

She was fifteen blocks away from the apartment when the young black man grabbed her from behind. He twisted her into an alley, squeezing her arms, pinning her against a wall. She felt his hips grinding into her, and heard his muttered obscenities "White bitch cunt, teasing twat, how 'bout a real cock up that hole, whore. Seen you before, fucking tits, show you the real thing." She felt his mouth on hers. The shock surprised her for a few seconds, and she felt her body respond to the violence. Briefly, she considered rutting with him there in the dark. But then anger at his bravado overtook her.

Her knee came up into his groin, drawing a low moan. She swung an arm at his face, feeling her nails rip his face and neck. The force of her blow threw him five feet into the alley, and she was almost on top of him, making fierce sounds before she realized he was cringing in fear. She looked down and saw her legs flexing while the light coat of fuzz that was darker on the inside of her thighs caught the indirect light. Where had she seen that kind of fur? Mother, that night at the Olympics. Her mind whirled.

She fell on the whimpering man, pinning his arms over his head. "Bastard. I should rip your throat out. But you can have a second chance." Her head dropped to the long slashes in his neck, and she licked the blood oozing out. It tasted so good, she soared with pleasure. Then the adreneline rush eased, as she realized what she was doing.

As she ran home, exhilarated, shocked, and feeling wonderful, the confusion in her mind was submerged in the pleasures coursing through her body.


And so she came to here, just a few hundred yards short of the old retreat they had loved as a family when they were young. She had insisted Dad turn down the two contracts, but the agent had said that there would be new offers soon. Dad had practically thrown the producer out because of what she had told him, and delivered a brief but fierce lecture to the agent about loyalty to his client. Or else. She had never seen him so forceful. Or loved him more.

She packed a bag with a few light clothes, and they silently made the drive in her fast car to Phoenix, where she dropped him off at his apartment near the University, then hurried to the ranch. The maid said her Mother was "up on the mountain."

As she climbed the last few steps toward the lovely old house, her stomach buzzed with anticipation. The sun was starting to set, and the beauty of the woods in the slowly dimming light struck her as a lovely melange of oranges, reds, greens, and blacks. It was pleasantly warm, and her body was reinvigorating the way it had lately as the sun set. She could smell a fire, and figured Mom was cooking over the open hearth in the glen outside the house.

But when she got to the green lawn, no one was there. There was a leg of something cooking, Lisa thought it was deer. She turned left to go down to the stream where they often bathed. And came face to face with a wolf.

It was staring at her, it's head low, it's tail tucked in. Somehow Lisa knew it was showing her it meant no violence. Fifteen feet away, it was growling in a soft, funny way. The sound seemed sensual to the blonde as she stood staring, feeling a mix of fear, surprise, and strangely, sexual excitement. The animal was sniffing, seeming to want to sense her, as though she was familiar. Then it took a step toward her.

She was standing with legs slightly apart, her hands on the straps that held her pack on her back. She felt frozen, remembering the old instruction to stand still, holding the beasts eye. It kept coming, then its nose buried between her thighs, just below her groin. A long red tongue licked out and drew slowly up her sweating flesh to the denim covered mound of her crotch. Then it sniffed again, stepped back, and looked up at her. The look filled her with a strange sense of, what? Destiny? Desire?

It turned and loped away, up the mountain toward the pasture where a pack of them had always lived, although Lisa couldn't remember one ever getting this close to the house. She expelled the breath she had been holding, wondering at the strange, almost surreal confrontation. And wondering too at the moisture in her cunt.

Gradually, her senses normalized, and she again wondered where her mother was. She must be coming back soon, so the girl went up to the bedroom she had always used and undressed. She felt like a dip in the stream, and on impulse didn't bother with clothes for the short walk to the rippling, gurgling water. As she walked down the stairs and out into the glade that was bathed by pale moonlight, she got a feeling she had never had before. As though the night was a lover. As though her body was primitive, powerful, full of lust for the night.

She almost danced, she was so excited. Her incredible, sensual body twisted and turned as she tripped toward the stream. When she got there, the mottled light filtering through the trees

made it seem like a boudoir. The plunge into the cold water had always been pleasant, but now it jolted her with rising desire. In the back of her mind, she was amazed at the dim impulses of the last year that seemed to be crystalizing into a roaring cauldron of passion. Her breasts tingled, the tips seeming points of sensation. Even in the water, her pussy was swelled. Her hips were undulating gently, but insistently.

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