by Arthur Kay

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Maybe you've heard of FantasySex.Com, maybe not. Maybe you even used their services at one time or another, maybe not. Whatever the case, they sure do a booming business in the sexual fantasy trade. Any sexual fantasy, however wild, however kinky, is within their bailiwick. All anyone has to do is ask for it, pay the steep fees, and their fantasy can become a harmless reality. Their motto is: You dream it, we'll scheme it! Anything goes--as long as no one gets hurt, that is.

WARNING: This story is an act of fiction that contains graphic sexual descriptions and language. If you are a minor (under 21) or if you are offended by this kind of material then you should stop reading now. Any resemblance between this story and a real event is coincidental. The participants are imaginary; their actions have no negative consequences other than those portrayed in the story. The story is intended for entertainment and should not be emulated in the real world.

Maybe you've heard of FantasySex.Com, maybe not. Maybe you even used their services at one time or another, maybe not. Whatever the case, they sure do a booming business in the sexual fantasy trade. Any sexual fantasy, however wild, however kinky, is within their bailiwick. All anyone has to do is ask for it, pay the steep fees, and their fantasy can become a harmless reality. Their motto is: You dream it, we'll scheme it! Anything goes--as long as no one gets hurt, that is.

But, friend, there are many different kinds of hurt now, aren't there?

Joe Wade looked at the new assignment sheet in front of him. As Production Director, it was up to Wade to set up each fantasy scenario. He had to gather the "cast" and, if desired by the customer, have a video crew in place. And most folks were willing to pay the extra fees necessary to have their own personal, take-it-home-and-watch-it-over-and-over, DVD video digital copy. This particular scenario was no exception.

Wade read: Harry D., a 25 year old white guy, blond hair, blue eyes, 5' 7" tall, 145 lbs., married, 2 kids, wanted to be in a "prison" setting with five or six big and rough black dudes. They were all to be well endowed, with no one having smaller than eight inches.

It was to be his first night on the "cellblock" and the black guys were to immediately size him up as a piece of new jailhouse meat. They were to "punk" him and "turn him out." Make him their "male prison slut" for at least four hours, five if it could be managed. He wanted to be treated roughly, harshly, cruelly, totally degraded and humiliated--but not hurt physically. They were to be extremely forceful, but not the least harmful.

In the initial stage, he was to be forced to shave all the hair off his legs, arms, underarms, chest, and crotch. In essence, making him more girlish. He was to be forced to wear a red garter belt, nipple clamps, and perfume. These were to be supplied by the client. Wade had told the client that all such things were part of the FantasySex price, but for some reason, the guy wanted to use his own items.

After the initial stage was completed, he was to be "forced" to his knees and ordered to suck their big black cocks. One of the guys was to be chosen to play the gang leader and was to be called Banger. He even had a rough draft of a script Banger was to follow. Banger was to say things along the lines of:

"When we shoot our loads you better swallow it all, you cocksucking faggot. You understand? I don't want to see even one drop of our cum hit the floor. You got that?"

And, "Suck it nice and slow, girl, to show me how much you love my big black cock because your white ass belongs to the black man now!"

And, "Deep-throat my big black prick, you fucking cocksucking pussy! And when I shoot, you'd better swallow it all and not spill a drop!"

And, "Keep your eyes open, cocksucker. I want you looking at hairy black crotches. I'll be sneaking peeks at you and if I catch you with your eyes closed you're getting a beating."

And, "Put your hands on his ass cheeks and pull him to you as you suck him off."

And, "Suck his balls, real good! Get them good and wet!"

Wade wondered just how well the "Banger" would do when it came to remembering his lines, especially in the heat of the action. Oh, well, he thought, as long as he comes even close, the client will probably never notice.

The client also was to be "forced" to take their cocks up his ass. Simultaneously with his being mouth fucked, at some point in the game. He referred to this dual action as getting "spit roasted." As before, the lube was to be provided by the client.

Each black guy was to drop two loads. One in the client's mouth and one in his ass. The first, the mouth loads, was an absolute that he insisted be fulfilled. It was okay if the guys had to fake cumming in his ass, he understood that, but he was adamant about the mouth loads. He wanted it guaranteed that he'd swallow six loads, by six guys, and no less.

And the kid even had a basic script for the rest of the gang, too. He wanted them to use words like "faggot" and "cocksucker" and whatever else they could ad-lib that was in the humiliation vein.

Wade could see it now. Being unprofessional actors, who don't exactly have their timing down pat, he could picture six black guys all yelling, "faggot cocksucker" at the same time! Shit, he thought, add some music and you could dance to it.

Wade remembered a past scenario where a petite housewife wanted the eight guys, who were playing her school chums, to call her "slut" and "whore" during the action. What a mess that was! Wade, playing one of her chums, probably heard "Slutty whore!" a hundred times that night. It had almost turned into a cheerleading chant! Gimme an S! The amazing thing was, the housewife later sent him a note saying how perfect she thought everything went, how it was way beyond her expectations. Go figure.

This particular "prison" client also wanted to play "Ride the Whip" in which he would sit on Banger's lap, Banger's dick fully up his ass, and be "forced" to suck off the other guys, one after the other. Was it to be filmed? But of course. 8pm tonight was to be the Showtime. In studio 5. Make that cellblock 5.

Wade looked at a penciled-in note along the margin: If it's OK, this guy also wants the black dudes to piss in his mouth. And he wants Banger to say: "Swallow all our piss, punk. One drop hits the floor and your ass is getting a hurt put on it!" Or something to that effect. It was initialed KG. That would be Kendra Gooding, a customer relation's woman.

To inspire them to pee, the client was bringing his own brand of imported beer. The men were to drink just enough beer to get them pissing, but not enough to stop them from cumming. One thing about this client, Wade thought, he knows what he wants.

Wade put his OK on it.

Many guys, even some gals, had wanted the same pee-in-my-mouth thing before. It was becoming a somewhat popular request. Water Sports they called it. Perhaps, he thought, I should add it to our Website. As a special feature. For the truly discriminating "taste"! An acquired "taste" at that. Maybe with free beer tossed in. Hmmm. He tossed the word "taste" around in his mind a few more times: "Taste this! It's piss!" and "Don't be hasty, piss is tasty!" and his favorite... so far, "Piss tastes like sweet cum that's been marinated in vinegar!" Classy, he thought. Should appeal to the gay male crowd.

Pushing these thoughts from his mind, for now, Wade hollered over toward Becky Ryan, his assistant cast coordinator, "Becky, how's Benny Gee coming with those black guys from his crew for the prison bit? Showtime's at 8, you know."

"No prob, Joe, Benny's got six big black prisoner-types all lined up and ready to go. They'll be on the set at 7:30 sharp, awaiting further instructions. No guy has less than eight inches, as the client requested."

Wade nodded as he turned back to his desk and put a check mark next to 5-6 black men. Good old Benny Gee. He had never let him down. And he knew Benny's crew would have no problems over pissing down a young white boy's throat, either. No problems, whatsoever.

Wade wondered how Benny Gee checked out the crews' peckers for length verification. Did he just take their word for it? Probably not. Knowing Benny, and what a perfectionist he was, Wade pictured him, ruler in hand, yelling "Next!" Wade made a mental note to ask Benny the next time he saw him. Should be good for a laugh or two.

Wade had used Benny's crew many times before, especially with white women, married or not, who wanted to dabble with some exotic black meat. Black gangbangs were hot right now, the "in" thing for bored, rich white women to try out. And the gals always wanted the men to be VWE, very well endowed. Gay men were quickly jumping on the bandwagon, too. Yeah, Wade thought, black cock was a hot ticket item right now.

Hell, at a recent cocktail party, he'd overheard a gorgeous, married white woman say, to four of her chichi girlfriends, "You'll never guess what happened to me, girls! I was gangbanged last weekend by seven rough virile black men." She winked at the girls and then whispered. "And, they were so very well endowed, I'm still cumming! Tee hee."

With the video crew on standby, and a rough-hewn "prison" setting in place, this scenario was just about a done deal. All it needed now was the star performer, the blond jailhouse "punk" kid who had a deep craving for black dick, black cum, and a few quarts of beer-laden black piss.

Wade was surprised at how fast the humiliation scenario was catching on, especially among straight white men. There seemed to be some need in them to be totally subservient to other men. To be used, humiliated, debased, a cum receptacle for rough and horny, manly type men. The guys being black seemed to add to the humiliation picture.

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