Party Rape

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Rape, Heterosexual, Interracial, .

Desc: Sex Story: After rescuing her from a gang rape at a party, i bumped into her again at the local mall

I was looking for a new girlfriend, but you know how it is, when I was in my recent long term relationship, I was always seeing available girls, now I had split with Trish, I was seeing none. I was at this party with my flat mate Phil, when this pretty thing in a red dress gave me the eye. Oh my, she looked nice, not tall, probably five one, five two at the most, but boy was she stacked. Her large tits were overflowing her low top and a pair of shapely thighs appeared from under her short skirt. Before I could go over and introduce myself, someone else beat me to it and he whisked her off for a dance.

Oh well, never mind, I sure I'll run across her again soon, Phil and I headed for the Kitchen bar for a top up. After that I went actively looking for her but she seemed to have disappeared. After three pints of beer I was looking upstairs for the loo, when I noticed a flash of bright white light from under one of the bedroom doors. I relieved myself in the bathroom, when the significance of the light suddenly hit me; someone was taking pictures with a flash. My curiosity now up, I decided to investigate. The bedroom door opened and I slipped into the dimly light room, a further flash instantly blinded me. Slowly my brain sorted out the frozen tableau before me. On the bed was a naked girl with a man between her legs. And that was not all, at the head of the bed was another guy holding her arms above her head, while at the foot was two more holding her legs apart.

Just when I had sorted this all out in my brain a second flash went off, the source of light now having moved from it's previous position at the foot of the bed, to the far side by the curtained window. Once again my brain sorted out the scene before me, all the little details that I had missed the first time slipped into place. The guy holding her arm's, had his hand over her mouth as well; and the two guys at the foot of the bed were both black. Now my eyes were fully customised to the dim light I could see things clearly for the first time. My brain was also picking up sounds as well, I could hear the men softly calling encouragement to the guy between her legs and well as her muffled cries.

It was obviously to me now, that this was a gang rape, but what to do about it, there was at least five guys in the room against my one, I had half a mind to join in, but then what about the poor girl. I decided to slip out and leave them to it, I know it wasn't a very gallant thing to do, but odds of 5 to 1, didn't make for brave men, then with the next flash I noticed a red dress flung in the corner.

"Oh shit," I said softly. My mind went into overdrive and without conscious thought I acted. I opened the door wide, snapping on the main overhead light, I shouted.

"Help! Up here, come quick."

There was a general swearing from within the bedroom and a mass exodus; the last guy out was carrying the camera. Leaving the girl to look after herself I followed the gang downstairs, although they had been disturbed, they all seemed in high spirits, joking and laughing with each other. Once downstairs they split up, I keep tabs of the cameraman. He headed for the Hall and he slipped his camera in to the pocket of a leather coat and he walked casually away. Once he was out of sight, I grabbed the coat and went outside and locked it the boot of my car. Now back inside I went to see how the girl was doing, but by then she was gone, leaving behind, in her haste, her bra and knickers; time to go, I found Phil and we left.

On the drive home I filled him in on what I had witnessed.

"Holy shit!" he said, "you reckon it was that bird in the red dress with the big tits?"

"Well I'm not sure," I said, "but there was definitely a red dress in the room."

"Shit, I'll like to have a go at her myself," he said.

"Yeah me too," I agreed.

"Ok what are we going to do with the film?" he said.

"I've got no idea," I said, "I just took it on impulse."

"I know this guy, I play football with him, works in a processing lab," he said, "I could asked him?"

"Yeah great," I said, "but it must be on the QT, ok." When we got home I took the coat out of the boot and retrieved the camera. It was a top quality digital compact, he was going to be really pissed when he finds it gone. The coat too was of good quality and almost new; it fitted me perfectly. Over half of the capacity of the onboard memory was used and because it was digital, no processing was required. I downloaded the right maker's software from the net and transferred the 56 pictures onto my computer.

The pictures were in 800x600 format and of super quality; they detailed the story of her rape, first she was held down on the bed by all four of the men, then they stripped her out of her few clothes. One of the first thing I noted was it was my big-busted girl who had been their victim; shame I had plans for her myself. As I was thinking that, I cursed myself, it wasn't her fault she was being raped, now was it. I don't suspect a girl with big tits like hers was going to be a virgin anyway, so why was I thinking like this. I shook my head to clear my thoughts and moved on to the next picture. This showed her naked, her arms and legs being held to expose her body to the camera lens; my, oh my, what a body she's got. In retrospect I shouldn't have been too surprised, for I had inspected her discarded. They were pretty standard M&S twin set, the bra was sized 34-35 inches with a D cup and the knickers were 23-24 inches; a spectacular set of measurements. After that, the pictures showed two different men on top of her, I must have interrupted them before all five got to have a go.

"Wow," was Phil's comment when he had looked at the last of the pictures, "Now what?" he asked.

"Who knows," I said.

It was many months before things moved on, I had been seeing a girl called Mandy, just to get my leg over, not that she was ugly, far from it, it was just she was not my type. Of all places it happen in the Shopping Centre in town, I was there looking for shoes, when she walked in; there was no mistaking her. Oh my, she was pretty, but what do I do about it. I followed her for a while and at last she sat down in the cafÈ for a drink; I got a coffee and sat down at her table.

"Hi," I said, "my names James, we've met before." She glanced at me and then looked away.

"Yeah, you were at a party a couple of month ago, in a very nice red dress." That got her attention in a hurry, her head whipped around to look at me. "And due to no fault of yours, you left your bra and knickers behind."

"Oh no, please," she whimpered with tears in her eyes.

"Don't worry, I wasn't one of them," I reassured, "it was me that called out and drove them off."

"Oh, sorry," she said, drying her tears, "I thought you were one of those bastards; thank you for stopping them."

"That's ok," I said, "I'm just sorry I didn't stop them earlier."

"Yeah, me too," she said wiping her tears again, I suspect it was the last thing she wanted to think about.

"I'll walk you to your car," I offered.

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