Margot's Story

by DireWolf

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Light Bond, Gang Bang, Interracial, Fisting, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Petite 18 year old blonde catches the eye of a very perverted individual. He kidnaps her and quickly discovers that she is just as bad as him. They explore sex with large toys, fisting and eventually horses.

© 2002

This story is completely fantasy. None of it ever happened, and the extreme sexual activities are probably impossible. That's why it's a fantasy. I was going through the newsgroups and found this series of pictures of a really cute and really young looking bleach blonde whose name is "Margot." I wanted to write a story about her for some reason. This is my story debut on the Internet. There are 5 parts. The first has no real sex.
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Margot was a tiny beauty. She was usually a brunette but had recently died her hair bleach blonde. It really brought out her innocense. She was very short, 4'11, but had large breasts for her size, about 36C, which was saying a lot considering her tiny frame. She had a girlish innocence about her, and she was often mistaken for 14-15 years old, when she is actually 18.

I had a crush on her for some time, but until recently, never had the guts to do anything about it. We live in the same college dorm, a co-ed dorm, even the washrooms were co-ed.

I knew that she would not accept an offer to date as she had an interest in another man. In my opinion, he had to be gay to turn her down.

An opportunity presented itself one day when I overheard a conversation she had on the phone while walking past her room late one night. I stopped by the door and listened as it sounded like she was arguing with someone. It was her parents. She wanted to make other plans for the Christmas holidays, but her parents wanted her to come home. At the end of the argument, it was clear she was not going home, and planned to stay in the city during the holidays. The residence was closed during this time so she would have to find a place to stay.

I knew at this point in time, her friends thought she was heading home, and since it was so late, she would not tell them of her change in plans until late the next morning, which was the last day we were allowed to stay in residence before it closed for 2 weeks.

With that, I put a plan in motion to make sure she had a place to go for those two weeks. I quickly went out and rented a cheap motel room not far from the residence. Residence was quite open, everyone knew everyone on their floor and often left their doors open when going to the washroom or for food in the Cafeteria. I waited in the lounge patiently for Margot to get ready for bed and go brush her teeth in the washroom which was just down the hall. When I saw her sexy wiggle walk past in her PJ's, I quickly darted to her room to find the door open, as it usually was. I then placed a piece of clear packing tape over top of the door latch so that the bolt would not fall into place. I then returned to my chair in the lounge, watching TV and watched her go past again, this time sneaking a peek from behind her as she walked back to her room.

Margot's PJ's were always a size too small for her and were fairly tight. I had seen her in them often, and found it hard to keep my hardon from growing while having a conversation with her. She did not wear underwear with her PJs and the shape of her pussy and nipples could sometimes be seen behind the thin white flower pattern jammies.

She must have still been thinking over the argument she just had with her parents as she didn't notice the door not clicking into place as it usually does. "Perfect" I thought.

I waited about an hour until 3:30am, when I was sure she would be asleep. I crept down the empty hall to her room, a cloth in hand with a special chemical meant to put people to sleep was soaked in and ready.

I opened the door, weary that the light may wake her up. Luckily she was sound asleep. I closed the door behind me and waited a few minutes for my eyes to adjust to the light, until the tiny light from my watch could be used to see.

I leaned in close to the sleeping beauty. She smelled so lovely, I wanted to strip her down and fuck her right there. Slowly I eased the cloth onto her face and let her breathe the fumes without waking up. When I was confident she had enough to put her to sleep for a good few hours, I called her name to make sure. No response. I then gently nudged her shoulder. No response.

Not wanting to take any chances of her waking up, I shook her quite hard and still got no response. Now she was mine. Her parents thought she was going elsewhere, and her friends thought she was going home. For 2 weeks, she could be mine and nobody would notice.

With residence still empty, It would be easy to haul her down to my car without being noticed. The only problem was the security guard and the front desk clerk, both of whom played cards for hours, not paying much attention to anything.

It was now about 4am. I would have to get her out before 6am, when people started to wake. That left me with two hours to play.

I gently pulled the covers from her body, revealing her sexy form pushing out from her tight PJs. Damn she was so cute. I gently caressed the soft skin of her cheek and kissed her on the lips. I wished she was awake for it. I then traced my hand down her neck to her firm breasts and gently massaged them through her PJs. They were definitely real, and felt wonderful. I continued to trace down to her belly button, and finally her pussy. I cupped my hand over her sex and felt that she was very hot, and wet! Her moistness soaked through her PJ's and was clearly visible once I spread her legs wider. I wondered if I had caught her in the middle of a wet dream!

I leaned in to smell her sex and then realized I could hear a slight noise emanating from her pussy. It was very quiet, only audible close up, but it was definitely a vibrating sound. My heart jumped as the thoughts ran through my mind. Could she be sleeping with a vibrator stuffed in her pussy? Does she walk around in public with it as I've heard some nymphos do?

My dick began to push at my jeans, growing quickly. I had to see exactly what it was. With that, I grabbed her PJ bottoms and pulled them down, struggling at her ass, until they were finally completely off. Her naked pussy lay in front of me, shaved and shiny with her juice and screaming to be fucked. I looked into a small gaping portion of her pussy and could see something pink. I pushed two fingers in and found it, a small pink vibrator hiding just for me to find. I pulled it out to reveal the length. It was about 4 inches long and an inch in diameter, very small.

I then got very curious to see what other toys she might have hidden. Forcing myself away from her beautiful hot pussy, I began searching her closet and drawers for hidden treasures I could bring along for the two-week adventure we were about to have.

On the top shelf of her closet I found an unmarked box and opened it. Inside I found a few new toys. A fair sized black dildo about 7 inches long and 1.5 inches diameter, a second long double headed dildo about 12 inches long and 1.5 inches diameter. And still wrapped in the packaging was a brand new "Miniature Horse Cock." It was a dildo shaped like a horse cock instead of a man's cock. The rubber head was mushroom shaped, and large veins ran up and down its 12" length. It was almost 2 inches in diameter according to the specs on the back of the packaging.

Taped to the front of the packaging was a note dated a few weeks before. It was from a friend of Margot's and read, "To make up for all those disappointing men, Try this one on for size! HA HA" It was clearly a joke, and I wondered if this sweety had considered trying it. Since it was still in the wrapping, I guess she hadn't.

I was getting really turned on now, my cock was raging hard, and Margot's smell of sex was beginning to fill the room, even without the vibrator inside her.

I put all the toys back into the box and went back to my blonde jewel. Eager to test the waters, before I put her PJs back on, I raised her top and sucked on her luscious tits for a minute, then tasted her wetness with my tongue, while inserting two fingers to the knuckles. I played for a few more minutes, then dressed her back up.

I then wrapped her tiny body in a blanket and lifted her from the bed. She moaned slightly with the sudden movement, but I knew she would not wake up for a few more hours.

I opened the door and looked out. It was all clear. She was very light and it was no effort at all to carry her down the fire escape stairs. I decided to go with this as the elevator serviced the entire 9 floors of the building and running into someone on it was a strong possibility.

When I reached the bottom and entered the lobby, the security guard and desk clerk were busy gabbing, watching TV and playing cards. They glanced up at me as I walked past, but said nothing. A guy carrying a girl passed out wasn't all that uncommon in residence. I smiled at them and said "She drank too much.", then proceeded to the exit without trouble.

--Part 2--

Margot lay helpless and unconscious on the cheap motel room bed as I stared at her naked beauty. It didn't take me long to undress and tie her up with velvet ropes once I had her inside. I debated on waiting until she awoke to start the real action, or just start now. I figured some good pussy work might turn her on while she slept, making her easier to manipulate once she awoke.

With that, I opened her box of toys sitting next to my own box and removed the pink double headed dildo. I then spread her legs and inserted the head. It slid in easy as her vagina was still lubricated from earlier. I pushed until more than half the 12" long dildo was inside her. I was surprised her tiny body could take more than 6 inches. She clearly had practice with long toys. The dildo penetrated her to 8 inches before encountering resistance. This was awesome. Her creamy white body was already full of surprises.

Wanting to test her limits, I slid two fingers in along side the dildo. It was a little tight, but not bad. I then strummed her clit with my thumb as I worked the 1.5" diameter dildo in and out of her wet hole. She moaned slightly and shifted her weight. Even asleep she was enjoying it.

I worked her for another 15 minutes, pushing the dildo into her faster and faster while strumming and licking her clit. Margot was nearing an orgasm, her moans were getting louder and she was shifting about against her restraints more. I wondered what she was dreaming about. Suddenly she went quiet and a thin white liquid squirted out into my hand. God damn! She came in her sleep! I lapped up the tasty liquid and stopped for a moment to retrieve her small vibrator.

Leaving the pink dildo still stuffed in her pussy, I worked the small vibrator into her sex just above it, so that when vibrating, it would stimulate her clit the most. It was fairly tight with two dildos in her, but I worked it in almost all the way.

Obsessed with measurements, I had a cloth tape measure ready to see just how much she was taking. The pink dildo was 12 inches long and she still had 3 inches remaining, with 9 buried deep inside her tiny body. I knew by the time I was done with her, she would be able to take all 12 inches.

My cock was beginning to hurt from being hard for so long. I couldn't keep doing this and not cum for another hour or two until she woke up. I wanted to save my load for her while she was awake, it would only be a waste right now. I decided to take a break and leave the vibrator and dildo stuffed inside her. I laid down beside her, her left tit in my hand and let myself doze until she showed signs of waking up. I was quite good at this without falling asleep. Years of practice in class I guess.

An hour and a half passed when I heard Margot moan loudly. I got up and looked at her pussy. Her juices had soaked the bed under her and the vibrator was still going. Margot shifted and moaned more. I saw her eyelids flutter slightly as she began to wake up.

I retrieved a ski mask and a ball gag from my box of toys, put on the mask and stuffed the gag in her mouth, fastening the strap behind her head. This woke her up suddenly and she looked directly at me, wide eyed and frightened. She was unaware of her situation for a moment as she glanced around the unfamiliar surroundings and realized her situation. Margot tried to scream but it was muffled by the gag.

"Don't be afraid Margot, You aren't going to get hurt, only pleasured." I said in a soft voice. Her eyes still wide, staring up at me in fear.

I moved down between her legs and pointed. She lifted her head and looked down. Her fear turned to anger quickly and she tried to scream again. I smiled and told her to just enjoy the ride.

With that I began pumping the pink dildo in and out of her once more, holding the vibrator in place on top of it. I pressed her clit to the vibrator firmly to enhance the vibration. Margot's head fell back to the pillow as the intense pleasure overwhelmed her.

I pumped her hard and fast, pulling a good 8 inches of the dildo out and ramming it back in as fast as I could. After only 5 minutes, Margot had another orgasm. Her body twitched from side to side against her restraints and muffled screams filled the air.

"Felt good huh." I said with a smile as I looked up at her. "This can be voluntary or not. It would probably be more fun if it was voluntary." I hoped that her sexual appetite would allow her to get over the initial invasion of her sex by me while she slept. Making this voluntary meant I didn't have to wear a mask while fucking her.

I went to her box of toys and pulled out the artificial horse cock, showing it to her. "You know where I got this don't you!" Margot's eyes widened again as she watched me open the package and pull out the flexible rubber horse cock. "I bet you've been dying to try it out, and now's your chance."

I slowly removed the pink dildo and vibrator from her pussy. Her vaginal juices ran down her ass and added to the soaked bed below. I pressed the big mushroom head of the horse dildo to her pussy and pushed slowly. "Do you want it?" I asked, pulling it away. Margot's head flipped side to side, signaling no. "Are you sure?" I asked again, pressing the head to her pussy again, this time rubbing it up and down her pussy lips, focusing on her clit. "I know you want it, no sense in resisting it. This is one of your fantasies isn't it? So why fight it?" I pulled the cock away and showed it to her. "Look at this thing. The shape alone has got to have you curious about how it feels inside you."

I put the dildo between her tits and rubbed it up and down, slowly fucking her tits with it and poking her chin with the head. The dildo looked huge compared to her, its length was half her torso.

Margot closed her eyes tightly and tried to push her head away from the dildo. I squeezed her tits together, hugging the cock with them. Her huge soft tits easily covered the dildo. Margot then stopped struggling and looked down at the dildo as I pumped it between her tits slowly.

"Yeah you want it don't you!" I said again. Margot nodded slightly.

YES! I thought, she's going to be a lot of fun. I pressed the head of the huge cock to her wet pussy hole again, this time pushing harder. The mushroom head slipped in and Margot moaned from behind her gag again. I pushed the dildo deeper, reaching 8 inches quite easily with it. It was around this length that the diameter reached the full two inches. Her pussy lips hugged it's girth perfectly.

I began to pump it into her, slowly pulling it out until the head of the cock pulled it her pussy lips, then pushing it all the way back in to 8 inches. Margot began moaning more and I placed the vibrator on her clit, stimulating it from the outside. As soon as I did that, Margot began moaning louder and humping her hips toward the dildo, wanting to take more. It only took her another 5 minutes to cum. Her body twitching violently as she arched her back and more juices squirted out slightly from within her juicy pussy.

"Fuck you're awesome!" I said as I crawled up the bed beside her, dildo still stuffed 8 inches inside her. I removed the ball gag, knowing it was safe she wouldn't scream.

"Oh my god that thing is great. It's so damn big, it hits every sensitive spot!" She blurted out, almost hysterically.

"That was quite a show, I've got one huge load for you if like cum, baby."

Margot nodded again, so I removed my clothing, keeping the mask on, and knelt above her face, presenting my seemingly small 7" cock to her pretty mouth. She eagerly began sucking and I didn't last long at all. I blew a huge load into her soft mouth, filling her up with only a couple blasts. I then pulled out and squirted the rest on her cute young face. She moaned and swallowed, clearing liking it.

"Who are you?" She asked. "I'll tell you later. Right now there's something we have to do."

I wanted to push that dildo farther into her depths. I knew she could take more, despite her size. "Hang on baby." I said as I grabbed the dildo and began pumping it with both hands.

I pushed hard inward with each thrust, impacting the dildo against her cervix each time, determined to penetrate it into her womb. Each thrust forward hit hard, shaking her violently. Her tits bounced with each thrust, almost hitting her in the face. Margot moaned loudly, this time freely with no gag.

I pumped as fast as I could for a good 10 minutes. Margot was nearly another intense orgasm. The dildo was reaching 9 inches now as I pounded it through her cervix and into her womb. She screamed in pain at the new penetration, but it soon turned to pleasure. She now had 10 inches pushing in and out of her wanton hole. A few minutes later she began to cum. I continued to pump hard as she came and could feel her vaginal muscles tugging at the horse cock, wanting to take more.

More of her cum juice squirted out, spraying my hands as sloppy squishing noises mixed with her moans filled the room. I stopped finally as her orgasm subsided. I left the dildo buried with only 2 inches of the 12 left outside her.

I decided to answer her question now. "I'm someone you know. Tell me, who have you noticed has been watching you closely?" I asked, making her guess.

"I don't know, a lot of guys watch me. I notice them all."

"Hah I guess you're right." I didn't really think of it that way, but being so cute I guess she would have had every guy in residence stare at her at least once. I removed the mask and revealed my identity.

Margot's eyes widened again. "Oh my god! YOU! I should have known it was you! A lot of guys watch me but you're the most obvious one, Jason!" she giggled.

"Tell me something, were you ever interested in me?" I asked out of curiosity.

"No, I've been interested in this other guy, and you know I'll tell you why, I heard him with the girl next to me one night, a one time stand I guess. He was so kinky, wanted to use toys on her and stuff, but she wouldn't go for it. That's why I liked him, he's kinky, like me!"

I grinned at her, "I bet I'm more kinky." "If I had only known that earlier." She smiled back at me sexily. "Let me out of these ropes, I gotta feel this dildo inside me."

I quickly untied the velvet ropes and watched as she eagerly grabbed the protruding dildo and pulled it out slightly. "I was afraid to try it because it's so big, I wasn't sure if I could take it." she said.

"You took it quite easily, I might add. Your pussy is amazingly flexible."

"Now that you've had a fantasy, Can you help me with one of mine?" I asked with a huge grin. Margot looked up from her dildo with a smile.

"I'm gonna fist you." I said. I swear I saw her eyes sparkle with those words.

She rolled over onto all fours, the big dildo still sticking out, still 7 inches buried inside. She presented her amazing shape to me, back arched, pussy stuffed, juices dripping. I wish I had a camera.

I removed the dildo with a sucking pop and stroked it with my hand, collecting her juices for lubrication. I added a little KY Jelly to be sure. I then inserted three fingers easily to the knuckles and swirled them around.

"Come on just push it in!" Margot said, looking very impatient over her shoulder.

With that I put my little finger and thumb in and shoved my hand hard, her pussy lips disappeared inside her as my knuckles tried to slip past. Margot moaned and I could feel her pushing back slightly.

I twisted and pushed for a few minutes, then suddenly my hand slipped in to the wrist. Margot gasped and her arms collapsed, her face mashed into the bed and her tits squished nicely. I twisted my hand around and pushed some more, sinking a little deeper. Margot lifted herself up and looked over her shoulder to see my arm sticking out of her.

"Oh my god that feels so weird, it feels great!" she said with a cute smile.

I pushed some more and she moaned in response. My arm sank into her, I figured about 8 inches total. I continued to twist and pump, loosening her up for what I really wanted to see.

I pulled my hand back to the wrist, my knuckles forcing her pussy lips out as they hugged the near 3 inch diameter of my knuckles bunched up. My hand slipped free and her pussy stayed open slightly. I pushed it back in, this time more easily. I wanted her loose enough that I could freely insert my fist and pull it back out without much resistance. I continued this action for about 10 minutes, each time pushing my hand all the way into her and pulling it back out, twisting as her pussy lips snapped back into place.

The room filled with slurping noises once more as I pushed my hand in and out of her sopping wet hole. She was really enjoying this, her panting and moans like music to my ears. Her pussy taking my arm half way to the elbow.

Finally I made a fist and pressed it to her gaping hole. My fist was a little more than 3 inches wide, and with the fingers bunched up, I would be able to get more than 3 more inches of my arm inside her.

I pushed my fist hard, her pussy lips giving way slowly to the extra width. With one final thrust it slipped in. Margot screamed with pleasure and I pulled it back out half way, making sure her pussy lips stretched wide at the thickest point of my fist. I twisted it around, making sure she would loosen up to take my whole fist again and again.

It didn't take long this time and she was loose enough. I pushed my fist into her and watched in amazement each time as her pussy lips hugged my fist on exit and snapped back into place.

"Faster Jason!" Margot managed to spit out the words between pants.

I picked up the pace, my fist smacking her pussy each time it entered, and pulling her pussy lips a good 2 inches from her body with each exit.

I pumped her hard like this for a few minutes when she went into orgasm again. This time her cum shot out of her gaping pussy while my fist was still outside of her. It sprayed my face and chest a couple times before dripping down her thighs. I had never seen a girl's cum shoot so far. I began to wipe up her juice with my fingers when she turned around and began kissing me, licking her own cum from my face, and feeding it to me through a deep kiss.

"That was amazing Jason." she said, hugging me and pulling me down to the bed with her. "You're telling me. I just had the hottest girl I know squirt her cum almost two feet onto my face!". Margot giggled and kissed me again. She then moved down to my raging hardon and sucked me off. I blew another huge load into her sweet mouth as she made sure not to lose a single drop.

While in each other's arms I slid the horse dildo into her pussy, 10 inches deep and we feel asleep, exhausted...

Part 3

The next morning I awoke to find Margot sucking on my dick, trying to get me hard. Seeing her pretty face between my legs didn't take long and my dick sprung to life. She made mecum again within a few minutes, her expert hands and tongue knew just what to do. Getting off so quickly meant I didn't have much of a load to offer, but she accepted it happily for breakfast.

I realized she still had the horse dildo stuffed in her pussy. "You gonna take that thing out girl?" I asked.

"Hell no, it feels too damn good. I feel empty without something.

Curious again, I asked, "By the way, do you walk around in public with that tiny vibrator in your pussy?"

Margot giggled. "Not all the time." she replied.

"Sometimes is more than enough. You plan to substitute that vibrator for the horse dildo?"

"Hmm sounds like a plan..." She grinned.

"Well then, we'll have to make sure none of it is showing. You're gonna have to take the full 12 inches so that it doesn't show through your jeans in public.

Margot then turned around, presenting once again, her sweet figure to me, horse dildo stuffed in her wet pussy. I got into position and grabbed ahold of the rubber cock, pushing it hard, I almost pushed her over. I pounded the dildo into her, rocking her entire body, twisting the dildo with each thrust. Slowly we started making progress. Less and less of the dildo was available for me to hold on to. Soon she had 11 inches inside her tiny body, and was taking more.

I continued pumping her for at least 20 minutes. I started to tire and slow down. Margot helped by pushing her ass back toward the dildo. She was determined to take the whole thing. Then she finally did it. One final thrust and the end of the dildo and five of my fingers disappeared inside her pussy. I let go and looked in. Her pussy lips slowly closed, leaving about an inch gaping, enough to see the end of the horse cock dildo. I flipped her onto her back and began nibbling her clit, trying to make her cum. Within minutes she squirted her sweet nectar onto my waiting tongue. She said that it hurt a little to cum, the dildo was filling her so much.

Margot and I had a great week. Almost non stop kinky sex. Hardcore fisting and dildo ramming, usually topping it off with a load of cum down her throat. We only stopped to eat and go shopping for new sex toys. When we went in public, Margot always took her favorite dildo stuffed all the way inside her as she walked around. Sometimes she would get so turned on her juice would soak through her jeans.

While sitting on a bench at a local mall, a big black man walked past us as we kissed. Like all men, he looked her over quickly. The way she was sitting on the bench to kiss me meant her legs were spread wide, and the wet spot in her jeans showed clearly to the black man. He stopped dead in his tracks and stared at her for a minute. We didn't really notice what he was looking at, then I got curious and looked over at him. He didn't even see me look. Margot grinned at him, he still didn't notice. His eyes were fixated on her wet crotch.

"Like what you see?" She asked quietly. The man jumped and looked up at her.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean anything." he said, about to walk away.

"You wanna taste that juice?" She asked. The big black man grinned with excitement. Margot stood and motioned with her finger for him to follow us. He did, gladly.

We went out to the car, and she sat in the back seat with him while I drove back to the motel room. I could see in the mirror he was groping her all over as they kissed hard. His big black hands in direct contrast to her tiny white body. He had her shirt lifted and her jeans undone, but his hand was too big to fit down her tight jeans. She made him wait for the short 10 minute drive.

We went into the motel room and he immediately began stripping her down, and himself right after. I sat in a chair and watched.

He pushed her hard onto the bed and pounced on her. She laughed and grabbed his huge cock, about 9 inches long fully erect. Small compared to the dildo she had stuffed in her, but big for a man.

The black man worked his way to her pussy and began eating her out. He tried to stuff his fingers into her and discovered the dildo stuffed inside her.

"What the hell?" he asked in surprise as he began pulling the huge cock out of her. He slowly pulled inch my inch, waiting for it to end. "Fuckin Christ!" he exclaimed, "Is this thing gonna end? God damn girl, you're nasty!"

"Why thank you." she replied. Finally the dildo's mushroom head popped out of her pussy with a slurp. The big black man stared at it in amazement.

"It's a fake horse cock." She told him. "It feels really great, better than a man."

He dropped it on the bed and went back to his eating. Her gaping pussy was an alluring target for his fingers. He pushed three of his big stubby fingers into her easily. His hand was quite a bit bigger than mine.

"Put your fist in me!" she ordered, eager to feel something even bigger than my own fist inside her.

"What?" he asked, "You can't take my whole fist can you?"

"I can take Jason's, you're not much bigger." she answered.

"Shit... ok whatever you say!"

With that the black man pushed his thumb and little finger into her up to the knuckles, and swirled them around to loosen her up. "Make a fist and put it in me." she ordered again. Not wanting to wait for maximum pleasure.

The big man pulled his fingers out, made a fist and pressed the knuckles at an angle to her gaping pussy. Pushing hard one knuckle began to slip in. Then another. The man twisted and turned his huge hand and pushed hard. Her entire body moved with the force. Finally his fist slipped in. Margot gasped loudly, her mouth gaping in shock. She hadn't felt anything this big. The man's hand must have been 3.5 inches wide at least.

I stood up and moved closer for a better view of the action. The big black arm protruded from her pussy like a tree trunk.

"Pull your fist out half way, stretch her at the widest point." I told the man. He complied and pulled his fist out, her pussy lips hugging him tightly and stretching white. He twisted his fist around and pushed it back in, slowly pumping her, pulling his fist almost all the way out each time. Her pussy adapted quickly to the stretching. Soon there was very little resistance. The big man pulled his fist all the way out and pushed it back it again.

"Go for some depth now." I ordered.

Again he complied, pushing his fist 10 inches into her body. At this depth the diameter of his forearm was getting greater than his wrist, stretching her loose pussy even more.

Margot had a wicked orgasm again, her vaginal muscles milking the huge arm inside her like a cock. She arched her back fighting to take more of his arm.

Slurping noises were getting very loud now as the big fist slapped into her pussy and slopped back out again. Margot had another orgasm, her juices spraying the black man's chest as he brutally pounded his fist into her.

The black man stopped for a few moments to take a rest, leaving his fist just inside her pussy, her lips hugging his wrist. I had an idea. She seemed to have no limits and I wanted to test it again.

I leaned in to her sopping pussy, it seemed to be a little red from the vicious fisting. I slid four fingers inside her pussy beside the black man's wrist.

Margot came out of her dreamy state, wondering what was going on.

"Fuck no way dude." The black man said.

I then slid my thumb in along side, clutching the black man's wrist inside her pussy. I pushed them in to the knuckles and encountered resistance as her pussy got real tight real quick.

I lubed up my hand with some KY jelly and began pushing. The black man pushed his fist deeper into her to allow more room for me to enter. Slowly her pussy adapted again, adjusting to the huge intrusion. My knuckles slipped past her lips and my fingers poked the black man's fist inside her. Margot moaned loudly and grabbed both our arms with her hands, coaxing us in.

"God fuckin dammit girl, you're amazing!" the black man said, in an almost hysterical voice.

The black man pushed his fist deeper, toward the 10 inch mark again. His arm started getting really thick and my own arm along side it stretched Margot's pussy to both sides so wide she looked unnaturally deformed. The width of our arms side by side prevented us from going as deep as before, but we were determined to stretch her pussy lips wider to take more.

Our two wrists must have been forcing her pussy open at least 4.5 inches side to side. The black man began pumping his arm into her slowly, I did the same, in the opposite direction.

Margot quickly came to another violent orgasm. In the middle she screamed out, "OH my god it hurts! Pull them out!", but by the time we could, her orgasm began to subside.

We continued pumping into her. prying our arms apart, stretching her more. We managed to separate them by about 1/4 inch.

"Let's cause her some pain man." The black man said. He began to lift his arm upward, applying pressure to her G-Spot and clit with his arm. I could see his fist bulging in her abdomen with the pressure. Margot just moaned in response. The man lifted some more until her ass came off the bed. I had no choice but to assist in the lifting. Margot looked down, seeing the two arms sticking out of her tiny stretched body, a tear trickled down her face, but behind her eyes, was pure lust.

The two of us lifted. She weighed only 90 pounds. Margot's ass now cleared the bed and only her shoulder blades touched now. The black man pushed his fist deeper into her to get more leverage on her upper body. He intended to lift her right up off the bed!

His fist began to really bulge out of her abdomen. It looked like it had to hurt as we could almost see the shape of his knuckles pressing against her insides. Margot began moaning loudly, more in pain than pleasure. The man continued to lift, and I assisted, both our arms pushed deep into her tiny body. Finally her shoulders came off the bed, then her arms and head. We lifted her up and stood up 3 feet above the bed, holding her as she squirmed slightly against the immense pressure. Margot grabbed the black wrist sticking out of her pussy and clutched the bulge where his fist was pushing out through her abdomen with her other hand.

We then tilted our arms so that she was at about a 45 degree angle, her body weight shifted so that there was more pressure pushing our fists into her depths. This put more pressure on her pussy lips as the diameter of our two arms increased beyond her limits.

Margot then put one leg on the black man's shoulder, and the other on my shoulder and tried to push herself off. She had stopped screaming but she was still in pain.

She pushed herself up about half way, then her leg slipped off my shoulder and she slipped back down our arms, the black man's fist slamming into her depths with the pressure of her body weight. Her pussy lips stretched more and she screamed out.

"Ok that's enough, let's put her down." I said. The black man grinned and began to lower her toward the bed. Still at a 45 degree angle, he sat her ass down on the edge of the bed, taking the pressure off as we both knelt in front of her. He then started pumping into her again.

"I'm gonna make you cum bitch." He said, as his arm began sliding faster and faster beside mine. I began to pump my arm as well, sometimes in tandem and sometimes opposite to his. The sloppy squishing noises always sounded good to me. Within minutes, Margot came yet again, her juices spraying both our faces slightly this time. The black man laughed with excitement and slowed the pace of his pounding until he stopped.

As he pulled his fist from her stretched, raw hole, I wrapped my hand around his fist inside her and decided both our hands were coming out at the same time. As we pulled, her pussy lips stretched out from the huge girth of our two hands. As we exited her pussy lips turned white and she gasped with the pressure.

Finally we both popped out, her pussy lips snapping back to her body, still gaping a good 2 inches diameter. We both peered into her hole, amazed at how flexible her soft skin was.

The black man stood and presented his 9 inch cock to her mouth. She sucked on it for a moment, then he grabbed her hair at the back of her head and pushed his cock all the way into her throat. Margot's eyes went wide, she was not ready for this. He left his member embedded in her throat for a moment before giving her some air and pulling out. Margot gagged on her own saliva and he pushed it back in. He continued this action for a few minutes, then finally shoved it in and started blasting his hot sperm down her throat. One blast, and he pulled out, leaving the head in her mouth, filling her mouth to capacity and finishing off.

Margot showed us his huge load in her mouth before swallowing and doing the same to myself.

"God damn this bitch is an awesome slut." The black man said with enthusiasm, spreading her pussy open with 4 fingers from each hand. She gaped open wide enough for a fist or two.

I saw him spreading her open and grabbed the horse dildo to put back inside her. It easily slid into her cavern without even touching the walls of her vagina.

"Looks like we're going to need a bigger toy for you Margot." I said, laughing slightly. Margot giggled, cleaning a few drops of cum from her lips. The 12" dildo disappeared inside her.

"You know, I heard of this sex shop that can custom build dildos for chicks like this who just can't get them big enough. I haven't been there before, but I'll get you the address." The black man stood up and began dressing.

"Sounds good..." I replied. I stood and wrote my number down on a piece of paper and handed to him as he thanked Margot and left.

Part 4

Margot and I enjoyed a few more days of total ecstasy, I double fisted her as often as possible, pushing both hands deep into her and alternating the pumping action. Her pussy was so loose now it could probably take one of those two liter plastic cola bottles no problem, or maybe even a 60oz bottle of whisky.

The phone rang in the middle of one of our fisting sessions. I pulled one hand from her cavern with a wet slurp and grabbed the phone, her juices coating it. It was the black man calling with the address to the sex shop he had mentioned.

Within an hour we were there, looking around at thousands of porn videos and sex toys. A man in his 40's, average height and build, stood behind a desk working on something and didn't notice the cutie who had just walked in with me. Another customer was reading the back of a porn video box and didn't notice either.

I walked to the counter as Margot wandered off behind some shelves to look at toys. "Hello." I said, the clerk looked up at me. "I heard you make custom toys."

"Yes I do. It's not cheap though, what are you looking for?" he asked.

Well, my girl has a rather large vagina, she needs something probably 4 inches in diameter at least, and about a foot long.

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