Rules of the Game

by Electric Geisha

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Exhibitionism, .

Desc: Sex Story: She hates loving the way he plays with her

© 2003

You slide your hands under my jacket and I feel your warm, rough hands through my blouse. I want to stop you but the way my curves fit so perfectly into your manly hands changes my mind. It feels as if my breasts are moulded to fit your palm when you cup them and touch them. But there are people around us in this last night train and I can feel my face turning red, knowing that they possibly had a good view of my body being handled this way by you.

Still, I want you so badly, I am virtually on fire. The movie was a blur. All I remember is being teased by your fingers. Halfway through the movie, you had casually helped yourself up my skirt, caressing my thighs, slowly working your way up to my pussy, teasing me through my panties. I hate the way you keep a straight face, pretending to concentrate on everything but me. I squirmed on your fingers discreetly, hoping no one would notice what was happening between us. But more so because I needed to cum. I was so desperate from the teasing that, at one point, I offered in a whisper to go to the ladies to remove my meddlesome fabric so that you could access me completely. You stopped me and I knew you had this planned. You saw that I had figured the game but you just smiled nonchalantly and annoyingly confidently with that breathtaking smile of yours. You forbade me to touch you or myself throughout the evening, warning me that the game was over if I did.

I left the theatre with my pussy soaking wet, I was almost sure people could notice I was walking funny. I made sure had my jacket on though, my aching nipples felt like they were ready to burst through my back-less halter top from your oh-so-careless brushes. Displaying that would only have brought more unwanted attention to my already-attention-seeking breasts. You just walked beside me as if nothing happened. Once or twice in between the most casual conversation, you heightened my senses again by whispering something completely and deliciously filthy. The dull throbbing in my pussy would ignite itself all over again. I hate to love the way you play this mind-fuck game. You definitely have a lot more control than I do, both over me as well as yourself.

My orders from you were clear. "I want to make you need it so much that you beg me for it, Nita. I want to know that I own you and I want you to understand that." I know you are not the control-freak type of lover but that was the first time I heard you using such a tone, and I was a little intimidated. "You will not touch yourself unless I tell you to and you will definitely not cum unless I want you to. You will do what I tell you to." You finally understood my desire to be your possession. "Just trust me, my little slut." I melted into your arms, nervous but happy at the same time that I was finally living out my fantasy of being your submissive.

Dinner was unbearable. You finally allowed me to take my panties off but reminded me that everything would end if I tried to relieve myself. I don't even know why but I obeyed you even though I was so horny that my juices were running down my thigh the moment I took my panties off. My pussy badly ached to be touched. The walk back to our table from the washroom was a completely strange experience. I felt naked, exposed and slutty despite the posh ambience and the fact that I was visibly dressed. You didn't even have to touch me throughout dinner. The whole experience and sensation itself kept me on the edge. You know I had never done something like this. Good Asian girls weren't supposed to behave this way. Even though I tried hard to maintain a faÁade, you did not help.

You wanted me to expose a little bit more and behave a little more like a slut as the evening progressed. I obeyed even though I had never been more embarrassed. By the end of dinner, my breasts were threatening to spill out of my top and give the other voyeuristic waiters and diners what they were waiting for. And I was behaving more suggestively in that hour than I had my whole life, licking and sucking my fingers, rubbing and caressing my breasts, doing everything you instructed. I was your slut and you wanted the world to know that as much as I did. For the first time the whole evening, you began to show how turned on you were, too. It made me feel so high to know I could do that to you.

But that didn't change how badly I wanted you to fuck me right there and then.

We cut dinner short and now I know why you insisted on taking a train instead of a cab home. For the first time tonight, I can feel your erection against me and I wanted it more than ever. You have me pinned against the wall of the dim area adjoining two compartments. All the vibrations of the train seem to centre here and drive me crazy. This spot is relatively private but not invisible. If people look, they will still see what you are doing to me. "You such a hot slut, Nita, and I just want to fuck you so hard for being such a whore. You are my mine, do you understand?" I nod, sucking your fingers gently as you caress my face. The tone of your voice was indescribably sexy but I did not expect it. You grab my hair firmly and jerk my head back, bringing my eyes up to meet yours. I gasp in surprise at your sudden roughness.

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