Disreputable Character

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: While around a golf buddie's house i saw a video cassette with my wife's maiden name on it

Chapter 1

I've been married seven years to my Sue and although we come from the same small town and went to the same school, we didn't really connect until we went to Leeds University. After we graduated we got married and we both took jobs with the same local company. Unfortunately this was a hundred miles away from our homes. We drove back to see our families quite often but not as often as we would like. So when an opening came up in the hometown branch we took it like a shot. Not only were we now close to our parents but to our old school friends as well.

I had taken up golf and I joined the local club, there I played regularly with some of my oldest friends. One weekend we were one short and Giles joined us; he was someone I had heard about but never actually met before. He was two years ahead of me at school and had a bad reputation. Stories about wild parties circulated, where vast amounts of booze and drugs were taken, but I suspected it was all down to a few jealous people who hadn't been invited.

During the round we chatted about common friends and we got on very well, so well in fact that it became a regular fixture. I found out, over the following months that he owned his own media company making adverts for TV and quite successful he appeared to be too. It became common for him to invite me back to his place, he never married apparently but there never seemed to be a shortage of young girls in his life, not that I met any of them.

He lived in a large house with a heated pool at the back. One hot Sunday afternoon we were having a drink around his pool and I was thinking it was about time I was going home but before I did I wanted to use the bathroom.

"Through there," he pointed vaguely, and soon I found myself in his inner sanctum, his study. One wall was completely covered by video boxes as testament, if one was needed to his success. I turned to leave when a name sprang out at me, 'Susan Prince'.

My wife's Sue's maiden name was Prince, my hand hovered over the tape box, but I turned and walked out leaving the tape where it was. At the door Giles met me.

"Took a wrong turn somewhere," I said apologetically.

"Yeah mate, it's just through here," he said drunkenly. After we had relieved ourselves, we went back outside. Now I had seen that name I wanted to stay on. Half of me wanted to ask him about it, but I just couldn't.

Two more drinks and he was snoring. At last I built up enough courage to go back and check again, to make sure I had seen what I thought I had seen. Yes there it was, a video box with my wife name on it. In a small town like ours there could only be one Susan Prince surely.

With shaking hands I pulled the video down from the shelf and took the tape from it's box. Written on it were the words, 'Susan Prince June 1990'. If it were my Susan that would make her seventeen, she wouldn't have been eighteen until that September. Now I was stuck in a dilemma, I desperately wanted to view the tape in my hands but how could I, could I steal it from my friend or should I ask him if I could borrow it. In the end my good nature won out and I replaced the box with its tape still inside, on the shelf.

Some weeks later I got around to mentioning the wall of videos in his study.

"Oh them," he chuckled, "a life time collection. When I first started I took any job I could; one of the first was duping porno tapes at a fiver a go. Kept the company afloat; I've kept copies of all of them in my collection.

"What about the tapes with hand written labels?" I asked.

"Oh them, well when I was younger I was just a bit wild," he chuckled again, "had myself a great time especial with the ladies. That lot are some of my past girlfriends."

"Oh," was all I said.

"Yeah, I'll bet there's some names up there that you remember too," he said. "Come on let's go and look," he suggested. "Right, there's Jane Bridges, she was Head Girl in my final year," he said, "good name for her Head Girl, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah sure," I said.

"Yeah she still about," he said, "I bump into her now and again. Now here we have Susan Prince, she went off to university somewhere, don't know where she is now. Lovely girl if a bit stingy on the sex side. Oh my here's Petra Davies, God I saw her the other day, she must weigh fifteen stone."

"Must be good leverage for a bit of the old sexual blackmail," I said.

"Well I'll suppose," he mused, "but who wants to fuck some flabby thirty year old when there's all those tight teenage bodies out there."

"So what's on the tapes then?" I asked.

"All sorts of things," he chuckled, "our Head Girl is giving me and some mates some head."

"Wow, I'll like to see that," I said, "I always fancied her from afar."

"Sure no problem," he said, "in fact you can do me a favour, I've got to go abroad for a week soon, perhaps you can house sit for me, you know water the plants."

"Sure," I confirmed, my heart beating wildly.

"Any tape you want to look at be my guest," he said off hand.

The days past slowly, I told Sue that I was house sitting for a golf buddy but I didn't mention his name. At last I turned the key and I was all alone in his house. First things first, I watered all the plants and checked all around, then I stood in front of the wall of tapes. I knew which tape I wanted to view first but I bottled out and took down the Jane Bridge's tape. In the study was a TV and tape set up so I popped the tape in and sat down with the remote in my hand.

The scene started with Jane and a couple of guys, who looked vaguely familiar, went to the same school I wouldn't bet; they all looked very drunk. Jane kept telling Giles to stop taping while she fought off both guys but in a half hearted way as if she had done this all before, and as far as I know she probably had. Eventually her head was in the lap of one guy and bobbing on his hard cock, while Giles made comments from behind the camera.

I pushed the stop button, as much I as wanted to see the rest of the tape I was now ready to see Sue's. I pushed it into the machine and pushed play. She looked years younger than I remembered her looking. Her hair was long and she was a lot thinner. She was standing between two guys, one I recognised from the previous tape but the other was a new comer. If Jane was drunk in the previous tape, Sue was almost out on her feet; in fact I sure she would have fallen down if the two guys weren't holding her up. I wanted to turn the tape off, I knew it was my own sweet wife on the screen but a big part of me wanted to continue. As I watched, one guy was kissing Sue while guy number two was giving her breasts a going over. Guy number two was now working behind her simple dress, pulling her zip down I guessed and I was right for almost immediately her dress fell to the floor leaving her in her bra and panties. I could see that she was struggled a bit at this point but not too much, she was too far gone to put up much resistance. Next her bra was off and I could see her pert breasts, they were smaller than I remembered them and a lot smaller that they are now.

I pushed the stop button, I needed a break, this was altogether too much for me. I found the drink's cabinet and poured myself a strong one. Suitably fortified I returned to the study and pressed play. I watched as her panties were lowered to the floor and then she was manhandled to the sofa. I could hear Giles issuing instructions to his two cohorts as they invaded her drunken body.

The tape rewound and I just sat there, my pretty innocent wife had been well and truly fucked by all three of them, yes I know she was drunk or on something stronger, but she was mine. If Giles had walked in at that moment I think I would have killed him, my blood was up so much. I couldn't leave and face her at home so I just sat there and tried to cool down. I told myself that this was something long, long ago, before she had met me properly and became mine. It's not as if she said she was a virgin and come to that I had a few girls before her too. Yes I knew all that but this was something all together different, something unclean. I wondered how many guys had seen this tape and lusted after her, wanked themselves watching her being double-teamed on that sofa. Giles hadn't after all objected to me watching it, so there's no reason for him to not let others.

I think that image of her lying naked on her back, with guy number one thrusting between her spread thighs while guy number two was thrusting into her mouth will be burned into my brain forever. Of course it didn't end there, after guy number one had finished, guy number two took his place between her legs and Giles came out from behind the camera and took his place by her head. Her ordeal took over two hours to complete as each guy took his place at one end of her or the other until none of them could get hard any more. At last I had cooled down enough to go home, she was just as I had left her some four hours and what seemed a life time ago. She smiled the same smile, kissed me hello and brought me my supper. But I now knew she had been involved in a gang bang all those years ago. I wanted to strike out and hurt her, make her suffer for betraying me even though I knew she hadn't. I couldn't leave it, I had to watch it all again and this time I took some spare tapes with me and I made copies of all the tapes I wanted. There were twelve altogether; some of the girls I recognised straightaway, others just look familiar.

"How did it go?" asked Giles when he had returned, "no problems."

"No, everything was fine," I replied.

"Good, thanks, eased my mind knowing you would be popping in. Did you watch any of my tapes?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, "recognised a few faces too."

"Yeah those were the days," he looked smug, "which ones did to know?"

I gave him a list that didn't include Sue.

"Of course there were lots more," he said with a big smile, "just didn't get around to tape them all."

He then went on to list a few more girls, some I had heard of, but most I hadn't, I probably would have recognised then but not by their names.

"Yeah they were good time," he said, "do you know the one I remember the most?"

"Who?" I said.

"Susan Prince," he smiled.

"Why? I asked, my heart beating fast.

"Well she was such a good girl, you know what I mean," he said, "never putting out for any of us guys."

"Oh," I said, I remembered his comments from earlier.

"Yeah, I went out with her for months and never even got my hand on her tits," he said.

"But doesn't she in the tape," I started to say.

"Yeah, what a night that was," he smiled at the memory, "we were having an end of exams party and someone must have slipped her something, I don't know what or who but boy did it work out ok, did you watch that one?"

"Yeah I think so," I said, "didn't she take on three of you?"

"That's right I remember now," he said, "Phil found her wondering about spaced out and so we took advantage of it. I don't think she ever knew what happened that night. Pity we don't know where she is now, she went to Bradford I think."

I was just about to say Leeds but I stopped myself in time.

"Yeah, she was a cracking looking girl back then," he carried on, "be nice to see how she turned out."

"Yeah pity," I agreed and I knew one thing he and she would never meet again if I had anything to do with it.

"Anyway have you got to dash or can you stay for a thank you drink?" he asked.

"No I can stay for awhile," I said.

Chapter 2

Alan had left now so I poured myself a new drink and I thought about my wall of videos. A life times work I mused, then I thought about Sue Prince, funny I hadn't thought about her for some ten years or so, great looking girl with a perfect figure, pity she had to be drugged to get her kit off though. Of course that night we filmed her wasn't the first time I had slipped her something, no I had realised early on if I was going to get into her pants I would need an edge. A couple of drinks and a blue pill and she would remember nothing of all the nasty things I did to her. Funny now I think back, that I only filmed her that once, no that can't be right surely but if I had where were the tapes. Now I remember, I shot a lot of still pictures too, haven't looked at them for a while. In my study I found the right key and opened the large filing cabinet in the corner. Where are we, Prince that's right third draw down, Sue Prince. God I remember she was so beautiful even when spaced out on a blueie.

It must have been fate, for there she was Sue Prince, I hadn't thought about her for ten years and now she was walking in front of me. I would have recognised her anywhere. She didn't look any older and her figure looked just as good. This was a too good a chance to pass over.

"Hi Sue," I said.

At first I could see nothing in her eyes then recognition dawned.

"Hi yeah, it's Giles isn't it," she said, her face smiling.

"Do you know what Sue?" I said taking her elbow and steering her towards my car. "I haven't even thought about you for ages and then just last week your name popped up and now here you are."

"My name," she said, "why would my name pop up?"

"Well it's a long story," I chuckled, "but I was showing someone your pictures and I was wondered where you might be."

"My pictures?" she said, her eyes opening wide, "I don't remember you having any pictures of me."

"Oh yeah, I've got lots," I chuckled, "I remember times when you would take your clothes off and I would takes hundreds of pictures of you."

"No never," she said sharply, she stopping suddenly causing me to stop too.

"Well you might have been a tad drunk at the time," I chuckled, "would you like to see some of them?"

"What, no, I don't believe it," she said.

"Easy way to prove it one way or the other," I said, moving her towards my car again.

I opened her door and she got in, I half expected to balk but she didn't, her mind was in shook perhaps.

"Would you like a drink?" I offered when I lead her into my lounge.

"No thank you," she said testily.

"Ok then I go and get the pictures then," I said.

I opened my filing cabinet and pulled out a couple of full plate, black and white pictures, they both showed a Sue naked, one however showed her with her legs open and two fingers deep inside her pussy. On the way out I pushed a new tape into the VCR and pressed record.

"There you go Sue," I said handing over the two pictures.

"Oh no," she wailed, "this can't be, I would never do this."

She sat down hard on the sofa, her eyes going from one picture to the other.

"Married now are you?" I asked.

"What?" she whispered.

"Are you married?" I asked again.

"Yes," she confirmed.

"Bet your husband would like to see these," I chuckled at her expression.

"You wouldn't show him, would you?" she asked.

"Sure, I would and I bet he would pay plenty to stop me publishing these," I said.

"Oh no please," she begged, her head dropped and she was crying into her hands; the two pictures fluttered to the floor.

"Why don't we see if your figure is as good now as it was then," I said.

Her head came up and she stare at me with big eyes.

"Come on now," I said, "it's not like I haven't seen it all before."

Her mouth opened once or twice but no sound emerged.

"Come on, stand up and get your kit off now," I said forcefully.

"Please don't make me do this," she wailed.

"Well of course you don't have to, I'll just send copies of all these pictures to your husband," I chuckled, "and some of them are naughtier then these two."

At last she could see no way out and stood up, her hand slowly stripping away each layer of clothes until she stood there completely naked. The years had been good to her, true she was carrying a few extra pounds and her breast sag a little, but all in all she was well shaggable.

"Beautiful, very beautiful," I said moving closer.

Her eyes were closed tight and her body flinched as I ran my hands over her warm skin.

"Very nice," I said, pushing down onto the sofa.

"It's been awhile since I pushed my hard cock into that wet pussy of yours," I whispered in her ear.

I kneed her thighs open and moved between them, at first she was dry but after I spat on my hand and coated my cock with my spittle I eased into her.

"Oh yes," I sighed, "very nice, now move that arse of yours."

Lovely she moved in time with my thrusts, faster and faster until I splatter deep inside her.

"That was nice now wasn't it?" I said as I pulled out.

She didn't say anything in fact she didn't move either, just stayed as she was, laying with her legs open obscenely exposed to my gaze.

"Better get dressed Sue," I said looking down at her naked body while I zipped up.

Like a zombie she found her clothes and dressed, not looking at me until she had finished. I drove her back to the car park and let her out.

"Some time tomorrow sweetheart," I said, "and I might invite a few friends over to meet you."

Her eyes snapped to lock onto mine and I could see the hatred and yes a touch of fear too.

"Don't be late and wear something sexy," I said with a big smile, and I drove off.

I rewound the tape and pressed play and watched myself on screen as I fucked her all over again. Like old time this, I smiled, I can't remember the last time I had done this, but god it made the old heart pump. It wasn't that she was so gorgeous; she wasn't that bad, a few years older than I usually go for, it was forcing them to perform that was so exciting. It was like the first time I slipped a blueie into a girl's drink when I was a college. It was like playing God, stripping off their clothes and running my hand over their bodies. Looking into their eyes and seeing that their engine was running but the car was in neutral. God I was hard again, good job Janice was coming over tonight, now there was a girl for me, young sexy and up for anything. Now who am I going to invite over tomorrow, not too many to start with, say three, perhaps Janice too if she wants. No perhaps not just yet, enough time for the serious naughty stuff later when Sue was properly broken in.

Chapter 3

Sue laid in her bath the, water cooling now but still she didn't want to get out. Her middle finger of her right hand ran gently over her pussy as she always did when in the bath. Sometime she craved those huge earth moving orgasms, but sometimes, like now she just wanted a small shudder to calm her body. It had been an eventful day meeting Giles again after all these years and the knowledge he had pictures of her like that. How did he get them she mused, well she did get drunk with him a few time but she was sure she would have remembered posing like that.

A small shudder past over her body and then she was still. She still didn't have any idea what to do now, except for one thing, she wasn't going back to that car park tomorrow. She thought she was safe, Giles didn't know where she lived or even her married name. She run a little more hot water and started on her pussy again. Despite her initial horror at seeing those pictures it gave her a perverted thrill to think that they existed and she wondered how many guys had seen them and lusted after her. When her second shudder past she got out of the cooling bath and dried herself and dressed. Alan would be home soon and she hadn't started his tea yet.

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