Not Against Her Will

by Chikala

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, DomSub, MaleDom, Rough, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Cassie's first experience in the world of submissiveness.

Okay, so she wasn't exactly alone. Tony was there to keep her company, but he was no Mike. Mike was off on the other side of the world playing army in the jungle. Tony was a good friend and creative in bed, but she didn't feel complete with him like she did with Mike. She supposed she should feel fortunate that her husband didn't mind her "friendliness" with Tony, most army wives were left lonely AND horny while their husbands were gone. Mike had taken that into consideration when he put her into Tony's care.

Sometimes this submissiveness was a good thing to wear. Giving up her will relieved her of the responsibility of deciding to sleep with someone other than other husband. It wasn't cheating if she was given. Kevin had taught her that.

Kevin was the first dom she'd ever known and the one who'd brought her submissiveness to the surface - he'd discovered something in her she hadn't even suspected. He'd intended to train her for Mike but he got carried away. Cassie got carried away too.

She and Mike argued badly about him. He forbade her to speak to Kevin ever again.

When Kevin spoke to her, she found herself sitting in rapt attention at her keyboard. He talked to her for hours at a time, he didn't demand it, but suggested that she call him Master and she immediately loved the sound of the word rolling off her tongue. When they spoke on the phone, Kevin admitted he got rock-hard listening to her say it in her little-girl voice. He directed her actions until she came from his attention.

Cassie constantly thought of him, though she told Mike he was completely out of her mind after the fight. She dreamed about Kevin most nights and woke up very wet every morning. Kevin had planted the command in her mind that every time she showered, she would wash herself, masturbate and think of him. She did that. Cassie even shaved her pussy the way he'd directed her to do. Mike never suspected a thing. When he left the country, he had completely put Kevin out of his mind. Cassie had followed Mike's instructions never to speak to Kevin again but she couldn't put him out of her mind.

She had never been able to quantify the feelings Kevin brought out in her. He made her feel protected and desired, he was eleven years older than her and had light-years more experience in everything. If she ever said or did anything he disapproved of, he let her know and she cringed. There was some strange urge in her to please him in any and every way he desired.

Kevin had described the things he wanted to do to her and would if he ever met her. He wanted to tie her up tightly and use her in any way he saw fit until she begged him for release or fainted from sheer sexual pleasure. Then he promised he would untie her and hold her until she was okay and then he would start all over again. He scared her a little bit too, with talk of riding crops and whips, clamps and blindfolds. But somehow, she'd come to trust him and her fear was tempered with a bit of curious excitement. She didn't know if she ever hoped to meet him - she was scared of what her reaction might be.

So as she sat on the couch, Tony's sleeping head against her leg, Kevin wasn't the farthest thing from her mind, but seeing him in person was. When her doorbell rang early in the evening, she expected it to be a neighborhood kid wanting to play with her daughter. But her daughter was away at Granny's house for the summer.

Tony mumbled drowsily and sat up as she pushed his blonde head off her leg. She went to the door and he stood up and stretched. "Who is it?" he called after her.

Another knock.

"I'm coming!" she called. "Don't get impatient!"

When she opened the door, an entirely too-familiar voice said, "I'm not used to being kept waiting."

She'd only seen his face in pictures and heard his voice over the phone but she knew instantly who was standing on her front step.

"Oh... oh..." she stammered, frozen.

"Is that the proper way to greet your Master?" he asked, his dark eyes twinkling. She wasn't quite sure if he was serious or joking. She'd let him know he couldn't be her master because of Mike.

"But... but..." she still couldn't find her tongue.

Kevin raised one eyebrow almost mockingly.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Tony asked, stepping up behind Cassie. Mike had shown Kevin's picture to Tony and told him the whole story.

"I came to finally meet my pet in person," Kevin spoke confidently without sounding arrogant. "And you are that, correct?" he asked Cassie directly.

Her eyes wide with shock, she only nodded but felt herself back up until she pressed into Tony's chest. She was glad when Tony slipped his arm around her, separating her from Kevin.

"You picked the damnedest time to come," Tony said, but then turned his attention to Cassie. "Or did you tell him your husband was away for a month?"

"I..." she began but Kevin spoke for her. "She mentioned it."

"Well, you can forget this!" Tony said, pulling Cassie behind him. "And take your ass back to wherever it came from."

Kevin only smiled, his eyes hard as steel. "You can't be with her all the time, soldier boy. And I don't think she will deny me if you aren't around holding her back."

Cassie bowed her head against the small of Tony's back, glad Kevin couldn't see her face. She knew though that Tony could feel her trembling. She couldn't possibly refuse a direct request from Kevin.

"I feel you, sweetheart," Kevin said to Cassie. "I smell your excitement, your fear and your anticipation. Don't worry, I'll be back for you."

A squeak escaped Cassie's lips and she turned and fled back to the bedroom at the far end of the hall.

Kevin laughed, a harsh, mocking tone that made Tony want to kill him. But he turned and left the door. Tony slammed it after him and hurried to check on Cassie.

"You'll come stay in my room tomorrow while I work," he said. "He won't find you there."

Still feeling weak and confused, she said, "You know I can't do that. Somebody would see me and that would get us all in trouble." Tony knew that was true.

"Then I'll take some leave and stay here with you," he promised.

"Tony," she finally got control of herself. "I'll be okay. They won't give you leave while most of the company is gone, we both know that. I'll just go shopping or something. He scares me. I don't want to be with him." That wasn't a complete lie, it was partially true. But there was that submissive part of her that was thrilled he had come so far to see her and she had become wet at first sight of Kevin.

Tony walked to work the next morning from her house, leaving her waking slowly. She'd promised to get up and out early and not return until he was off work that afternoon.

Cassie woke and showered. She tried to tell herself to hurry but that small part of her that still thought of itself as Kevin's turned traitor on her. It used every opportunity to slow her down.

She finished dressing though, in a short sleeveless mini-dress and white bikini panties and was just pulling on sandals when she heard her front door open. Thinking Tony must've forgotten something, she called his name and went to meet him.

Kevin stood at the end of the hallway and watched her as she moved towards him. She felt his spell descend over her like a heavy security blanket.

"You..." she sighed, knowing that ordering him out was impossible. If she had the strength to do it, she had no doubt he would honor her wishes and leave, but she could never bring herself to say no to him.

"Show me," he said simply, his voice deep and resonating through the empty spaces in her body.

Without hesitation, she dropped to her knees, bowed low before him and stretched out her bare arms to him, just the way he'd instructed. With her face to the floor, she couldn't see him but she could feel him move closer to her, then pass her. She felt the hem of her dress lifted up and tossed above her waist.

"What is this?" he asked, disapproval evident in his voice. "You have on panties."

"Yes, Sir," she dared breathe.

"That's not how I taught you to dress, my pet." Then she felt the sting of a riding crop across both ass cheeks. Then another and finally a third, which made her cry out in pain but brought a rush of moisture between her legs.

"I'll save any further punishment for later," he said. "Get up now, get properly dressed and come with me."

She stood, her knees like water, threatening to drop out from under her at any moment. Her panties came off and she left them lying in the hall, very conspicuously damp.

He stood by the door and held it for her to go out.

"Kevin, I can't..." was all she managed to say.

"There is only one word you will use to address me," he said. "And you well know what that is. Remember when we first began to speak to each other? I taught you the safe word to use when something I did crossed your limits. I will not respond to 'no' or 'can't'."

Cassie did remember the safe word. It was "red" for stop, but she could not bring herself to utter it. Instead, she said, "Yes Master" very quietly and she went out the door.

He put her into the passenger seat of a non-descript blue sedan. When he settled into the driver's seat, he turned to her and said, "Spread your legs, sweetheart. As far apart as you can." When she did, he pulled her dress up around her waist.

There was a tingle of fear in the pit of her stomach. She was purely at his mercy.

Kevin pulled a silk scarf from his pocket and tied her left knee to the gearshift. "If you pull away, you'll tear up the transmission," he told her. "I can't buy the rental company a new car and I don't think you can either." She shook her head. After the knot was tight, Kevin reached over between her legs nonchalantly, sending a shock through her whole nervous system. His eyes met hers not unkindly and he smiled, "You're really enjoying this, aren't you?" She was so wet that his hand came away sticky.

Part of her was reeling from finally feeling his touch and part of her was pushing the tears down her cheeks, knowing that she was betraying her husband. She felt powerless to stop though.

As Kevin started the car and pulled out into traffic, he first sniffed his finger, then sucked the glaze off of it.

"Oh yes," he smiled. "Just what I expected. Sweet and clean, just like I told you to be. You've been taking excellent care of my pussy, slave."

"Thank you, Master."

He smiled at her reassuringly and her heart melted.

Thirty minutes later, he pulled into a parking garage downtown. During the whole drive, he'd caressed her thighs, pinched her nipples through the thin fabric of her dress and gently rubbed the soft hair between her legs. She was so worked up that the slightest touch on her clit would send her shuddering into long orgasms. He knew that and he only laughed at her tension, never putting a finger between the swollen lips of her pussy.

"You'll cum when I'm ready for you to," he said. "When I can enjoy it. I'm hard as a rock right now and want to feel that tight little tunnel contracting around my dick."

"Yes Sir," she said, not able to keep a soft smile off her face at the thought of feeling him inside her.

"You are my sweet pet," he said, cupping her chin in his hand. "You'll do anything I say, won't you darlin'?"

She nodded, losing all sense of who she was. Right now, she only existed to serve and please him, his pleasure becoming her pleasure. She had no responsibility in the world except to him.

He led her by the hand into the hotel, up to the twelfth floor and to his room, which overlooked the crowded beach. As soon as he closed the door, he spoke only one word. "Strip."

A hot blush raced over her body, as she was flooded with embarrassment, but she removed the dressed quickly. Her nipples crinkled up in the cool air and stood at attention.

"Spread your legs slightly," he directed. "Arms straight out."

She saw him take the riding crop that hung at his side and drop it on the bed. Cassie followed his movements with a turn of her head until he noticed her.

"Eyes straight ahead." She jerked her eyes forward. She wasn't able to see what he was doing but she could hear him rummaging in a drawer. Then she felt him behind her again and saw his arms come around her shoulders. Before her, he held a thick black blindfold. Cassie stood still as he tied it on her. Her vision was taken away.

Her arms were growing tired already as she waited for his next instruction.

"I want to see every bit of you," he said. "I want to make sure you didn't lie to me when you described yourself to me."

The hard cold feel of the riding crop stroked across her shoulders and down her back, trailing with slight pressure between her ass cheeks. Then she felt nothing.

"Yes, there's that birthmark on your hip," he said, striking her a stinging blow directly on the birthmark.

She flinched, not from pain, but from surprise.

Next she felt the crop trace along the underside of her left arm, then her right arm. There was another light blow in her right forearm. "The burn scar," he said simply.

Cassie was so amazed that he recalled these details she'd only described to him once and that had been many months ago.

Her skin tingled now and she barely felt the burn in her triceps as she held her rigid posture. Everywhere the tip of the crop touched, she felt her skin's sensitivity heighten until it seemed she could feel the very dust particles in the air.

The crop drew over her breasts, lingering roughly on each nipple. Kevin smacked each one lightly until they were hard enough to cut diamonds. That brought a moan of pleasure from her lips.

"Ah," he sighed, "You like that."

She nodded.

There was a painful lash across the front of her thighs that made her gasp in surprise.

"Is that how you answer me, with a nod? Have you suddenly forgotten who I am?"

"No Master!" she cried, wanting to rub her hands across her stinging thighs but not daring to move her arms.

Kevin repeated the pleasurable flicking of her nipples, making her whimper.

"Tell me if you like it, my pet."

"Yes Sir," she said. "I like that."

He continued the movement. "You like what?"

"I like when you rub my nipples that way," she said, blushing fiercely with the words.

She felt the crop moved down the length of her stomach and trace lightly into the soft blonde pubic hair. Cassie ached to have him touch her with his hands that way. She was so wet that she felt the hot stickiness on the inside of her thighs.

"You have given me a beautiful body, my little slave. I intend to use it to its fullest potential." He ran the crop up and down both her thighs.

"Open further," he instructed and she moved her feet apart until she felt her moist pussy lips open and cold air caress the pebble-hard clit.

The crop again moved between her legs, now getting wet between her labia. Every time it bumped against her clit, she moaned.

"No, no, no," Kevin warned gently. "Don't even think about an orgasm yet, sweetheart. It's way too early." He still kept the crop between her legs but stayed well away from the clit.

"Relax," he whispered, his mouth very close to her ear. "Bring your arms down slowly. Relax all your muscles." As he said this, Cassie felt the handle end of the hard crop pushing steadily inside her. It was small but the feeling was so invasive and unnatural. She gasped deeply and tried to pull away.

"Don't move!" he commanded sternly and she froze, breathing raspy puffs through her mouth as he pushed the crop into her deeper and deeper.

Finally she did feel pain and she cried out. Kevin had felt it meet the resistance of her cervix and was not forcing it any farther. Instead, he drew it out slower and pushed it in again somewhat faster.

She started to pant and felt herself losing her balance as he fucked her with the riding crop. He offered a steadying arm around her hips and said, "Hold my shoulder."

With a small unsteady hand, she reached out and held his bare shoulder tightly.

"Are you about to cum, my love?" he asked.

"I think so," she admitted, glad it seemed like he was going to allow it.

But suddenly he pulled the crop out of her and moved quickly away from her.

"Noooo!" she cried out, her body contorting with the pain of stopping just before her orgasm.

Kevin only laughed with amusement. "Is there something you'd like to say?"

"Please let me cum, Kevin!" she begged. "Please! This hurts!"

"What did you call me?" he asked.

"I'm sorry Master!" she cried. "Please!"

Another laugh. "I'll overlook that for now. But I'm not ready for you to cum yet. Put your legs together and stand up straight."

She did as she was told and had to fight the urge to rub her thighs together to bring her own orgasm.

Cassie felt him pass by her but could not reach out to touch him as bad as she wanted to. She heard the curtains open, then the sliding door. Warm air rushed in.

Kevin approached again and this time took her by the hand.

"Master?" she asked with trepidation, "Where are you taking me?" She was afraid she already guessed his answer.

Though the blindfold cut out her sight, she could see she had stepped into bright light. And her skin grew hot, a summer sun beating down on her. He let go of her and she heard a patio chair scrape across concrete.

"I'm sure you know we are on the balcony," he informed her.

"Yes Sir," she said, trying to cover herself with her arms. She felt so exposed and so vulnerable.

"Be still," he told her. "Arms down."

The safe word loomed in neon in the back of her mind, but she'd been told that was only to stop from being physically hurt. Was this really hurting her in any way, or just hurting her pride?

"There are quite a few people on the beach looking up at you, Cassie," he said. She could hear a couple of whistles of appreciation from below. "There are other guests on their balconies watching too."

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