The Red Pick-up

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: Dave is in a hurry to surprise his wife. When he arrives at their cabin there's an unfamiliar pick-up in front of his wife's car.

Dave looked carefully along the shoulder of the road for the turn-off. His eyes were blurry from 11 hours of driving. He was so tired. Who wouldn't be with only 4 hours of sleep during the past 48. He recognized the spot and turned onto the dirt road - almost there. Allison was going to be so surprised to see him at the cabin.

The cabin had been a reward to himself when he was promoted to management. It was a simple one-bedroom, one bath, structure that he'd been in the process of remodeling when he met Allison.

They'd met through a mutual friend, Alexandra, and had quickly fallen into a comfortable friendship as both were seeing other people at the time. When a time came that both were available Dave quietly pressed his case for a more intimate relationship, which Allison politely declined. Disappointed, Dave was content to continue their friendship, 'as was' and leave it at that.

That was the story until a casual invitation for her to help him paint the interior of the cabin found them spending a weekend together. Dave's memory of that weekend never failed to arouse his passions.

They had finished painting by the late afternoon, Allison put herself in charge of dinner, while Dave got a fire going in the fireplace and went outside to chop some extra wood. He had removed his shirt during the chopping and was soon covered in sweat. When Allison came out to remind him to clean up, he turned around to find her standing on the porch staring at him. At the time he hadn't thought anything of it.

It was during dinner that Dave began to notice things were slightly different. The candles were a nice touch and coupled with the fire cast a golden glow throughout the room. It was what Allison was wearing and her behavior that caught his attention. Her hair was loose, the titan colored curls cascading across her shoulders and down her back. She was wearing a light cotton summer dress. With every movement her breasts swayed enticingly and her stiff nipples pressed against the flimsy material.

Dave couldn't help but be stimulated by the sight of her effortless sexuality. He had always considered her "hot", but evidently unavailable to him. Dave decided to chance it. The worst-case scenario would be a simple misunderstanding; he could blame it on the paint fumes and the wine. The best-case scenario - well, that's what made the chance worth taking.

The table was cleared and the dishes washed, dried, and put away. With the kitchen cleaned Allison was closing the last cupboard when Dave came up behind her and encircled her waist with his arms and rested his chin on her shoulder. He just held her at first then began to sway gently side to side. She rocked with him for a while placing her hands on his. When she began to pull his hands a part he asked her to dance.

"You're asking me to dance?"

"Why yes, I am asking you to dance. Isn't that how a gentleman asks for the favor of a lady?"

"The favor of a lady you say? Are you sure a dance is all the favor you want from me?"

Actually, it wasn't much of a dance. They simply resumed swaying side to side only now they were facing each other. When Dave felt Allison's hands slide into the back pockets of his jeans he raised his hands to her head and tilted her face to his and kissed her. It was a soft inquiring kiss with their lips barely making contact. Second, third and fourth kisses followed with each more adventurous than the previous one. With this last kiss Allison opened her mouth and softly licked his lips with her tongue. After the fourth kiss Dave released her and stood back. He spread two blankets on the floor before the fire and stood in the middle of them holding his hand out to her.

She joined him on the blankets and they sank slowly down. Their kissing was no longer relegated to their mouths but found earlobe, forehead, cheek, jaw and neck. Dave kissed her slowly from her earlobe down to her shoulder. It was when he kissed the base of her neck that Dave felt her neck and shoulders relax. Her head rolled back and exposed her neck completely. A series of slow licks that ended behind her ear brought forth from her the first of what Dave was hoping would be many pleasurable moans. The primal quality of her sound caused a corresponding reaction in Dave, he lowered her flat onto her back and looked deeply into her eyes. He was panting.

"Allison, I'm going to make love to you tonight, right here, right now."

Her knelt beside her and removed his shirt. He reached down and brought her hands up to touch his chest. She slowly rubbed his broad chest and brushed her fingertips across his nipples. Dave unbuttoned her dress but did not pull it open. He pulled her up to a sitting position and pushed the material off her shoulders. Hers arms kept the dress from opening more. He stood up and unbuckled his jeans, slid then off his legs and kicked them to the couch. Allison shrugged her dress off and stood in front of Dave.

Her breasts were creamy white, round with just a hint of sag, topped with pale pink cone shaped areola, the nipples extended out from them. Where unremarkable boxers covered Dave, Allison was wearing white lace panties. The wet crotch of her panties was pulled up tight against the lips of her cunt, which bulged noticeably through the damp material. Her scent wafted up and he inhaled deeply. Dave's own bugle was pretty darn noticeable too.

They embraced again and kissed, Dave's growing erection pressed into her stomach, as her breasts pressed into his chest. Allison slowly knelt before Dave a trail of wet kisses and love bites revealed her progress from his neck to his hips. She rubbed her hands lightly over the tented boxers causing the bugle to twitch about, Dave to tremble and sucked in his breath through his teeth.

She looked up at the sound of his breath. The expression of need on his face was so clear she giggled softly (guys are so easy, they really don't have much control). She hooked his waistband with her fingers and pulled his boxers down. His cock bobbed free and fully erect. Her hands slid tantalizingly slow up his legs to his cock. She let her fingers discover his pubic hair, his testicles and cock. With one hand she weighed his balls and massaged them carefully. With the other she rubbed slowly along the underside of his shaft, each time her palm reached the underside cleft of his cockhead she closed her fingers around it and softly twisted her hand around.

Dave's moans filled the room and the spasms of his cock filled her hand. She slid her hand down to the base of his cock and angled the head towards her mouth. She slowly licked the head, tracing around the corona, and tongue flicked the under side. Dave's moans were coupled rapid inhalations with each change of stimulation. The tonguing led to kisses, which in turn led to wholesale sucking. Allison sucked the head into her mouth, let her lips push past the corona, and let her tongue swill round and round. The slow stimulation of her cocksucking was excruciatingly intense. Allison was pumping his shaft with her hand as she sucked and kissed his cock with passion. The pressure began to build and soon he was approaching the point of no return. He brushed the side of her head and tried to pushed her back. She resisted and resumed her oral ministrations, her pumping increasing in speed. Dave accepted her choice and let himself go.

The pressure built up far past the usual jumping off point. It felt like an explosion was about to take place in his groin. The pressure built to such a high degree of inevitability that when the release came his legs nearly collapsed. A tremendous spasm shook his body. If felt as if his balls were imploding. His cock swelled as a huge load of cum blasted Allison's mouth. Another followed then a third. Cum flowed liberally into her mouth as she let her cheeks bulge with his ejaculate. She was trying not to swallow, and having very limited success. White lines of cum dribbled from the corners of her mouth. She made quiet swallowing, choking noises as she dealt with the excessive amount fluid.

Dave laid Allison on the blanket and looked at her in the firelight. The glow of the fire seemed to amplify her beauty. Dave lay down beside her and brushed his fingers over her skin. His fingertips slowly circled her breasts to the very edge of her areolas. He smiled as they swelled noticeably with the teat beginning to expand upwards. His lips followed his fingers circling and circling her breasts. Her breathing became deeper and she squirmed about trying to push her nipple into his mouth. It was only after she whimpered softly that Dave poised his mouth above her nipple. She arched her back until contact was made, then Dave clamped his lips down hard on her and sucked. A moan of deep desire erupted from her. "AAAAUUUUUHHHHH." He released her nipple, then swirled his tongue around it and sucked again. The nipple became harder and longer as Dave assaulted it again and again. He saw her hand moving toward his head so he quickly attacked the other nipple. "OH SHIT, AAAUUUUHHHHH." After he had stimulated her nipples equally he raised his head looking at her swollen nipples. Her chest blushed red and moved deeply with her breath. The whole of her breasts was wet with kisses and marked with blotches of passion. The areola was fully engorged and her nipples stood out prominently.

He shifted down between her legs and gazed at her beautiful cunt. She had very little pubic hair, so that the juncture of her labia was open to his viewing. She lifted a leg up and swung it over and behind him opening herself completely to him. Her wetness was visibly apparent. Her outer lips were swollen and turned slightly out, the hooded cover of her clitoris barely visible. She shuddered slightly as he stroked his fingertips along her inner thighs up to her crotch. His fingers moved softly up and down alongside her slit. A little pressure pulled her lips apart and a coral colored cavern was revealed. The power of her scent was overwhelming. The thought of being her cunt slave passed through his mind (Yes, just let me do this every day and I will die a happy man).

As he leaned his face in close, she spoke. "Dave, baby, be real gentle to begin with, go easy, OK? Once my hips start moving you can get as frisky as you want." Dave extended his tongue made contact. He traced the outer lips, and then dipped down to trace the inner lips. Round and round her cunt he went, in no particular hurry. A deep sigh let him know his efforts were being appreciated. When her hips began to move he increased the speed and the pressure. He added a finger following his tongue and slowly worked it deep within her. When a second finger joined Allison cried out. "YES." As Dave pumped his fingers in and out he could see her stomach start to twitch and spasm. He turned his fingers up and began to search for her G-spot while his tongue moved up to her clit. CONTACT. Allison screamed in delight.

"Oh God. Oh Yeah."

She was starting to really thrash about when he took her to the limit. He clamped his lips around her clit and sucked it into his mouth; he flicked his tongue up and down across the nerve filled flesh like a boxer working the speed bag. Allison was no longer in control of her body. Dave kept one arm locked around her thigh to maintain contact with his fingers and tongue. Her limbs were flailing about in all directions. No coherent words came from her lips, just an endless stream of cries, gasps, and moans.

Dave sensed her impending orgasm as a wave of heat from her body washed over him. Her legs extended out straight, and a hand grabbed his hair. Her hips arched up off the blankets and a loud wailing moan filled the room. Dave continued the suck and lick her clit until the hand pushed him away. He sat up and looked at his beautiful lover. She was covered in sweat and gasping for breath. Her eyes were unfocused and staring at the ceiling. One arm was extended out the other bent with her hand resting on her forehead. She lifted her head enough to make eye contact with him.

"Now. Fuck me now!"

Dave moved around so that he could lift her legs and place her feet flat, outside of his hips. This rocked her pelvis up and when her knees fell outward her cunt opened completely to him. She was so wet that Dave thought it would be fairly easy to slide his cock inside of her. She was tight, really tight. She was biting her lower lip in concentration as he pushed deeper and deeper into her cunt. The heat and the wetness of her cunt was overpowering. Half way in he paused to let her get comfortable. She had the most beatific of smiles on her face. A slight nod of her head and Dave began to push deeper in. Satisfied with his position, Dave drew his knees up beneath him and lay on top of her. He kissed her softly and their tongues danced easily with one another. He brushed some stray strands of hair off of her face and smiled. "Are you ready?" When he got the OK Dave pulled slowly back drawing his cock out of her. A soft whimper escaped her lips.

The look on Allison's face was priceless. The increasing emptiness was almost more than she could bear. He was pulling back too damn slow for her this was torture. She whimpered again for his attention, her brow wrinkled in concern. She locked her ankles behind his thighs to keep him in her, but she couldn't quite get the right leverage. With his cock almost completely out he paused.

"Don't tease me like this? C'mon. I really need you inside me. Please Dave. I really need you in meee... eeee... eeee... eeee... eeee!"

Dave plunged his cock as deeply into her as powerfully as he could. Again and again he pumped his cock into her. Sweat began to drip from him as he pummeled her cunt relentlessly. His balls slapped loudly against her ass. She locked her ankles around his waist and match him thrust for thrust. Another orgasm was soon building within her and her movements became less rhythmic. She began to claw at his back as spasms of ecstasy rolled through her. As her orgasm calmed Dave pulled out of her quickly and turned her over.

The lovers were both covered in sweat. Dave took his time getting into position, Allison's last orgasm had nearly triggered his own and a brief break in the action would likely prolong their pleasure. Allison moved around and turned to look at Dave. He was right behind her, one hand resting on her hip, the other guiding his cock to her. As she felt the head of his cock make contact she flexed her hips slightly to correct the angle of entry. Dave pushed forward and Allison pushed back. He barely inside her when they both realized that she had dried out. Dave was about to say something when Allison disengaged from him spun around and took his cock into her mouth. She thoroughly laved his cock, covering it with a generous amount of saliva. She resumed her 'all fours' position and Dave pushed easily inside. He started with slow and deep, a nice constant movement. Allison began to mimic his motion, effectively doubling their speed.

Within a couple of minutes Dave felt his orgasm begin to build. Whether Allison sensed something or just had good timing she turned to look over her shoulder.

"Come for me, baby. Fill me with your cum. I gonna drain you dry. Fuck me. Fill me. Fuck me. Fill me."

Her quiet chant matched their movement and brought Dave to the crest. He increased his speed and she matched him. Her cunt was drying out again but the increasing friction was now welcome as it took Dave over the top. With a primal series of grunts and gasps Dave poured his cum into her. The flow of ejaculate eased the friction and Dave continued to pump and spurt after spurt of cum. Allison started bucking her hips. "Don't stop I'm almost there."

Dave pump hard with a rapidly shrinking cock and they just made it. Allison cried out as Dave felt her cunt muscles clutch spasmodically. Allison collapsed forward and Dave followed. They laid together Dave half-straddling Allison, his cock still dripping cum in the crack of her ass. They dozed contentedly for a few minutes.

A shiver caused Dave to reach back and wrap a blanket around them and they snuggled closer into a more comfortable position. Allison giggled.

"What's so funny?"


"Come on. Out with it." When Allison kept quiet, Dave mis-interpreted her silence. "If it wasn't any good I understand it's been awhile. Maybe we shouldn't have..."

Allison turned around and kissed Dave with a ferocity that left his breathless. "Dave, shut up. That was the best sex I've had in quite a while. You are a fantastic lover. " She paused for a moment, then added. "We should have done this a long time ago."

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