Never Work Late

by Powerone & Electric Geisha

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, BDSM, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Violent, .

Desc: Sex Story: He found her working late alone one night. Bound to a desk, he raped her in all of her holes and then punished her with a pussy whipping.

Copyright 2003 by ElectricGeisha and Powerone.

It was late in Singapore, the darkness overtaking the city. You have me bound to the huge desk in the main room, my knees bent far back. I still cannot believe I am in this situation. Ropes tie my arms up high over my head, my breasts thrust out, unprotected. My legs are securely circled with the heavy, rough rope and you drew my knees up until my legs are spread obscenely. Another rope slipped under the desk and tied to my knees kept them permanently spread.

Only the sound of my heavy breathing fills the room and only my fear of you stopped the screams and struggles. I try to surrender to what you are doing to me, hoping it would stop you from hurting me. I knew that you would soon strip me naked, my body opened and exposed to your animal lust. You slowly rip my clothes from my body, the buttons flying from my blouse, the sound of ripping fabric filling the silence. I gasp and struggle away from your large hand that grip my bra in the middle and begin to pull it from my body. My large breasts spill from the flimsy bra, already falling free of the material. The bra strains and finally pulls free, my tits bouncing as they are released. I start sobbing softly again at the humiliation of your eyes devouring my naked breasts. You only seem to enjoy seeing me at your mercy.

I see your hands reach out, slowly moving toward my nipples, knowing that you intend to hurt me. I am afraid, yet my pussy is already soaked in anticipation. I beg you but the mask covers your face, unable to see any compassion, only your piercing eyes staring at me. I only see lust and pain in them. My pain. Your rough hands reach down to my skirt, slowly pushing it up my legs, your hands moving along with it up my thighs. "Shit, you got nice thighs, bitch. Just right to take what I'll be giving." Your eyes looked into mine, gauging the humiliation as my thighs are exposed, moving still higher, my thong panties revealed. Tears fall from my eyes, hoping that you do not see how wet I am. A quick yank and tear by your strong hands and I am naked except for my black thong panties.

The position I am in leaves little to the imagination. The panties cover little, the front already pushed between the lips of my shaven pussy, my pussy juice soaking them. My asshole is exposed, my ass raised up high from the desk. Your hands reach down to my panties, slowly sliding fingers up and down my slit, pushing the panties further in.

"You are such a slut," you exclaim. "I have yet to touch you and your pussy is soaking wet. You will have to be punished for that. You will have to be made to suffer for being such a whore." My face burned with embarrassment, how could I possibly be so turned on by this?

Your hands grip the panties, sliding them up and down my slit, hurting as the fabric is moved up and down my tender slit in a sawing motion. "How do you like that, cunt." I can only moan in reply and beg you to stop. The pain mixed with pleasure makes me almost delirious. You stop and pull the panties in a quick tear and I am now naked, bound and spread, to be used any way you desire. The humiliation of being so obscenely displayed in front of another person is the worst.

You reach over to an ominous bag that you have brought and the fear in me increases as you pull out a pair of gleaming, shiny nipple clamps. I try to block out wondering what other instruments of torture you have in there. I had seen such clamps before and knew the tiny teeth that would soon bite painfully into my sensitive nipples. My nipples have always been sensitive. They would get erect at the slightest breeze and silk tops always made them stand out hard, a continual source of embarrassment to me. "You must be punished for being such a whore," you state.

"Please, please don't do that, I'm a good girl. I'm still a virgin. Please don't hurt me. Let me go and I wouldn't even tell anyone you have been here," I cry out, tears running down my face.

"I love making girls like you scream in pain. Wait until I fuck you, I love to fuck virgins. The sounds they make as you tear into them. Wait until you feel my cock push deep into your asshole. Or down into your throat. You will keep me hard for a long time and my cock will keep you screaming for a long time." Your hands reach down to my nipples, plucking at each tip, pulling and probing them, making them harder as my ass grinds on the table, trying to escape. You pull my breasts using my nipples as grips, stretching them from my chest, my nipples now over two inches long, the dark brown tips now a pale brown as they are elongated. I moan in pain as you grip tighter, not wanting to release them. You suddenly let one go, the other still pulled far from my body. Your free hand now moves quickly and slaps it, the pain in my nipple increases as you refuse to let it go.

"OOOOOWWWW, oh, god, that hurts, please no more," I cry, but I only see a smile on your face beneath the mask. I gasp as your other hand moves again, this time catching my breast underneath, your fingers tugged relentlessly on my nipple, burning pain shooting through my tender breast. "OOOHH, no more."

You release my nipple, my breast bouncing back down, the nipple now swollen and inflamed from the rough treatment. The clamp is back in your hand again and I brace for the pain. I thought it would be bad, but it was so much worse then I expected. No one should be forced to receive such excruciating pain. It started at my nipple and drove through my breast and felt like it traveled up my spine until it reached my brain. It tore a scream from my throat. "AAAAGGGHHH, GGGOOOODDD, noooo, please take it off," shaking my breasts as best as I could in the tight bondage. That only increased the pain as you held onto the clamp, my nipple trapped beneath it, the tiny teeth feeling like an animal chewing on it. "GGGGHHH," trying to catch a breath of air into my lungs, my chest heaving. My nipple finally went from excruciating pain to a dull ache that continued. My breathing returned to normal, just in time to see you reach for the other clamp. I knew that they pain would start again. "No, please no, I will do anything, just not another," I begged.

"I am going to do anything I want to you, I will fuck you, fuck your asshole and you will suck my cock until I shoot enough cum in you to drown you. And then I am going to begin to hurt you. Make you scream until I am hard again. Then I will fuck you all over."

Fingers reached for my other nipples, tugging it erect again. You moved down with the clamp again and I clenched my mouth, my teeth biting into my lips, drawing blood as I muffled my own scream of pain as the unbelievable pain tore through my breasts again.

You smile at me. "Trying to be quiet, whore? I will make you scream, I love to hear you scream. You should see how hard it is making me." The nipple clamps had silver chains attached to them and you pull up on them. My nipples began to pull from my body again, this time the clamps biting tighter into them. I did not know the clamps were clover clamps. They tightened as they pulled out. The dull ache in my nipples again turned sharp, slicing into my being. "Oh god, please make the pain stop!" The pain clouds my mind and through it, I hear you tell me that it is just the beginning as you place the chains in my mouth. "If you release the chains, bitch, I swear I will whip your fucking pussy so bad you won't walk for weeks. I want to see you beg to scream as well."

My nipples hurt from the clamps biting into them and my breasts hurt from your rough groping and squeezing but having the chain in my mouth pulling on the clamps magnifies the pain so much. Even the slightest movement threatens to stretch my nipples more than they can take. But movement is inevitable as you position yourself between my thighs. I shut my eyes, refusing to witness my own defilement. The sting of your hand across my face jerks me back into the room, almost causing the chains to fall out, "you'd better keep your eyes open, cunt."

I watch in half in horror, half in complete lust as you slide your cock, leaking pre-cum over my wet slit. I would have begged for you to fuck me if I didn't know better. I brace myself to for the pain of your thick hard pole forcing its way into my tight pussy but nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. You rest the huge, swollen head of your throbbing cock on my virgin asshole. I squirm and struggle. "Mmmppphh", trying to appeal to your compassion but it only encourages you. You push the head in, forcing it into my tight asshole. I cannot even imagine how you would begin to fit something so huge into such a small hole. It hurts incredibly and I am literally being split into two. My tiny asshole is now spread obscenely over your huge cock. I try to find a way to relieve the pain radiating through my body but I can't scream for fear of letting the chains go. You have threatened to whip my pussy if I do and I know the pain from that will be as bad as this. The tone of your voice promised that.

The pressure is so intense and tears start falling. You seem to enjoy my tears and complete helplessness even more. You slowly push each painful inch deeper into my cramping asshole. My asshole is forced to spread wider as the head of your cock plunders my insides. You lean your weight onto me, pushing the clamps in until I'm screaming against the chains in my mouth. The chains eventually slip and you slap my pussy. "Now you owe me something else but that's alright, I missed you screaming. Hurts doesn't it, slut?" I didn't care if I was going to be whipped, the pain was clouding my mind and I felt like I was being ripped into two even though the pain was subsiding. You stopped midway and I was about to find out why you did that.

You reach down to my face, licking and kissing my tears away with surprising gentleness. For a moment, I'm taken aback. But that slight relief, knowing you might not want to hurt me after all, doesn't last long.

The pain of the huge dry vibrator plunging into my tight pussy shoots through my tense, arched body. "AAAAHHH!" At the same moment, you drive the remaining length of your cock all the way into me, burying it to the hilt. The pain hits my body without mercy, making me scream until I'm hoarse. The pain forces my body to tighten and cramp around your cock, milking it. You begin to fuck me. Fuck me hard. Each thrust brings a fresh bout of pain and I can feel the head of your cock rubbing against the tip of the plastic monstrosity lodged in my pussy. You drive yourself harder and deeper into me each stroke as if you were intent on hurting and punishing me as much as possible. My asshole is burning from your large cock reaming me. My virgin pussy no more, fucked by a plastic cock, tearing up and down, hard plastic taking my most prized possession. You fuck me for over 20 minutes, your cock and the vibrator. I can hear you groaning and grunting and I can feel you cumming inside me after what seems like an eternity. My asshole is filled with your hot cum, burning in my inflamed passage.

You finally pull out of me and take a look at me. I'm exhausted, in pain and given up fighting against my bondage, but aching to cum. I know what a whore I look like, your cum leaking out of my torn asshole, my pussy very wet, swollen and needing to be fucked. I didn't even realize that I was so turned on until you roughly slide your fingers into my slit and comment.

"Do you want to cum, my little whore, is that what you want?"

My whole body is wracked but I squirm on your fingers, half-hoping that you would bring me to orgasm, half-hoping that you would leave. Two fingers now fuck me, twisting and turning inside me. My body arches up in response, too embarrassed to answer you.

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