Summer of 1999

by Chandran

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Desc: Sex Story: This is a real incident that occured in my life where I was seduced by fantasy lady. A beautiful incident that I still cherish.

I am Chandran from Kerala and now I am 23 and working as a Chartered Accountant. My age was around 18 at that time when this beautiful incident occurred. Now I am completing my MCA also and I used to surf daily and I used to read the erotic stories also. Recently I read some stories related to actresses of Indian films like Manisha, Shilpa of Indian films. Some of those stories were fantasies. But here I am narrating a real incident so that I can't disclose the name of that actress to whom I presented me. I am from Kozhikode as I said before and during my summer vacation my mother and me used to go to our ancestral home. Since we are staying in the house in Town we used to give that big house for shooting [with a big courtyard in center of house and with a padippura [a small building at the beginning of our big 7-acre compound]. My father expired when I was 2 years and all of my brothers were employed outside Kerala and India. During that summer vacation one film shooting was going there for two weeks and this terrific incident occurred at that time. I lost my virginity to a beautiful celebrity. She was a famous actress of South India and we can call her Vidya. She had a perfect body. She was a good dancer and spends half her time to dance and she was doing yoga also. She was aged 36 at that time but her body was still in mid twenties. Her Breasts were perfectly round shaped and exactly resembles breasts of naked statues of temples. She is exactly the same what Kalidasa described. He told that there was not enough space between the breasts of Parvathi even to pass even a small thread. This he told regarding Parvathi, daughter of Himavan in Kumarasambhava. Her navel is very deep and a perfect one. Her beautiful and luscious lips were driving me mad and I always fantasized of taking it fully to my mouth and also fantasized of circling those lips around my cock. I am really happy to mention that I have really a big and massive cock and may be around 7" or 8 " even though is only 3. 5"" during normal. She had a perfect figure from top to bottom. I couldn't keep my eyes off her beautiful big perfect twins that keep giggling with her footstep. I couldn't stop staring at her buttocks [definitely I can say that she has got one of the perfect buttocks in Indian cinema] swaying left and right in an inviting manner. But I controlled since she was a famous actress and much elder to me.

She came to films at a younger age and got married to a producer of one of her films. That marriage was a failure since he had eye only on her wealth. He was not the actual producer of that film and after that she hated men. Then she separated from him and involved in acting more to forget the bitter experience. Our house [we call it Illam since we belongs to Brahmin community] was big with 5 bedrooms on Ground floor and 5 bedrooms on first floor. She was staying in our house since she doesn't like hotel food and was a strict vegetarian. She was staying near my bedroom. My mother used to stay down since she had little problem of Arthritis. When I was sitting in front of her I become too nervous since her beautiful black eyes were traveling all over my body. Even though my age was around 19 at that time I had a perfect body since I was doing exercise. I was not able to face lusty look from her eyes so I kept my head down. Seeing this she laughed asked me. "Chandran. I am not going to eat you. Look at me ". Nowadays things changed but I am mentioning an incident that happened years before. I couldn't do anything. Slowly we started talking about various things like my study, computer etc. One day there was no shooting for 2 days due to Bandh declared by a political party. All crew left except her. She was there since she cannot go to her house in Chennai within this short period. Mother also left for Guruvayur with my uncle to attend a marriage since there will be no transport for 2 days. The more she heard about my virginity she become more happy since she had a big crush on young virgin boys aged around 20. I read from some magazines that she always like to have sex with boys aged below 20 and she always preferred virgin boys each time. She was getting the real orgasm while seducing a boy for the first time. She also like to have oral sex than normal one and she loves to suck the cock. This news I read from a film magazine and I never thought that it is true. But after the first terrific and violent lovemaking with her I came to know that what they have written may be from imagination but 100 % it is true. I was asked only about my private life. I was very embarrassed and told her that I never had sex with anybody and shyly I told no. And she asked me are you doing masturbation and while doing who is the lady that I am fantasizing and specially to tell truth only. I told her name and she asked me regarding her favorite film. Then I told her about one of her early film where she was seducing a young boy aged around 20. When I was answering her questions her eyes were traveling all over my body and I couldn't resist that lusty look. And she again asked me that whether I was telling the truth. I told her that I am telling the truth. I was wondering by hearing her questions since she was aged 36 and a famous actress and me aged only 19. Really I can feel lust in that deep beautiful black eyes. But I never dreamt even in my wildest dreams that I will get a chance to make love with her since she is aged almost double than me and moreover she was a famous actress of Malayalam, Tamil cinema. But after the first lovemaking session when I was resting my face between that round shaped breasts she whispered in my ears that she had already decided to seduce me when she met me first time and was waiting for a chance. She had taken total hold of my dreams. I used to have fantasies of getting seduced by her and used to masturbate of thinking about her. When she was wearing sari just below the navel I used to get beautiful glimpse of that deep navel. During the shooting I have not got enough time to be there to watch the shooting since I was not there. Around 6 PM all of them left and my mother also. She had her bath and came to Dining room. Servant left after serving food to us and after that we went to upstairs after locking the door. Really I was in seventh heaven because I got my fantasy lady alone for two three days. She was in her sleeveless transperant nighty. Suddenly rain started to pour in with lightning and thunder. She was very scared of thunder and lightning and She told me to come to her room for sleeping. After bath I was wearing and a trouser and T- shirt. While reaching the room her perfectly shaped breasts were clearly visible to me. They stood very proudly in her chest and the erected nipples stood in the center of her chocolate colored areolas. A beautiful hairline started just below from the perfect twins parted her beautiful abdomen into two and flown into that deep navel. The shape and depth of that navel was very rare and the silky hairline from her navel was again flowing into that love triangle that was not clearly visible to me since it was covered by a thin panty. A golden chain that was lying above her erotic navel was glistening in the tube light. Really total scene was really erotic and that perfect body was a real feast to young boy aged 19. While we were going to sit on sofa her leg stroked with table and she moaned with pain and she started massaging her leg by bending. I went to her and asked whether I can help. As I bent in front of her to massage her legs I saw almost her full boobs because she didn't have bra inside. They were amazing and stood perfect in her chest. While massaging I have seen that milky thighs up to her panty. After some time she felt okay. Suddenly the tube light gone and I tried to rectify the fault. After putting the table in that room I kept a stool on top of that. She caught the stool and told me to be careful. As the stool got a bit in balance she smiled at me and I told her to hold it properly. During this whole process her breasts touched me so many times and once my hands pressed it also and the feeling sent a terrific feeling through out my body. Suddenly she missed the balance and we both fell down I was on top of her and we both were laughing. In this position my head was pressing between her breasts but she didn't notice, as she was laughing but I enjoyed the whole moment. After some moments she realized my weight on her and in sexy tone she told me,"Hey. Chandran. Please get up. You are on my top". I still not had the courage to go further because she is not only a woman but moreover she was a famous actress but now her look is extremely different and her eyes are filled with passion and lust. Now the situation changed and she forgotten the entire moral side and become very hot and decided to seduce me even though I am aged only 19. She has taken my face in her hands and slowly very slowly started to take my lips in to her mouth and sucked it very hard and bitten it mercilessly. I was losing my control. She noticed my situation. She pulled my head closer to hers and slipped her tongue into my mouth again. Her tongue probed my mouth wildly plunging it in and out. I met her exploring tongue with mine. It seemed like a contest on who could stick the tongue into the other mouth the furthermost. Then she finished the burning kiss softly licking my lips.

Outside heavy rain continued to pour in and she slowly laid me in her double cot bed and removed my shirt. Her wet lips started traveling all over my face then to my ears, neck and then to chest. She became wild while seeing my hairy chest. She slowly taken the erected nipples to her mouth and slowly bite them. I was trembling like a fish in land. Slowly very slowly her lips traveled to abdomen and she removed the trouser. I was without underwear and her hand circled the fully erected cock. She was watching it with full of anxiety and wonder because she never expected such a big cock for a boy of 19. A boy aged 19 was getting his first sexual experience from his fantasy lady. That cock was rigid like an Iron rod and really big and fat. It was pulsating in her hand like a hot iron rod. While keeping it in her hand her wet mouth was traveling inside my thighs and down and the pleasure from that was immense. Then she grasps my penis with her hand and showered passionate kisses on that and I became tingling again with the orgasmic sensation. She was playing with my erected cock by biting it nibbling it and slowly she has taken it to her mouth and started to suck it as if there is no tomorrow and She immediately started pumping my penis more seductively. She started jacking me off, as I continued to suck and lick her big nipples. She gasped deeply as I sucked on her nipple. This only made me suck her nipple even very hard my hot saliva was dripping down her breasts along with the sweat and she moaned" Oh. Chandran. it is feeling so warm inside me. I never felt such a pleasure before. " She made herself free from me, still holding my dick. She opened her lips again and taken the balls to her mouth... Here she got a boy aged 19 and got again a chance to fulfill her fantasy of seducing a young boy. She was a lover of big cocks and it was for the first time she is seeing such a big cock and that too for a young boy of 19. She covered my pulsating cock with two hands but still my cockhead was outside. Really she become mad and She began cuddling the cock with her kisses and slowly very slowly her lips covered the same and the softness of her lips and wetness of saliva made me mad. She was licking my erected cock from the bottom to top and she went back. Meanwhile she has taken the testicles also to her mouth and it was a wonderful feeling. She then taken the entire cock head to her mouth and started to bite it slowly. Slowly She has taken the entire cock to her mouth with great difficulty since it was so big. But She was enjoying every minute of it, sucking my cock all the way like an Ice-cream cone. I was really in heaven because it was my first experience with the beautiful sexy idol of my fantasy. Suddenly she varied the rhythm and from my movements she came to know that I was about to come. I felt my cum boiling in my testicles. Expert movements of her luscious lips were taking me to heaven and I was feeling that 1000 rivers are going to start flowing from my testicles. She could feel the spasms of my cum pumping muscles and she could feel the fluid spurting to her wet mouth. She was sucking my cock like a boy or girl enjoying an ice-cream candy and her movement become very fast. Really she was really mad since she got a boy to make love and she was not getting much pleasure while making love with same aged persons. She is reaching the extreme pleasure since she is sucking a cock of a boy and moreover it is the biggest cock she ever got for sucking and every movement of me made her madder. I was in seventh heaven and enjoying the perfect oral love with closed eyes while she was watching the entire erotic scene in mirrors. She made her movements very fast and she was getting a clear picture of movements in that mirror. I gripped the back of her head tighter as she eagerly sucked my cock, bobbing her head back and forth in a fast rhythm. She wasn't thinking about anything else but sucking my cock. She gripped my cock tighter, working it faster. It was too much for me. I looked down, watching Vidya suck on my hard meat. I could feel her wet saliva all over the shaft. I was meeting her bobbing head with my own small thrusts, rocking my hips back and forth. "I am going to come," I moaned... She moved her hand from my back, and brought it round to cup my balls, she started to massage my tight sac, her nails digging into the skin as she took hold. A wonderful feeling, which I cannot describe in words, was passing through all over the body and nerves. My nerves become tight like the tightened string of a Veena. And I thought that it will break at any moment. At last that strings broken and with a terrific climax I exploded the entire cum in her waiting mouth and she was enjoying each and every drop of it with extreme happiness. I held onto the back of her head with both hands as I erupted. She slurped my hot cum, working her tongue over my sensitive thread on the underside as she swallowed hard the cum gushing down her throat, gripping my throbbing cock with both hands as I rocked my body in orgasm,"Ohhh. It was great"I cried out. Finally my cock stopped pumping out the milky jizz, but she kept sucking, her tongue licking every last drop of cum off my dick. She never had such pleasure before while sucking the cock since the taste of the cum was really very good. Whenever she gets a chance [even though it was a short period of 3 days] she sucked my cock and every time her fat perfectly shaped luscious lips used to give me a perfect and exotic climax. It was a fantastic moment and I exhausted fully.

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