The Birthday Boy

by Unholy1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Pregnancy, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Steve recieves the greatest gift ever from his mom Stacy, her love as a person.

Chapter 1

"Mom, I'm home" I yelled as I walked in the door having just gotten home from a long and boring day at school, dropping my backpack on the floor as was my usual routine, and headed for the fridge.

"Mom?" No answer, which normally meant she was either out, or in a part of the house where she couldn't hear me, so after grabbing a soda from the fridge, I proceeded to search the house to find her. After searching the house from top to bottom, checking both inside and out back by the pool and hot tub, I determined that she must have gone out, so I returned to the kitchen to fix myself a snack before going to hop in the shower after a long and hard soccer practice. I'm somewhat athletic, but not exactly what you would call the typical athlete, but that's not to say I'm out of shape, for a 17 year old at about 5'10" and weighing in at a 160lbs or so, my sandy blonde hair hanging just short of the bottom of my ears only helped to contrast my dark blue eyes that girls say you can look into and forget where you came in. But right now, starving and not knowing when my mother would return, I dove into the fridge in hopes of fixing myself a snack capable of satisfying my hunger. At that moment the front door opened

"Steve honey I'm... oh, there you are." My mom said as she struggled in the door, her slender, curvy body struggling with two unmarked bags under her arms, realizing that I was closer to where she was then she had expected. My mom, Stacy, is quiet the attractive woman for 31, showed no signs of her age what so ever, her hips still had the curve to them that they had in photos I had seen of her from the past, her breasts were ample and firm, sizing up just larger then handfuls, don't ask me about size, but I'd say about a C cup, on her perfect 5'9" frame, she's quite beautiful and gets her share of dates, but doesn't go out much, why that is I don't know, her and I share the same color hair, but hers is longer then mine, hanging down past her shoulders by a few inches, usually she just lets it hang free like that, today being no exception.

"What's in the bags?" I asked, craning my neck to try to look into them

"Nothing that would concern you young man" She stated, we both fully well knew that I was aware that inside those bags were gifts she had bought for my upcoming birthday, but I was unable to tell what was inside them.

"I hope your not ruining your dinner by filling up on junk food, you know very well that dinner is at five o'clock, same as always." Glancing at the clock I noticed that it was quarter to.

"But mom, I didn't know when you'd be home and I'm starrrrrving" drawing out the last word to make it seem desperate.

"No buts about it, you put that food back in the fridge and go do your homework, dinner will be ready shortly" She retorted

"Alright mom, but I'm gonna grab a shower first, Coach Smith worked us like dogs today at Soccer practice, says it's to get us ready for the big tournament in two weeks"

"Fine then, off you go while I put the groceries away" she said calmly, as if we both actually believed that those bags contained food. I wandered out of the kitchen waiting to see if she would make like she was actually putting away groceries just to make her story more believable, she just stood there watching me, waiting for me to leave, trying to hide the smile growing on her face.

Chapter 2

I walked up to my room and grabbed a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt, walked back to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way, and turned on the shower. Stripping out of my clothes that I had worn for practice, I admired myself in the mirror, sucking in my gut to try and see what I might look like with a more washboard like stomach.

"God your good looking" I said to my reflection in the mirror

"Don't be long, I need to shower too, and I don't wanna have to use cold water to do so." I could hear my mom yell from the other side of the door.

"Perhaps you'd like to join me?" I said before I thought about my reply, I figured that she'd just return the sarcasm, but waiting for her to do so, I got nothing So I hopped into the shower and began to scrub my body clean. This action also had the usual effect on me, as I noticed that my cock had grown to its full 7" length, priding myself on being hung slightly better then most men, looking down I thought to myself

"Why not, I've got time for a quick yank" and with that I reached down and began to stroke my rigid member with my soap covered hand.

Closing my eyes I slipped into a fantasy world, imagining that a beautiful lady was in the shower with me, that it was her hand around my cock, stroking it slowly, with the water coming from the shower head only adding to the feeling on my super sensitive cock, looking down in my fantasy, the girl raises her head and looks into my eyes lovingly, when something shocking happened, I realized that the girl between my legs in this fantasy looked like, no... is... my mom, and it was at about that moment that I blew my load, ropes of cum splashing down on the floor of the bathtub, but in the fantasy world, it was landing on the face of my mother, her beautiful blonde hair slicked down her back from the water, her hazel brown eyes locked with mine while she licked up what she could off her face. It was only when I felt the water go cold that I snapped back to reality, apparently mom, in reality, flushed the toilet somewhere else in the house since that was normally what she would do when she wanted me out of the shower, so I finished up quickly, cleaning up the mess that I had made, threw on my clean clothes and headed for the kitchen where mom was sure to have dinner ready and waiting, I was right.

Dinner went by rather quietly, I tried to keep eye contact with mom to a minimum as I was still embarrassed about what had happened earlier that day in the shower, I felt like I had done something wrong, fantasizing about my mother, something definitely had to be wrong with me, its just not right for a guy to have sexual fantasies about his mother. I finished dinner and thanked mom for it, giving her a peck on the cheek before piling my dishes in the sink I quickly took off to my room, hoping that maybe if I hit the books, I would forget the events of earlier today, opening my notes I dove into a history assignment that the teacher had given us that day, we were to compare the clothing from back before the turn of the century, to the clothing of today, and that was the clincher, all I could think was my mom, as if she was the model for the clothes that I was comparing.

Looking up at the clock I noticed that it had gotten rather late, eleven o'clock to be exact, I had spent a good four hours on this project, during which I had a rather tough time trying not to think of my mother in sexually arousing ways. Closing my books I decided that I should get some sleep, today had been a long day and a strange one at that, so I stripped down to my boxers and climbed into bed.

"Steve honey is everything okay?" I heard coming from the other side of my bedroom door as it slowly opened revealing my mother standing there in her silk robe. With the light from the hall spilling in around her into my bedroom, I couldn't help but notice how it revealed the outline of her curvaceous body.

"Honey is everything alright? You didn't come down to say goodnight" She continued as she walked into my room and sat down on the edge of my bed, her robe riding up to reveal her creamy thighs, this didn't help at all as I could feel an erection growing in my boxers. I turned over onto my side facing away from my mother in hopes of hiding the tent that was currently being erected in my pants.

"I'm sorry mom, I was just so tired after finishing my homework that I completely forgot to come down to say goodnight" I replied.

"Okay honey, see you in the morning, I love you" she said as she leaned over me and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you too mom" I replied

"I know hun" she replied, which hit me like a jolt of electricity, exactly how much does she know? Can she possibly know about my fantasy in the shower today? Relief finally came as I let myself slip into a dreamworld.

Chapter 3

"Honey I'm home" I awoke to. Sitting up in my bed it came to me that this isn't my bed, checking my surroundings, I found them to be familiar, but yet, not what I should be surrounded by.

"Wait a minute, this isn't right, where am I?" I asked myself as I jumped up from my bed, almost walking into a wall where I thought my bedroom door was.

"Wait a minute, this isn't my room, this... this... this is my mom's room, what am I doing sleeping in her bed" I started asking myself, turning around I confirmed that I am indeed in my mom's bedroom. Running out her doorway, and towards my own bedroom I stopped as my mom appeared in the hall.

"What's wrong honey?" My mom asked as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked.

"Ya, I slept fine mom, but why was I in your bed?" I responded, still trying to make sense of what was going on.

"Oh you looked so tired after last night, that I thought it wouldn't hurt to share the bed with you, and its been so long since I've had a man in the bed with me that I couldn't bare to put you out" she informed me as I turned with a shocked look on my face.

"Last night? What happened last night?" I asked.

"Oh I love it when you play games" she giggled. I just stood there with a blank look on my face

"You mean you don't actually remember?" she inquired, I just nodded my head

"Well that's certainly a surprise, you were quite the lover last night, you certainly left me satisfied" My jaw dropped as my mom retold the story of our heated night of passion, letting out low moans as if she was experiencing the night all over again as she pointed towards the couch where it made its slow start with a romantic movie, a close cuddle and a warm fire, then she began to tell me how we began to kiss softly, which lead to more passionate kissing, which she assumed caused as much arousal in me as it did her because the next thing she knew I had her in my arms carrying her to the bedroom, I had apparently made a move towards my bedroom, but she had told me that her bed is much larger and would be better suited for making love. I followed her into the bedroom as she continued to tell me about what had transpired in the bedroom, how the kissing became even more heated as we stripped of each others clothing to reveal our naked, sweaty bodies, how after removing each others clothes we fell to the bed, where with only needing to look into each others eyes, we knew it was what the other person wanted and we consummated it by becoming one. It was at that moment that she stopped telling her story to flop down on the bed and look up at me, still standing in the doorway, with a shocked look on my face, to which she let out a giggle.

"What? You can't join the woman you love in bed?" she said as she rubbed her hand on the spot next to her, I felt as if I couldn't control myself as I walked towards the bed, I wanted to stop, I knew I wanted to stop, or did I? Maybe this is what I wanted, maybe last night was when I decided that it is what I want, so I took a chance, and sat down on the side of the bed,

"Oooh, playing hard to get I see, well then, looks like I'll have to take care of this" she said as she crawled over to the side of the bed and pulled me to her, rolling me onto my back which caused her to land on top of me, straddling my chest,

"Remember this?" She said as she leaned over me and kissed me softly on the lips, pushing her tongue against my lips, causing my lips to part, and my tongue to move out to meet hers, only to have her pull away and roll off of me and lie on her back next to me, propping her head up on her hand.

"You truly were amazing last night, the number of times we reached orgasm together, mmmm, shear amazement, I lost count at 4 or 5 I think, and you showing your true commitment to me, no protection whatsoever, for all we know, I could be pregnant with our child as we speak, since this is my most fertile time of the month" she informed me,

"What?!" I replied, it was all I could say at the moment, I was in complete shock, not only could my mother be pregnant with my child, but I don't even remember anything about the night that we first made love, never mind the fact that its also the night that this child was conceived.

"Steve honey is everything okay?" I heard my mom ask,

"I... I... I don't know, this is all happening to fast for me mom I don't know what to think.

"Steve honey wake up" I heard my mom say, as I felt like my whole body was shaking.

"Steve honey wake up" she repeated

"Mom this isn't helping the situation, your not making any sense"

"Steve wake up" she said, louder then before, my body felt like it was shaking even more, but looking at myself I couldn't see any signs of shaking.

"Steve honey, are you okay, wake up!" I could hear my mom yell, that's when I woke up, in a cold sweat with my mom sitting on the side of the bed, in her silk robe, shaking me, with a look of concern on her face, that's when it hit me, it was all a dream.

"Steve are you okay? you look like you've had a bad dream, and your sweating, do you want to talk about it" she asked, pulling me to her, all I could do is hug her, almost like a natural reflex, like when I was 6 and she would hear me scream in the middle of the night and she would be there to comfort me after having a nightmare.

"I'm fine mom, I'm fine" I replied, hoping that would keep her from asking about my dream.

"Okay hun, if you say so" she said

"Your breakfast is downstairs on the table" she said as she kissed me on the forehead and stood up, walking out of the room.

"Don't wait to long, it'll get cold and you'll have to go to school with a cold breakfast" I heard her say from outside of my room, but I couldn't move, the dream still running through my head, The thought of my mom, being pregnant with my child, was this something that I wanted, to make love to my own mother? To start a family with her? Had it not of been for another reminder from my mom that my breakfast is getting cold, I certainly would have gone to school with a cold breakfast.

Chapter 4

The day at school was as most would say, boring, nothing happened and even if it did, chances are that I would have been to distracted to even notice, I had been transfixed on the images that had possessed my dreams last night, the thought of my mother and I being lovers, was I really in love with my mom? She certainly is a very attractive lady, its no wonder why she was never at a loss for a date, as for whether or not she had slept with any of these guys, I didn't know, it wasn't any of my business, so I didn't try to get involved. It made me wonder why she had never settled down again, it made me worry sometimes about her, I just wanted to see her happy.

As I opened the front door of the house, glad to be home on a Friday, not having to worry about school for 2 days, I was greeted by my mom who had spent the day at home since it was her day off,

"Your home early" she greeted me as I walked through the door

"Ya, practice was postponed until Monday, personal reasons coach said" I explained

"So, any plans for your birthday tomorrow, or do I still have one more chance to take my baby out on his special day?" she said as she wrapped her arms around me in a hug as I kicked off my shoes,

"Well a couple of the friends said they wanted to take me out for lunch tomorrow, but that's mostly during the day, I should be home by dinner, did you have anything in mind?" I asked

"Well I thought maybe I'd get the chance to take you out for dinner and then maybe we could rent a movie afterwards and watch it when we get home"

"You mean a date?" I stuttered, images of my dream from last night coming back to me again, not like they had really left though.

"Well if you want to call it that, of course, that's if you're not to embarrassed to be seen with your mother in public" she responded

"Of course not, you know I have nothing against being seen with such a lovely lady out in public" I said without thinking, mom just giggled

"Did you have anywhere specific in mind?" I asked, sensing that she wasn't finished

"Well, that little Italian place that just opened up looks nice, its somewhat formal, so you'd have to get dressed up for dinner though" she laughed

"But don't you need reservations to get into that place?" I asked

"Made them 2 weeks ago, table for 2, 7pm, hope you don't mind" she replied

"Then it's a date then, pick you up around 6:30ish?" I answered, not minding that she seemed to have this all planned out.

"Sounds great, but what ever will I wear?" she let out, followed by a girlish shriek acting like she was 17 again and had just been asked out by the most popular guy in school.

Dinner that night went by rather quickly, with the normal discussions about our day, and other such things, after dinner I cleaned up the kitchen, with mom hiding out in her room no doubt finishing up the wrapping of my gifts she had bought the other day for my birthday, so I hit the couch to relax and watch some TV. After about an hour or so, mom came downstairs, wearing her silk robe from the night before, once again I could see the outline of her body through it. She walked over to the fireplace and with a flick of a switch, it lit on its own.

"I'm so glad we decided to get a gas fireplace instead of a wood burning one, its so much easier to light" she said. As she sat down beside me on the couch I placed my arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer, almost unconsciously, and to my surprise, she snuggled up to me and rested her head on my shoulder, I turned my head and looked at her at the same time she glanced up at me, our eyes meeting for a brief moment until her eyes returned to the roaring fire that was before us, I continued to gaze down upon my mother, her hair tied back behind her head, I could see that she was slowly drifting off to sleep, I could tell by the look on her face that she was happy, it was then that I started to think more about our date for tomorrow evening, sure, my mom and I have gone out for a formal dinner before, not just to celebrate a birthday, so this wasn't something unusual for us. I've always been proud to escort such a beautiful woman around town, it made me proud to think that people probably figured us as a couple and not as mother and son, could it be so bad if we actually where a couple? Mom does seem happy to be around me. But is it something she would want, what if she doesn't share my thoughts, would she disown me? I don't know what she has planned for tomorrow night, but could I possibly seduce my own mother, well, I could certainly try.

"C'mon mom, I think its time for bed, tomorrows a big day for the both of us" I said amidst the crackle of the roaring fire before us

"Okay hun, your right, it certainly is going to be a big day" she replied, already half asleep.

"More then you know mom, more then you know" I whispered quietly, she didn't seem to hear me.

I got her upstairs and into her bed, tucking her in I kissed her softly on the cheek and whispered to her

"I love you mom" she only smiled as I closed the door quietly, looking back on her to see her drift off to sleep, happy and content with her present situation.

Chapter 5

Ring... Ring... Ring...

"mmpgh... Hello?"

"Happy birthday sleepy head, did we wake you"

"Well yeah, but its about time I got out of bed anyways" I replied, just now realizing that its my grandparents on the other end of the phone.

"So birthday boy, got any big celebration plans for your big day today?" I heard my Papa ask, now realizing that their both on the phone.

"Well, the guys are taking me out for lunch today, and then mom and I are going out for dinner tonight, she got us reservations two weeks ago, at this little Italian place, but only told me about them yesterday"

"Oh so your taking our daughter out on a date are you? Well young man, you are to have her home by midnight, and you better act like a gentleman, you hear me? Don't you go trying to put the moves on our daughter, cause we'll surely hear about if afterwards, got that?" my Nana stated, trying to act serious, but I knew she was only kidding cause I could hear them both trying to suppress their laughter.

"Okay then, I'll wont put the moves on your daughter, I promise" I replied, playing along with their little game, I could tell they understood this as I heard them howl with laughter on their end of the phone line"

"Well, we'll let you get ready for day out with the guys, have a happy birthday hun, we love you" she added

"I love you both too, bye"


Rolling over in my bed I looked at the clock,

"Ten Thirty! Shit the guys will be here any minute to pick me up"

Throwing off the sheets and rolling out of bed, I made for the bathroom in my boxers to grab a quick shower before the guys showed up, as I was just about to open the bathroom door, it opened from the other side, revealing my mom, dressed in nothing but a towel wrapped around her body that barely kept her modest, and another one wrapped around the top of her hair. Obviously she had just come from a shower of her own. Since it was the only bathroom in the house and we both had to share, seeing mom like this wasn't a rare occurrence, but for some reason, today was different.

"Morning Birthday Boy" she chimed

"Morning mom" I replied, trying desperately to keep eye contact with her and not stare at her wonderful cleavage created by the towel just barely hanging onto her body.

"Come here and let your mommy give you your birthday kiss" she continued as she came towards me, the towel swaying slightly around her hips, as she reached her arms out to wrap them around me and pull me to her, embracing me in one of the tightest hugs she's ever given me, then tilting her head slightly, placing her warm, soft, full lips on mine, her kiss seemed to be more then just a motherly kiss to say happy birthday to her son, and as I prayed that she couldn't feel the growing erection in my boxers as a result of feeling her breasts squashed against my chest, concealed just by the towel around them, and I swear I felt her tongue brush against my lips, but before I could think about it anymore, she pulled away from me.

"Your friends called earlier, they said they wouldn't be here until eleven, so hurry up and jump in the shower, I'll just go throw something on and start on your birthday breakfast"

"Perfect, now I don't have any reason to rush myself, thanks mom" I said as I grabbed a towel from the small closet outside the washroom and went inside.

"No, thank you baby" I thought I heard her say

Grabbing a quick shower, I got ready for my day out with the guys, coming out of the washroom, I could smell what seemed to be the best cooked scrambled eggs and bacon ever made, walking into the kitchen, it was confirmed that indeed it was scrambled eggs and bacon I smelled as I saw mom shoveling pieces of bacon onto a plate with eggs already on it.

"Wow mom, that smells great" I said, coming up from behind her and hugging her in thanks for making my favorite breakfast.

"Anything for my boy on his special day, although it seems like your not a boy anymore" she replied, snuggling back into me, catching me offguard.

"Now eat your breakfast while you still can, your friends will be here soon"

Passing me a fork as I sat down, I dove into the plate of bacon and eggs like a man starved for three days. As I had just about cleared my plate, the guys showed up to pick me up for the day, and with a kiss goodbye for mom, I was off.

Chapter 6

The day out with the guys was fun, I wont deny that, but the only problem with the guys is that they tend to draw things out a little longer then necessary, I told them I had wanted to get back by 5pm, but you cant exactly tell your best friends that you've got a date with your mom, can you? Anyways when I finally walked in the door the clock on the wall said 5:45pm

"Great, I should've known they'd make me late" I muttered to myself

"What was that hun, I didn't hear you" I heard mom say from the washroom upstairs

"Nothing mom, just muttering to myself" I replied "What are you up to?"

"Just making myself beautiful for my date tonight, he should be here in 45 minutes" I heard her say through a fit of giggles

"Nonsense, you're a beautiful woman no matter what and any man should feel honored to escort you out to dinner" I said, playing along with her game, the comment winning me a peck on the cheek and a swat on the butt which unless I was mistaken, was ended with a squeeze.

"Thank you dear, now out you go so I can finish up in here so you can grab a shower" she said.

Walking downstairs I spotted a vase sitting on the kitchen table containing somewhat wilting flowers, which gave me an idea, I walked into the kitchen and pulling the phone book from out under the phone, I opened it up to the page containing the names and phone numbers of the local florists. Finding one that would suit my idea, I dialed them up hoping that they wouldn't be busy

"Red Rose Florists, Rose speaking, how may I help you?" The voice chirped over the phone, making me wonder if that really is her real name.

"Yes could you tell me, do you do deliveries?"

"We certainly do, what would you like to have delivered?"

"I'd like a dozen of your finest roses delivered to this address" Giving her the address and mom's name

"And could you please include a card with them that says, 'Roses are Red, Violets are blue, but none of them compare, to how much I love you" please" I almost swear I heard her wipe away a tear.

"Certainly sir, will that be all for this evening?"

"Actually one more thing, I know its short notice, but it would be greatly appreciated if you could have those flowers delivered within the next 20 minutes or so, but the sooner the better"

"I'll send them out right away sir, the bill comes to $34 in total"

"Perfect" Giving her the proper card information, and having her add on a generous tip if the delivery person could make it here in time, I hung up the phone and smiled at the idea of what mom's reaction would be when the flowers arrive.

"Who was that on the phone?" I jumped, mom coming up from behind me

"How long have you been there?" I inquired

"I just walked in to let you know that the bathroom is all yours to get ready, and I heard you on the phone, and I was curious as to who it was"

"Just a wrong number" I lied, not something I enjoy doing, but to tell her the truth would ruin the surprise.

"Anyways I'll go and get myself ready and then once I'm finished that should give us enough time to get to the restaurant for dinner"

Skipping up the stairs, I grabbed a towel from the linen closet and made my way into the bathroom, just as I had finished stripping down and getting the water to the right temperature, I thought I heard the doorbell ring, certainly it must be the flowers, chuckling to myself as I stepped in. Glancing at the clock, I noticed that it had only been a mere 10 minutes since I had placed the order, well that delivery person certainly earned that tip, I thought to myself.

Chapter 7

Stepping out of the shower, I pulled on my good pair of pants and a collared shirt, and adding a little cologne, I was ready to go, I came downstairs expecting to find mom in the kitchen, all I found were the flowers, which as I had requested, were very exquisite.

"Mom?" I called out

"I'm up here in my room dear, I'll be down in a minute" my mom replied,

Standing at the bottom of the stairs, I waited for my mom to immerge, when she finally came out from her room, my jaw dropped, for standing in front of me, was the most beautiful site I've ever laid eyes on, my mom, in a dark blue cocktail dress, with only thin straps holding it on her shoulders, emphasizing her cleavage.

"God mom, you look absolutely amazing, down right hot!" I managed to say while taking in her beauty.

"Oh don't be silly, I know you're just trying to make me feel good"

"I meant every word of it, you're the best looking date I've ever had, I'm proud to have a mom as attractive as you, anybody who sees us together tonight, is sure to be jealous"

"Well thank you dear, and thank you for the flowers, that was very nice of you, but really, you shouldn't have" she said as she came down the stairs, placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Now it's my birthday, so I'll do whatever I want, and if I want to show my mom how much I love her, then I will, any problems with that?"

"Well then birthday boy, are you ready to go?"

Offering my hand to mom, I gave her my answer, and I escorted my date for the evening to the car.

The drive to the restaurant was a quick one, pulling up in front of this quiet little Italian place, stepping out from the car, I circled around to the other side to open mom's door for her as she stepped out.

"Why thank you dear"

"Mom may I ask you something?"

"Certainly hun, you can ask me anything you'd like"

"Do you think it would be possible if... um... we could... act like a couple tonight, and not like mom and son?" I stammered out, already wishing I hadn't said it.

"Ah so the truth finally comes out, your not really embarrassed about being out with your mother are you?"

"No not at all, there's no one else I'd rather be out with tonight, I love you mom, more then maybe you'll ever really know, I'm just a little self conscious about what people might think if they saw me getting romantic with you tonight and found out you're my mom."

"Okay baby, we'll act like a couple tonight, just two love birds out for a romantic dinner together, how's that sound?"

"That's great, oh thank you mom, I mean Stacy" I responded, making a mental note not to slip like that again or people would probably start to wonder.

Walking up to the front of the restaurant, I held the door open for mom as she walked inside, but something seemed different from when we left the house, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

"Welcome to The Amore Della Famiglia bistro, do you have a reservation?" The maitre'd greeted us.

"Yes, Ronstien table for two" My mom spoke up

"Ah yes, here we are, Ronstien, please follow me" He responded, taking two menus from the reservation table and walking off towards our table, with mom following him and me bringing up the rear. It was then that I noticed something about mom's dress, how it clung to her hips and showed off her very feminine curves, the sway in her hips as she walked. I nearly walked into her as I wasn't paying attention to the fact that we had arrived at our table, which in fact was a somewhat enclosed booth which was rather dimly lit. Mom sat down on one side of the small table, and I on the other, when mom shifted over towards me I took the hint and did the same until we were next to each other.

Once we were alone, mom moved closer to me and rested her head on my shoulder

"Such a nice table don't you think?" Mom asked, I could only nod, since from my vantage point, I could see down the low cut front of my mom's dress, showing off her creamy white skin and ample cleavage. Maybe it was the position we were in, or maybe I just hadn't been paying attention, but this was the first time I realized how sexy the dress looked on mom, how sexy mom looked, I could feel myself getting hard from just the thought of such an attractive woman sitting right next to me. It was then I felt something come over me, placing my hand underneath mom's chin, I tilted her head up to face me, when we made eye contact, nothing was said verbally but much was communicated between us as I leaned forward and kissed her lips, I could hear mom moan as she kissed me back, pushing my tongue against her lips, I was surprised when she parted them and met my tongue with hers, this was a kiss not meant to be shared between a mother and son.

Pulling back, I realized what I had just done, and began trying to apologize for my stupidity in thinking that I could actually get away with kissing her like that.

"I'm so sorry mom, I... I... I shouldn't have done that, it was totally uncalled for and certainly not right, I'll understand if you think I'm sick and just want to go home, this is all my fault, I don't know how I could be so stupid."

"Steve, for one, your not stupid, and two, I'm glad you kissed me, I liked that very much, and I hope you'll do it again too"

Shocked at what I had just heard, I couldn't even manage to say one word, although I doubt it would be understandable if I had been able to say anything.

It was at that moment that our dinner showed up, and I was left in shock wondering about what mom had just said until the waiter left and again we were alone.

"Steve honey there's something you need to know, and I want you to remain quiet until I've finished okay?"

I just nodded

"As you already know, ever since your father left, I've not been out on many dates with other people, and the truth is, that the ones I have been on were nothing to get excited about either. I've always had one man in my life since then that has meant the world to me, and that's you Steve. I've watched you grow from just a little boy who would tug on my dress to get attention, to a fine young man who someday will make a very fine husband for some lucky lady. Over those years I've noticed a change in myself too towards you, you've always been able to light up my life whenever you would walk into the same room as me, I've always loved when you would come up from behind me and hug me, but as of late, I've noticed another feeling I have for you, now whenever I think of you, it makes my heart all a flutter, I've come to realize that I'm in love with you Steve, not just as a mother loves her son, but as a woman loves a man."

I could see a tear running down her cheek as she poured her heart out to me.

"I don't know what you think of your old mother Steve, and I wont hold it against you if you don't share my feelings too, but..."

It was then that I had to say something, taking her hand in mine, I started

"Mom, you don't have to worry, because there's something I have to tell you, the truth is that, I'm in love with you too. I honestly am overjoyed to find out that we share the same feelings for each other, and I know that society doesn't accept it, but I'll be damned if I care what anyone else thinks. I love you from the bottom of my heart mom, and I'll do whatever I must to see you happy."

It was then that she burst into tears, but not tears of sorrow, but tears of joy, wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her to me and we kissed passionately, our lips locked together like they were one, our tongues seeking out the other, almost tying together in knots. I didn't want this kiss to end, but the need for oxygen caused us to come apart, looking into mom's eyes, wiping away her tears, I told her.

"I love you with all my heart mom, I always will, no matter what may come between us. You will forever have a special place in my heart. One that no other person could ever fill, you are one of a kind."

"I love you too Steve, you will always be my baby, and now you will always be my true love, no one can ever replace what we have together, what we've shared, and will share in the future. I'll always be yours"

"And you will always be mine Mom"

"Now, why don't we finish our meal and head home so you can unwrap your present" mom asked, once again lighting up with a smile.

"Sounds good to me"

The rest of dinner went by in a blur, with the occasional feel under the table where no one else could see what was going on. Although we got our share of strange looks whenever I would make contact with an especially sensitive spot of Mom's and she would jump, banging her knees on the underside of the table.

Once we got out to the car, I knew that since I was driving, I was truly in for it, I was sure that mom would try and get me back for what I had done to her in the restaurant. I was mistaken though, since all she did was cuddle up next to me and rest her head on my shoulder until we got home.

We weren't in the door for more then 5 minutes when we were all over each other, kissing and pawing at each other madly, I could feel mom's hands pulling at my belt, trying to get it loose.

"I want you so badly baby, I want you to put your big cock between my legs and fuck me till I can't see straight." Mom said as she slipped her hand into my pants and squeezed my cock. Then pulling away from me, with a shrug of her shoulders, her dress floated down to around her ankles, and with a turn, she took off upstairs, leaving me standing with my jaw on the floor watching the sexy ass of my own mother as she ran off upstairs.

Taking off after her, shedding my clothes on the way, by the time that I had made it to the doorway of her room, she was lying on her bed, underneath a silk sheet, which obviously was new since I hadn't seen this before, and I was standing in there in only my boxers.

"Well big boy, are you going to unwrap your present now? Or would you just like to stand there and look at the wrapping?" She said in a seductive voice I've never heard from her before. Walking up to the foot of the bed, I took hold of the bottom of the sheet and pulled, and with a giggle from her, I completely removed the sheet, uncovering the most heavenly sight I've ever laid eyes on. I stood there for a moment taking in the beauty that is my own mother.

Starting at her toes, my eyes moved up her body, her long taut legs, that just seemed to go on for miles, her hairless pussy, which I had had in my hand earlier in the car, her flat stomach with what could only be described as the cutest belly button ever, her firm jutting breasts topped off with puffy pink nipples that made my head spin knowing I had once before suckled from those very nipples, and would again soon, finally our eyes met, I could see the passion in her eyes, the passion I shared for her.

"Happy Birthday darling"

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