The Birthday Boy

by Unholy1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Son, Pregnancy, Slow, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Steve recieves the greatest gift ever from his mom Stacy, her love as a person.

Chapter 1

"Mom, I'm home" I yelled as I walked in the door having just gotten home from a long and boring day at school, dropping my backpack on the floor as was my usual routine, and headed for the fridge.

"Mom?" No answer, which normally meant she was either out, or in a part of the house where she couldn't hear me, so after grabbing a soda from the fridge, I proceeded to search the house to find her. After searching the house from top to bottom, checking both inside and out back by the pool and hot tub, I determined that she must have gone out, so I returned to the kitchen to fix myself a snack before going to hop in the shower after a long and hard soccer practice. I'm somewhat athletic, but not exactly what you would call the typical athlete, but that's not to say I'm out of shape, for a 17 year old at about 5'10" and weighing in at a 160lbs or so, my sandy blonde hair hanging just short of the bottom of my ears only helped to contrast my dark blue eyes that girls say you can look into and forget where you came in. But right now, starving and not knowing when my mother would return, I dove into the fridge in hopes of fixing myself a snack capable of satisfying my hunger. At that moment the front door opened

"Steve honey I'm... oh, there you are." My mom said as she struggled in the door, her slender, curvy body struggling with two unmarked bags under her arms, realizing that I was closer to where she was then she had expected. My mom, Stacy, is quiet the attractive woman for 31, showed no signs of her age what so ever, her hips still had the curve to them that they had in photos I had seen of her from the past, her breasts were ample and firm, sizing up just larger then handfuls, don't ask me about size, but I'd say about a C cup, on her perfect 5'9" frame, she's quite beautiful and gets her share of dates, but doesn't go out much, why that is I don't know, her and I share the same color hair, but hers is longer then mine, hanging down past her shoulders by a few inches, usually she just lets it hang free like that, today being no exception.

"What's in the bags?" I asked, craning my neck to try to look into them

"Nothing that would concern you young man" She stated, we both fully well knew that I was aware that inside those bags were gifts she had bought for my upcoming birthday, but I was unable to tell what was inside them.

"I hope your not ruining your dinner by filling up on junk food, you know very well that dinner is at five o'clock, same as always." Glancing at the clock I noticed that it was quarter to.

"But mom, I didn't know when you'd be home and I'm starrrrrving" drawing out the last word to make it seem desperate.

"No buts about it, you put that food back in the fridge and go do your homework, dinner will be ready shortly" She retorted

"Alright mom, but I'm gonna grab a shower first, Coach Smith worked us like dogs today at Soccer practice, says it's to get us ready for the big tournament in two weeks"

"Fine then, off you go while I put the groceries away" she said calmly, as if we both actually believed that those bags contained food. I wandered out of the kitchen waiting to see if she would make like she was actually putting away groceries just to make her story more believable, she just stood there watching me, waiting for me to leave, trying to hide the smile growing on her face.

Chapter 2

I walked up to my room and grabbed a clean pair of shorts and a t-shirt, walked back to the bathroom, grabbing a towel on the way, and turned on the shower. Stripping out of my clothes that I had worn for practice, I admired myself in the mirror, sucking in my gut to try and see what I might look like with a more washboard like stomach.

"God your good looking" I said to my reflection in the mirror

"Don't be long, I need to shower too, and I don't wanna have to use cold water to do so." I could hear my mom yell from the other side of the door.

"Perhaps you'd like to join me?" I said before I thought about my reply, I figured that she'd just return the sarcasm, but waiting for her to do so, I got nothing So I hopped into the shower and began to scrub my body clean. This action also had the usual effect on me, as I noticed that my cock had grown to its full 7" length, priding myself on being hung slightly better then most men, looking down I thought to myself

"Why not, I've got time for a quick yank" and with that I reached down and began to stroke my rigid member with my soap covered hand.

Closing my eyes I slipped into a fantasy world, imagining that a beautiful lady was in the shower with me, that it was her hand around my cock, stroking it slowly, with the water coming from the shower head only adding to the feeling on my super sensitive cock, looking down in my fantasy, the girl raises her head and looks into my eyes lovingly, when something shocking happened, I realized that the girl between my legs in this fantasy looked like, no... is... my mom, and it was at about that moment that I blew my load, ropes of cum splashing down on the floor of the bathtub, but in the fantasy world, it was landing on the face of my mother, her beautiful blonde hair slicked down her back from the water, her hazel brown eyes locked with mine while she licked up what she could off her face. It was only when I felt the water go cold that I snapped back to reality, apparently mom, in reality, flushed the toilet somewhere else in the house since that was normally what she would do when she wanted me out of the shower, so I finished up quickly, cleaning up the mess that I had made, threw on my clean clothes and headed for the kitchen where mom was sure to have dinner ready and waiting, I was right.

Dinner went by rather quietly, I tried to keep eye contact with mom to a minimum as I was still embarrassed about what had happened earlier that day in the shower, I felt like I had done something wrong, fantasizing about my mother, something definitely had to be wrong with me, its just not right for a guy to have sexual fantasies about his mother. I finished dinner and thanked mom for it, giving her a peck on the cheek before piling my dishes in the sink I quickly took off to my room, hoping that maybe if I hit the books, I would forget the events of earlier today, opening my notes I dove into a history assignment that the teacher had given us that day, we were to compare the clothing from back before the turn of the century, to the clothing of today, and that was the clincher, all I could think was my mom, as if she was the model for the clothes that I was comparing.

Looking up at the clock I noticed that it had gotten rather late, eleven o'clock to be exact, I had spent a good four hours on this project, during which I had a rather tough time trying not to think of my mother in sexually arousing ways. Closing my books I decided that I should get some sleep, today had been a long day and a strange one at that, so I stripped down to my boxers and climbed into bed.

"Steve honey is everything okay?" I heard coming from the other side of my bedroom door as it slowly opened revealing my mother standing there in her silk robe. With the light from the hall spilling in around her into my bedroom, I couldn't help but notice how it revealed the outline of her curvaceous body.

"Honey is everything alright? You didn't come down to say goodnight" She continued as she walked into my room and sat down on the edge of my bed, her robe riding up to reveal her creamy thighs, this didn't help at all as I could feel an erection growing in my boxers. I turned over onto my side facing away from my mother in hopes of hiding the tent that was currently being erected in my pants.

"I'm sorry mom, I was just so tired after finishing my homework that I completely forgot to come down to say goodnight" I replied.

"Okay honey, see you in the morning, I love you" she said as she leaned over me and kissed me on the cheek.

"I love you too mom" I replied

"I know hun" she replied, which hit me like a jolt of electricity, exactly how much does she know? Can she possibly know about my fantasy in the shower today? Relief finally came as I let myself slip into a dreamworld.

Chapter 3

"Honey I'm home" I awoke to. Sitting up in my bed it came to me that this isn't my bed, checking my surroundings, I found them to be familiar, but yet, not what I should be surrounded by.

"Wait a minute, this isn't right, where am I?" I asked myself as I jumped up from my bed, almost walking into a wall where I thought my bedroom door was.

"Wait a minute, this isn't my room, this... this... this is my mom's room, what am I doing sleeping in her bed" I started asking myself, turning around I confirmed that I am indeed in my mom's bedroom. Running out her doorway, and towards my own bedroom I stopped as my mom appeared in the hall.

"What's wrong honey?" My mom asked as she wrapped her arms around me.

"Did you sleep well?" She asked.

"Ya, I slept fine mom, but why was I in your bed?" I responded, still trying to make sense of what was going on.

"Oh you looked so tired after last night, that I thought it wouldn't hurt to share the bed with you, and its been so long since I've had a man in the bed with me that I couldn't bare to put you out" she informed me as I turned with a shocked look on my face.

"Last night? What happened last night?" I asked.

"Oh I love it when you play games" she giggled. I just stood there with a blank look on my face

"You mean you don't actually remember?" she inquired, I just nodded my head

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