Gafenberg's Wager

by D. L. Tash

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Squirting, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: An impetuous bet about the existance of the G-Spot and the reality of female ejaculation lead to a night of uninhibited passion between our hero, Donnie, and two beautiful co-workers.

© 2003

"That's bullshit," Renata said with a toss of her dark, curly hair. "The Grafenberg Spot doesn't even exist. And I think wet orgasms are a figment of perverted men's overactive imagination."

She looked at me, her sexy dark eyes flashing.

"I dare you to show me different."

"OOH!," Chrissy said with an excited smile. "A dare!"

I looked at the two women and smiled. Rena was the hottest cashier at the clothing store I worked in. She was twenty six and very darkly Hispanic, with full breasts and a great ass, usually sheathed in tight pants and accentuated by her high heels. Her pants today were unusually sexy, with a zipper that went all the way between her legs and up the butt of her jeans.

She looked at me, and licked her full, bright red lips provocatively.

"You prove to me they're real, and maybe I'll give you something nice."

Chrissy wriggled. She was new at the store, tall and lissome, with strawberry blonde hair pulled up in a high, loose bun and very pale skin. She favored very short skirts and thin pullover blouses that hugged her small breasts. Her legs were long and un- tanned, and her skirt was so short I could see the edge of her white panties peeking out the small slit up the side.

Bob, the assistant manager, had already said he had fantasies about the two women together. Bob fancied himself a lady's man. But Bob wasn't the one who found himself in a conversation about wet comes.

Chrissy had started it. She mentioned her old boyfriend had a movie of women coming, and how it looked like milk to her. And she wondered if it was real.

Rena had said it probably was milk, or flour and water, and they were just faked to turn on perverted guys.

"No, they're real," I told her.

"How do you really know?" Rena had asked dismissively. "Have you ever seen one?"

I nodded.

"Yeah, I have," I told her. "I had a girlfriend who wet came all the time."

Rena seemed skeptical, but Chrissy's eyes got all wide.

"Really?" Chrissy asked, obviously interested.

"Sure," I said. "She loved it and so did I."

"Did you do anything special," Rena asked, "or did she just wet come?"

"Well, I usually played with her G-spot. That really got her going."

Rena snorted.

"The G-spot isn't real," she said. "I read that. I think all that crap about vaginal orgasms and female ejaculation is wishful thinking by feminists and guys who want to be peed on or something."

I smiled at Chrissy.

"Rena sounds like an expert," I said, and she giggled.

"She could be right," Chrissy said.

I shook my head.

"No, they're real." I turned to Rena and looked at her confidently.

"In fact, I can prove it to you," I said.

Rena snorted.

"What are you going to do, show me a movie?"

I leaned toward Rena and looked right into her eyes.

"No," I told her. "But I'll make you a bet. Twenty dollars says I can give you a vaginal orgasm."

She looked back, both interested and skeptical.

"So you get to check out my pussy, win or lose."

I nodded.

"Yeah, but you get twenty bucks if you don't come. And there's more."

"Yeah?" she said. "What?"

"When I give you a wet orgasm, you have to give me a blowjob."

Chrissy shivered with excitement.

"Oh, cool! Are you going to do it, Rena?"

Rena looked at Chrissy, then over at me.

"Twenty bucks if I don't come?"

"Or twenty for me when you do," I said confidently.

She pursed those luscious lips.

"What if you say I did, and I don't agree?"

I looked over at Chrissy and smiled.

"Chrissy will be there. She decides."

Chrissy's eyes got even bigger, and she looked over at Rena.

"I'd do it," she told Rena excitedly. "I want to see."

Rena sat back and looked at me. I'm really not her type, one of the tattooed, heavily muscled guys, often riding choppers, that she seemed to like. I'm tall and kind of thin, and I admit it, I look kind of geeky.

"You seem pretty confident," she said.

"If you don't wet come, I could give you oral sex," I said. "As long and as deep as you like. Or not. That's up to you."

"Really," Rena said. "That doesn't sound like I'm torturing you very much."

I nodded. "You're right, Rena," I told her. "I'd love to suck your pussy. But you don't have to let me."

I grinned again. Chrissy was practically in my lap with excitement and I could smell her musky, turned on odor.

"Unless you wet come," I told her. "Then you have to let both me and Chrissy eat you out."

Chrissy stared at me and looked over at Rena. I knew I had hit a hot spot for her: Chrissy had hung around the hot Hispanic girl since she started work. I figured Chrissy had a thing for her.

I was right. Chrissy's eyes were bright with excitement. Rena saw that, I think that made up her mind.

"Okay," she said. "After work, we go to my place. Be sure to bring the money, because I'm a very hard woman to please."

I laughed and looked over at Chrissy.

"Maybe when I'm done with Rena, I'll give you a wet orgasm too."

She looked excited. Hell, so was I. Two women, either one a definite wet dream, and they seemed both interested and excited at the prospect.

Rena got up and smiled.

"See you both after work then," she said. Chrissy looked at her watch.

"Jeeze," she said. "Our break is over, way over."

She got up also and I followed them out of the break room. They headed for the front of the store and I watched them leave.

Rena has a wider ass, that swings as she walks. Chrissy is more, well, girlish, with a little ass that looks great in the short skirts she wears. I imagined them both, together, and my cock throbbed.

Ten o'clock couldn't come fast enough. It was a slow night, so I walked past their respective cashier's stations, watching them as they checked people out.

I was realistic. I realized that Rena would probably have second thoughts, and Chrissy would come to her senses and the whole thing would most likely just unravel.

But hell, just the fantasy was worth it! I'm thirty-two and having two hot women, one in her mid twenties, the other much younger, flirting with me was exciting enough. Chrissy was just eighteen, I remembered. She'd just graduated from high school.

God, what a fantasy.

At closing time, Rena walked up to me.

"Don't think I forgot our wager. I think we should make it a hundred, so I can buy something nice."

I looked up at her, trying to look more confident than I suddenly felt.

"A hundred's fine, Rena," I told her. "I look forward to eating your wet pussy right along with Chrissy."

Rena smiled. The thought obviously appealed to her. My cock throbbed at the prospect.

Chrissy came over.

"Don't leave yet!" she said breathlessly. "I have to get my purse."

She ran into the locker room. She emerged a moment later and we walked out together toward the rear parking lot.

Bob looked over and I savored his surprised (and definitely jealous) look as we reached Rena's car.

She drove a beautiful older Camaro, midnight black, with oversized mag wheels and a mean-looking hood air-scoop.

"You want to just take my car?" Rena asked. "I can bring you two back later."

"Sure!" Chrissy said excitedly, opening the door and diving into the back seat. Her skirt slid way up on her ass, and Rena and I could both see her white cotton panties.

They already had a damp spot over her pussy, and the material was sheer because of it, showing both her pussy and her strawberry blond pussy hair.

Rena smiled at me thoughtfully.

"I'm almost hoping you win this bet," she said. She handed me her car keys and slid into the front passenger's seat.

I closed her door and headed around the car. I could see Bob, his mouth open, watching from beside his little Toyota.

I waved, and got behind the wheel of the Camaro.

I looked over at Rena.

"Nice car," I told her, as I started it. The massive V-8 roared into life, the big, modified engine making the whole car vibrate.

"Ooooh," Chrissy said from the back. "It's like a vibrating bed!"

I revved the engine. The sound of the racing pipes filled the car and the level of vibration shot up. Chrissy squealed in pleasure and Renata smiled over at me.

"Give Chrissy a really good ride, okay?"

I smiled and backed out slowly. Then I put it in first, revved the engine and popped the clutch. The tires screamed as we peeled out, and Chrissy gave a delighted scream.

It did not take long to get to Rena's house. I love driving fast, and the Camaro handled beautifully. The only surprise was that I didn't get ticketed or that Chrissy's terrified and delighted screams didn't have someone calling the cops.

Renata lived in a small house in a rural neighborhood. I pulled fast into the dirt driveway and I hit the brakes and cranked the wheel around, sliding the car to a stop.

Rena looked over and smiled. Chrissy was still screaming in the back set.

"Shit! That was so cool!"

I got out and Rena opened her door, dragging Chrissy out of the back. Chrissy was all legs and skirt and panties and tight blouse, with very excited nipples pushing out the fabric, and Rena didn't make a secret that she was enjoying the view.

Chrissy noticed and smiled, pulling her shoulders back to show off her excited breasts.

"I guess they liked the ride, too," she said.

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