A Baby - Family and His Brother
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, InLaws, Light Bond, Swinging, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This a story of almost 18 years of my life with a family, that I love very much.

To some, this is a love story, others may feel this is sick, to me; it is something that hasn't been achieved to this date.

It all started, when I turned 18, just out of high school. The beginning of time, I met the man I still love today.

I was out one evening at a local bar with friends of mine. Entering the establishment was a very handsome man and his attractive wife. Felted that I knew this person and after asking some questions, realized he was the new owner of a local store and bar, where my friends and I would go and buy our beer.

Living in a college town, partying all the time was the norm. After realizing who he was, I wave a waitress over and bought his wife and him a drink, he questioned the waitress who bought it for them and then tipped his glass in appreciation, his wife turned and gave me a sincere smile. I never thought much more about it that evening except the fact he really turned my key, but due to the fact he was married no chance for me.

Two weeks later he and his family entered the restaurant that I worked at, I made sure that I would be the waitress that waited on them. When I walked up to their table he looked and stared, asked "do I know you". I stated who I was and then his wife spoke up and said, "Yes, now I remember you, and thank you for the drinks". They introduced themselves (Nick and Jan names are faked) and I myself as Nicole. The evening progressed and they thank me for my service and left a very hefty tip.

A week later Nick entered the restaurant and sat down at the bar. I noticed him and went to the owner of the restaurant and ask if I could bartend the rest of the evening, he said "yes". He ordered a drink and during the evening we had small talk about the town and what my wants in life were about. As the evening was ending he asked, after I got off work, if he could meet me outside, we could go to breakfast. At first, was hesitant, because of his marriage, but convince myself it was innocent.

At breakfast we talk about many things. What I wanted to do, if I was going to college, how old was I. (18) I asked how old he was (40) and his wife was (40) too. I don't recall all the conversation but it eventually came to a conversation about sex. He told me that his wife knew I was with him and he explained that. When they were at the restaurant he made a statement to her, "Gawd I would like to get a piece of that". His wife answer was "go ahead". He said he was startle at her answer but accepted it and now he is pursuing it. Many questions where asked throughout the morning about my sexual experience and my thoughts about various things. Such as, going to bed with married men, with another women, how many guys I have had, etc. etc. etc. I was getting very excited and told him the truth, for some reason I trusted this man. He was honest with me about everything, told me that even though he was attracted to me that he would never leave his wife, that he loved her very much and that I would be just a dream come true to be in bed with an 18 year old attractive woman such as I.

As the morning went on, at the restaurant where we were having breakfast and getting to know each other, Nick stated that he had to go to the store and get the days receipts out of the vault and asked if I wanted to come, which I did.

We entered the store through the back door and we went to his office, which was very nice with a couch in it. He took the money out of the safe and started to sort it and count it and asked if I wanted to help. I got up from the couch and standing next to him I was getting very horny and really wanted him bad.

We counted and had small talked when he said to me "you know I want you", I looked at him, turned and started to kiss him. His tongue found mine, his hands moved so slowly over my body, teasing but never touching my breast, pussy or ass. He knew how to kiss; he never broke the kiss off, but gently picked me up and laid me down on the couch, as his hands continue to massage my body without any sexual contact. This went on for quite some time. I was hot, wanting him so much, but whatever I tried to do, he stopped it, but continued French kissing me.

Suddenly his hand started to move under my blouse and his finger were slowly massaging my stomach, teasing my navel, he then moved up slowly to my breast and at this time he was whispering in my ear as to what he was going to do to me. At the time I was almost begging him to fuck me, but he took his time building my desires, with as little sexual contact a person could have.

He was an artist at teasing; making a person wanting until their body ached with desire. His fingers started to circle my nipples, and he would so gently pinch them and that would send chills threw my body. Slowly he cupped and gently squeezed my breast and then moved his head down to them as he raised my blouse and exposed them both and his lips parted and sucked my nipples into his mouth and nipped them gently with his teeth. As he was sucking on my nipples his hand moved down my stomach slowly and then to the button on my skirt, he unbutton it so it was loose around my waist and then moved his hand down under the waist ban and gently massage my stomach with his finger tips just touching the hairs on my body, tickling me but making me wanting more.

His finger seem to know just what I wanted and they slowly moved through the hair on my mound as they search for my pussy. His fingers just touch my clit and sent a massive chill through my body, which I then had a mini orgasm. He was still sucking on my nipples and his fingers were slowly massaging my clit and building me slowly to another orgasm. Mini orgasm he would only allow me to have as his fingers worked on my clit and his mouth on my nipples. This seems to have been going on for hours and the feeling my body was having was very new to me. He was the first man who took time to satisfy my needs fully. Slowly his finger found my vagina and he stroked my vagina and clit in rhythm, my body started to move with his finger and my thrust became faster and faster, until I was screaming, "don't stopppp, please don't stopppppp". He never missed a beat with that finger and he brought me to an orgasm I never thought a person could have. Screaming and moaning as my body jerking with spasms, squeezing his hand and finger in between my legs never wanting to let it go.

I fell in LOVE with Nick that morning.

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