Animal Lust

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Slut Wife, .

Desc: Sex Story: Why was it that i was being fucked by two strangers while my new husband watched

I could feel the first guy, the one who was thrusting between my legs change his pace slightly, signalling the nearness of his orgasm. I turned slightly so I could see my Husband sitting in the stuffed armchair watching us intently. Just then the second guy who was sitting on the bed, pulled my head back so he could kiss me, his hand roughly mauled my size 'B' tits. This rough treatment only added to the juices between my legs and pushed me over the edge. The guy between my legs stimulated by my orgasm started to come with a grunt. Soon after he rolled off, leaving an emptiness deep within me, the second guy moved between my legs and entered me with a quick thrust; a sound of animal lust escaped my lips as my void was filled.

How was it that I was being fuck by these two strangers and being watched by my Husband, well it all started on my honeymoon just a few short months ago. I notice straight away that my new Husband enjoyed showing me off, insisting that I go topless on the beach and to wear revealing clothes around the hotel and shops. At first this was a bit off putting for I thought my body was for his enjoyment alone. After two weeks of flashing my body, I suppose I got use to exposing myself to anyone and everyone. So when we returned home, things just carried on in much the same vein. On his insistence I would go braless with a short skirt or tight Jeans whenever we went out, luckily my slim figure looked good dressed like this; I always attracted lots of attention.

My first walk down the road to being unfaithful, not that I consider myself in those terms for I'm only doing what my Husband wishes. We were at a party, I was wearing a very daring halter style dress that my Husband had just bought me and insisted I wore. To wear it in mixed company had required a bit of Dutch courage even before we had left home and a lot more later on too; to say I was drunk would be an accurate description. My Husband is not the greatest of dancers, so after a few numbers he abandoned me for the bar. I was left alone on the dance floor, but not for long. I was soon joined by a tall good-looking Australian guy, who took me in his arms for a slow smooch. His hands soon found my naked tits beneath my low cut neckline. My drink befuddled brain knew I should move his hand but it felt so nice. My new partner escorted me outside for some fresh air and a snog. He manoeuvred me behind the garden shed, well out of sight from the house; his hands roughly mauled my tits as we kissed. My dress became undone and was hanged down around my waist, exposing my tits to him completely. His hand then went under my short skirt to rub me between my legs. I tried to stop him but I didn't have any strength; his fingers moved the gusset of my knickers aside and his figures entered my pussy. I collapsed against him, all my remaining strength now draining from my legs; my climax came very quickly. After my orgasm has subsided he of course wanted to fuck me but, unluckily for him, we heard voices in the garden and he had to give up the idea. He did up my top and then escorted me back to the dance floor.

On the drive home my husband asked me where I had got to for he had searched but couldn't find me anywhere. Being drunk I didn't think to lie, I just said I went outside for a snog and had my tits mauled. He wanted to know by whom and when I said I didn't know his name. He went berserk, pulling off the road, stripped off my dress completely and fucking me hard on the back seat of our car. He called me all sorts of names as his hard cock battered my sopping pussy; both our orgasms were truly intense. The incident was not referred to again and my memory of that night is at best, a little hazy, but from then on I knew my Husband enjoyed the thought of me being with another man.

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