A Real Cracker

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Mind Control, Heterosexual, MaleDom, .

Desc: Sex Story: It's a race against time, so he must use all his mind power to stop the rapist before he can strikes again.

N.B. this story refers to a British drama series starring Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid in Harry Potter) as an over weight, freelance criminal psychiatrist who seduces a much younger Detective Sergeant.

The man was dosing at the rear of the house when a sweet young voice woke him.

"Master there a car in the drive," she called, the man moved his head slightly to see the young girl in the doorway. She was dressed only in a pair of faded jeans; her young breasts were standing naked and proud.

"Put some clothes on and make some coffee please," the man called back smiling at her. He exited the hammock as elegant as possible, then walk round the side of the house to greet his visitors. A newish saloon car had pulled up in front of the garage and as he reached his side gate two people were getting out. The driver, a tall well dress middle age man raised a hand in greeting.

"Hi Alan," he said.

"Morning Inspector," the man replied. The second occupant of the vehicle was a pretty, smartly dressed woman in her mid to late twenties.

"This is Detective Sergeant Wells," the inspector introduced her, the man nodded his head in welcome.

They sat at the patio table when the young girl brought the coffee out, she had just pulled on a skimpy T-shirt over her naked torso. While drinking the coffee they talked about his and that, then the Inspector spoke seriously for the first time.

"You've heard about our rapes I'm sure," he said.

"Yes," the man replied, "how many is it now?" he asked.

"Six damm it and it's getting worse," the Inspector said, "each time he gets more violent, we're afraid he'll kill next time."

"So how can I help?" the man asked.

The inspector opened his briefcase and removed a thin file from it and passed it across the table.

"Sir!" said the women.

"Yes thank you Sergeant, it's all right," said the Inspector.

"Sir, those are confidential police files," she continued.

"Sergeant please wait for me in the car," the inspected said more forcefully.

The woman looked at both men then got up and left without a backward glance.

The man opened the file and started to read.

"In there are nine suspects, we're clutching at straws a bit calling them suspect really, but there's no forensic, just some vague descriptions, fair hair, average build and height," said the Inspector, "can you help? The Super is on my back with this one."

"Leave it with me and I will look into it," the man said.

"Thanks," said the Inspector said with feeling, "sorry I must go, good to see you again Alan, pretty girl, I hope she old enough," he added with a smile, nodding towards the house, "knowing you she probably isn't," the Inspector laughed. The man waved him goodbye, entering the house the man opened the file again and started to read.

"Are you leaving?" the young girl asked looking sad, she had already stripped off her top again.

"Not for a hour or so," he said, throwing the file down and taking her in his arms. Her jeans were quickly removed and the man sat down and pulled her onto his lap.

"I'm going to miss you little one," the man said.

"Me too master," the young girl whispered, "please master, fuck me hard enough to last me until you return."

"Of course little one," the man's hard cock entered the young girl wet pussy.

"Oh yes master," she cooed, "please harder, that's lovely."

The man pulled his now limp cock out of the beautiful teenage girl.

"How was that?" he asked.

"That should last me a day or two," she smiled down at her master, "hurry home, please," she added.

"Now go and pack me a small overnight bag," he instructed.

"Yes master," she said jumping off him and ran into the bedroom. The man watched her naked figure until she was out of sight.

"What's this all about Sir," demanded the sergeant as the police car speed along the road, after a long pause the inspector said.

"Did you ever see the TV program call 'Cracker'?'" the Inspector said.

"Sure" she replied.

"Well you've got this big ugly bloke, who can charm the knickers off a young and attractive D.S." the Inspector looking across at his sergeant and smiled, "and a confession out of a criminal."

"Yeah, but that's just TV isn't it Sir," she replied.

"That's right, in real life he's ten time better than that," the Inspector smiled at her again, "you wouldn't believe what that guy can do."

"Yeah right" she said disbelievingly, seeing in her mind's eye the plain looking man they had just left.

"Let me tell you a true story sergeant," the Inspector said, "we had just finished a murder inquiry, you remember the M1 body case, Alan had got the first line on our killer and later a confession too that we all knew would stand up in court. Well we were in this pub celebrating, when some of the team were betting that Alan couldn't pull one of the girls in the pub, there had been these stories going around the station about this WPC. Anyway Alan was not really interested, but eventually when the bets got silly, he finally agreed."

The inspector paused to turn at a junction then as he moved off again he carried on.

"The guys picked out one of girls at the bar, not the most attractive there by any means, but nice, anyway, well Alan got up and walked over to her, he quickly cuts her out of her group and off they go to the car park. Half a hour later they return, all smiles and he had her knickers in his pocket."

"They were her knickers then," the sergeant said.

"That's what he said," replied the inspector.

"And you believed him, Yeah right" she said disbelievingly.

"You had to be there," the inspector added.

This was the ninth address; the man had parked his old Rover outside. He sat back, closed his eyes and pushed out his mind, nothing, nine out of nine were blank, no rapist among any of the names the inspector had given him. The man was sure he would have felt the menace emulating from their sick minds. The man sat up and drove off, after a ten-minute ride; he parked his car at the local Police station.

"No good then?" the Inspector asked.

"No, none of them I'm afraid," the man answered.

"Shit, I got nothing," the Inspector said with feeling.

"I've got an idea if I can borrow your D.S. for awhile? It may be a long shot," the man shrugged.

"Sure, if you think it would do any good, I desperate," the Inspector said, then smiled, "Just make sure she's still wearing her knickers when you bring her back, ok."

"So what are we doing?" the sergeant asked.

"It's hard to explain, just driving round the area shall we and I see if I can feel anything, ok," he replied.

"Feel anything, oh great," she said looking sideways at him, "another fucking complete waste of time," the sergeant mumbled loudly enough so the man could hear. The man just smiled, his mind already reaching out, searching for the evil that had committed these crimes.

"They weren't really her knickers were they?" the sergeant asked, "just a pair you had on you."

"What?" the man said confused.

"You know in the pub after the M1 body case," she explained.

"Oh" he said now understanding.

"They been telling stories about it in the station then," he said.

"Well were they?" she pushed.

"Whatever you say," he smiled at her.

"Yeah I thought so," she said triumphantly, "so how much did you win with that one then?"

"Turn left here," he instructed, ignoring her as he picked up something very nasty, but still very weak.

"What?" she said, but did as he had instructed.

"Slow down" he added, after they had driven a half a mile or so, "slow down and stop over there, that's the house," the man said, pointed to a small terraced house.

"What?" she said again.

"Call it in sergeant, lets see who lives there shall we?" the man asked.

The sergeant looked at the man for a long second, then she got on the radio to make the inquiry.

"A Mr Phillip Standing, age 29, got some form, G.B.H., did four years, no history of sexual crimes though," The sergeant said when the report had come back from H.Q.

"That's our man," the man said, "tell the Inspector and also tell him he's ready to strike again," the sergeant looked at him again as if he was mad.

"How do you know that?" she asked.

"I can feel it," the man said, "I can feel his evil," he added, as if that explained everything.

"Evil!" she said.

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