Staying Power

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Heterosexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Brother, Sister, White Couple, First, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: i had learned, mostly on my sister, how to use my better than average equipment to its best advantage

"Oh my god," she sighed.

My big hard cock was slowly pushing in and out of her sopping pussy; she lay under me, naked with her killer legs open wide.

"God, don't stop," her arms holding me tight.

I wasn't about to stop fucking this gorgeous creature, at this pace I could go on almost for ever. My eyes scan up and down her perfect body, her tits a little big for her slim frame, but hey who's complaining. Her body now was showing signs of her approaching orgasm, her mouth slack was gulping in air, while her hips bucked against at me.

"Oh God yes," she shouted and became limp.

I don't stop or even change my pace, I slowly pump into her, bringing her body back to life. Her eyes open and stared up at me, I can tell that she can't believe it, she can't believe I'm still hard and fucking her.

"Oh my God," she said and her hips started to move again.

This time I was going to bring her off and come myself, to achieve my goal, I increase my speed slightly. Her large tits were now moving delightfully under my onslaught. It was a tricky to get the timing right, but in the end it was near enough, just as her second orgasm reaches it peek I pump a big load into her.

Oh my," she sighed, "I've never in all my life."

I pull my limp cock out of her and I cuddle up.

"You're fucking awesome," she said.

"Thanks," happy with her comments, but it's nothing new. Ever since I recognised my equipment was better than average, I spent time to make sure I've used it to my best advantage. I lay there dozing, remembering those times many years ago. I think it was in the showers at school that I realised that my cock was larger then other guys. At first I felt uncomfortable about it, I was teased of course, but now I suspect that it was more out of envy. When it got hard it was impossible to hide it within my shorts and it would become very uncomfortable. I can remember my older sister staring at me; we were around a friend of Dads, who had a pool and we had been invited over for a swim and a Barbie. My swimming trunks were a bit tight and seeing my sister in her little bikini had caused me to get hard. I tried to hide in the pool, but once she got sight of it she followed me around trying to get a better look.

My sister was almost two years older than me and well built and this was the first time I had seen her in anything so revealing. After that I used to fantasise about her when I was in bed at night, it would make me very hard, I would rub myself until I came; she was of course my first sexual contract. We were alone one night, Mum and Dad had gone somewhere. I was watching a late night film that showed a lot of naked girls, this had got me hard. When my sister sat beside me, she immediately noticed. I tried to will it to go soft, but the more I tried the harder and bigger it got. I don't remember any words that passed between us, but her hand reached out and rubbed me. I do remember the look on her face, it's a look I've seen many times since; her eyes wide in disbelief, lust and desire all rolled into one. I just sat there while she unzipped me and pulled it out; her small hand couldn't even close around me, but slowly she moved her hand up and down my shaft. Our eyes met and I see turmoil in her face, but at last she gave in to the desires raging within her, her head moved down to my groin and she took part of me into her mouth.

This was all new to me and I didn't last long, soon I was spurting down the back of her throat. As soon as I did she left hurriedly upstairs and I heard her door slam. I cleaned myself up and put my now limp cock away. My sister couldn't keep away, for the next few weeks I saw her looking at me and I could see she was fighting her urges. She couldn't win, and like many girls since, her resistance crumbled in the face of the sight of my hard cock barely concealed within my pants. I had just emerged from the bathroom when I bumped into her; she was heading for her own bath. She stood rooted to the spot, her eyes moving from my groin and my smiling face. Although our parents were downstairs this didn't stop me; I reached out and pulled her dressing gown cord, the two sides moved apart to reveal her naked body beneath. I backed her up to the landing wall and for the first time my hands became full of naked female flesh. Of course I had no idea what to do next, good thing she did, she opened her legs and pulled me between them. She manoeuvred my cock to the entrance of her sopping pussy and I tried to push it in; even although she was so wet it just wouldn't go. But with a hard thrust from me, I forced myself into her, I could see she wanted to cry out but wisely she stifled the urge. She had no thoughts of protection, she just wanted my big cock in her. Almost as soon I was fully inserted, she started to come; I did soon afterwards. Again she fled to her room and slammed her door.

I was now a man, I had fucked my first girl, even if it was my own sister. For the next few weeks she avoided me, would even leave the room if I entered and wouldn't look me in the face. It didn't last of course for over the next few years, I practised on her to build up my skill levels to a point that I could delay my ejaculation almost indefinably. I would corner her when our parents were out and strip her naked and fuck her brains out; she would come again and again for an hour or more before I came myself. Mostly, I would come deep inside her pussy, but sometimes for a change I would come down her throat or between her big tits.

Word spread about my endowment and soon I notice other girls given me the eye. I could afford to be picky, only going out with the most beautiful. Once I had pushed my cock into them it was almost impossible to get rid of them. They would do anything I wanted to stay with me and to have my cock imbedded in them.

She eventually got up and dresses, looking down at me still naked on the bed.

"When can I see you again?" she asks, "I'm free whenever."

"I'll call you shall I?" I said.

"Please," she said, she nodded goodbye and reluctantly left.

She was the last in a long line of gorgeous women in my life, I had only met her last week and this was the first time I had fucked her and I knew it wouldn't be the last.

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