My Future
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Blackmail, True Story,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I decided to use my youthful charms with my slob of a boss to further my social standing and future employment prospects. Read my story, actually based on fact.

I left college at 18; I had my "A" level and a business administration qualification. I felt I was fortunate, the first job I applied for I got! I found out later, much later, it was because the boss, the person who interviewed me, was, basically a dirty old man.

My basic duties were telephone switchboard and reception duties, but the boss, Mr Coleman, made every excuse he could to have me in his office and make suggestive comments.

I decided, after several weeks, that if he wanted to be a pervert it was going to cost him.

I went out with my friends most weekends and intent on having a good time I often ended up letting some young stud treat me to an Indian or Chinese meal and then allowed him to fuck me. I thought if my boss wanted to get into my panties it would cost him a lot.

I started my ploy shortly after my nineteenth birthday, I was still stuck in the same boring job and decided to make my move, and Mr "C" had become more open over my first year of employment, even making sexual suggestions.

I had, for a while been thinking about moving out of my parent's house, cost of accommodation prevented me from doing so, my salary was prohibitive.

Mr "C" called me into his office one Monday morning now was the time. He was waffling over some file he couldn't find and was starting to blame me about its misplacement. I sat there listening to his rambling and then decided to start. As he ranted on about the file I slowly spread my legs open and then closed them again, I watched his reaction, I did it several times. Each time my legs were open he stalled on his ranting. I took the bull by the horn, standing up I asked him if he had finished! He smiled and said yes, don't let it happen again, I turned and left his office.

It was Thursday before he spoke to me again. He leant over my reception desk and asked what I was doing at the weekend? I told him I would be out with my mates at the local nightspots. He invited me to a function at his house, Saturday night, he was quick to mention there would be several more employees there; it was his annual "invite the staff" party. I accepted.

I arrived at his home around eight, it was seven thirty for eight, I didn't want to be early.

I had dressed in a short mini dress, thigh high stockings and nothing else. Mr C greeted me at the door, his eyes nearly popped out of his head! My nipples were quite clearly showing through the top of my dress and the length of my dress showed off my legs to perfection.

Mr C was like a rash, all over me all night. I left around midnight, happy with my first round encounter with my boss, to be honest, it was a super night, drinking and dancing and the conversation and company was excellent. I was pleased with myself as I snuggled down in my bed, all alone!

Monday morning I dressed to kill, short skirt, stockings silk blouse, I looked the business!

It was mid morning before Mr C came into the reception area and spoke to me, as he leant over the desk I moved my chair back, my legs were already crossed and I knew my stocking tops were showing. His eyes bulged as he took in the view.

I think the view encouraged his comment!.

"Will you have dinner with me this evening?" I smiled and nodded my head. "I'll speak to you later, he walked away smiling.

It was about forty minutes later when my Pc monitor flashed up "you have new mail" I hit the yes button and started to read the message.

Hi Helen,

When you have finished reading this note please delete it, we don't want anyone finding out about our little tryst.

I hit the save button and saved it in a personal folder, password protected of course.

The letter was quite explicit:

Hi Helen

Thank you for accepting my invitation to dinner, I have, as a precaution, booked a room at the hotel next door to the restaurant! I hope you don't think I am being presumptuous (Sad old Bastard, this is going to cost him, big time) I will send a taxi for you at7: 30, I assumed you would not want me to pick you up from your house personally! By the way wear something sexy.

I hit the reply button, looking forward to tonight; I will bring an overnight bag.

The remainder of the day passed as normal, boring.

I arrived home at 5:45. Mum and dad wouldn't be home until after I left, I wrote a note, all lies, and went for a nice long bath. I shaved, my pussy, it was wet! Was I really looking forward to tonight?

I decided to wear the same dress as I had at the party, apart from thigh highs I was naked.

The taxi arrived at 7:25 I couldn't believe it I actually felt randy, meeting my sad boss actually turned me on!

I climbed into the cab, sitting in the middle of the back seat positioned my feet either side of the tunnel running down the car, the driver adjusted interior mirror, I could tell he was getting a good look up my short dress. By the time I arrived at the restaurant my pussy was dripping wet.

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