Rhonda's Revenge

by Traffic Guy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Rhonda seems to be losing control over her friend Victoria, and she doesn't like it. Sequel to "Vicky's Challenge."

Copyright 2003

Rhonda was pissed. In the last three weeks she had tried, unsuccessfully, to get through to her best friend, Victoria Andrews-Hawkes. Now it was a week before Christmas, and Rhonda couldn't believe she hadn't been able to corral her for their annual shopping trip.

Rhonda Elaine Billings McMasters. Went to all the right schools, all the right parties, all the right clubs... you get the idea. Part of (and some considered leader of) the so-called 'No Regrets Club,' a group of very rich men and women, all in their 30s, all of whom used their money and influence to set up plenty of hedonistic pleasures, tempting and turning 'normal' human beings into willing partners and slaves to their sexual desires.

All this and more Rhonda had been a part of, along with her lifelong friend Victoria. But apparently something had gone wrong. Victoria had accepted a dare from the group that involved breaking up a happy marriage and had worked on it for almost a year. And then, when the year was up, she had failed to come back to the group. In fact, none of them had heard from her since just before Thanksgiving. Calls to her temporary apartment (rented for the purpose of the dare) went unanswered. What was going on here?

After talking to Stanley, the owner of the security firm that had originally come up with the couple, Rhonda learned that Victoria was still working at the job she had taken as part of her plan, but was now staying with William and Jacqueline Bellman, the husband and wife she was supposed to break up. Rhonda's first thought was that Victoria was still trying to complete the challenge, even though the year was up. But if that was so, why wasn't she talking to any of the 'group?'

Therefore, on Saturday morning Rhonda decided to take charge of things and headed to the Chicago suburb where the Bellmans lived to find Victoria and see what had happened to her friend.

"Oh, Vicky, you don't have to... aahhhh!" Bill Bellman moaned as Vicky expertly sucked his cock to a full erection in the shower, massaging his balls and occasionally poking a finger teasingly into the entrance of his ass. Meanwhile, wife Jackie was busy tonguing Vicky's clit while finger-fucking her cunt. Once Bill was more than ready, Vicky turned and bent over and Jackie guided the blood-engorged tool into her, then resumed licking her clit while Bill started pumping.

"God... so good, so good, so close... uh, uh," Vicky grunted, finding herself very close to cumming. "Twist them, Jackie, please," she begged the wife, who obliged by grabbing and pulling her tits just the way she liked it. "Oh YES, YES, YES, DAMMIT, UHNNN!!" Vicky cried as she came... and came... and came some more. Never had it been this good!

Vicky shuddered and gradually came back to her senses. "Ummmm. That was the best yet!" She turned and slid her hands over Bill's still turgid cock. "Hey Jackie, lookie what I have here!"

Jackie looked up from licking Vicky's copious juices, her face shiny and grinning. "You mean you left some for me?"

Later in bed, Bill was hammering away into Jackie's cunt as she sat on him facing forwards, bouncing rapidly in time with his thrusts. Bill had hold of her tits and Vicky was busy rubbing and occasionally smacking her clit. "Oh my god! Oh my god! That's it! Squeeze them! Squeeze my tits!" Jackie's eyes were nearly rolled up as the sensations came one on top of the other. Then Vicky rapidly vibrated her whole hand over Jackie's clit and Jackie arched her back and screamed, "GAAAHH, SHIT, FUCK, DAMN, OHHHHHHHHH!"

When she arched her back, Bill felt her pussy contract, squeezing him deliciously as she came, hard. "OOOHHHHHHHH FUUUUUCK!" he yelled as he started pumping his cum deep inside his wife. Both of them nearly passed out, and Vicky lovingly stroked them both lightly as they came down from their high.

An hour later, dressed in robes, Jackie and Bill slowly made their way down to the kitchen where a fully dressed Vicky had prepared brunch - steak and eggs, with sides of ham, home fries and waffles. "I figured you guys needed some extra nurishment after that bout," Vicky smiled.

"Oh god, Vicky, you are a life saver," Jackie replied as she sat down and dug in. Bill added a distinct "Mmmmph" as he was already shoving food in his mouth. Vicky joined them moments later after pouring out cups of coffee for all.

After twenty minutes they all sat back, satisfied. Bill just couldn't resist a loud burp. He was surprised when Vicky matched him. Jackie rolled her eyes but thought she'd corner Vicky later and ask how she did that.

"And what are you doing dressed and perky?" Jackie asked.

"Why, it's time to go Christmas shopping!" Vicky replied. "After seeing the shape you two were in I thought it would be my chance to get a few things without prying eyes." Vicky's eyes twinkled as she looked at her two friends.

"Shopping?" Jackie perked up immediately.

"Shopping?" Bill groaned and waved his hand. "I'll pass, for now. Besides, the Bears are playing today in one of those special Saturday games."

"Shopping," Vicky stated and stared at Jackie, "alone!"

"Oh, all right. But that means we go shopping tomorrow without you!" Jackie replied.

Bill tried to look sorrowfully at Jackie, but couldn't keep from smirking a little. "I guess I'll have to go with you tomorrow," he pouted, "and you'll have to watch the Bears with me today."

"Yes, dear," Jackie leered, "and I'll probably have to sit in your lap so you can explain what it means to go up the middle again, and again, and again," she said licking her lips.

Bill shrugged. "What can I say, it's one of the things I do best!"

Rhonda drove up the driveway and parked right beside the Camry Victoria had purchased for the dare. "Well," she thought, "whether she's living here or not, she's here now."

Striding to the door, Rhonda stopped and took a deep breath. "Here goes nothing!" she muttered under her breath, and rang the bell.

All three looked up in surprise. Who could that be? Bill tightened his sash and moved towards the door in order to see who it was. Looking out the peephole, he saw a striking brunette in a tailored suit looking around rather impatiently.

Motioning to Jackie to go and get dressed, he asked through the door "Who is this, please?"

"My name is Rhonda, and I'm a friend of Victoria Anderson's," came the reply.

Bill thought for a moment and then said, "There's no Victoria Anderson here."

Rhonda knew that was the name her friend had used. "Come on, dammit, her car is in the driveway! I know she's here! Let me in!"

Vicky, who had been cleaning up the kitchen, heard that last exchange. "Bill," she said, "it's okay. You go ahead and get changed and I'll let her in."

"Are you sure?" Bill asked.

"Yes. It's time for me to talk to her anyway."

"Vicky will be here in a moment, miss." Bill headed for the stairs as Vicky made her way to the door.

When Vicky opened the door, Rhonda exclaimed, "Where have you been... ?" and stopped short. She looked at her friend closely. "Victoria?"

"Yes," Vicky smiled, "it really is me. Come on in."

Vicky showed Rhonda into the family room, and asked if she wanted anything to drink. Rhonda shook her head no as she continued to stare at her friend. "Victoria, there's something... different about you."

"Oh?" Vicky smirked. "And just what is different?"

"You are. You're so, so, so..."

"I'm just so, so, eh? Gee, and here I thought I was doing well!"

Exasperated, Rhonda tried again. "No, that's not what I meant. You're... happier than you've been in a while, more... "

"Human?" Vicky nodded brightly. "You're right, I am. And guess what?"


"I'm ready to go Christmas shopping!"

Once the Bellmans had come down and been quickly introduced, Vicky dragged Rhonda out to the Camry and they started off for the local mall.

What followed seemed like a dream to Rhonda. She started to get caught up in Vicky's bright attitude and before long, they were chattering away about 'things' almost like when they were teenagers. At the mall, Vicky took her to the kinds of stores she either hadn't been in for a while or had never been in, and somehow it seemed right.

At some point, Vicky started calling Rhonda 'Ronnie.' For her part, instead of Victoria her friend was now 'Vicky.' It was as if the years had slipped away.

They discussed the colors and styles of a teddy for Jackie at the Victoria's Secret, finally laughing when they had settled on a pale green for the redhead. They had a deep discussion on boxers vs briefs for Bill, and then got him a silk thong style brief that Vicky said would probably make him very uncomfortable when aroused (so he'd take it off as quickly as possible).

They also came up with jewelry and watches, an evening gown and a tux, and other accessories before taking a break for a cup of coffee around 4.

After a quiet moment sipping her coffee, Vicky asked, "Ronnie, we seem to have done my shopping for the Bellmans. Who do you want to shop for?"

Ronnie looked startled, as she had been so caught up in the moment she had completely forgotten her original reason for coming out to the suburbs in the first place. "Well, the usual, I guess. Stan, Tom, Dana and you."

"And your husband, Sean?" Vicky murmured, "What about him?"

Ronnie's jaw dropped. "Sean? What about Sean?"

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