That Was Unexpected

by juanwildone

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Swinging, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A simple massage gets a little out of hand. A horny wife gets a little carried away. Two couples deal with a situation they didn't expect to be in. Oh really?

"Oh c'mon Tracey - Tom's a professional, or at least he could have been. He was well on his way to being a Certified Physical Therapist/Sports Trainer until I got a hold of him. That's how we met. He's very good with legs and hips. Besides George doesn't mind - do you?" Kim chided her friend's husband.

Tracey looked at her husband who tentatively nodded his head. "OK - Tom can do it. It's been bugging me for weeks and it's been difficult for George and me to... to be together since I hurt it."

'It' was an inner thigh injury acquired during a ferocious tennis match between Kim and Tracey. Tracey was unable to spread her legs laterally which pretty much eliminated her favorite positions for sex; namely, missionary, woman on top, and she was tired of just doing it doggy style. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy sex that way, but her body had become trained to responding to George's long, upwardly curving cock from a variety of face to face positions. If his cock wasn't rubbing across her G-spot, then she wasn't cumming. Add to this sad situation the fact that George had never been known for his oral skills (other then his enjoyment of receiving it) and Tracey had become a tight bundle of frustrated sexual need.

Tom watched as his wife of four years convinced the couple to let him try and massage out the injury. Tom was a little concerned because Tracey was very good looking and he had a good idea how his own body might react. While Kim gathered some materials for the massage Tom told George and Tracey what he would be doing. He described the muscles involved in the type of injury Tracey had and the type of massage he would be doing to alleviate her pain and restore functionality.

"You'll have to take off the dress Tracey; otherwise the massage oils will stain it." Kim said this in a way so seemingly practical that Tracey didn't even balked at removing her dress. She pointed out that George had seen all she had, that Kim had seen her at the gym and finally that she probably wore more to the beach in the summer time. Tom and George were both surprise when Kim, exclaiming her solidarity with Kim, removed her dress also.

Then both women chided the men that they were overdressed and to join them in their underwear. The two women made chicken wing movements and clucked at the guys. George and Tom looked at each other, shrugged, and stripped to their boxers.

As Tom began to massage Tracey he announced to her and the two spouses sitting on the couch whenever he had to push deep to the top of her inner thigh. Time and again Tom found the edge of his hand pushing into the hollow between Tracey's inner thigh and the swell of her cunt. He couldn't avoid the fact that there was a growing wet spot in the crotch of Tracey's panties that was turning them transparent nor could he avoid inhaling her scent. The result was inevitable and he felt himself getting hard.

George watched the massage with a mixture of arousal and just a little bit of jealousy. One thing was certain though, arousal was winning out over jealousy, his legs were crossed to hide his own hard on. What surprised him was the recurring thought that he wanted Tom to take some liberties with his wife, to let fingers slide past where they should have stopped, he finally had to admit to himself that he wanted to see another man make his wife come - not fuck her, no - just make her come. He was glad his boxers were a dark blue; the growing wet spot in the front of them would not be so easily seen.

Kim watched the others for signs of their arousal. Tracey was obvious, even Kim could smell her from the couch; George had his legs crossed to shield his crotch from her - so he was probably hard. What about Tom was he also hard or was he being too damn professional? The room was thick with sexual tension until George broke it with a raunchy dirty joke. Then Tom told one, George top it and when Tracey asked what it meant - the other three busted up as Tom explained it. George laughed so hard his leg moved causing his cock to poke up through his fly. Kim noticed and couldn't stop herself from blurting out.

"Oh my God I've never seen one with a turtleneck before." She pointed directly at George's uncut and very exposed erect cock. George struggled to tuck it back in while sitting and was completely unsuccessful. He apologized as he tried to cover it up until his wife spoke out.

"Oh don't worry about it George, I've seen it, others have too. Besides your not the only guy in the room with a woody - is he Tom?" The two women began to chant "Show us. Show us. Show us." Tom continued the massage as he tried to ignore the taunts that only served to make him harder. Kim solved the dilemma by walking around behind him and pulling his boxers down to his knees. His protests fell on deaf ears when Kim saw and pointed out how transparent Tracey's panties had become - as in her cunt was now completely visible.

Within minutes four pairs of underwear were removed, two bras followed quickly. Tom thought that the massage should end but Tracey was adamant that he finish, she said that the muscles were really starting to relax and by way of demonstration spread her knees apart. Tom was transfixed by the swollen lips of her shaved cunt; a thick waft of her arousal caused his cock to twitch and a large drop of precum to ooze forth. Once again he suggested that he stop, although this time his wife urged him to finish with Tracey and George enthusiastically agreed.

As he began to massage her upper thigh every time he pushed deep into the muscle Tracey's cunt winked open and her clit became more prominent. If the sexual jokes would just stop for a while he thought he might be able to make it. Mercifully the jokes did stop but Kim didn't. She proceeded to tell George and Tracey how she and Tom first met. Tom was in training then and she was referred to him for a similar sports injury and that during the massage he had seduced her into a "complete" release. Tracey asked what that was and Kim described the first time she had experienced a G-spot orgasm and that she and Tom had ended up fucking that night.

George and Tracey got really interested and asked for more details on this 'G-spot' orgasm. Kim tried to explain but finally said that the only way to know was to have someone who knew how to do it - just do it. Three heads turned to Tom.

"You're joking. Oh c'mon guys, would you listen to what you're saying? You want me to stick my fingers into Tracey's vagina and stimulated her to orgasm. Do you hear what you're asking me to do? Are you nuts?"

George spoke first. "No, I trust you. Look we're all adults here... we're all together here, nobody is sneaking around. Tracey's always had a tough time cumming, if this will help then I'm all for it." He leaned over Tracey and gave her a gentle kiss. "I love you Trace. I want this for you - I really do."

"I love you too George." Tracey turned to Tom and with an expression of true sincerity asked, "Please Tom, at least try - it's true you know. It's really hard for me to come. Please." Tracey bent her knees and spread her legs wide apart.

Kim sealed the agreement. She knelt beside Tom and took his hand in hers. She rubbed his fingertips up and down Tracey's wet slit. She took his index finger and placed it at the entrance of Tracey's cunt - she gently pulled on Tom's wrist causing his finger to disappear inside Tracey.

Tom began to slowly finger fuck Tracey. She was soon moaning. He glanced up at Kim and George and was surprised to see them sitting right next to each other thigh to thigh and shoulder to shoulder looking intently at the activity on the floor. George asked Tom about what it felt like to find the right spot inside of a woman. Tom explained as best he could but George didn't seem to be getting it. What happened next blew Tom's mind.

"Here George try it with me!" Tom heard his wife say those very words and then saw her swing her leg over the back of the couch offering her open cunt to George. Tom blinked as George asked politely if it was OK. Tom wanted to say 'no it was not OK', which was difficult given the fact that he was finger deep in George's wife, so he just nodded.

"Turn you hand up -yeah that's it. Oh! You have thick fingers. Oh yeah, a little deeper, deeper - right there. Now hook your finger like you want me to come over - OHHHHH. You got it. OHHHH. You're a fast learner." George began to rub Kim's clit with his other hand and soon had her trashing quickly to orgasm.

"You came that quickly?" Tracey sounded envious and somewhat pissed. Kim realized what had just happened and blushed. "Sorry I guess I was being too helpful." She looked sheepishly at her husband who glared back at her. Tom then directed his glare at George.

Kim had wanted Tracey to come, now she was desperate to have her come. Tom's glare was a clear indication that he was not happy with what had just occurred. "Tom, why don't you try some direct stimulation to her clit -maybe if you licked her it might help?" Tom wondered at the uncomfortable situation they found themselves in. Tom was just about to call the evening's activities over with when Tracey mentioned that George didn't really do oral - other then receive it.

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