Apartment 218: A Master PC Story


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Sex Story: One of Nellie Boman's tenents has aquired a computer program that lets him play with her mind and body.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Fiction   Science Fiction   MaleDom   Oral Sex   Masturbation   .

A Master PC Story

Author's notes: This is a work of erotic fiction intended for the entertainment of adults. All characters are fictional and adult. The Master PC program is the creation of the marvelous author JR Parz and is used in this story with his permission. This story is authorized to be posted at www.storiesonline.net and downloaded for individual use. Publication of this story on any other site or in any other form without the author's permission is strictly prohibited.

Nellie Bowman sat at her kitchen table in apartment 101 of the building she both owned and managed. She was reading a letter to the editor in Reader's Digest, expounding upon the moral decay of American society. She couldn't agree more. She had grown up in this building and managed it since she was 19, and over the past 42 years there had been a steady decline in the quality of people renting here. Many of them she would never have even considered renting to back when her mother was still alive. But times were hard, the neighborhood was in decline, so now she rented to anyone and still had difficulty keeping the place more than two thirds full at any one time.

She was seriously considering selling the old place, when suddenly she knew that she had to go up to apartment 218, Charlie Ryan's apartment. She didn't know why, but she immediately dropped her magazine, left her apartment without even bothering to lock the door and hurried up the stairs. She knocked and her tenant opened the door, an unkept young man with long dark hair and a scraggly beard. He smiled delightedly, as if he had hoped it would be her at the door. It wasn't a response she expected from her tenants.

Nellie thought for an instant that she should claim she had made a mistake, but she knew that she could never lie to this man. She didn't know why, but it just wasn't an option.

"I'm sorry to disturb you," said the landlady. "I'm really not sure why I'm here..."

This made her tenet smile even more broadly.

"That's O.K. Ms. Bowman," replied the man with a wink "I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually. Please come in."

She wanted to decline, to go back to her apartment, but instead she walked in and closed the door behind her when he asked her to. She looked around, and was horrified. Every wall was plastered with smut: naked women in incredibly lewd posses doing unspeakable things. What sort of pervert was this man? What was she doing here alone with him? She turned and bolted for the door.

"Oh, don't go yet," said her tenant.

She stopped dead in her tracks.

What was wrong with her?

"Come back here and stand in the middle of the room."

Again, she obeyed.

"Would you like a beer?" asked Charlie Ryan.

"I don't drink." she replied automatically.

"Oh sure you do!" he said, handing her an open bottle. "Drink this down now."

To her amazement, she grabbed the bottle and proceeded to suck down the contents.

"You see," explained her host "I invited you up here because I found this wonderful little program and I wanted to test it out. I didn't believe it, but here you are. And you seem to be doing everything I tell you to. Jump up and down while shouting 'I'm a fucking whore'."

Nellie immediately complied, blushing heavily at the words she was shouting.

"O.K., you can stop. We don't want to do anything to alert the neighbors do we? They might call the landlady on us. Oh, wait--I guess not. Don't do anything to try and escape or call anyone or anything like that, though. We're going to have a really fun evening, and I wouldn't want anything to disrupt it."

Nellie started breathing rapidly, her heart pounding as she realized she couldn't even scream, no matter how much she wanted to. It was then that she noticed the computer. There on the desk was a monitor that displayed a tiny image of herself, spinning. Somehow, she knew that it wasn't just her image; it was her soul, electronically enslaved by her satanic tenant.

She fainted.

When Nellie came to, she was still standing in the middle of the smut-filled room, but Charlie was now sitting at his computer. He turned to her.

"There you go," said her tormentor. "I didn't realize how much I scared you. I fixed that though. Your not scared anymore, are you?"

Nellie was surprised to realize that she wasn't scared at all. She was very confused as to why she was here, doing everything this man told her to do, but the terror she had felt a moment ago was gone completely.

"No, I'm not scared," replied the woman, so puzzled as to where the fear had gone that it took a moment to recognize the anger it had masked. When she did recognize it, however, her fists clenched and her face went red.

"What have you done to me? You have no right, you perverted miscreant! I'll have you thrown out of here--thrown in jail! There are laws against holding a woman against her will!"

She would have shouted, but Charlie had asked her not to alert the neighbors, so her tirade lacked the force she intended.

"Calm down, Nellie dear. It was you who came to visit me, remember? Don't be angry with me."

The anger went the way of the fear, visibly fleeing her face, and Charlie grinned.

"If you relax a little, you just might enjoy this. Before the night is over, you'll thank me."

Nellie couldn't be angry with the young man, but there was no way she would thank him for stealing her freewill unless he made her say it. She was determined to discover how he was controlling her and stop it.

"Now lets make a few physical adjustments." said Charlie, turning back to his computer. "It says here that you're 42. Let's cut that number in half, why don't we."

There was the click of the key board, and then Nellie felt her back suddenly straighten. Her breathing became easier and she generally felt younger. She saw that her hands had become smooth and unblemished, and she touched her face to find it free of wrinkles. Charlie turned to look at her and she saw that the image on the computer screen was now herself as she had looked in her early twenties.

"You were never much to look at, were you?" commented her captor. She blushed and looked down. "Oh, don't worry. I'm not done yet. Not by a long shot."

Charlie continued typing. She felt her hair start to grow at an incredible rate--it was the strangest sensation. On the computer screen she saw her lank, dull hair replaced with lustrous dark curls that reached down her back. As she watched, she felt the weight of it and a lock fell across her face. She ran her fingers through her new mane--it was incredibly soft. Now her face felt strange. She looked to the monitor to see the pinched quality of her face dissolve, her large, pointy nose reduced to something from a Disney heroine. Her cheeks broadened. Her eyes widened and became a more intense shade of green. She felt her face, but it was definitely not her face. She looked around for a mirror.

"Patience, Nellie dear," chuckled Charlie. "I'll let you see the new you once I'm done creating her. There's still the matter of your body."

Nellie looked at the posters on the wall of women with impossibly large breasts--could that be what this pervert had in store for her? She knew that she would dread the next moment if she could. Charlie proceeded to confirm her non-fears.

"Are you wearing a bra?" he queried.

"Of course I am." she replied.

"I only asked 'cause you look like you don't need one" he said with a smirk.

Nellie blushed at his evaluation of her breasts. "Every decent woman should wear proper undergarments." she said, quoting her mother.

"A decent woman wouldn't be alone at night with some degenerate in his apartment, now would she?" chuckled the admitted degenerate. "I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to remove all of your clothing, ma'am."

Nellie trembled and blushed as she felt herself inevitably remove her gray dress, her slip, her brassiere, her shoes, her stockings, and finally her panties. She stood before her captor completely naked. With one hand she guarded her private place, while she held the other arm across her tiny breasts. Her pale, pasty skin was tinted with a crimson blush that covered her entire body. With her fear and anger gone, her shame and embarrassment felt that much more intense.

"I think I'll let you keep the embarrassment for a while" said Charlie "It's cute!"

He started typing again in earnest. Nellie kept her eyes down, not wanting to see her next humiliation coming. Thus she watched as her scrawny, stick-like legs began to flesh out, with sleek curves, her knees loosing their former knobiness. She looked to see her arms had done the same. She felt, and then saw, her hips broaden, giving her a waist she had never had. Her skin, although still pale, lost its pastiness and gained a healthy glow as various blemishes disappeared. The typing stopped. Nellie was surprised. She had been sure that if he could change her body in so many ways he would have made her breasts larger. She looked up and saw that he was staring at her, anticipatory.

Nellie felt her nipples press hard against the concealing arm, her breasts tingling. She looked to see that, slowly, they were starting to swell. Whereas before they had lain flat against her chest, now they were like two tea cups. With her arm pressed so tightly against them, she actually had cleavage.

And they were still growing.

She looked up at Charlie, who watched on with joyous fascination, She looked back to see her breasts had rounded out and were now the size of grapefruits. Her nipples against her arm felt very strange. They continued to press as her breasts continued to grow. When they reached the size of small cantaloupes, one breast slipped out from under her arm. She gasped and almost took her hand from her crotch, but stopped herself and grabbed the renegade breast with her other hand, allowing the other breast to get loose. As her hand impulsively squeezed her breast, she was filled with a strange sensation that she didn't understand. She was incredibly warm and very confused.

It was several moments before she realized that Charlie was staring unabashedly at her ever-growing breasts, blatant lust on his face. She made several futile attempts to conceal them with one arm again, before realizing she could at least partially conceal them with her new mane of hair. She shook her head until the dark locks flipped over her shoulders and settled over her now-enormous mammaries. She knew that if Charlie asked her to she would expose them again, but for now he seemed content to allow her a weak attempt at modesty.

"Very, very nice! Damn but I do love this little program. Hold on just a sec and I'll let you take a look at yourself."

Charlie returned to the keyboard. What more could he possibly do? Suddenly, Nellie felt strange changes in her most private parts. They were getting warmer--hot, even. And there was a wetness. A wetness she hadn't felt since... she didn't want to think about that.

Nellie felt a warmth throughout her body somehow different from the shame. She became keenly aware of every inch of her skin, especially on her breasts, bottom, and privates. She was looking down in shame and confusion, so it came as a shock when she felt Charlie's hand on her bare backside. She jumped and pushed his hand away.

"Now Nellie," he chided "You know that you're my little plaything. I can touch you wherever I want to, whenever I want to. Don't try and stop me."

This time she accepted his hand on her bottom. It felt very strange, even nice if she could let herself admit to it. The odd feeling within her privates got stronger. He reached from behind her and began rubbing her new hair on her new breasts. She shook as her mind and body were bombarded with sensations that she lacked the emotions to deal with.

"Fuck but you've got nice tits, Nellie dear" said Charlie. "Lets go in the bathroom so you can get a good look at 'um."

Charlie directed her towards the bathroom with his hand on her bottom. Nellie went to the mirror and gaped. Staring back at her was a gorgeous young woman with lustrous black hair draped across huge, jutting breasts. There were only the slightest hints of her former self.

"See how pretty I made you?" said Charlie. He was whispering in her ear while he kneaded her breasts from behind. She moaned. "Fuck, girl, you are so hot! What do you want to do with this incredible body I've given you?"

His constant rubbing of her breasts and the press of something she dared not guess against her bottom was causing the sensation in her privates to be unbearable. She was so confused. She didn't know how to answer his question. At last her mother's voice gave her the answer.

"A proper lady should always dress modestly and never expose her flesh to the lustful eyes of men." Nellie replied with resolution. "I should put my clothes back on."

"Shit girl!" exclaimed an exasperated Charlie "You should be so horny you're beggin' me for it. Don't you feel horny? Don't you want to fuck?"

"I... I don't know. I feel strange. I feel hot and wet deep in my privates. I haven't felt this in a long, long time, ever since... Am I horny? Is that what this is called?"

"Shit, you are one fucked-up bitch, did you know that? You don't even know if you're horny? I mean, I knew you were a nut job--everyone does. That's why I chose you to try the program out on--I figured if it didn't work as advertised, nobody would believe you if you told them what I tried. But this is too much. You stand here with your hot pussy dripping down your legs moaning as I rub your tits, and you can't tell if you're horny? You've probably never been fucked, have you?"

Nellie looked down. "My mother didn't raise a hussy to spread her legs for every randy pervert that comes along."

"I take it that means no?"

She nodded.

"You at least masturbate, don't you?"


"Nellie, you must answer every question I ask you truthfully and completely. Do you masturbate?"



"I... I used to"

"When did you stop?"

"When I was 16..."

"So you haven't gotten off in over twenty five years? Fuck! No wonder you're so uptight! Why did you stop?"

"My... My mother caught me," the distraught woman sobbed. "There was a hole in the second floor broom closet. I used to go there and spy on a young couple in their bedroom. It was so exiting and I used to touch myself while I watched. But then mother found me doing it. She hit me a lot. She tied up my hands every night after that and beat me, telling me not to be a hussy. Then one night when she was beating me, she had a heart attach and died. If I hadn't been such a degenerate, she wouldn't have died. I killed my mother!"

Nellie stood their sobbing, her eyes downcast.

"Dude, that is fucked up!" said Charlie. "You're mom sounds like a total bitch! No wonder you're so whacked! I think I can fix you up, though. Let's go back to the computer."

Nellie followed blindly back to the living room. Charlie resumed his place at the computer and started typing. Nellie calmed down and wiped her eyes. At last, Charlie smiled up at her.

"O.K., Nellie dear. We're going to play a little game. You don't have to obey my every word anymore. You just can't leave the apartment, call for help, attack me, or stop me from touching you. I've fixed it so that every time I squeeze your nipples, you're going to come like crazy and with every orgasm, your sense of guilt and shame are going to be cut in half. So will your sexual inhibitions. You'll also become more and more addicted to the feeling of orgasm and more and more obsessed with sex. We're going to undo everything that mommy-dearest did to you and then some. When I'm done with you, you're going to be the sluttiest nympho that ever lived!"

Nellie shuddered. She didn't know what to do, what to think, what to feel. Her captor stood, slowly reached out, took her right nipple between his fingers, and squeezed.

"OOOOOOOOOOHHH!" moaned Nellie as her first orgasm in decades hit her. She fell to her knees and her hands went to her crotch, rubbing instead of concealing this time. When she realized what she was doing though, she pulled her hands away like her pussy was on fire. She looked up at Charlie, panting.

"Oh come now, Nellie!" remonstrated Charlie "That little pussy of yours has been neglected for a long time. Get to know it a little!"

He squeezed her left nipple three times in quick succession. She squeaked and squealed and fell on her back, her knees spread, and her hands flew back to her pussy, She vigorously rubbed and squeezed and pinched and plowed, moaning and rolling around on the floor. At last she looked up to see that Charlie was standing over her, naked. Her eyes were immediately drawn to his thick, 10-inch dick.

"Well, you seem to have made friends with your pussy!" chuckled Charlie.

"Yes," panted Nellie "My pussy makes me happy!"

"Yes it does! And I make your pussy happy, don't I?"

Nellie nodded her agreement.

"Well I bet you could make my cock pretty damn happy if you wanted to," smiled Charlie. "Why don't you come over here and suck it."

"I, uh,... well, I never..."

"Still a little hesitant, are we?" asked Charlie, kneeling beside her and then straddling her waist. "Maybe this will help."

He took an breast in each hand and squeezed the nipples. Nellie moaned and shook and kicked her legs and banged her head repeatedly against the floor. It subsided and she smiled up at the naked man on top of her.

"Do it again, please" she asked dreamily. "Squeeze my breasts some more. I like it."

"Not breasts, Nellie," chided Charlie "Call them titties! Boobies! Knockers! Hooters! Pleasure pillows like these are much more than just breasts."

"O.K.!" said the desperate woman. "Squeeze my titties! Oh God, please do it again!"

"If I do, will you suck my cock?" he asked.

She barely hesitated. "Yes, I'll suck your cock!"

"Can I come in your mouth?"


"And you'll swallow every drop?" he teased.

"Yes!" she shouted. "I'll suck you dry, just squeeze my fucking titties!"

He complied, squeezing each nipple with his fingers as he squeezed his member between her knockers. She arched her back and sang out in extacy. When she came down, the look she gave Charlie was animalistic. She pushed him off her and on to his back, then sprang between his legs and took his cock in her mouth. She began to suck and lick with gusto. What she lacked in skill she more than made up for in enthusiasm. She squealed and grunted and moaned through cock-filled lips, rubbing her nipples on his thighs and stroking her clit. She enjoyed giving head almost as much as Charlie enjoyed receiving it. It was so delightfully dirty! With a grunt, Charlie exploded in her mouth. True to her word, she swallowed every drop, and smiled at the cock's owner.

"My turn!" she said, crawling up his body and sitting on his chest.

"You're a greedy little tart, aren't you? Here I've only come once, and you're up for ninths! But I guess you do have some catching up to do in the grand scheme of things. And besides, I'm sure you'll pay me back, won't you?"

"Oh yes!" she exclaimed "I'll do anything, be anything, just let me come again! It feels so good! I need it so bad!"

Charlie pressed his face into her pussy and proceeded to eat her out. With in moments, she was coming again, although he hadn't even touched her nipples. She felt so good, so free. She had never known what it felt like to be alive before. Charlie grinned at her.

"So, my horny little hussy, shall we move this to the bedroom?"

"Oh yes, Charlie!" she exclaimed "Take me to bed! Take me to bed and fuck me! Fuck me all night long!"

Charlie picked her up and carried her to his bedroom, dropping her unceremoniously on the bed. She looked around the cluttered room and saw that the posters that adorned it were even more lewd than the ones in the living room. She wanted to imitate each one. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, and stared with abject lust at Charlie.

"I want your cock right here! I want you to fuck my brains out. I want you to fuck me until I don't feel one ounce of guilt for anything ever again! Fuck me, please!"

"As you wish, Ms. Bowman" smirked Charlie as he crawled on top of her.

The pain of her broken maidenhead went all but unnoticed, so intent was she on the shear pleasure of her first fuck. She spread her legs wide and then hooked feet behind Charlie's ass and forced him deeper and deeper into her, licking his chest and neck between groans of extacy. He grunted exultantly as he nailed her harder and harder and she delighted in the incredible new sensations. Just as she felt herself start to peak, Charlie let out a mighty groan and shot his wad deep inside her. She squealed with pleasure as her orgasm rose up to meet his.

He lay on top of her, licking her face and neck while she giggled, then he gently slipped out of her. She was sad to see his marvelous cock droop flaccidly, dripping, but then it sprang to life again, rock hard and ready for more. She looked to Charlie with hope in her eyes and was rewarded with the look of lust that she longed for.

"How'd you want it next, you little minx?" he grinned.

Nellie looked at the posters on the wall, then rolled over on her stomach, got on her hands and knees and looked over her shoulder back at Charlie.

"Fuck me like a doggie! Like a bitch in heat!" she cried.

"Happy to oblige, Ma'am" chuckled her tenant, grabbing her hair in a tight fist and thrusting himself inside her once more.

They went on fucking for four hours. After a while, they got pretty soar from all the friction, despite Nellie's sopping wet snatch, but Charlie made a dash back to the computer and they were both ready for more. Charlie came inside her pussy half a dozen times, as well as up her ass a couple, and down her throat a couple more. It wasn't until later that she learned that most men weren't able to perform with quite so much stamina. The program had helped.

Nellie lost count of how many times she had come, although she remembered each orgasm with fondness. Her favorite, however, had come late in the night, when she was straddling Charlie, riding his long hard cock, slaming down upon him again and again as her titties bounced and she pulled her new hair. Just as she started to come, she realized her mother's voice that she had carried in her head all these years was completely silent. Filled with this delightful realization and another mind-blowing orgasm, she screamed out: "Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck YES! YES! YES! FUCK YOU, MOTHER! FUCK YOU! I'm a Slut! I'm a Trollop! I'm a Whore! I'm a Tart! I'm a cock-sucking, ass-licking Hussy and all I want to do is fuck and Fuck and FUCK!!!!"

Nellie Bowman sat at her kitchen table in apartment 101 of the building she both owned and managed. She was reading a letter to the editor in Club International, expounding upon how much fun it was to be fucked in the pussy with a vibrator placed deeply in your asshole. She couldn't agree more. In the six months since she had come to know her master, she had discovered so many delightful ways to fuck.

There was a knock at the door. She reluctantly pulled her hand out of her G-string and tottered over to the door on her six-inch spiked heels. She slipped a translucent robe over her bare breasts and peaked out of the peep-hole. There was a woman with wild red hair wearing a trench coat. It looked like He had sent her another one.

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