Tom's Mating Service

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom has a unique career - he hires out to get women pregnant who want to have a baby. And he's done it now more than 200 times.

Chapter 1

I've got an unusual line of work -- I impregnate women who want to have a baby but aren't willing to settle for the artificial insemination method or that sort of thing. It's quite an interesting and a very rewarding profession I've undertaken and I'd love to tell you about my experiences. There are several reasons why I've found myself in this line of work: for one thing, I can get a hardon at the mere thought of fucking a woman's pussy or just seeing a sexy woman, dressed or totally naked. Another reason is because I've apparently got quite a high sperm count. Given the right circumstances, I've almost never failed in getting a woman pregnant after we've fucked. Almost never. There've been a couple of times that the "Tom method" did not result in a baby but I think my insemination was the "last ditch effort" and we were dealing with insurmountable obstacles to conception. So, now after having actually fucked over 200 different women who wanted me to give them a baby, I've "donated sperm" in the old fashioned way and given them the baby they wanted in almost every single one of them.

Would you like to know what work's like for a professional impregnator?? Well, I'd love to tell you. If you've got a few minutes, pull up a chair and I'll tell you about some of the hotter and more erotic experiences that I've had.

Being a "for hire" impregnator is a very interesting job. I have specific requirements that I demand in order for a woman or a couple to hire me to get the female pregnant. One of the things I insist on is that I get at least five sessions (in a 3-day period) with the woman (if that many are necessary) in order to get her "with child". If we get her pregnant with less, that's fine. I also insist that the woman has to do whatever I demand of her during the impregnation session. She's got to let me fuck her in whatever position I demand and I often insist that she give me a blowjob in advance of my mounting her to really get me fired up and ready to mate her.

One of the hottest jobs I ever got hired for was with Debbie and her husband. Debbie was a petite blonde, a very beautiful young woman and she and her husband wanted to have a family but her husband didn't seem to have what it took to knock her up. So, finally in desperation they managed to contact me and hired me to "do the job" for them. I'd shared all my personal information and previous impregnation history with them and the three of us finally decided on a weekend that I could travel to meet them and do our best to get Debbie pregnant with a baby.

When I met Debbie and her husband, Ron, at the restaurant where we'd agreed to meet, I found myself fighting the hardon I could feel growing in my pants the moment I laid eyes on my "customer" for that evening. Debbie has gorgeous shoulder length blonde hair, and she was rather petite in body, probably nicely rounded B-cup breasts, and a very trim shapely figure. She was wearing a nice dress and I couldn't tell that much about her body from the way it hung from her body. But I knew that soon enough that evening I'd get to see all of Debbie very much "up close and personal".

We made small talk and enjoyed sharing dinner together before we finally finished and paid the check before we moved on to the main purpose for out meeting. Ron and Debbie lived quite a way out of the city where we met for me to breed her, so they had reserved a hotel room in advance for her impregnation sessions. Just in case we needed it, Ron had gotten the room for two days and nights.

I let the two of them go on upstairs ahead of me and then after about 30 minutes, I went up to the room and let myself in with the duplicate room keycard. I had told Ron that he was more than welcome to participate in my session with Debbie but he was not to get in the way of how I'd orchestrated my fucks with her. When I stopped in the outer living room of the suite we were in, I carefully undressed and placed all my clothes and underwear on the couch near the bedroom door. As I anticipated what I'd find when I entered the bedroom where Debbie was waiting for me, my cock quickly began to thicken and was quickly a fully hard raging erection. I was ready and prepared to mate with Debbie, my sexy little blonde for the evening.

I'd told Ron that he could get undressed for our session or he could remained clothed if he wished. He wasn't really a player in the fuck session between me and Debbie so it didn't really matter. I just wanted him to be comfortable an unobtrusive in what would happen between me and his sexy little wife. I'd told Debbie that I wanted her to go out and buy a short baby doll nighty just for the express purpose of wearing it to seduce me and get me ready and horny to fuck her. I wanted her to go out of her way to ensure that she was very desirable and very hot to make me want to fuck her as much as I possibly could. I wasn't disapointed. When I turned the corner into the bedroom where Debbie was lying on the bed, she was sitting on the side of the king-sized bed, dressed in a gorgeous see-through white babydoll negligee. I could see the dark circles of her sexy nipples through the thin diaphanous material of her nighty but I could yet see her pussy the way she was sitting with her legs together.

Before Ron and Debbie had set a date to meet me for her impregnation, I'd ensured that they knew exactly the right time of the month for Debbie to be in her most fertile state. She'd calculated it just right so I knew that our chances for having one of her eggs ready for fertilization was present. That was important because while part of my requirements was to ensure my own sexual enjoyment and pleasure while I was servicing the female, I also wanted to give them the very highest chances of realizing the conception of a baby out of our fucks together.

I walked over to the side of the bed where Debbie sat, noticing that she seemed a bit nervous now that the moment of truth had arrived. I understood since even though we'd all discussed the details of her mating, she still was going to be totally intimate with a man who was not her husband or her lover. I did my best to ensure during our dinner together that I put Debbie at ease but now that she was nearly undressed and we were ready, I did what I could physically and emotionally to take the nervousness out of the situation. One thing I'd assured them was that while I made demands on them for what I wanted done, I wouldn't do anything to hurt or embarrass Debbie. This evening was her and Ron's and I wanted it to be super special for them. The baby which would hopefully be created would be theirs for the rest of their lives.

I noticed Ron sitting over in a large easy chair in the corner, dressed in only his boxer shorts. I knew most guys started out the session like that but it wouldn't take long before I'd have his cock out and be stroking himself as he watched me playing with his wife and then fucking her hotly.

My cock was jutting from my groin, totally hard and thick at about a 45 degree angle from between my thighs. I wanted Debbie to pay some attentions to my cock but first I reached out, gently placing my right hand over the curved mound of her left breast underneath the material of her thin nighty. Her nipple hardened under my touch and I reached down to her chin, cupping it and lifting her face so I could look into her eyes. I wanted to see how aroused and ready she was to mate with me. Her eyes were already showing the hotness of sexual desire and I was pleased to know that Debbie seemed to be rapidly approaching the time when she'd be more than ready for me to climb between her legs and spurt my baby-creating seed deep into her hot pussy.

I continued to caress and fondle Debbie's breasts and then I moved directly in front of her with my hard dick bobbing there from between my legs. "Suck my cock a little bit," I told Debbie and she reached out, taking the shaft of my cock in her right hand and stroked it up and down a few times before she leaned over, opening her lips and flicked her wet tongue out over the swollen crown of my cock.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, that's good, Debbie," I moaned as her hand slipped on down to my cum-filled nuts and rubbed them. That really made me fucking horny and Debbie didn't realized that she was fanning the hot sexy flames that were already burning deep inside my groin. As Debbie continued to take my cockhead in her mouth, I let my hand slip down off her tits, and in between her thighs, using my hand to spread them apart so I could reach her pussy. Just as I'd asked her to, Debbie had shaved her cunt the night before and my hand found nothing but soft baby smooth flesh as I slide it down, finding her clit and then the wetness of her bald pussy. I let my fingers slide further down over her pussy and then after getting them wet a bit in her juices, I slid one of my fingers up inside Debbie's tight hot cunt and start a slow gentle finger fuck of her horny cunt. I wanted Debbie hot to fucking trot by the time I slid inside her and this was rapidly bringing her to that point of arousal.

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