I Sat Behind my Desk

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Coercion, Lesbian, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: My, will you look at her. she should make me fortune if i can get her clothes off in front of a camera

I sat behind my desk trying to find one of my clients some work when my intercom buzzed.

"Your four o'clock is here," my receptionist said.

"Thanks Bridget, make her fill in the questionnaire while you make the coffee and then bring her in, ok," I said.

I just had time to make one more call before Bridget brought her in. I indicated for her to sit while I was saying my goodbyes to an old colleague of mine with his promise of a job.

"Sorry about that," I said looking at my four O'clock for the first time.

Wow this one looked good. Short dark hair framing her elfin pretty face. If her figure was as good I should make a packet out of her. Bridget introduced her while she poured the coffee and then she departed. I took the offered questionnaire and leaned back in my chair.

"Tell me about yourself, please Donna?" I asked, without looking at what she had written

"Well," she started a little nervously, "I'm eighteen, left school last month and I always wanted to be a model and actress. I've taken acting lessons for some years now."

"Ok please stand and remove your coat," I asked.

I watched as she complied with my request.

"Please turn," I said, "yes thank you, you can sit now. You're quiet pretty, can you confirm your vitals please. I looked down and examined her tidy writing.

"I'm five foot five, with dark hair and black eyes," she recited, I looked up to confirm her eye colour. "My figure is thirty six, twenty three, thirty five."

"Thank you, Donna, very nice," I said, "now tell me what you want to do."

"Well I know I'm too well built for the catwalk," she smiled at me, "but I'll like to do films."

"Ok, lets start at the beginning," I said, "unless you have attend a recognised stage school you can forget films, well for awhile at least. The only way is for you to get yourself noticed, like Liz Hurley or Kelly Brooks did a few years ago."

"Oh," she said her smile faded slightly.

"Ok so where do we go from here, firstly do you have any pictures?" I asked, she just shook her head.

"Don't worry, we can sort that out later," I re-assured. "Ok I can get you work as a Photographic model, a bit of catalogue work and perhaps some calendars too, if you would like me to?"

"I don't know," her smile now turned into a worried expression. I didn't want to lose her now, but I knew that pushing her wasn't the answer.

"Ok Donna, there's no hurry," I smiled, "go home and think about it, if you want to proceed, make a new appointment and come back a see me again, ok."

"Yes, thank you for being so understanding," she smiled back.

"She pretty," commented Bridget after she had shown her out.

"Yeah, got me hard just looking at her," I chuckled.

"As per usual," smiled Bridget, "so is she coming back?"

"I hope so," I said, "should make a lot of money out of her if we can get her clothes off."

I was sipping my coffee and staring out of my second floor window when the intercom buzzed.

"Donna is here," said Bridget.

"Good, show her in please," I said.

"Hi Donna," I said standing up and indicting she should sit, "nice to see you again." today she was wearing a short skirt and a button up blouse.

"Thanks," she said, sitting down and flashing her knickers at me.

"So tell me Donna, what have you decided?" I asked.

"Well I think I give it a go," she smiled happily.

"Good, I sure I can find you some work," I said, "but first we need some good pictures, ok."

"I've never had any pictures taken, you know proper ones" she said a little shyly.

"Don't worry Donna," I re-assured, "but we have other things to discuss, ok." she just nodded. "Good," I said, "later, if things take off for you, I will suggest you get your own manager, but for now I'll do that for you, ok. Right as your agent and Manager, I will get ten percent of your gross income from any work I get you, and from all other work too."

"Yes, ok," she agreed.

"Now I think you pretty but probably too good for page three work," I said, "what do you think?"

"I don't know if I could do that," she looked doubtful.

"Ok let's take it slowly, ok," I said, "but I will instruct the photographer to do some topless shots, can you live with that." Her eyes got a little bigger but she nodded.

"Good," I smiled.

I looked at the ten by eight pictures of the half naked Donna, very nice; great shaped tits, with a good size with no discernible droop. Legs good and long, waist trim and flat; no doubt about it, she was very fuckable.

"Nice isn't she," commented Bridget, holding up one of her pictures, "can't wait until the slut is licking my cunt."

"Yeah," I said seeing that vision in my mind, "but before that we need to break her reserve down a bit."

"Right, what have you got lined up for her?" Bridget asked.

"Well today she doing underwear for a Catalogue," I said, "nothing too naughty, but she will be doing that Sexy Catalogue shoot next week."

"I've just got in a film job, just an extra as a Bikini babe," said Bridget, "shall we give it to her, or do you have anybody else in mind?"

"No," I mused, all the rest of my Babes were working hard just at the moment, two were on their backs right now taking a series of hard ones.

"We'll see if she wants to do it, who's the Producer?" I asked.

"Dick Dastardly," she smiled at our name for Richard Wains a very respected Producer. "Right send him her picture and let's see, ok."

"Right boss," she said and left.

"Oh yes," she couldn't hide her excitement.

"Now don't get too excited," I said, "it's just a extra part, and you may have to be topless."

"That's ok," she smiled, already she was becoming more relaxed about her body. Dick had rung me back and confirmed his interest in her and had suggested the topless change after seeing her pictures.

"Now don't get to carried away, ok," I advised, "just do as you are told, it'll probably be two or three days on the set, so I won't book you anything for the whole week."

"Oh thanks," she said, hugging me tight, there could be no doubt that she could feel my hard on. While I held her I kissed her neck and squeezed her tits through her thin top.

"Mmm," she cooed, this was very encouraging, I thought, so I kissed her lips. I pulled her tight against me, grinding my hard cock into her.

"Lift you arms," I instructed, and I pulled her top off to expose her flimsy bra. "Models don't wear bras," I said and ripped hers off. My hands now became familiar with her flesh, squeezing and pitching, bring moans from her lips; either she was really enjoying herself, or she was indeed a good actress. I backed her up to the couch and pushed her down, from under her short skirt I pulled her knickers off and threw them across the room.

"Don't models wear knickers either," she giggled.

"Spread 'em," I said roughly, she was slick with excitement and I was soon cock deep inside her. Her hips began to push against me, she was eager to come, she lasted all of ten good hard thrust; I watched as her orgasm over took her, what a lovely sight it was too. I pumped into her limp body until I deposited a fair amount of my seed inside her.

"What she fuck like then?" asked Bridget when she came in with my morning coffee.

"Well she's either a good actress or she just loves cock," I chuckled at the memory of her body.

"So what next for our little slut?" she asked.

"I got a calendar lined up for her," I said, "nothing too sexy, but topless with plenty of leg too."

"Come on Maisy," I cajoled at one of my other newish clients, "it's a quality film."

"That may be, but its still a fuck film," she pouted.

"So what," I said, "nobody cares anymore, and the pay good."

"Well it's just I never done one before," she said looking down.

"Maisy," I said sternly, "we both know that's not true."

"Yeah, but that other one was just a private film," she said, "nobody will ever see that one."

Well that's not really true I thought, I had taken the film myself one night when the young Maisy was high of something. She had just turned up at my place wanting a fuck so I videoed her with a couple of my close friends, who were available. The end result had sold well on the 'Under the Counter' market; Maisy of course not benefiting financially from it's gross sales.

"Come on Maisy it just two days work for all that money," I pushed, "and anyway it for the over seas market," I lied.

"Oh, I do need the money," she said, her drugs habit must be costing her plenty. "If you're sure nobody will see it," she said.

"Good, I tell them you'll do it," I said, "now off you go my dear."

"How was the shoot?" I asked Donna.

"Oh great," she enthused, "I couldn't believe I that would be taken to such a nice place." It had been a three-day photo session in a good Hotel.

"How did the pictures go?" I asked.

"Not to bad, just bikini and such, with a few topless ones at the end," she said.

Little did she know that it was those few topless ones that would end up being used.

"Ok, good," I said, "work had dried up for the moment, I got plenty in but not for you."

"Oh why?" she asked, just like I knew she would.

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