Brandy - Team Roping Princess

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Brandy is a college student who rides horses and competes in team roping events on her weekends. One thing also happens when she rides -- she gets very horny and Tom has been invited along on a weekend to "help out".

Chapter 1

Brandy caught my eye the very first time I met her. She was stunning-- very attractive, very sexy, and she had a bubbly personality that just drew you to her. She was doing student work in a building where I was working and I quickly got to know Brandy as we'd meet at the copier or other administrative areas on an almost daily basis. I think one of the first things that you noticed about Brandy was her nice full breasts. She often wore jeans and a button-up flannel shirt or other shirt like that and you immediately noticed that Brandy sure did fill out anything she was wearing in the chest area. She had to be a full C-cup in the chest and along with that part of her figure, Brandy had a nice tight ass and beautiful hair. I loved how Brandy had her hair cut to frame her face and the highlights in it made her look really hot. Her face was very pretty and my first impression of Brandy was totally different from the Brandy I came to know eventually.

After a few sessions over the copy machine, I began to learn that Brandy was a college sophomore and she'd been extremely active in rodeo as a high schooler. She continued to ride horses in weekend rodeos and she actively participated in team roping every weekend that she could manage it. That was the part that really threw me -- that Brandy, this very feminine and very hot young woman of about 19 years of age, was a very strong competitor in team roping contests. She owned three horses of her own and along with her boyfriend, they would drive to the rodeo sites and spend the weekends there riding, roping and fucking their brains out.

One Wednesday I came up to one of the office machines and there was Brandy putting together some sort of project for her boss. We struck up a conversation and in passing, she asked if I'd like to accompany her for a rodeo competition that weekend. I was puzzled at first since I knew she'd always told me in the past that she went with her boyfriend. Then, she mentioned that he wasn't going to be able to make it and that she would definitely need some help with the horses, and with things that often developed after she'd finished her team roping events. I quickly thought about the possibility of spending the weekend around Brandy. I dismissed any concerns about her boyfriend since she'd been the one to bring the opportunity up. I figured she must know what she was dealing with. Then I asked her some details about what she'd need help with.

"Well, for one thing, you can drive a S-10 pickup with a horse trailer, can't you? You can help me drive some going to and from the rodeo, and you can do other things like help me saddle my horses and stuff like that. But the real area where you can help me, Tom, is after I finish my events each day," Brandy said as she stood there fooling with her papers and then stopped to look me directly in the eyes. "You see, riding isn't just fun and a huge rush from the competition for me, Tom. Riding in team roping is a huge sexual turn-on for me. When I'm in the saddle, and I've been riding my horse around the ring at breakneck speeds, I get so turned on from having that saddle between my legs, and the rush of the horse underneath me, that I have to get fucked as soon as I finish the event. Normally, my boyfriend meets me back at the trailer and we hop in the sack as soon as I can dismount from my horse."

"You're kidding me, right?" I asked as I waited for Brandy to start laughing and tell me that this whole deal was her idea of a joke.

"No, Tom, I'm not kidding at all. If you think so, then go with me this weekend and you'll find out if I'm joking," Brandy said as she gave me the sexiest smile I'd ever seen on her face and then she sauntered off back to her work area, her nice rounded ass sashaying inside the tight jeans she was wearing.

I decided to take Brandy up on her offer. If the story about the fucking was a joke, I didn't care. Brandy was so sexy that I just enjoyed talking to her and begin around her. And I could do that this weekend without worrying about her boyfriend being there to get jealous.

When I met Brandy about 2:00 P.M. that Friday afternoon after we'd both taken off work, I was struck by how sexy she was in her cowgirl Western clothes. She was wearing the typical jeans and nice button-up shirt she usually did, but she really looked in her element and you could actually begin to believe that this young lady could really ride a horse and rope calves frantically trying to get away from her.

By the time we'd driven over two hours to where we were going, Brandy and I shared a dinner together at a local steakhouse and then we drove back to where we'd parked the trailer at the rodeo site. Brandy slept in her bed that night and I slept in another one on the opposite end of the trailer. When she'd made it clear that we wouldn't "do anything" that night so she could get her rest, she quickly promised me that I'd be more than amply rewarded the next two afternoons.

Sure enought, the next morning Brandy had gotten up, showered, fixed her hair and was decked out in another very sexy looking Western outfit suitable for riding in her events, and I found myself walking around with a semi-aroused cock all day not only from just being with Brandy but anticipating what she'd promised me would occur that afternoon. At about 2:30, it was time for Brandy to ride in her team event and she saddled her horse, Manitou, and rode off toward the ring as I walked up to the nearby spectator stands to watch her doing her thing. I'd seen a lot of great looking babes there at the rodeo in the previous 24 hours -- some of them just there to watch the hot studly cowboys and several of them to compete in horse riding events just like Brandy. It was a much different experience than I'd have ever imagined.

When the announcer finally called for the team roping events to start, I could hardly wait until Brandy and her partner's turn arrived. I loved every minute of watching Brandy as she made her horse turn and gallop like I never would have imagined. She was awesome and I knew that no matter what the day held in store for me, I'd never view Brandy in quite the same way. She was awesome and there was something very sexy and hot about an attractive young woman who could master her horse's every move and make him do just what she wanted him to. As it turned out, Brandy and her partner actually won their team roping event that day, but Brandy and I won long before the judges had determined who the event winner was.

When Brandy had finished with her competition, she'd told me to leave the stands and meet her as soon as possible back in her trailer. As soon as I saw her finish her "ride", I left the stands and nearly ran back where the trailer was parked. In fact, just as I got there, here came Brandy leading her horse with the hottest smile I'd ever seen on her face. She quickly let another friend of hers take over her horse to unsaddle it and take care of its "after competition" needs, while she grabbed me by the hand, and opened the trailer door for us to go inside.

Brandy immediately led me to the larger bed where she'd slept the night before and as soon as we arrived there, she started unbuttoning her shirt and unfastening her belt and her jeans like she couldn't get undressed fast enough. I took the hint and I began pulling my cotton shirt off over my head and shucking my jeans onto the floor nearby as I felt my cock growing hard and thick rapidly as I watched Brandy getting naked. I wish I could share a photo of Brandy with you as she looked fully clothed when she did her rodeo event and what she looked like as she quickly undressed. All I can tell you is that she was unbelievably sexy and gorgeous and the more naked she got, the sexier she looked. Underneath her shirt and jeans, Brandy had been wearing a matching bra and thong panty set of cranberry, and the bra was sort of a sports bra type to keep from chafing her chest while she was riding. Normally her C-cup bras were underwired but that would have been uncomfortable when she was competing, she told me later.

I was down to only my briefs as I stood there with Brandy, and she quickly pulled her thong panty off and then reached down between her sexy rounded tits to unclasp her bra and peel the cups back away from her gorgeous tits. Her nipples were nice dark brown circles about one inch in diameter and Brandy's pussy hair also matched the sexy hair of her head. As soon as my briefs came off and I was standing there with my naked cock jutting out in front of me, Brandy settled back onto the trailer bed and grabbed me by the hand to pull me over on top of her on the bed. Her lips were moist and full as she leaned up to kiss me, while her hand reached down between my thighs to grab my hard thick cock. Brandy was as horny as I'd ever seen any woman, and as she lay there naked and horny beneath me, she took the shaft of my cock and led me straight to the lips of her pussy. I looked down and I could see that Brandy's pussy was so aroused and so wet that her cunt lips were swollen in arousal and the juices from her pussy had dampened her pussy hair until it was matted from the wetness.

"Just follow my lead, Tom," Brandy whispered in a very lusty female voice, "because I'm burning up with lusty hunger right now and you don't want to miss out on this, baby," she said, and I felt her legs spread slightly apart and the heat of her wet pussy met the head of my cock.

Brandy reached up to her chest, cupping and squeezing her right breast as she pushed her groin up towards me, helping me position my cockhead in her pussy and mount her. There was no resistance to my cock sliding inside Brandy other than the natural tightness of her pussy. And she was plenty tight. Her cunt was so wet from her arousal that my cock quickly became well lubed up, and I pushed my ass forward, spearing my cock deeply into Brandy's pussy. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Brandy moaned and as soon as I felt my cockhead hit the bottom of Brandy's pussy, she began to move in rhythm with me, throwing her shapely muscular legs up around my waist and Brandy seemed to actually start trying to fuck herself on my cock buried deep inside her body.

I leaned over, taking the nipple of Brandy's right tit in my mouth, licking it and flicking my tongue over it while I began trying to drive my cock in and out of her hot pussy as smoothly and firmly as I could manage. We'd only been fucking for maybe 5 minutes when I knew Brandy was about to explode in orgasm. She was screaming and moaning hotly as I was really pounding my horny cock in and out of her cunt. She was offering her nipples to me to suckle and caress and I'd cupped her asscheeks in both hands and was using them to hold her firmly while I pounded my cock into this luscious babe's cunt as powerfully as I could manage.

Brandy climaxed and I continued driving my cock into her tight young pussy. I knew this was the first of several fucks we'd share before the day was over and she had another competition on Sunday afternoon. I couldn't wait, but for now, I had something much hotter to take care of.

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