Ships Passing In Jamaica
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Squirting,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - As Jamie Moore approached her 30th birthday she and her husband planned a special trip to New York to see her old college roomates and then fly off to Jamaica for a special birthday surprise.

"Come on Jamie, you have to be at the Airport at least a hour before your flight leaves and you'll be cutting it close." Randy said trying to rush his wife along.

"Randy, I'm going as fast as I can. Every time I turn around there's something else I forgot." Jamie replied.

"For God's sake, anything else you can buy when you get there. Your carry-on is full and your case is full. When I get there on Wednesday I can bring anything else you forgot." Randy said to appease her.

"OK, OK, OK. You're right, and I appreciate this so much. I haven't seen the girls in so long." She said to thank her husband.

Jamie was turning 30 this year and wanted to go someplace special. Randy had arranged for her to go to New York City and meet 2 of her college roommates and go to 2 shows before he arrived on Wednesday. He was going to join her and see the taping of Letterman show and then fly to Jamaica for a week there. Randy had rented a villa right on Negril Beach. It was hidden just below a high retaining wall where 3 island mansions stood. The beach could be seen from the highway, but there was no way to it, except through right of ways between the huge estate properties. The beach was public to the eye, but private to the villa. Randy had heard of it through a friend who owned property there and used his connection to get it for the week.

Jamie made her plane and was winging off to New York City on Monday morning. Her college friends Marilyn and Hannah met her for two shows and partied into the night in Manhattan bistros to celebrate her birthday.

Wednesday, after a day of shopping some of New York finer shops Jamie bid goodbye to her friends from college and went back to her hotel alone to wait for her husband Randy to arrive. At 3 o'clock she began to panic as the Letterman show began taking audience tickets at 4. If people were not there by that time, they gave away the seats as stand bys.

As it closed in on 3:30 she called Kennedy Airport and checked to see if he flight was on time, and it was. He HAD to be here soon.

The phone rang and Jamie's heart raced as she answered it.

"Randy! Tell me you are in the lobby waiting for me!" She shouted into the phone as she answered it.

"Well, not exactly." He answered.

"You know we're going to miss the taping of Letterman, and you have the tickets, so I can't even go." She said beginning to blow a fuse.

"I never had tickets for the show." He answered.

"RANDY, Don't fuck me around. Where are you?" she demanded.

"I'm helping deliver your birthday present." He said.

"All RIGHT Randy! Stop this. If you don't have tickets to Letterman and you're not exactly here, what's going on?" She said her voice cracking.

"Your present is right outside the door, right now. Happy Birthday, and I'll call you later. Bye Bye." He teased as he clicked off.

"RANDY! DON'T YOU HANG UP ON ME." She hollered, but it was too late.

"Son of a bitch, he stood me up. David Letterman himself better be on the other side of that door if he wants to make this up to me." She said as she went to the peephole. The peep was covered from the other side.

"OK Randy, I've had enough of surprises!!" she shouted as she flung the door of her room open.

There with a big shit-eating grin, in a long coat held open to show bows stuck on each breast and a bouquet between her legs, was Veronica! Twice before in Jamie's life she had bi-sexual affairs with Ronnie, a woman she had met and learned to love over the Internet. She had to make a solemn promise to Randy, her husband that she would never meet with her again. Randy understood their love for each other, but did not want an ongoing affair to hurt their marriage.

Randy knew how Jamie had pined for Ronnie of late. He had to admit that each of the previous times they were together it strengthened their bond. As much as she loved Ronnie, she knew her love of her life was Randy. Ronnie was a great distraction, a special treat, but also a woman that she truly loved and enjoyed.

Jamie was speechless as she looked at the sight of Ronnie nude except for he bows and flowers.

Ronnie's grin was from ear to ear.

They both stood speechless for a moment. Then Ronnie spoke.

"In Jamaica it will be warm enough for me to stand around in this outfit, but I'm freezing my ass off right now."

"Oh my God, come in! JAMAICA!! YOU'RE GOING TO JAMAICA WITH US?" She asked incredulously.

"NO, I'm going to Jamaica with YOU!" Ronnie told her.

The whole scenario finally fell together in Jamie's head as her eyes filled with tears and she embraced Ronnie tightly between her arms. She tried to speak but she was crying tears of joy too hard to make words. She just held onto Ronnie as if she might slip away.

As she cried she felt Ronnie's hands pulling down the zipper on her dress. Ronnie broke their embrace and, doing so, took the top of her dress with her, exposing Jamie's pretty breasts. Ronnie backed her to the bed and Jamie sat down with Ronnie laying over her, kissing her mouth, and sucking her tongue.

Ronnie rose up with Jamie's forearms and hands still in the sleeves of her dress, leaving her defenseless to Ronnie's attack on her nipples. She sucked and chewed on each nipple as they got longer and harder.

Jamie's moans complained of the hurt, but it was a good hurt. However, Ronnie finally let her up.

"To get the first present from me for your birthday, you will need the suit." Ronnie demanded.

"What suit?"

"Your birthday suit!!" Ronnie joyfully screamed at her.

Jamie stood and let the dress fall to leave her in just panties.

"How did Randy arrange this? Was it your idea or his?" she said as she hooked her thumbs in her underwear to yank them down. As she went to take her panties off her finger Ronnie grabbed them and rolled them into a ball and put them in Jamie's mouth.

"No talking until you get your first present." She said as she pushed Jamie back onto the bed, holding her down with her hands on the front of her shoulders.

She kissed down between her breasts as she took pressure off her shoulders and slid down her body, kissing her stomach, navel and leaving a wet trail over her abdomen. She kissed down until she came to a small patch of pubic hair, shaped almost like an exclamation point, right over her pussy.

"After I lick and devour this pussy, I plan on shaving it again, I like you smooth as a baby there." Ronnie told her emphatically.

"I grew that for Randy. He wanted the stripe for a change. It itched like hell coming in, but like I said he likes it." Jamie said with nervousness, knowing she was about to be eaten by her lover.

"Whose pussy is it now, though, Jamie? Randy isn't here. Isn't it my pussy to love and kiss, and lick, and finger?... and shave?" Ronnie asked.

"Oh God, YES! Take it. Make love to me, my baby! God, I've missed you so." Jamie said giving in to her emotions.

"I know we've barely said hello, but I need you right now Jamie. Open yourself to me!" Ronnie asked.

Jamie drew her knees up and hooked her hand behind the crook of her legs.

Ronnie could control herself no longer. She cupped Jamie's ass cheeks in her hand and dropped her face to Jamie's open slit. As her tongue combed the lips open, Jamie felt her first orgasm beginning to build deep within her womanhood. Randy truly had given her the best birthday gift he could have ever come up with.

Ronnie was possessed as he tried to get as much of her tongue inside Jamie, like it was a wet fat cock, except each stroke finished across her clit, driving Jamie to the brink early.

"Hzzzzzza Hzzzzza MY GOD!" Jamie blurted out as her first orgasm crept up and strangled her clit.

Jamie humped her face at Ronnie's diving tongue as she went over the top. As the hit and run orgasm passed she tried to settle her ass back to the bed but Ronnie's hands lifted her torso right up to her mouth and then she dipped her tongue lower to Jamie's asshole and bathed in the pussy juice from her mouth. After trying to stick her tongue in that hole she drew her mouth away until just he tip on her tongue wagged at Jamie's little wrinkle.

"My ass, my ass, you're tickling my asshole." Jamie yelled as she let her knees go from her arms grip and pulled herself from Ronnie's mouth.

Ronnie glared at Jamie as she grabbed one of her legs and turned her over and pushed at the middle of her back, forcing her down on the bed.

"When I've had enough to eat, I'LL DECIDE." Ronnie shouted at Jamie as she playfully slapped at her bottom cheek.

She twisted Jamie over to her back once again and pushed her legs up, re-opening her crotch. Jamie hooked her arms behind her knees once again as Ronnie filled her mouth with Jamie's butt hole. With one big lick she went across her perineum to her pussy lips and began to chew and stretch them, craning her neck. She held her butt cheeks in her hands as she fed herself Jamie's pussy lips. Jamie's back was half resting on the front of Ronnie's thighs. Ronnie had found her clit once again and the hands holding Jamie's butt halves inched their thumbs to her little hole.

Ronnie suctioned her lips in an O right over Jamie's clit and was seemingly trying to suck an orgasm from her. Jamie's breath suddenly came in short spurts as the sucking lips of her woman lover drew a second big orgasm from her.

Just as Jamie began to grunt her orgasm through her throat, Ronnie's long thin thumbs found her butt hole. As her mouth tortured Jamie's trembling clit, her two thumbs went deep inside her ass side by side.

The sound from Jamie's throat sounded deep pleasure as the spasm from her orgasm wouldn't end, but the look of her eyes showed the surprise of her anal violation.

Ronnie's eyes had been closed in the rapture of driving her lover crazy. As she opened them she saw Jamie's stomach muscles in spasm and her friends face red trying to get a breath of air. She gave up her clit and slid her thumbs from her bottom. She grabbed her left leg and began to turn Jamie to her side. As soon as her fleshy cheek came into view she cracked it hard with her hand.

"Arrggggghhhh, Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, Nnnnnnnnnn." Jamie exhaled her breath along with her orgasm as she quickly covered up her just slapped bottom. She squirmed from her lover.

"No, No, No! No more. I can't take any more." She exhaled breathlessly, "and NO SPANKING!" she said with a fire in her eyes.

Ronnie fell to her and took her mouth to hers for a deep kiss.

"I wasn't spanking a bad girl, I was trying to get you to breath. I didn't need you to pass out on me!! Oooo, but the sting of my hand on your cute ass went right to my pussy!" she said as she reached down and violently rubbed her bare slit.

Jamie's lips curled to a grin as the ecstasy of the past few minutes replayed in her head.

"You love me so good! How many more days do we have together?" Jamie asked.

"Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Jamaica. I leave on Monday and Randy joins you until you leave on Thursday." She answered.

"What happened to..." she started to question as the phone rang.

"That's probably the answer to all your questions right there." Ronnie answered.


"Hi James, like your surprise?"

"Randy, I don't know what to say. You always said you'd never..."

"I know we decided to never let this happen again, and you have been so good about the fact that you miss her at times. I'm confident of my manhood, and I know you love me. But something came up with work and I could not get out of it. I was told to cancel these few days of my vacation or miss any chance of promotion. I couldn't bear to tell you, after I know how much you longed for this trip. If I just cancelled the Jamaican part, I didn't think you would just go to New York and come home without me. So, I needed a substitute lover, and could think of no one better. I knew it would make you happy and make a great present from me to you." Randy explained.

As Jamie and Randy said their goodbyes and gave each other phone kisses, Ronnie leaned to her ear and whispered some thing.

Upon hearing her, Jamie smiled and shook her head yes.

"Randy, I have one more request for you when you get to the villa."

"What's that?"

"Ronnie wants to know if you can fuck her and slam her from behind like a wild animal before she leaves on Monday? I don't have a problem with it."

"FUCK! Not that I didn't already have a constant hard- on thinking of you two getting it on, and my four days with you! Now I have THAT picture in my mind."

"I'm sorry, honey. Just try to keep that little fire hose rolled up until you get here. Save all that cum for me." Jamie told him smiling deviously

They finished their good byes and Jamie finally hung up. She smiled contently and it was obvious her mind was playing a coming attractions trailer in her mind.

"Jamie! Jamie! Ohhhh Jaaaaames!!" Ronnie yelled finally breaking the spell she was under.

Jamie turned her attention from the neverland of her mind and looked at Ronnie.

"I'm here," she smiled. "I was just basking in the fact I'm loved so much by two people."

"Let's go downstairs and have dinner and then come up and shower together and make our vacation plans for the week." Ronnie said.

"Just you and the shower may be all I can take." Jamie laughed as they both got dressed and then went arm and arm down the hallway and onto the elevator.

New York City was fun for the 2 as lovers because they needn't hide their affections on the street. Same sex couples were common everywhere in New York, holding hands, walking arm and arm, sharing a hug or a kiss. New York is certainly more permissive than Muncie Indiana, but the permissiveness was mostly that city dwellers were too busy to care, rather than assumed homosexual or bi-sexual acceptance. Jamie and Ronnie held hands, petted hands, ran their stockinged toes up each other's legs and fed each other tastes from their plates during their dinner. In New York the sight was neither odd, nor did anyone care.

By the time they got back to their rooms, dinner and a bottle of Windmill Blush shared between them, they were ready for play again.

The door clicked shut and Ronnie leaned against it.

"Just to say I Love You in person to you is worth this entire trip. I have a man who makes me deliriously happy at home now, but what we have is something special. He is a presenter at an out of town trade show this week, and I did tell him I was going away with a girl friend, so I didn't lie." Ronnie said.

"You didn't tell him that you asked my husband to fuck you like an animal, though." Jamie said, sobering the moment.

"I know, at the time it seemed what I wanted. But now, it's your husband cheating on you, right in front of your eyes with your permission, and me cheating on Ed and making me lie if he asked about another man on our trip." Ronnie sighed.

"Hey, at the time our horniness was screaming things in our ears. I didn't believe you asked, and I don't believe my lips said yes. We should keep our love between us. Don't get mad, but, I don't want my husband with you in that way." Jamie said, averting eye contact.

"No, and you shouldn't. I can't cheat on Ed either. What we have is bad enough. No, on second thought, I can't use the word bad with us. Our love is special and although not many would understand it, it's just between us. I think Randy really understands it, and that makes you lucky." Ronnie admitted, a tear coming to her eye.

Jamie walked over to the door where Ronnie stood and took her hands, kissing each one, then bringing each hand and their chins together she spoke directly to Ronnie's eyes.

"We haven't done anything wrong yet, and we won't. There will no cheating or man sharing. These few days are about our love and us. It's about what it means to us. I know it makes my love life with my man even hotter and stronger. I have love and passion for him and for you, but it all gets channeled to him when you aren't around."

Jamie's words were what Ronnie needed to hear. She parted her hands from their grasp and put them around held her tight. They shared a smile and a kiss, then Ronnie dropped her hand to Jamie's round bottom cheeks.

"Get your clothes off right now Missy. Someone here needs a shave and I'm thinking of doing it with my teeth!" she said glaring into Jamie's eyes.

"Ooooo, you'd have to tie me down for THAT shave and so far I don't have a problem with either." Jamie smiled back.

Ronnie was out of her clothes first and she began to head to the bath boudoir.

Jamie was just stepping out of her panties when she called out to her friend.

"Hey, wait a minute. Before you get in that shower I think I deserve dessert. I gave you an appetizer, remember?" she said suggestively to Ronnie.

"It'll be a lot fresher afterwards." She answered

"Maybe so, but I want to taste the cream that you made for me before, so set my table on the bed." She smiled.

Ronnie did an about face from the shower path and went to the bed and sat down. The look on her face was that of the innocent virgin on her wedding night.

"Now what do you want me to do?" Ronnie questioned innocently.

"Lie back, open your lips, I am going to make you scream." Jamie said with a smile on her face.

Ronnie laid back anticipating her lovers approach. Jamie came forward and placed her knees right in front of Veronica's bottom as she held back her legs. Jamie kneeled and fell over Ronnie, mashing her mouth to Ronnie's. Pressing her warm breasts to hers, she drove her tongue into her mouth.

"You know I'm reluctant in the past to really eat your pussy, because I consider it such a lesbian act. But, I am no lesbian, and neither are you. I just love you, and love every inch of you. I know that my tongue on your pussy is what you want to bring you to the brink. I will do that for you. Not fresh after a shower, but now with the juices you made for me. I love you and want to taste you. I tasted your pink that afternoon in Atlanta, but now I want to taste the real you." Jamie said as she began to slide down the willing body under her.

Ronnie was about to protest what Jamie started. She need not do anything she felt uncomfortable with. Before she could form the words, sharp hard teeth bit her nipple.

"Shhhh, I love you, let me do this." Jamie whispered as she slid lower and eventually to the floor with her face in Ronnie's fragrant vagina.

Ronnie's pussy was ready for this when she arrived 3 hours ago. All the time she made love to Jamie she longed to be taken the same way. During their teasing at dinner, she also longed for relief. Now her pussy was dewy with juices she shed for Jamie, and Jamie was licking them, driving her to orgasm almost immediately.

Jamie's tongue caused Ronnie to jump almost immediately, anticipating the trip wire her tongue was going to hit, again and again. Jamie licked and sucked methodically at the lips of the smooth pussy before her, holding them gently in her teeth, stretching them out as far she could without hurting her. Then using her fingers to part the freshly cleaned lips she dragged her tongue through the pink of the inside of Ronnie's pussy. Again and again she combed her tongue through the deep pink of her lovers slit. When she heard her catching her breath, she drew her tongue up through the slit once more to her clit. Jamie let her tongue dance on the protruding little button, over and over until Ronnie began to shudder beneath her.

"Jamie, Jamie, JAMIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE." Ronnie yelled as she went over the top trying to dislodge the tongue that turned her electricity on. Jamie sliced her hands away from Ronnie's pussy up to the backs of her thighs as she rose from her knees and placed her weight on the backs of Ronnie's thighs, pinning her there while she teased and bit at her little clit.

Ronnie grunted trying to dislodge her friend, but she needed her strength for her orgasm as she gave up trying to move Jamie.

"AAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHhhhhh!!! Oh my God Oh my God, O H M Y G O D D D D!!!!" She bellowed as orgasm swept over her and could no longer stand the titillation of her most sensitive spot. Finally she was able to move Jamie's tongue away from her. Ronnie's hands shot to her pussy as she caressed it, holding it to protect it from further assault, and to relish in how good it felt right now. Ronnie bounced on the bed like a fish fresh from the water, back and forth, forth and back, her hands holding herself. At one of her turns she caught sight of Jamie's face. It was smiling a smile of total satisfaction.

In a high squeaky voice Ronnie said, "Is it funny to watch me as my heart explodes; Oh my God, you did it, you did it. You tried to kill me with an orgasm!!"

Jamie started laughing uncontrollably as her lover continued to bounce on the bed. Within moments Ronnie joined Jamie in the laughter, as she felt so good she could not believe it.

Once Ronnie calmed down Jamie lay on the bed with her and they cuddled and spooned.

"I never thought you would ever "really" go at it like that, baby. You made me happy before, but that was the real thing. I thought I was going to explode." Ronnie told her.

"I wanted you to know how much I loved you. Now I think we should get in the shower before we both fall asleep here." Jamie said as she got up from the bed.

Ronnie reached out and pinched a finger full of her pubic sculpture.

"And, we have to get rid of this! I want to land my plane on a clean runway!"

"Everything else is shaved, that's just an exclamation point."

"Grow it back for your husband if you like, but for now and until I leave, that's my pussy."

Jamie smiled at her insistence and went to get her shave kit as Ronnie ran the water.

30 minutes later, minus one exclamation point shaped pubis and plus one giant fingered orgasm; Jamie was drying off her smoothly shaved body.

"Do you have any last minute things you have to get before the flight tomorrow?" Jamie asked.

"Just a big bottle of Lubriderm, that's all." Ronnie answered, "to put under our bathing suits."

"To put under our bathing suits?"

"Yes Jamie, I have special suits for us."

"I'm pretty picky about what I wear to the beach, I like to be comfortable. Show me what you picked out for me."

Ronnie went to her suitcase and drew out 4 plastic tubs, each about the size of a margarine container.

"Here you are, and they fit perfectly."

Jamie took one of the tubs and looked at it.

"Latex body paint? You're going to paint yourself to go to the beach?"

"No sweetie, YOU will be painting me, after I paint you." Ronnie said with a wicked smile.

"This is all we wear is paint! I don't think so."

"Randy said the beach is private, anyone who can see will be 100 yards or better away. At that distance you can't tell. Actually, if the paint job is good, you just can't tell."

"I don't know Ronnie, I..." Jamie started.

"Jamie, don't be such a pussy. I'll be with you, it will be OK." Ronnie assured her.

"This is going to be fun, Jamie. Look, this may be the only time we ever get to spend alone together in this lifetime. Take a chance or two." Ronnie said, touching her face.

Ronnie opened an envelope and took out what looked like plastic wrap strips.

"After you put on the Lubriderm you stretch these strips around you to make perimeters. See the edges are tinted pink? They sit tight on you for a minute or two and when you take them off, the pink line stays and you paint in between the lines. We'll just do little tube tops and thong bottoms. The paint is harmless after it dries. You spray it with this," she said holding up a small bottle, "and it makes the latex shine. You wait 5 minutes and we are ready for the beach." Ronnie explained.

"They don't wash off?" Jamie asked.

"No, you peel them off. If you get real rough in the water they may split and come off. They don't hurt you, don't clog pores, and the Lubriderm assures no irritation. Trust me I've done it before."

Jamie shook her head at her friend's wild side and looked forward to the trip.

Ronnie walked over to the window and looked out over the skyline of New York. Jamie came up behind her and put her arms around her waist, pulling her to her.

"I know it's only a quarter to Ten and we're in the most exciting city in the world, but we've had an exciting, tiring evening. The thought of going to bed with you, holding your warm body next to mine, sleeping and waking up together is making my pussy run like a faucet. I know the feeling of holding you all night is something I will never forget. I have thought we can do it 5 times on this vacation, sleep together, and I can't wait for the first time to start.

Ronnie turned toward her and kissed her gently on the lips.

"You are so sweet, Jamie. I can't wait either. You said you were tired, I hope you still want to play a little, though, umm... in bed."

Jamie smiled big.

"Yes, I do. I want you to show me all the ways a woman can love another."

"I'm not THAT experienced, but I have a few toys with me that I'm sure we can put to good use." Ronnie said.

Still naked from their shower, Jamie pulled back the covers to the king size bed and slipped in between the sheets. The playful Ronnie went to her bags and came back with a silk bag, obviously weighted down with some special toys they might use tonight.

As Ronnie's warm body slid in beside Jamie, Jamie swooned.

"OOOOooooAAAAhhhhhh! You are so soft and warm Ronnie!" Jamie hot whispered in her lover's ear as she hugged her so tightly almost Ronnie lost her breath.

Jamie let her lover loose and looked in her eyes and kissed her full on the lips. "Show me how you can make love to your lover. Use my body for your pleasure, make me beg you to stop my orgasms."

Ronnie inhaled deeply through her nose as she was overcome with passion for Jamie, rolling her body onto hers. Her mouth covered Jamie's as her tongue drilled deep into her mouth. Her knee parted Jamie's legs as she sought to go clit to clit with her lover.

She felt Jamie suck her breath as their clits touched, their nether lips intermingling. Both vaginas were wet and getting more slippery as the couples rutting became more overt than just a sexy grind. Their mouths parted, unable to pant while kissing any longer, they held each other tightly puffing in each other's ear. Instead of vocalizing their orgasms they spat out their breaths in hot blows, as if they were alone trying to be quiet. One after the other, their orgasms faded into growls from deep in their throats as they loosed their grips on each other. It was a silent overture for the night.

Veronica rolled off her lover but intertwined her arm and grasped her hand. She rolled her head to the side to see Jamie in the low light. While no one could else hear, she whispered to keep the intimacy.

"I know you like to be filled. You've told me that the hardness of a man is your ultimate satisfaction. I can fill you tonight. I won't feel you through my cock, but each time I plunge into you my clit will be massaged."

Ronnie knelt up as she finished her words and reached into the bag she brought to the bed with her. She withdrew a harnessed panty with an 8-inch rubber penis attached. Ronnie took Jamie's fingers and had her feel the inside of the apparatus, where it would touch her own genitalia.

"See. Feel the little fingers that will tantalize me while I fuck you." Ronnie said.

Jamie said nothing either to assent or dissent her lovers intentions. She lay as a scared virgin on her wedding night, it seemed.

Ronnie rocked her small body back on her haunches and slipped the garment over her feet and legs, then rolling to pull it up to her waist, the penis coming to attention as it did. She parted Jamie's legs and knelt between them. She reached to her side to a small blue container labeled "Wet". "Oh, I have your favorite lube, "Wet-Strawberry-Kiwi", just for you." Ronnie said as she filled 3 fingers of it and polished the end of the rubber cock with it. She took the residual on her fingers and spread it on Jamie's lips.

Jamie's lack of emotion was beginning to bother Ronnie.

"Jamie? Don't you want to be fucked? You act like you're afraid?" she asked.

"I'm about to be fucked by a woman for the first time, weren't you scared the first time?" she asked curtly.

"Yes, I was. I suppose I was just as scared as you are now. But, inside I wanted it so bad. Is that how you feel now?" she asked.

"Yes!" she said impatiently, with a cry coming in her throat. "Please, fuck me!"

"Oh, Jamie, I wish I saved my first for you too!"

Jamie smiled and petted her arm as she began to kneel over her. "Me too, but..." Then Jamie gripped her arm from the pet she was giving. "Have you ever had a cock in your bottom?" Jamie asked her excitedly.

Veronica sat back again; disappointed she stopped the deed she was about to begin.

"No, I haven't. It's all too scary." She said, embarrassed.

"Then you will, you will have your first with me, and feel the nervousness I do, like the young virgin. I'll have your bottom with the same cock you are having me with." Jamie reasoned.

"When?" Ronnie asked.

"Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow, but before you leave. OK?" she asked.

Ronnie sighed deeply. "Yes, my lover, you can have your way with me. I've never trusted a man there. You will be easy with me?"

"I'll always love you with sincere tenderness, as if it is the last time I will ever see you, you know that." Jamie said, the cry returning to her throat.

Ronnie could hold her passion no longer. She knelt forward on one arm and positioned the phallus between Jamie's lips and pushed home.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh God, Ronnie, easy. It's so fucking hard and big."

"Bigger and harder than your man?"

"Hard to tell," she said through strained breath as she sought to let her body adjust to the intrusion. "He's never gone in that hard in one stroke. That hurt a bit."

"Then you won't take my bottom that way, will you? You'll be gentle?" Ronnie said as she began to slide the cock out and in ever so slightly.

"I'll be very gentle with you. Fuck me how you want me to fuck you." Jamie said with a loving smile.

Ronnie found the pace and stroke that made the rubber fingers dance just right on her own clit, as well as fill her lover. Jamie reached up and took the breasts over her in her hands, pinching and squeezing the nipples.

"Fuck me, Fuck me, my beautiful blue eyed lover. Your eyes shine passion even in this semi-darkness. Fuck me hard. You're hitting me just right with that dildo, I'm going to squirt. EEEEEEEEEEEEOOOOOO... ahhhhhhh," she roared as her deep orgasm drenched their middles, as well as the bed.

Jamie could take no more from this angle.

"Ronnie, turn me over and plow me good with your man cock." She demanded. Ronnie didn't hesitate to kneel back and pull from her. Jamie flipped over and put her ass in the air as Ronnie lined her cock up with the slit before her and plunged in, fucking, without seeming to miss a stroke.

As a breeze blew in the window and the vertical blinds shifted, the city light spotlighted the ass before Ronnie.

"Your little asshole is so pretty James, no wonder I love to lick and suck it. No wonder Randy likes to fuck you there." Ronnie said.

Jamie was panting hard at her lovers' words.

"Is that what you want? Do you want to see your cock split my ass open? Remember when I told you about my dream where Randy made you watch his cock go in and out of my ass? Do you want to see that?"

Ronnie didn't answer. She just took the bottle of Wet and squeezed a puddle onto Jamie's ass. As she continued to plug her pussy she used her thumb and forefinger to open Jamie's butt hole, spreading it and pushing lube inside.

Jamie panted uncontrollably.

"God, I'm being double fucked. Open my ass!"

Ronnie was driven with lust as she thought of the dream Jamie mentioned. In it Randy had tied the two of them together, 69. He made love to his wife's ass while holding Ronnie's head to make her watch his cock split her open. He said "Watch me make love to my wife like you never can."

Although it happened in a dream, the comment drove Ronnie. "I CAN make love to her that way, and can watch my own cock go into her ass!" she thought spitefully.

She squeezed a second puddle of "wet" on Jamie's crack and pulled her cock from her pussy. She stroked the penis back and forth in Jamie's crack, gathering lube and almost going into her ass on each stroke. Then on one backstroke, she used her hand to straighten the dildo and squeeze inside her lover's bottom.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, it burns, it burns, wait - wait, there! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh just hold still now." Jamie squealed caution and relief in a matter of seconds.

Ronnie looked down and saw the cock in the dilated butthole of Jamie and loved the look. Such a sweet little hole now stretched for my cock! Ronnie began to move to titillate her own pussy. As she did, her small movements were meeting with Jamie's approval.

"Uh, uh, uh, yes, that's it! I'm holding my clit between my fingers and I'm going to cum soon! Fuck me nice and easy like that." Jamie cooed.

Ronnie did as she asked but Jamie began to buck back harder on the intrusion.

"Uh, uh, uh, fuck, fuck, I'm going to cum. I'm going to fuckin' squirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrt." She wailed in a high pitch that faded to a growl. Ronnie felt the splash on her legs as she stroked hard at her asshole now.

Ronnie's own orgasm overtook her and she had to stop plowing the dildo and just grind to get the little rubber fingers to bring her own orgasm to the top.

Ronnie leaned over Jamie's body humming high-pitched sounds as she came, over and over again, her grinding of the tiny fingers against Jamie's ass drawing more and more pleasure from her.

Finally she lay still against her lover, the two of them panting hard. They stayed that way until their breathing returned to normal.

"Gently, and I mean "g e n t l y", pull yourself from my butt, Ronnie." Jamie cautioned.

Ronnie did as she was asked and looked down at the tiny hole, now gaping open. Once the cock was free of her, she heard Jamie sigh and exhale deeply as she saw her dilate and close her back opening.

"Your ass is so beautiful, no wonder Randy can't resist it." Ronnie said as she rolled to her side and fell on her back beside Jamie.

"Why, oh Why!... did I let you do that? It felt sooo good, but I'm gonna have a sore little butt hole for a couple days. Not as sore as when Randy does me, the rubber cock is smoother." Jamie said as she plied at her little hole, checking for soreness.

Ronnie stood up and took off the panty-rigged apparatus and went to the bathroom to wash it. Jamie followed her and sat on the toilet to let some of the Wet run out of her.

"Wash that good, because it's your ass that's next," Jamie smiled at her.

"Are you going to hurt me out of spite? Remember it was your idea to have it there, not mine." Ronnie said, a little peeved.

Jamie reached for the paper and wiped her soreness and stood up behind Ronnie reaching up to her boobs from the back.

"Veronica my love, I would not hurt you for all the money in the world. If I do the nasty to you in your little hiney, I'll stop as soon as you complain, and that is a promise. You may have had loves that hurt you intentionally, or out of spite, but this isn't one of them. Every time I see you, may be the last time I ever see you, because our heart of hearts belong to others. I couldn't bear to hurt you and then never see you face to face to apologize and make up for it. I love you. Don't ever forget that, my pussy sister."

"Pussy sister?" Ronnie asked.

"That's what Randy calls you when he sees me writing to you or reading a letter on the computer. It's not derogatory, it's, "how's your pussy sister today?"." Jamie explained.

"I like it, my little pussy sister." Ronnie said as she turned around and hugged Jamie close, their breasts mashing together. "God, that's sexy, your tits are on fire. Let's go to bed."

The two lovers walked hand in hand to the bed and slipped in together. After calling for a 7:00 a.m. wake up call to make their 11:45 flight to Jamaica, they hugged and spooned feeling the warmth of each other's bodies. They quickly drifted off, exhausted from a night of lovemaking.

As Veronica lay trying to sort her erotic dream from the reality of waking to reality, she couldn't help but be drawn back into her nocturnal fantasy. It seemed so real. In her dream the tongue of her lover Jamie was pleasuring her. Suddenly she became aware of the reality of feeling real pleasure between her legs.' Jamie, her self- proclaimed "pussy sister", had her clit between her lips, massaging it with her tongue. She was trying to sort what her initial reaction was to be as she kept sorting through the shades of dream and reality. Suddenly it made no difference what was nocturnal fantasy and what was reality. She was cumming!!

"NNNNnnnnnnnttttttt! Oh God, Jamie, zzzzzzzzzzzt! Oh, my love! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She groaned as she tried to dislodge the tongue from her clit.

"Oooowwwwwwwwwww, please you're driving me crazy. I can't stand, I can't stand, I can't stand, I can't stannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it one more second," she moaned as she was able to roll her hip and move her lover.

"Wooooooooooooo!" she whooped as she shot both hands down to her pussy to hold her treasure. "That feels sooo fucking good, whatever possessed you?"

"I love you and wanted to make you happy! Is that OK?" Jamie said as she smiled and slid up beside her lover.

I thought I was the aggressor and was going to teach you the ways women can love. Hahahahahehehehahah, you are my pussy sister. Imagine how we can explore the next few days and nights together." Ronnie said as he hugged her lover to her breast.

"We better get up and shower and prepare for the airport." Jamie said.

Two hours and twenty minutes later they were standing in line to board their plane, both excited at the prospects of the next few days in a strange land, strange bed, and an alternate life style.

The airport in Jamaica was nothing like the hectic grind that Kennedy in New York was. Here everything spoke of leisure and relaxation. As the 2 women sauntered across the concourse toward the baggage area they began to look for their connection there. The fellow that rented the villa to Randy was supposed to have a driver meet them and bring them to their little heaven and show them enough to get them started on a vacation.

Just as they spotted their bags Ronnie caught a dark skinned man in a flowered shirt from the corner of her eye. He held a sign in his hand that she could not yet read. She motioned to Jamie to follow her as they struggled with the large cases.

The handsome local was surveying the crowd trying to pick his customer. As the girls came from his right rear he turned and saw the ladies, suspecting they might be the ones as held up a handwritten sign reading, "Poussette Sisters".

Jamie Moore burst out laughing. Ronnie, I think that might be us. My goofy husband is going to get his ass kicked when I see him." She said through her laughter.

"You think that means us?" Ronnie said.

"Yes. Randy's friend kept calling our guide here the "pushcart man", meaning the man with the cart to deliver our bags. Poussette Sisters sounds like Pussy Sisters, but Poussette is a pushcart in French. That Randy is going to get it."

The Jamaican smiled at the girls saying "Poussette, Poussette."

"Yes that is us, thank you." Jamie smiled at him. The dark skinned man took their 2 bags and dragged them to a skycap station and after a word they gave him a pushcart to bring the bags to his taxi.

"You will enjoy the villa, it is almost like new. Uhh, I am Arturo." The driver said in somewhat broken English. "It is very private, although many can see your beach, few can access it. You will see rather than explain, Very nice. Many Negril beaches are clothing optional, but not in this area. If you wish to go to those I will show you on the way. Not a difficult walk from where you are located." He added.

On the way he pointed out nude beaches and explained they were on the road where the villa access road was, so directions were easy. As they got to a point the landscape seemed to rise up after a dip at the point. Two huge homes and one smaller sat at the crest of the point, with a deep drop off just before the first. There was a small overgrown road that snaked past that first home towards the beach that the driver took. As he rounded the rock fortress there was as small secure gate. He got out and unlocked the gate and handed the keys to Jamie. Just past the gate the villa stood at the foot of the rocky peak, almost 150 feet below the fence that stood at the edge of the 3 properties. There was a small cove and beach that belonged to the villa. Above the villa on the opposite side sat a resort with people sunning themselves, and the driver explaining that their beach was hidden on the other side of the cove. He then pointed out to where if you continued on the original road, you could see easily into their private beach as you approached the point from the other direction.

"As I said, many can see in, but it is very private. It is a favorite picture spot of visitors, the cove and beach hidden by the sea walls." He explained.

"If you were expecting a larger complex, you might not know villa in a British sense, that's what this is. The big homes above are British settlings and the smaller is as well. They, the smaller, own this detachment and raised garden, this is a villa."

"As long as we have our own beach and the nude beaches are in walking distance, I don't care WHAT they want to call it. It's beautiful." Ronnie said with Jamie nodding agreement.

Arturo took them to the door and unlocked it, handing Jamie the keys for that. He rushed around the villa opening windows to rid the place of its musty smell from being closed up. He finished by opening the double folding French doors that opened to a small apron of red brick patio floor. From he edge of the patio it appeared there was 75 yards to the high tide watermark. Drains in the patio and living room floor told you it sometimes got fiercer.

"This is perfect and it as beautiful as you said Arturo. This is for you." Jamie said as she folded a $100 American bill for the driver.

"I am sorry, I cannot take this. Your husband has already gratified me." Arturo said.

Ronnie snatched the $100 from Jamie's hand and folded it into Arturo's hand again, whispering in his ear. Arturo looked shocked at her words and then smiled, leaving the two to fend for themselves at their villa in Jamaica.

"What in God's name did you say to him?"

"I told him if he didn't take it we would tell your husband that we had no ready cash and he insisted on a blowjob from each of us as payment." Ronnie said wickedly.

"The poor man, you probably scared him, but he did smile. Maybe he thought he had a chance." Jamie said.

"My tongue in his ear probably convinced him of that." Ronnie said as she laughed her way into the bedrooms.

Jamie joined her friend in the exploration of the villa. It was long and narrow with 2 small bedrooms, but a huge living room that opened onto the ocean with a futon sofa centered with the doors. Obviously this was the master bedroom of choice. The two ends of the house had a full kitchen on one, and a game room on the other, with pool table, bar, and TV.

"Let's walk to the water and get our feet wet!!" Ronnie squealed.

"Lets change into beach clothes first, though." Jamie answered agreeing.

The two women took their suitcases into one of the small bedrooms and called it the changing room. They were both down to panties in a flash. Jamie pulled on the shortest shorts she ever owned and a thin flowered silk mini-sarong that just covered her breasts and left nothing to the imagination. Ronnie was pulling on a pair of short-short jeans with a half inch ragged seam for the crotch. After stripping her thong panty, this left nothing uncovered at all. She slipped a demi cut crop top over her head that came over her nipples, and little else.

"You are really depending on no one being able to see us, aren't you?" Jamie asked her.

"I would go nude, but they say we have to wear clothes here. I'm wearing clothes." She stated proudly as she watched Jamie turn and leave the room.

"My God you look good enough eat right here, walking away from me, James."

Jamie turned and smiled at Ronnie.

"You'll have your chance. Let's go outside and tease each other on the beach." She said giggling as she ran to get into the sun and surf.

When Ronnie got to the waters edge Jamie was standing there looking into forever.

"Penny for your thoughts." Ronnie said.

"Just thinking how beautiful it is here, how beautiful you are, how beautiful you make me feel. About how full of love I am. I love you, I love Randy, I love my life the way it is. I used to love two men who didn't know about each other and my life was full of fear and protecting them from each other. Now, my lovers know about each other, accept each other. The only thorn on this beautiful rose that is my life, is that I may never see you again. I know I'll always have you to write and share my life with. But this will be the third time that I've had to put myself through this, put you through this. After you leave, it hurts."

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