Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, True Story, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a story of how after a year of being married (faithfully) that I became tempted and began to have sex outside of my Marriage (with out my husband finding out).

It was a warm summer day in the mountain woods. I was taking a leisurely walk, just enjoying the day. After walking for what seemed like hours. I was a little tired and glad not to have run into any other people so I could see the animals at work and play. Dressed in walking shorts and a halter-top I was very comfortable. I heard a noise to my left I stopped to look; hoping it may be a deer or doe. I then realize it was another woman giggling.

Curiosity being what it is I wonder, why was she giggling? (I guess I have a little peeping tom in me.) Quietly I walked to the sound. I wanted to take a quick peek and I wanted to stay out of sight. Even if she (or they) did see, I could just say hi, stop and chat about the beauty of nature. As I get closer, however, I realize that the sounds I heard were much more than talking. In fact, I could tell it was lovers at play and having fun. In my mind I was curious as to what kind of fun. There were a lot of bushes and trees around, so it was no problem to approach them without being seen.

I finally saw them: They were standing up; the man had his back to a tree and his lover was in front of him, he was caressing her long hair with his hands while he was kissing her on the cheek. He was saying something to her and she giggled. After seeing them I thought I better leave, and just as I start to turn and walk, I saw him bring down his hand and lift up the back of her short skirt.

I then wanted to see just how far they might go out here in the open. I inched closer, because I wanted to hear what they were saying. (I'm so bad). I saw some bushes that would allow me to get closer to them without being seen.

Just as I got to the bush, I heard him say to her, "Oh, my little slut, you're not wearing any panties." She giggled and said, "I don't wear them when I'm with you." I could see him leaning against the tree she had her legs spread apart straddling one of his jean covered legs. He moved his hand to her front and way up under her skirt, by the way his arm was moving and the way she was moaning as they kissed left no doubt in my mind that he had his fingers working on and in her pussy.

I stood there, frozen to the spot, transfixed on both of their enjoyment. She reached down and was rubbing his swollen dick through his pants. He broke his hot kiss with her and started to kiss her chin and then going down. He kissed her neck and, moving farther down, the front of her blouse. She quickly brought up both hands and opens her buttons and undid her bra from the front. All the time he kept slowly kissing down her front. When he was even with her breasts he took one, then the other, in his mouth. Lovingly kissing and sucking them, paying a lot of attention to her nipples.

As I stood watching, my heart was pounding. I could feel every pulse of my heart pound through my body. Through my arms, my neck, my legs and toes, but most of all, I could feel the blood pulsing at the opening of my own pussy.

Standing there, I reached down and with my right hand, and I slowly raised the leg of my baggy brown walking shorts, reaching up inside of my panties to my now wet, pulsing pussy. I watched as she placed her hands on his shoulders and pushed him farther down her front. He knew what she wanted him to do, and so did I. I couldn't keep my eyes form being transfixed; I could feel her lust in my own soul. I had the same desire, oh, how I wish there was someone to put their mouth on me and my clit, to lick my opening, to gently suck on my sensitive, swollen clit.

He got on his knees and I watched as she with her right hand raised the front of her skirt and with her left hand guided his head down to her opening. As his lips touched her, she moaned out loud, and said, "That's it, suck on it. Make me feel good, baby." My fingers found my own clit and I rubbed it back and fourth. (I pictured my fingers to be his tongue.) She placed both of her hands on the top of his head and was held him close. I could see her moving her hips; I knew she loved every minute of it. Just as I knew I would if I was standing in front of him with his mouth against me. She was going faster with her hips and I could hear her telling him that she was going to cum. It was easy to see when she did, the way she pulled hard on his head and the look of total pleasure all over her face.

Yes it was easy to see; she was climaxing and doing it very hard. I had to climax myself; I was so fucking hot, I couldn't stand it. I took my hand from my pants leg and unfasten them, and let them fall to my feet; I then pulled my wet panties down around my knees. With my right hand I rubbed my clit. With my left, I slide two fingers in my very wet, hot and wanting hole. (I was glad no one could see me, I am sure I must have looked weird standing there with bent legs and both arms working myself between my legs.)

I watched as he got up from his knees and reached for a folded blanket. He spread it on the ground and they both knelt down and started kissing again. This time she unzipped his pants and pulled out his huge hard cock.

It had to be 8 inches to 9 inches long and, God, was it a fat one. Oh how I wished it were in my hands, and not hers. He had his hand back between her legs and I could see very clearly that he was ramming two, then three fingers in and out of her, My God; she was going crazy as I was with lust.

As I watched I could feel a climax coming on, and I know it was going to be a great one. I bite my lips to keep from crying out. I didn't want them to discover me and I didn't want them to hear me and stop. I wanted to see if she could take his big fat hard cock in her. It was all I could do not too shout out at him to shove it in her. I wish it was my hand and fingers fucking her hot pussy, I wished it was my mouth kissing her. I saw him un fasten his pants and drop them, once down She leaned forward and took him in her mouth.

He knelt there as she sucked on his cock. I watched as she went to take his cock in her mouth. At the same time, she reached down her own belly under her skirt and began to rub her clit in a circular motion. Moving my hips in unison, I wonder what it would be like to take such a cock in my mouth like that. Then I wonder how would it feel inside of my craving pussy. I watched as she stroked herself with one hand while the other she stroked his dick as she sucked him.

Oh, if only I could have snuck up to them and replace her fingers with my hand or better yet, my mouth. After a while he pulled away from her mouth and told her to turn around, that he wanted to fuck her doggy style. At that angle, it offers me a great view of him aiming his dick at shiny wet hole. I saw her holding her ass cheeks and I wondered just which hole he would choose to insert himself.

I saw it slowly disappear deep inside of her. (My God, she must have a cavern for an ass!) Thinking to myself, "OK, honey, rub your clit." I watched her move her hand underneath herself, so she could rub her clit while he was fucking her. I know that lovely double feeling of pleasure myself; I couldn't imagine the stretching feeling that she had with his cock in her ass like that, while at the same time the feeling of rubbing the clit at the same time. God, it had to be an incredible pain-pleasure thing. I could only imagine the wonderful feeling she was getting with both feelings going on.

As I watched, I saw him slamming into her fast and furious. He was breathing and moaning loud, she was on the verge of screaming in pleasure (I know that point very well). I was also having trouble keeping myself from screaming out. It was then that I saw the bush across from me move. I could see a man standing near a tree also watching them, and he was jacking off with his pants at his knees. Unlike myself staying hid, he was moving to them ever so slowly as he stroked his cock, I felt safe that he had not seen me.

Then to my surprise, I saw the man fucking the girl motion the other man to come over to them. My mind was spinning, what the hell was going on? Was he inviting a complete stranger to join them or had he planned it this way for some reason? Did the girl know he was there? By the way she was rubbing her clit as her lover was fucking her, she was not in this world, she was off into climaxland. Her head was down on the blanket while her ass was up in the air taking every inch of that big fat long hard cock.

The man in the bush moved up alongside the guy fucking the girl. I was so surprised when I saw the man fucking his girlfriend (I'm guessing) open his mouth and take the second man's dick into his mouth. I couldn't believe my eyes (this man's dick was also nice and fat, ) the man fucking his girlfriend was sucking his dick the way I would, very lovingly. The man never missed a stroke into her ass. The man fucking the woman pulled his mouth away from the other man's dick and said, "Stay just like that honey. I want to eat that sloppy wet pussy of yours. Close your eyes and enjoy it, baby."

As he said that, he motioned to the guy that he had been sucking to get down behind her to lick and eat her pussy. The man standing nodded his head yes and as the first man pulled his cock out, the second man very quickly got down behind her and began licking and sucking on her pussy. When he brought his tongue and mouth to her asshole she moaned very loud and said, "Oh yeah, baby, do that, oh yeah, baby, oh it feels so good, sooooo goooooood."

Her boyfriend was standing up with was cock in his hand, stroking it as he watched; he watched for a moment then walked behind the guy eating his girlfriend. He grabbed hold of the guy's hips, pulling his ass cheeks apart. My mind raced like crazy I could not believe I was going to see this happen. "Oh shit. Oh my God, was he really going to do it? Was he going to stick his dick inside this stranger's ass?"

It was too much for my mind to comprehend; I had never seen anything this nasty in my life, and what really shocked me was, I love every nasty thing that I was seeing. My mind was racing, this was so fucking bad, and yet I felt my body screaming to be part of all that filthiness. I felt a very hard and strong climax come on me. My body just shook; it was probably the hardest climax that I had ever had in my life. I watched as he knelt down behind the man eating his girlfriend; yes, he really was going to fuck him in his ass. I have always been curious about two men having sex together and I always wanted to see two men do it, and now I was.

The woman had no idea what was going on behind her; she was caught up in her own world of a climax that would not stop. I watched as his cock disappeared into the other man's asshole, the man being screwed went nuts, moving his ass around, fucking back at the guy's big dick. After a few minutes of some very hard and fast fucking, the boyfriend asked his girlfriend if she was ready for more of his cock?

With her eyes tightly shut she said, "Yes, oh God yes, I need it." He then pulled his dick out of the other man's ass and guided him up, moving him up behind her. He motioned the second man to place his dick into her pussy. Once the man was inside of her pussy, the boyfriend put his dick back into the other man's asshole. Watching it all had my mind spinning; I had never ever seen anything like this. After what seemed like a very short time of fucking, the first man grabbed the other man's hips and buried his cock as deep as he could into the man's ass. I realize that he had climaxed and had shoot his sperm into him.

After a few minutes he pulled his dick out of him and moved to lay down next to his girlfriend on the blanket as the second man was still fucking her. The boyfriend brought his face right up to his girlfriend and started kissing her. She responded back in turn, kissing hard and hot. He reached up and put an arm around her, and it was only then did the girl realize that there was a second man with them.

I could see her face as her eyes flew open in surprise. Since they were kissing, she couldn't say anything. I could see her trying to pull away from his mouth, however, he held her and after only a moment, she relaxed and got back into what was going on. After I climaxed for the third time, I decided to leave before I was discovered.

I wanted to stay and watch to find out how it would turn out, however what was really on I mind was getting back home and laying on my bed, getting my own pleasure. I went straight to my car. As I was driving home I remember reading in one of those trashy sex books how a woman went to a supermarket and bought a cucumber then took it home and fucked herself like crazy with it. According to the book it felt like a real dick to her. What a lovely thought, why not, since I have tried a lot of things in my life and they all worked well, maybe a cucumber would also work.

Spotting a market, I went in and found the fresh vegetable isle with the cucumbers, looking at them this time, for the first time in my life, I didn't see food, what I did see was all shapes and sizes of make-believe dicks. Fat ones skinny ones, long and short ones. I took my time and I searched for just the right ones as I picked them up to hold, I guess it was almost like I was caressing them one by one. I figured I might as well get 3-4 of them. That way if they were as good as I have read, I would have a nice supply at the house for those nights that my husband didn't want to fuck me or was out in the field or at work. And of course for those days that I was home, bored wanting sex so bad that I ache and craved it. (Which was way to many days lately).

Fondling them I settled for just the right three and went back to the car. I couldn't keep my mind off of what I had witnessed in the woods. I wondered to myself "could they still be out there? Could it be possible?" Instead of going home like I should have and used my three new toys, I changed my mind and drove back to the woods. Grabbing one of the cucumbers out of the sack, I slipped it into the front pocket of my shorts, I got out of the car and walked back to where I seen the couple. I was too late; they had already left, but I figured it was worth a try. I realized that I had to pee real bad, for one moment I almost decided to just go behind a bush, then I remembered the toilets, since the park was an old park, it had some of the old outside wood bathrooms.

I remember I had passed one of them when I walked up from my car. I felt it best to stop and pee there than go behind a bush or tree. Walking up to the bathroom, I saw it was a men's room, I looked around for a ladies room and there wasn't one in site. I had to go so bad I decided I would take a chance and if it were empty, I would run in and use the men's room. I opened the door and called inside "Hello, anyone in here? I need to use the bathroom, anyone here?" I waited and I did not hear any one answer me, there was total silence. I looked around to see if anyone was around to see me walk into the men's room, I saw no one around so In I went. I shut and saw there was no way to lock it, I saw that it had three stalls and they were fully enclosed (not open at the bottom) and three urinals, men are so lucky, if it was a ladies room it would only have the stalls. I quickly walked into the center stall and closed the latch, (Thank God it had one) I sat down and relaxed, while sitting there I looked down at my brown walking shorts and picking them up by the crotch, I ripped the material between the legs and when I did it now was a skirt. I let my pee flow with a feeling of relief. I couldn't help but be mad at myself for leaving when I had. I guess deep inside of me, I really did want to watch them some more; who knows what I would have seen if I had stayed?

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