One in the Oven, and A Big One in...

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Lactation, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom meets a former coworker of his, Trisha, and sees that she's expecting her first baby. Then, Tom realizes that while he finds his female friend very sexy, her husband has been neglecting her sexual and emotional needs for several months.

Chapter 1

Everybody's different, but I find a pregnant woman to be very very sexy and erotic. I love helping a sexy woman get in "the motherly way", and I've had more than one opportunity to fuck a pregnant woman after she's got "one in the oven". It's some of the best lovemaking that I've ever experienced. This is one of those stories, one of the times that I had the chance to dip my cock in the hot horny pussy of a pregnant babe who needed to be fucked more than anything in the world at that moment in her life.

Trisha was a friend of mine who I'd worked with and both she and her husband had socialized with me on more than one occasion. Trisha was a sexy blonde, nicely built, and a very friendly person to be around in the workplace and at parties. I'd thoroughly enjoyed the times we'd been together at work, and I had the opportunity to see how Trisha dressed every day. Her breasts were decent sized B/C cups and the rest of her body was nicely proportioned as well. Her shoulder length blonde hair was real and Trisha had a very pretty face. I often noticed during a workday that Trisha's nipples would be hard and poking out against the material of whatever sweater or blouse she'd worn that day. I could tell that her nipples were very sensitive and I often wondered if it was the cool air of the office area or sexual arousal that was making them poke their little peaks out against her bra.

Trisha had moved on to another job a few miles down the road from where I had worked with her by the time she finally got pregnant with her first child. She and her husband had tried for several months and then one morning the pregnancy test showed the Trisha was finally going to be a mommy. I didn't actually find out that they were expecting until Trisha was nearly 6 months along and when I first saw her at a community social function one evening, she was really showing her advanced pregnancy nicely. Man, when my eyes first fell on Trisha and I saw that she was very pregnant, my cock instantly began growing hard in my pants. I knew it had been her husband who'd knocked her up and I found myself envious and wishing that I'd been the lucky guy who'd spewed his baby-creating jism deep inside her hot fertile pussy.

I didn't waste any time making my way over to Trisha and saying hello as well as giving her my congratulations on the little one that would shortly be coming into her life. Trisha's response was at first warm and bubbly but then as I stood there and talked to her at length, I sensed that there was something not quite right in Trisha's attitude and overall spirits. She seemed slightly down and I was taken back by that since I'd known for 2 or 3 years that Trisha wanted to start a family.

Finally, I asked Trisha where her husband was out, since it finally dawned on me that he didn't seem to be at this party.

"Oh, he seems to always be working anymore and he really doesn't enjoy these social things," Trisha said with a note of adness and resignation in her voice. I looked closely into Trisha's eyes and thought I could see much more being said there than she was expressing in her words.

"I thought he used to come to parties with you all the time when you and I were working together, Trish," I said, slightly puzzled.

"Yeah, he did, but it seems like in the last six months he's always working or out of town on a trip," Trisha said as she nursed the glass of Pepsi she'd been drinking slowly.

"OK," I said in response as my mind whirled at a hundred miles an hour. So Trisha's husband was pulling the same old "wife's pregnant and she's no longer attractive to me" bullshit. I couldn't understand that and I really hated it when a husband acted like his wife wasn't sexy as soon as her belly started showing in pregnancy.

As I began to feel more comfortable with where Trisha "was out" in her pregnancy and her relationship with her husband, a plan began to formulate in my mind. Maybe I was the lucky guy who'd ventured into Trisha's life just at the moment when she was physically beginning to feel most undesirable and when her body and her hormones were raging in the opposite direction because of her advancing pregnancy. I found myself wondering if there was any way that I might find myself in Trisha's bed now that her husband was probably ignoring her sexual needs.

I actually found myself wanting to take Trisha home that night after the party was over, and fuck her then and there. But, I decided not to be quite so obvious with my quickly developing sexual fantasies about being with Trisha in her pregnant state.

I went home that night and while I was taking a shower, my hotness and my sexual arousal from remembering how sexy Trisha had looked pregnant finally got the better of me -- standing there naked in the shower, my cock was so fucking hard and I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking off as I envisioned how it would be to take all of Trisha's clothes off of her 6-months pregnant body and start licking and kissing her all over. I knew that a pregnant woman can be extremely horny and needy for sex, and I pretty well figured that Trisha would be very much that way. She's always seemed so high-spirited and sexy when I'd known her not-pregnant and I felt sure that now she was a smoldering volcano of sexual desire just waiting for the proper stimulation to bring her to climax. As I imagined sliding on top of Trisha and giving her all of my horny thick cock, I allowed my hand to stroke powerfully up and down my large horny cock until I began spurting shot after shot of my own babymaking jism against the wall of the shower. "What a waste of hot cum," I thought to myself as I envisoned how pregnant I could have gotten Trisha.

I let my growing sexual fantasy about being with Trisha burn and nag me for several days until I began to realize that I was actually obsessing about my friend and how sexy she was right now as an expectant mommy. I'd seen the new Vogue magazine with the pictures of Brooke Shields in her expectant state on the front cover and I knew that Trisha was far sexier right now than Brooke could ever hope to be. I didn't want to endanger Trisha's marriage by getting caught at her house so I finally picked up the phone one day at my desk and dialed her phone number.

"Hello?" Trisha answered.

"Hey, Trisha," I said, "I'm sorry to bother you but I just wondered if you'd like to meet me one evening for supper? Since you said your husband's out of town and working a lot, I thought maybe I could treat an expectant mother to a nice dinner sometime."

Trisha seemed to almost stumble over the words, she accepted my offer so quickly that I could tell she'd thought about this possibility a lot. Maybe she'd even thought about me since we'd seen each other at the party the few evenings earlier.

Trisha was so eager to take me up on my offer that she suggested we could meet somewhere that very evening for dinner. I readily agreed and told her a nice little restaurant that I'd enjoyed eating at before. Trisha said she'd meet me there at 6:30 and I planned to get home, shower and change my clothes before driving the 20 miles to the nearby town to rendezvous with her.

Trisha actually ended up getting to the restaurant before me and she went ahead and let the hostess seat her since she didn't feel like standing in her pregnant state. When I walked into the room with the hostess showing me to the table, I loved how sexy Trisha looked as she sat there smiling up as I approached her. Trisha had picked out a nice matching outfit with a maternity top and nice pants that looked very hot on her body. Her hair was looking so sexy and I almost wanted to skip supper and see if I could find a motel nearby to take Trisha and have her pussy for my main course.

Dinner went quickly even though neither of us hurried and when we'd both enjoyed a piece of cheesecake, I paid the bill and then took Trisha by elbow and escorted her out of the dining room to the parking lot. My plan had been to seduce Trisha that evening, and I hoped she was thinking along the same lines. As we stood there by my car talking, I finally told Trisha exactly what I had on my mind.

"Trisha, I have to tell you that I invited you to have dinner with me for an ulterior motive. I figured you aren't getting enough male attention from your husband and I have to tell you that I've always found you very sexy, but in your pregnant condition, you really turn me on."

"Listen, Tom," Trisha quickly responded to me, "don't talk to me this way unless you're willing to take me right now and fuck me. I'm hornier than you'd ever imagine and I've been wanting to get fucked for weeks and weeks now. My husband hasn't fucked me in over 3 months, and unless you're going to be willing to put your words into action, don't tease me like this." I looked into Trisha's eyes and I could tell that she was totally serious in what she'd just said. I let my eyes wander down over her pregnant body and I could see that her nipples were firm and pressing out against her bra and the top she was wearing. I was pretty sure it wasn't the cool air of the evening making them hard either.

"Trisha, I've never been more serious about anything than I am about being with you tonight," I responded as I almost found myself choking on my own words. My cock was huge in my pants by this point and I stood there for a moment trying to figure my next move.

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