Crap Hand

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Blackmail, Heterosexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: in the card game of life i thought i had been dealt a crap hand. but every now and then even a crap hand can be dealt a trump card

I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling, in the card game of life I had been dealt a crap hand. I had no talents to speak of, no good at either studying or sports. I was the guy that girls giggled at behind their hands at as they walked past. It was all so unfair, my mother was a stunner, dad was tall and handsome and my sister was a walking wet dream. I suppose they ran out of good genes when I came along.

What I needed was an edge, something to even out the odds, but I didn't have the brains to know what that may be. I got off my bed and looked out of the window. It was a dark night but movement across the street caught my eye. Someone was moving in Mrs White's front garden. Now Mrs white is also a babe, although old at least thirty but she still turns heads were ever she goes. I grabbed my digital camera and headed for the front door. My god it was Wayne from down the street, he was looking through Mrs white windows. I got as close as I dared and fired off a couple of shots. As soon as the first flash fired Wayne turned towards me so I could catch him full face with the second. Gotcha you pervert I thought, then I high tailed it back home.

I don't know if he saw who it was or not, but it didn't matter. Next morning at school I looked up his e-mail account address and fired off a short message enclosing a copy of the best picture and then waited for his reply.

What you want man?" he said threateningly, "I'm going to beat you to a pulp if you cause me any trouble."

"Good idea Wayne," I said more confidently than I felt, "then everybody will know what a pervert you are when I tell the police why you beat me up and those old lags in prison will just loved to reaming your arse out."

"Ok, ok, man," he said holding up his hands in surrender, "so what do you want?"

"I don't know yet," I said, "it depends on what you have to offer."

"Look, I don't have much money, I've worked all summer to pay for my college next year," he said.

"So what else of value do you have?" I asked.

"God I don't know," he said exasperated, "like what?"

"Have you got anything on someone else?" I asked.

"God I don't know?" he said again, "other than a topless picture of my younger sister," he shugged.

"That'll do for a start," I said.

"Hey she my sister," he said angrily, "what will you do with it?"

"Hey Wayne," I said, "it's your arse or hers. Tell you what, I'll just borrow it for a few hours, just to look at it, then I give it back, ok?"

"So you're not going to keep it then?" he said.

"No of course not," I said, "I just want to look at it for at bit."

The moron, hasn't he heard of computers, he's thicker than I am and that saying a lot.

Well he handed over the holiday snap of said sister, and very nice she is too. Obviously taken candidly on their holidays this year, I don't know how old she is but as Wayne is sixteen she must be either fourteen or fifteen. I scanned it in at maximum resolution and I handed it back to Wayne within thirty minutes.

"Finished all ready?" he asked.

"Sure, she very nice Wayne," I said, "does she know you took it?"

"No man, she'll kill me if she knew," he said looking a bit green.

"Don't worry Wayne," I said, "I won't tell her I've seen it."

"That's it then?" he asked, "you won't be showing that picture of me about."

"No, we're finished Wayne," I said with fingers crossed behind my back, "your secret is safe with me."

Right so I had some good leverage on one nice looking girl, my next problem was how to make the best use of it. While I pondered this, I heard giggling in Beth's bedroom through the partition wall. Who's she got in there, I bet it's her boyfriend Dave, she knows it's not allowed, if mum knew she'll go spare. I didn't have long to wait. I stationed myself at the top of the stairs to witness them exiting her bedroom. They were still dressing, Beth's blouse was still undone and she hadn't bothered to put her bra back on; nice tits Sis I thought. The look she gave me when she caught sight of me was pure gold. I returned to my room and waited; I didn't have to wait long.

"Can I come in?" she asked sweetly.

Normally she treats me like something she's stepped in.

"I suspect you'll be grounded for at least a month once I tell mum," I stated.

"Please you wouldn't, would you?" she begged.

"Sure why not," I said smugly, "it's not as if you've ever treat me nicely."

"I will from now on," she begged.

"Yeah I bet," I said.

"I will honest," she said, she was getting desperate now.

"Ok just say I believe you," I said, "I need a token from you to prove your sincere."

"Yeah ok," she said quickly, "name it."

"Ok, let's see," I mused, "ok take your blouse off."

"What!" she shouted, "no way you perv."

"Just like I thought," I said, "grounded for a year I wouldn't bet."

"No please brother," she begged.

"Do it," I said sharply, "and I'll forget I ever saw Dave in your room."

"Ok, ok you perv," she said and her hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Once it was off she threw it at me hard, but not hard enough to stop me capturing her naked torso on my camera and she still hadn't replaced her bra.

"No, no you bastard," she yelled at me when she realised what I had just done.

I then set the camera to video mode and I caught the next thirty seconds of her yelling at me and her finding and putting her blouse back on. The vibrations of my door slamming could be felt through out the house. I down loaded my prize and viewed the results, very nice big sister, very nice indeed. Mum and dad came home and Beth looked daggers at me but I said nothing; well a deal's a deal.

Right first things first, I just remembered I don't even know Wayne's sister's first name. I didn't want to frighten him again by asking and I needed her e-mail address too. Well I knew her surname and that was Knight so I looked her up on the school database and it came back as Jill. I sent her a short note and included the scanned photo, I blanked out her naked tits though. 'If you don't want the complete picture e-mailed all over the school, met me in the old barn at six on Saturday.' That should get a reaction.

I felt satisfied with my start; I got home from school Friday and lay on my bed with a big smile on my face.

"Can I come in?" said my sister sweetly.

"Sure sis," I said, this was the first time she had spoken to me since the day Dave was here.

"Thanks for not telling," she said with a weak smile.

"A deal is a deal," I said.

"Yeah, but what about the other thing?" she said, "you know the pictures."

"Yes the pictures," I said with a big smile, "very nice they turned out, would you like to see them."

"No, please," she begged, "have you shown them to anyone?"

"Not yet," I said.

"Please don't then," she said.

"Well I was planning to show some of the guys tomorrow," I teased her.

"No! Please don't," she begged.

"Tell you what big sister," I said, "you come and sit here," I patted the bed beside me, "and get those tits out again."

"No please I can't," she said her eyes downcast and wet.

"Ok, your choice," I said.

Slowly she moved towards me and sat down as far away from me as she could.

"Come on a little closer," I encouraged, "that's better, now let's see those great titties of yours."

She stared at me for a few heartbeats and then her hands slowly unbuttoned her blouse. Today she was wearing a bra but that too was unclipped and removed.

"Now that better," I said, "there's no doubt about it Sis, you have great tits. What size are they?"

"What, yeah size," she said slightly flustered, "I'm thirty four B."

"Very nice Sis," I repeated, "ok you can get dressed now."

"What, is that all," she said unbelievingly, "you don't want to do something else?"

"Sis," I said, "I would like to do what every red blooded male would like to do at this point." I reached out and cup her right breast, I could swear she pushed herself against my hand.

"Oh they are lovely sis," I said still fondling her, "but best you get dressed now.

As much as I would like to continue, she was my sister and you're not supposed to muck about with them are you? God I was hard though, perhaps tomorrow will give me some relief.

I was at the old barn at five to six, it was empty but not for long, at one minute past in she walked.

"Who are fuck are you?" she asked hotly.

For fuck sake we go to the same school and she doesn't even know me.

"I'm the guy who's got your picture," I said.

"Yeah," she said more subdued.

"You know it's a small world," I said.

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