Mrs. Field's Cookies

by Couture

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Desc: Sex Story: Kristie does whatever it takes to keep up the morale of her employees.

© 2002 Couture

Sharon didn't care very much for her new supervisor, nor, did most of her co-workers. It wasn't as if any of them held any great love for their former supervisor either, but at least Mrs. Feldman had been tough enough and canny enough that they didn't mind thinking of her as their boss. However, the new supervisor, Kristie was fresh out of college and green as spring wood. To make matters worse, Sharon had put in for the job and didn't get it. As a result, Sharon was taking particular relish in making Kristie's job difficult just on general principle. And it was Sharon who was instigating the latest caper to get Kristie fired before the young graduate even had a chance to get settled in.

"I don't know about this Sharon," Gwen said, taking a drag on her cigarette, exhaling and then flicking off the ashes. "I mean, not only is the newbie gonna look bad, we're gonna look bad."

Sharon shook her head and grinned slyly. She had gathered her flock of saleswomen outside the back of the building, where they went to smoke during lunch. She didn't gather everyone, just the ones that mattered: the successful ones. There were eight of them all together.

"No, Gwen," she said. "That's the beauty of it. We all had great sales when Mrs. Feldman was here. Now, when Sales go down and the only thing that has changed is the supervisor, then you can bet your bottom dollar they're gonna get rid of the new supervisor." She took a drag on her cigarette and blew the smoke out through her nose. "As long as we all stick together."

"Come on Sharon," Doris said. She was the motherly one and a little on the chubby side. She wasn't aggressive, but she was so nice and had a Mrs. Cleaver way about her that people couldn't hang up on. It worked for her. "She's a nice girl. Let's just give her a chance."

"She's embarrassing, is what she is," Sharon said. "Come on, are you with me?"

One after the other, they all answered yes.

Two weeks later, Doris was called to Kristie's office. Thirty minutes later she returned and sat down next to Sharon.

"What did she want?" asked Sharon.

"She just wanted to talk about things. She's really upset about how the sales have gone down. She asked if there was anything she was doing wrong or what she could do to help." Doris shook her head and she had that sad motherly look in her eye again.

"Dear God," Sharon said, knowing Doris had fallen for the new girl's pathetic plea. "What did you tell her?"

"Nothing..." Doris mumbled, and then finally caved in. "Well I had to tell her something. She gave me the poor puppy dog look. I told her that the other day when Janice rang the bell nothing happened. Our old boss would have given her cookies."

The bell was the brainchild of Mrs. Feldman. Whenever one of the reps sold a thousand contracts, they would run up and ring a bell enthusiastically. Mrs. Feldman would take the rep into her office and give them a home-made cookie. Stupid really, but the reps got into it and the cookies were damned good. Besides, They most of the fun was in teasing the other girls about how good the cookie was.

Sharon knew she had to do something fast before Kristie started to do something on her own to motivate the other women. The girl had already gotten to Doris.

It was then that Sharon had an idea that was so devious it surprised even her. There was no way she could tell the other girls about it. They would never go along... Not in a million years.

That afternoon, as they were getting ready to leave the office, Kristie rang the bell. "Ladies," she said. "Tomorrow, I want to hear this bell ring."

By that time Sharon had sold two hundred contracts already. She only had a fifty more to go.

'Oh don't you worry little Kristie,' she thought to herself. 'I'll definitely be ringing your bell tomorrow.

Sharon sold the fifty contracts before 9:30. She walked proudly to the front and rang the bell. Heads peeked over the cubicle walls. Doris smiled and looked relieved. The rest other seven reps conspiring against the new boss looked betrayed.

Kristie quickly rushed from her office grinning from ear to ear. The bell had rung. Her urging the day before was successful. This leadership thing wasn't so hard after all.

"Yea! Come in - come in to the office Sharon," she said, urging Sharon into the office.

Sharon sat, while Kristie twittered around like a nervous school girl.

"Here Sharon," Kristie said, opening a box of homemade cookies. "I didn't know what kind to make or how many Mrs. Feldman used to give, so I made all kinds. Take as many as you want."

Sharon peered past her nose, down at the proffered cookies and made a wry face. Kristie's heart was pounding from excitement, but now her face began burning from embarrassment. She had done something else wrong, otherwise Sharon would have taken a cookie. Kristie was certain, she was most assuredly going to get fired and with her student loans, she was going to have to go live back at home with her parents to get by. Tears welled in her eyes.

Sharon looked at the young girl's hurt expression and almost burst out laughing, but she managed to hold her cynical expression. What a newbie! The girl was pathetic. "You're not going to cry are you?" she asked sarcastically.

Kristie blinked back her tears. "This isn't right is it? God, how am I ever going to do this job?"

Sharon picked up a cookie and nibbled at it. Good, but not as good as Mrs. Feldman's. "Poor thing," she consoled. "It's a sweet thing to do I guess, but you must have misunderstood about Mrs. Feldman. She didn't bake us cookies. She... well, she tossed our cookies."

"I don't understand," Kristie said, wiping away her tears.

Sharon made 'V' with her finger, put it to her mouth and flicked her tongue up and down luridly.

Kristie's face registered shock. "Oh my!" was all she could say. They never mentioned anything like this in college - NEVER.

Sharon struggled to contain her laughter. "Surely you girls did things like that to the new pledges in your sorority?"

"I wasn't in a sorority," Kristie replied meekly.

"Oh Dear," Sharon said. "I'm sure human resources wouldn't have hired you fresh out of college with no experience at all. Maybe I should call them?" She reached for the phone. It wouldn't be long now before Kristie ran from her office never to be seen again. And then, well Sharon was sure HR would make certain to hire someone with a little more experience next time. Maybe that someone would be her.

But Kristie caught Sharon's hand with her own. "Wait," she whispered. "I really don't know how to do this."

Sharon couldn't believe it. Not only had Kristie bought it, she was falling to her knees.

"Wait. Get up." Sharon exclaimed. This wasn't supposed to happen. She had never expected the girl to actually go through with it.

"What's wrong?" Kristie asked. Had she messed up again? This was all so confusing and terrible embarrassing.

Sharon pondered how to tell the poor girl it was all a joke. 'God, what had ever possessed me to do this?' she wondered. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it didn't seem like such a good idea now. She didn't want to get fired. Nor did she want to admit to her cruel joke. And then there was also the fact that her cunny was... well, it was wet - hot at the thought of what her boss was willing to do.

"Nothing dear," Sharon said, coming up with a new plan. Yes, she would push the girl until she caved. "It's just that you don't want to wrinkle your clothes do you?"

"No," Kristie said, fingering the button of her blouse.

"Then take them off."

Sharon locked the door to the office while the younger girl disrobed down to a silky pair of panties and bra.

"All of them," Sharon said.

"Why?" Kristie asked. She was more than a little hesitant. For one reason, she had always been shy of the small size of her breasts. For another, she could feel herself growing wet.

"Never mind." Sharon got up and went to unlock the door. She had no intention of leaving, but she knew the young girl wouldn't want to be exposed to the office when the door was opened.

And she was proved correct.


Kristie turned her back to Sharon, slipped the straps of her bra off of her shoulders, unhooked it, and set it carefully down. A little too carefully. Then she stepped out her panties. When she turned back around, and arm covered her breasts and a hand covered her crotch. She was blushing from head to toe.

"Such a shy girl," Sharon said, grinning slyly. "Go on girl. Put your hands to your sides. I'm sure you have nothing to be shy about at your age."

Kristie reluctantly lowered her arms to her sides.

Sharon's attention was immediately drawn to the girl's breasts. The girl really had nothing more than plump hardened nipples atop very small mounds. Sharon went over and opened the cups of the bra, while Kristie prayed to God for a place to hide.

Sharon cackled as she picked a wad a tissue from on of the cups. Little Miss Perfect wasn't quite so perfect. "My God," she exclaimed. "You stuff your bra. Not that I can say that I blame you."

Kristie wanted to crawl under the table. She knew she was the supervisor and that she shouldn't have to listen to any derogatory comments like this from her subordinates, but, Sharon no longer seemed like a subordinate. Not with her superior attitude and being that she was fully clothed, while Kristie's slim body was naked and covered with tiny chill bumps.

Sharon handed Kristie the balled up tissues. "Here honey, you need this."

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