Absolute Bastard

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: Parents just love me, but what would they say if they knew what i made their pretty little daughter do

I'm must be a parent's nightmare, I look ok on the surface, but I like nothing better than take their sweet young daughter and make her do all sorts of disgusting things; and still they invite me in to their home and make me welcome. I look after myself, watch what I eat, buy good clothes and although my car is old, a jet black five series BMW with 120k on the clock, it looks great.

I always keep an eye open for a chance, seeing who's given me the eye, but I only go for those sweet young things with very little experience of love and sex. Tonight I'm at a local watering hole where I know they hang out, usually in a pack. I notice a shy looking blonde girl, no more than eighteen, with six or seven of her friends; nice slim figure and an elfin face. She'll do nicely, all I have to do now, is to cut her out of the pack. There's a small dance floor, so as soon as I can, I grab her hand and pull her giggling onto that small area. Her name is Sarah, she at college with the rest of her group and this is her first time here. All this information I have gleaned over a few dances and the loud PA. What I have to do now is keep her from returning to her group, so I offer to buy her a drink somewhere quieter.

She reluctantly agrees, and I order her Vodka cocktail from a passing waitress. Because she nervous to be with such a good-looking guy, she chatters on and on about nothing. Eventually I get her home phone number out of her and I promise to ring her later for a date. Stage one complete; we say our goodbyes until later and she heads back to her group. If I'm have read her right she will impart her good fortune to her mates and I will be getting a few envious glances.

Friday night I pick her up in my BMW, I can see she's impressed, she doesn't know it's almost as old as she is. There's this nice quiet club where I'm a member, nice bar, good food, she looks around and again she's impressed. I take her home and I hold her hand and say good night. I think she may have expected something more, but there's plenty of time for that sort of thing later. Monday night I take her to a nightclub and we dance and drink cocktails before I take her home, tonight she gets a kiss on the cheek; I get an invite to meet Mum and Dad. I can see there are also impressed with me, I'm no scruffy college kid, but a smartly dressed young man, who was out there earning his living.

Time to push things along now, so I invite her back to my flat after a nice dinner at my club. Over a glass of wine, I take her in my arms and kiss her properly for the first time. I limited my hands to her non-sexual parts, back, arms and such. I can tell from her kisses that she not very experienced; this knowledge only makes me harder. It been three weeks now and this is our sixth date, time to move things on again. Her small tits feel nice and firm under my hands. One by one I pop her blouse buttons, I kiss each inch of her flesh as I expose it, until I pull her small bra up to reveal her pert tits to my gaze and my hands. By now she squirming under me, her kisses are getting sloppy with lust; I got to make a decision now, do I push on or call it a night. I push on, I reckon she's in such a state of sexual high that I must. I push my hand under her skirt, over her satin thighs to her damp knickers. It music to my ears when she lets out a low moan and a whimper as my fingers find the right sport between her legs. Her body becomes a live thing under my administrations and very soon it freezes and she has her first orgasm.

On the drive home I can see she a little embarrassed about her total loss of control, but as far as I'm concerned she's working out great; I can now confirm that her body is perfect. I'm now in a position to make subtle suggestions to her dress; her skirts are way to long and there's no need for her to wear a bra. She takes this on board with a shy smile and nods her head in agreement. I take her shopping and I buy her a couple of really short skirts and low cut T-shirts, and then I take her to my flat were she puts them on to show me. She does have very nice slim legs, one skirt is so short that I could even see her knickers as she moves about. She is breathless from my attention and the amount of flesh she is exposing to me, so I push her flat on my sofa and kiss her. Her arms go around my neck and she hugs me tight. Piece by piece I strip off her clothes until for the first time she is naked. I not sure she realises her condition, for she is so excited with what my fingers are doing between her legs.

"Open up for me," I whisper in her ear.

Slowly her legs open more and more, exposing her sopping pussy to me. She has totally lost it now, her hips moving against me, bringing her to her first orgasm of the evening.

"Was that nice?" I asked.

"Mmm," she moans, her body now limp and spent. I run my hand over her slim body, squeezing and stroking as I go. I kiss her neck and then move down, kissing each part as I go. Soon my head is between her legs and I'm licking her.

"Oh my god," she moans, her hips move against me.

"Oh, oh," her mouth is open and gulping in large quantities of air. Again she freezes and comes. I would dearly love to push my hard cock into her now, but I must hold off for at least a little while longer. I dress her and take her home, I hold and kiss her in my car before letting her go; she walks off as if in a trance. I think next time will be the time for my little angel.

My hard cock is half inside her very wet pussy, I have stripped her and brought her to one orgasm already this evening, now I moved between her legs, nudged them wider and pusher my cock into her. The obstruction tell me I'm the first, don't you love that, when you break in a virgin. One more thrust and I fully inserted, causing her to cry out in pain. I pause to kiss her and squeeze her tits, then I start to thrust slowly into her. At first she just lies there, but eventually her hips start to move against me. I reach down and kiss her hard, all the time I am thrusting into her. She's losing it again and her second orgasm of the night overtakes her; for the first time I pump my goo into her body. She hugs me tight for many minutes, I don't think she really believes what we have just done, she is no longer a virgin.

The next few weeks are a period of consolidation, now she is on the pill and is taking all the sperm I can pump into her. Slowly her shy persona was changing into a sexier one. I compliment her on her figure when ever I can, as with most girls, she is unhappy with herself, she thinks her tits should be bigger and her legs longer, but I keep telling her she is perfect. To prove it I bring out my trusty Polaroid camera. At first she balks at posing for me, but I sweet-talk her into it and soon she is exposing her naked body before my lens. I sit down and show her the pictures, looking at them gets her wet all over again; I pump a further load into her responsive body.

I take her home and promise to pick her up tomorrow, Saturday, and we'll spend the day together. I get home to my flat and take stock to where I am; I have total fuck rights to her sweet young body and I have a few pictures of it, I'm expecting to have lots more before too long; time to get down and dirty. It'll take some organising of course, arrange a few parties with some of my drinking buddies, but first things first. I take her shopping in a nearby large Mall. We wander about buying a few pieces of underwear, then I take her into a back street sex shop. I've been here a few times before, but to her it's a new fascinating and very naughty experience. Luckily we were the only shoppers or I sure she would have fled, I bought her a vibrators and a life sizes rubber dildo, with all it straps; I didn't tell her at that time what the straps were for. They also do some very sexy clothes there too, but I'm not interested in the play acting stuff, you know, the nurse's outfit and such. I bought her this very nice little black dress, high on the skirt and low at the front. All I need now was a time and a place for her to wear it.

We got home to my place where she tried on each item purchased. Boy did she look good in her little black dress. The other items purchased in the sex shop were left in the packet for later. I opened a bottle of her favourite sparkling wine and we settled down to a quiet evening at home. After she had drunk enough I started on her, stripping off her few clothes until she was naked under my hands. As was my usual practice I get between her legs and lick her out until she has her first orgasm, then I leave her and get the vibrator. Her body twitches as I run it buzzing head up and down her slit, until her second orgasm hits her.

"Oh my," she sighs, "that was great." "Yeah," I smile, "now spread em for me, I'm going to fuck you now," I said coarsely.

It was nice to hear her happily giggle as my hard cock enters her slick pussy. I watch her body buck under me as I thrust into her.

"Here you use it," I said handing over the vibrator. I have had a nice orgasm and now I was sat back to cool off.

"What do I have to do?" she naively asked.

"Just touch yourself where it feels nice," I said.

I watch as she moves it over her erect nipples and then shyly she moves it down her body until it's between her legs. At first she just moves it up and down her slit then she slips it fully into her wet pussy.

"Oh," she sighs and her hips move against her own hand.

Quietly I pick up my camera and start to capture this erotic scene before me; she's so far out of it that she doesn't notice the flashes going off. At last she calms down and smiles up at me.

"Oh boy that was nice," she sighs.

"Sure was babe," I said handing over the pictures I had taken.

"Oh no, you bastard," she cries, her hand over her mouth in shock, but her pussy is soaking wet again and I easily slip my newly hard cock back into her.

"Oh you bastard," she keeps mumbling, but her hips are thrusting back against me hard. After that night, we would use both vibrators and the dildo in our fucking, bringing her off again and again, and I would usually take pictures too. Thing were moving along nicely now, the next big step was to get her to spread her legs of some other guy.

As it happens it wasn't a guy but a girl, we were at this party were she was wearing her little black dress for the first time. I was hoping for some dirty action later with one or two of my mates, but it was Lisa who comes up to us and request a dance with Sarah. Sarah looked at me strangely but allowed herself to be pulled onto the dance floor; together they move to the music. Lisa is and old friend and lover who is Bi too. Before too long I join them, together Lisa and I sandwich Sarah between us. Now back at my flat, I pour more drinks for the three of us, although a bit drunk, Sarah is looking a bit wary at Lisa. It takes two more drinks before she amenable enough for Lisa to kiss her. I love it, watching Lisa strip my girlfriend naked; now those straps come in handy. She slips between her legs and inserts the dildo into Sarah pussy; I grab the camera and record their shared lust. I hand the camera to Lisa and we change places and I take my turn between Sarah's legs.

Next morning we all wakeup late, I roll over and slip my morning hardon into the still sleeping Sarah. My movements soon wake her though and soon her hips are moving against me. I watch her face as she suddenly remembers last night and quickly glances to where Lisa is watching and waiting her turn. The shock of seeing Lisa doesn't stop her having her first orgasm of the day.

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